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  1. I have a pair of these. Bought new in 2001 and I have been using them ever since. Currently used as bookshelf speakers in the main bedroom. I like them and I won’t be letting them go. They come with a foam plug for the rear ports so you can use them up against a wall. With the ports plugged and a good subwoofer they sound really nice. They are 4 ohm and not very efficient, so they respond better with a good amp.
  2. It depends what you want to watch (and where). I spend a lot of time overseas. Sometimes I need a VPN app to make the streaming service think I am still in Australia. There are no VPN apps for the Apple TV. But there are for iPhones (iOS). So easiest way is to connect through the iPhone VPN app, then mirror/stream it from there to the Apple TV. Probably not that useful to most people, but quite useful for me.
  3. Maybe an “unboxed” picture would help? [emoji4]
  4. I’m fairly sure it will work very well with Roon. Seller just needs to confirm a few details - processor (i7 or i5?), memory (best if 8GB or more). If it is an i7, it will work very well with Roon, including upsampling. If it is an i5, it would still be OK as a Roon server, but might struggle with upsampling. I have used an i7 version for about 2 years now, also assembled by smallgreencomputer, also running Windows 10 pro, and also with the sotm usb card. It is an excellent Roon music and Plex movie server. Does not need JPlay.
  5. I agree. I have the utopias and like them a lot. Although they are relatively easy to drive, they are very revealing of the front end. Personally I think all these top of the line headphones are meant as desktop systems and not to be moved much. If you like the Focal sound and you want portable, go for the Clear. It comes with a very good carry case, a light and portable cable and sounds excellent - some like it better than the Utopias.
  6. @Cougar2465, I have those headphones, and there is no way I am letting them out of the house. Nice listening choices you have there.
  7. I don't use Tidal (or other commercial streamers). But I do use Roon for my own library. I do agree that Roon would lose some customers if Tidal disappeared. But I really hope that it would not be enough to affect Roon's commercial viability. My impression of the people running Roon is that they are smart enough to recognise the risks and would hopefully be developing some contingencies.
  8. The Utopias don’t seem too bright to me. They are definitely clear and revealing, but in the short time I have had them, have not seemed uncomfortably bright. I think it has some similarities with the HD800S in that both headphones focus more on the top end. The utopias never add bass. If there is not much in the recording, then it won’t add any. Those types of recordings can sound a bit disappointing on the utopias. As I understand it, the new Focal Clear is meant to bump up the bass a bit (but not as much as the Elear). If the Clear tames the highs as well, I don’t think I would like it. Pretty happy with how the Utopia treats the highs. Just personal preference. Cheers Paul
  9. I love them. It’s really the type of sound that I like. I have a pair of HE1000’s but found them a bit laid back. I think I will be selling the HE 1000’s. As far as I know, there is only one price for the utopias - 4199 if you trade in a working pair of headphones (irrespective of value or age - as long as they work). 4199 is what I paid. I gather there is a similar promo for focal elears but the discount is less. Cheers Paul
  10. I ordered online at the reduced price. A day or two later I got an email saying that for the order to be completed I needed to send them a working set of headphones. They wanted a working set as the trade-ins would be donated to a charity. I did not have a set of headphones that I wanted to give them, do I went out and bought a cheap pair of Sonys (about 60 bucks). I figured since they were going to charity I would send them something new and perhaps useful. I posted the headphones to them, since I was in Brisbane. They received the package, verified that they were in working condition and promptly shipped my new utopias. If you are thinking seriously about doing it, the promo ends 31 October so not much time left. Cheers Paul
  11. I just bought a pair of Utopias from ATA. Availed of the October $1300 trade-in discount. I've only listened to them for a couple of days now, but I am very pleased with them (and the reduced price). Perhaps a bit off topic, but did you have difficulties finding the serial number for the product registration? I gather it is under the right side ear pad. I tried to remove the ear pad and pulled as much as I felt comfortable with. But it did not budge. Last think I want to do is wreck the ear pad on my new Utopias. Cheers Paul
  12. Unfortunately not for me due to a few issues on timing. Good luck with it cyberkank Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Strangely I was just talking today to "Addicted to Audio" about buying a pair of these. Will buy yours if you will sell it to me. [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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