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  1. Hi all, It's been a while since I dabbled with home audio so I'm a bit out of date. I'm helping my parents with a simple setup in their bedroom and these are the core components: Samsung Series 6 TV Apple TV Two speakers Here are the two primary use-cases: 1. Watch TV (standard tuner) or watch the Apple TV. In either even the sound will go via the television. 2. Steam music to the AppleTV via AirPlay. In the latter situation, it'd be ideal not to have to turn the TV on. I don't think I need an A/V Receiver at all as there are so few components but I do need something to drive the two speakers. Here's what I currently have in mind: Apple TV (HDMI) -> Samsung via HDMI (handles audio and video unless I'm much mistaken) Samsung -> AudioSource AMP100 or similar Apple TV (TOSLINK out) -> AudioSourceAMP100 Input 2 If this setup sounds logical, I'd appreciate advice on: A. Does anyone have experience with the AudioSource AMP series, is it any good? B. When watching the Apple TV (not listening) the AudioSource will receive the same output from the Apple TV direct and via the Samsung. Will the two input system on the AudioSource work in such a way that Input 1 will be prioritised and it'll ignore Input 2 (this sounds too good to be true). Thanks all! Chris
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