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  1. Picked up by a local tonight @kev67. Sorry to miss out!
  2. Hi mate No Worries. Remotes on hold at the moment bundled with a few of the other things but if it doesn't go ahead I'll let you know.
  3. I am decluttering and getting rid of a few things. Many of the below items free/donation to SNA or charity of your choice but up to you. Locals preferred as most of the stuff is giveaway. Item: Officeworks 10 metre HDMI cable Location: Adelaide Price: $30 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: No longer using projector Payment Method: Pickup - cash or bank transfer Extra Info: Popular on these forums as a reliable 10m HDMI cable for 4K. Note: bought it hoping it would work but didn't have success from a Yamaha receiver to my old projector. Therefore used once and upgraded to the EzyHD cable. Your mileage may vary. Item: XCD TV Stand Location: Adelaide Price: $50 ONO Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: I couldn't get my TV to mount straight. Your mileage may vary. Payment Method: Pickup - cash or bank transfer Extra Info: Bought this to mount a 65 inch oled on top of a cabinet. It leant forward too much for my liking. It may be better on a small TV but my OCD side meant I had to buy a different stand. Same as the one here: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/xcd-adjustable-tv-desk-stand-37-70. I still have all the bolts etc. Item: HDMI extender 50 metre over cat 6 (Full HD) Location: Adelaide Price: $ Donation to SNA or charity of your choosing ON HOLD Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Extra Info: Discontinued item from Jaycar. I have ended up streaming everything now after upgrading to a MESH network at home. Same as these ones here: https://www.jaycar.com.au/hdmi-over-single-cat6-extender/p/AC1732 Item: HDMI extender ezyhd version. Has IR capability (Full HD) Location: Adelaide Price: $ Donation to SNA or charity of your choosing ON HOLD Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Extra Info: Started to stream Kayo so no longer required. I had some issues with handshaking but again your mileage may vary. Using the splitter listed below sometimes fixes the handshake Item: HDMI 1080p switch x2 Location: Adelaide Price: $ Donation to SNA or charity of your choosing ON HOLD Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Extra Info: Upgrade to 4K and no longer required. Can be useful if you need to split a 1080p signal (like we used to with the Nintendo switch and Wii U) Item: Belkin wireless AV extender Location: Adelaide Price: $ Donation to SNA or charity of your choosing ON HOLD Item Condition: Fair to good Reason for selling: No longer needed. Used this for foxtel to a second room. Was pretty solid. Has IR extension but that was pretty flaky I thought. If I just wanted to watch a footy match in a second room it worked well. Not sure how reliable they are now with many modems also running on the 5GHz signal. Anyway, it's free so if you need a wireless solution come and grab it. Item: Logitech remotes with wifi hub Location: Adelaide Price: $ Donation to SNA or charity of your choosing ON HOLD Item Condition: Good to very good Reason for selling: No longer needed. Wife prefers buttons and old school style logitech remotes Extra Info: These can operate over your network and work with the logitech hub. They have preset buttons that you can assign to different activities but no screen which you can label the activity. So, it's best used in a wireless type set up on your phone to make life easier. Of course if you only have a few activities and can remember which activity is assigned to which button then you won't need the luxury of a screen. Item: Yamaha HTR 5640 receiver. No HDMI Location: Adelaide Price: $ Donation to SNA or charity of your choosing Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: Self explanatory... component is the highest video input quality. Extra Info: What you see is what you get. It's been gathering dust at my parents' place for the last few years.
  4. Item: Oppo 93 Nu Force Xtreme Edition Location: Adelaide Price: $200 Item Condition: Very good to Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrade parents to 4K Payment Method: Pickup - cash or bank transfer Extra Info: Local sale highly preferred This was originally used in my home theatre set up. For the past year it's been sparsely used at my parents' place. I have recently upgraded them to 4K so this is no longer required. Local pick up preferred. Note it has an upgraded "Nu Force Xtreme" chip for superior audio but I didn't do any testing myself in 2 channel as I mostly used it for home theatre duties. Photos: NB, the "Scratches on the Nuforce EXtreme Edition writing are just fibres from the dusting cloth.
  5. Well the OLED picture is definitely better overall in my opinion. However for general size impact in my room and for HDR 4K content I am happy. I wanted to replace the projector and it does a better job than the projector in the room environment I have. There is light bleeding in some areas but only really noticeable when the screen is black. SDR better on the OLED.
  6. I was in the same predicament last weekend but pulled the trigger on the cheaper 8500g in 85 inches. Will report back how it compares to the 65 inch Panasonic OLED which is moving to the lounge room for general viewing duties.
  7. Item: JVC X5900BE 4K e-shift projector Location: Adelaide Price: $2500 ONO Item Condition: As new, 54 hours Reason for selling: Changing to a 75-85 inch TV instead as current room too bright during the day Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer + delivery Extra Info: I bought this 28th of July 2018 and as you can see from the photos I have used it for a total of about one hour per week. It just isn't getting used and I would like to move it on and change to a TV. In addition my projector screen is "only" 92 inches due to room constraints, so now that larger TVs with HDR are dropping in price, I've decided to move to a TV format instead. I was unsure how to price this so have set it at $2500 due to the low hours but will accept offers. I have the original box so can have it delivered if required. Local buyer preferred. I haven't been active on the forums lately because of not wanting to spend more money but have bought and sold several items on here before. Original receipt/warranty card also available. Photos:
  8. I thought I should give an update to complete this thread. As per Al's comment the full fat Oppo menu didn't work with the comsol cable either. Anyway the Ruipro arrived from Ezyhd today and perfecto, everything now works! Very happy with the outcome and thanks for everyone's input especially @Hazel30.
  9. Thanks everyone. Interesting discussion. Did try the 4K settings in the advanced menu as well and no love. @:) alInteresting about the oppo menu though - hadn't tried that yet as had a disc in there and it played automatically... I had a spare HDMI switch at home and the Fetch TV was stable tonight through the projector so the wife was happy. I've been a bit of a Yammie/Denon/Marantz person. Even had an NAD at one stage. Gone back to Yamaha for this iteration of receiver for no real rhyme or reason but despite this initial teething period, I've been super impressed with it for movies already. The Denon 4520 was no slouch though and a great receiver (probably my favourite to date) and I have some regrets about selling it and not moving it to the general viewing area. Let's see how well this Yamaha serves me in the next 2-3 years. @Hazel30 thanks for the input - sounds like you've been through the same process I am describing! Let's see if the EzyHD cable fixes things for me too.
  10. Thanks guys Am going to try the cable option first. Thanks Hazel30 for your experience. Quark - might try the Fetch direct to the projector tonight and see what happens as a final matter of troubleshooting! Al will any sort of switcher do to mask the HDCP from the Fetch? I won't be using it that often to be honest I think anyway. (Or could force 1.4 for the Fetch on the Yammie)
  11. I thought I'd start a new thread for this particular problem but am OK if mods want to merge it with another one of the other HDMI cable threads. Setup is: Yamaha 2080 HDMI out 1 to TV (pana OLED), HMDI out 2 to PJ (JVC x5900). The projector is a 10 metre cable run Current 10 metre cable is the Comsol from officeworks. My old 10 metre cable didn't work. Oppo 203 (4k 24 Hz picture) works to the PJ Chromecast (4K 60 Hz) will not, but works to the TV which is a much shorter run and using older cables. Chromecast will work to the PJ if I force HDMI 1.4 to the PJ. Fetch TV doesn't work set at 4K 60Hz either but if just set at HD (1080p, 50Hz) it is fine to the PJ I tried different HDMI ports. Power cycling. Factory reset etc on the Yamaha but no love. To my troubleshooting I think it is the length of cable run - the Comsol is happy with the Oppo but isn't quite happy enough with 4K 60Hz from the Chromecast Ultra I've dug into the web setup menu of the Yamaha and couldn't find any settings that I was particularly missing... I guess I could force 4K output on the Yammie? I think it would be worthwhile trying a different cable but wanted to see if any one else had any thoughts?
  12. Item: Audyssey MultiEQ Pro Calibration Kit Location: Adelaide (metro) Price: $300 Item Condition: As new. Used 8-10 times at most? Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Cash/bank transfer Extra Info: Bought September 2014 during my NAD days when that was the only way I could do a calibration. With the newer AVRs moving to app based calibration I no longer have a need for this and thought I'd try my luck here in case anyone wanted one at a reasonable price. I paid $630 delivered from Audyssey labs back then. Will even throw in the UK plug adaptor. Please note I do believe you need to purchase a licence to use it (it's been a long time since I've used it). I really don't know how much these should sell for so listing for a nominal 50% new. Pictures:
  13. Item: Denon AVR 4520 Black Location: SA (metro) Price: $1050 ONO Item Condition: Excellent to mint Reason for selling: Upgraded to make my 4K existence easier Payment Method: Cash, bank transfer Extra Info: Bought 28/11/2014. I used it in a 5.2 setup with a Parasound A31 driving the front 3 channels so really the internal amps have done very little heavy lifting over the last 3.5 years. I contemplated keeping it for the general viewing area but alas the Mrs prefers the ease of the Sonos playbase + sub in the lounge. Seems a bit of a shame to let this go but no point hanging onto it if I can't make use of it or give it away to family members. And a wise friend once told me: one item in, one item out. Advertising it for the same price that the last one on here was originally listed at before it sold. I have the original box and manuals etc. I will need to dig around for the FM antenna (probably in the box in the cellar!). I removed the little black plugs to use bananas for the rears so that's the only part "missing" from the receiver itself. A great receiver if ATMOS or HDR switching isn't important to you. Pictures:
  14. Yes, the latest firmware had it enabled. HDR via the HDMI in works with Chromecast Ultra and Netflix content I've tried. So I assume with the Tidal app on your phone you can flick it to Chromecast. I have ARC plugged into my Denon. Oppo 103 to HDMI 1. I use the inbuilt Netflix app if I want HDR content. As a back up I have the Chromecast Ultra plugged into HDMI 3 - this will do 4K on the Panansonic but won't do HDR... Haven't had to use this much since we only really stream Netflix and YouTube. The TV apps are all controllable from the phone too. The reason for not plugging the Chromecast into the Oppo is mainly WAF. Couldn't quite time the Harmony remote to switch to HDMI in for the input on the Oppo to keep it simple.
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