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  1. Like everyone to be politically correct in the new world order 🤓......
  2. Would you mind stepping us through exactly whats in this particular version of the DAC, as it remains a little unclear , so there can be no misunderstanding also, could you show a photo of the connections on the back? is this an original 230 Volt version ?
  3. Hi Jones i think you have had the dcs Vivaldi can you comment on the w20 with the dcs any experience using the dual wire option with dcs or your current MSB
  4. FS: EMT 929 Tonearm (2 pcs)

    +1 and will you split ie one each ?
  5. FS: Avantgarde Acoustic UNO speakers

  6. FS: Aurender N100H Network Streamer

    Does this have music on the HDs ?
  7. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    Bit of confusion there atc 300 versus JBL 4367 there is an interesting match up
  8. Was this a special version with 4 300b ? push pull or parallel SET ? Thx A
  9. FS: Lamm M1.2 Mono

    Tempted to buy a second pair and then I can bridge them
  10. pm sent