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  1. Interested. Sending a PM re shipping quote
  2. Thanks Quark for the response! OK, so assuming I go for Room 2, I would have screen on the wall opposite the window, and front speakers on that wall facing the window also. But a decent acoustic panel will block the light and noise leakage so that should minimize the disturbance to neighbours. That correct? As for the false wall, what would be the best way to treat that? Currently have a TV plus the above mentioned system in this room and the bass does cause vibration on the metal frame and believe a bit of the roller doors too (remember this a converted garage). How could I reduce this?
  3. Hey all, Looking to complete a new HT build and looking for some advise. Firstly, the equipment: NAD T-748 Receiver Aaron SAT-50 Aaron SUB-120 120" Fixed Screen 1080p Projector (Will spend approx $3k-4k on these) We have 3 different room options to choose from and having difficulty deciding. The home is a brick construction. Please see attachments for each. Room 1: This is quite an open room. Large vaulted ceiling with timber beams. All walls are brick, covered with plasterboard except the wall with the open entryway which is your standard interior wall. This is a room we have used in the past for HT but there was alot of vibration from windows and the door. As mentioned in image, we need to replace the door as it is damaged from previous tenants (dog scratched and chewed on the wood). So there may be an option to replace with something more acoustically friendly. This is basically an unused room atm with a computer in there and that it. Flooring is hardwood. Room 2: This is a converted double garage. Two walls are brick (covered in plasterboard), one interior wall and one false wall (plasterboard with metal frame). The interior wall actually needs to have all the plasterboard removed and replaced as there was some water damage from a burst pipe. so we could look at sound deadening/proofing the interior wall. With the false wall, there is a bit of storage space in there at the moment for shelving and regularly used tools. We need to keep this space but there could be room for acoustic treatment. The wall with the window backs onto our neighbors home so ideally if we were to use this room we would have the screen on this side so speakers aren't punching towards their home. Ceiling is regular with an access hatch so acoustic treatment could be performed above (We need to install insulation too as there is minimal amount at the moment). Flooring is wooden false flooring with concrete slab underneath. Room 3: Current lounge room. We could close off the entryway with either thick curtain or some doors. 2 brick walls and 2 interior walls. Timber flooring. Bedroom above so no acoustic treatment in ceiling. This is the first entry point to the house as well so i'm unsure if we want to turn this into a HT room. As for audio, I think we will eventually move to Dolby Atmos in the future (18 months or so) so that's something to consider as well. I'll be able to do my own research on Projector/Screen combo, it's just needing help in deciding on the room. I think it's mostly going to come down to what we can do with the room to completely rid it of vibrations, bad reflection of sound and making sure it's pitch black when enjoying a movie day or night. Thanks for any help and suggestions
  4. Hi all, I am about to finally setup our room as a Home Theatre. One of the last things I need to purchase is an A/V Stand/Rack/Cabinet. What can people suggest for $200-300? Open to any and all suggestions. Prefer something that is timber though. Will go with the rest of the furniture in the house.
  5. ^Go ahead. I'm going to go with the NAD receiver. Thanks all for the help
  6. OK thanks. I have never had a problem with any HDMI sources. And with a PS3 being the only source being connected I don't forsee an issue arising. **touch wood** Think I will go with the NAD. The upgradability and better SQ are perfect for what I need/want out of an AVR. Network capability, now that I think about it, isn't really going to be a loss at all.
  7. So, if I feed the HDMI image to the projector directly and then feed audio though and optical cable from the PS3 will that reduce any risk of problems associated with the HDMI onboard the Receiver? Forgive my ignorance, but if HDMI has so many issues whats the benefit to using it over component cables? Is it just an all-in-one solution? I'm still thinking that the NAD receiver seems to be a good deal - a base to work from for the future when I want to upgrade speakers etc.
  8. ^^ Unfortunately can't really get anywhere to listen to some different sources. Might have to drive to somewhere in Sydney. But its just over an hour away which is annoying. Can anyone in Sydney suggest somewhere to go to "audition" a few receivers? Someone that has both NAD and Denon as that's the 2 I am deciding between. I have had a look at the HDMI issue. It seems to be a lot to do with switching between different sources etc. Really, the only source will be the PS3 to use as a Bluray player (maybe a bit of COD on 120" screen too ) If I do add another source it would probably be a CD Player or a network music player - Squeezebox or similar.
  9. Okay. Thanks. Will look into it a bit further tomorrow when I'm on a pc. Have looked at a few reviews for it. Although it lacks some features that others had it seems to definitely make up for it in SQ.
  10. Could the issues your friend had be just a problem with his unit? Maybe faulty? I'm leaning toward the NAD a little due to the better SQ. Will it be enough to power these speakers?
  11. I am leaning toward the Denon as I have heard good things about them. I know that the NAD T748 would be great but it lacks Ethernet connectivity. Although, this isn't 100% needed it would be good. So, how would the Denon and NAD compare? Is the NAD THAT much better sound quality to lose the functionality of Ethernet is ok? Or should I stick with the Denon. The source for playback will be a PS3. Will play blurays through this and can play any local media if I really want to (unlikely)
  12. Hi all, I am looking to purchase an A/V Receiver in the next week or so. This is to power some Aaron SAT-50 speakers. These were purchased 15 years ago. I have been told they were pretty decent so decided to keep them. Specs are: 5" SATELLITE PLASTIC CABINET Freq. Response: 90Hz - 21kHz (+/-3db) Power Rating: 10 - 80 watts Sensitivity: 89db Impedance: 8 ohms Bass Alignment: Low Q Ratio Price: $299ea So $1500 worth of speakers. What Amp should I be looking at between $500-700 to power them? I have considered a few but the main features I am looking for - due to future proofing are: 7.1 and Network Capabilities. Any other features that I should be looking for? So choices are down to the following: Denon AVR-1912 $700 Pioneer VSX922 $600 (until tomorrow at JBHiFi) Onkyo TX-NR579 $489 (Refurbished at Selby Acoustics) So which one should I look at? I have only ever had the cheaper Yamaha A/V Receivers but have just bought a HT Projector and 120" Screen so want to have a better Amp to build up from. Thanks for any assistance.
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