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  1. I had a similar problem 10 years ago. Turned out being the wifi aerial on denon 4308. Disconnected the aerial and problem gone.
  2. What happened between 1 month ago and 1 week ago? Did you have no TV for 3 weeks? If sound went 1 month ago with old TV I would think you should be looking at the reveiver not the TV.
  3. Hi all My brother rang the other day and wants me to help him get a new TV. Size - i figure 40" maximum Usage - mostly sport (AFL & Rugby League) Cost - Less $1,000 (pensioner - leagally blind, but played squash at a high level which I've never been able to understand) No internet or anything special is required, just free to air. I haven't bought a TV since 2008 (Panny plaza still going great) so am worried about motion blur. Just googling, most are LED LCD at that price. Are any of them any good or do they get blur on the action? Thanks in advance
  4. Sorry Kill, but i couldn't resist Shouldn't this be in the What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When Setting Up Or Buying A Home Theatre System? Buying from Seaton
  5. I would have thought the 1st thing that is done when setting up (Denon anyway) is it asks you if you have 5.1 or 6.1 or 7.1. Quite often it asks if you have one or two rears. If you said one rear I would expect only one channel on the AVR to output. In any regard, if you had said 5.1 (in denon case) on about the 1st screen you get I would expect neither rear to work.
  6. I have previouly connected two sets of two speakers together as rears and currently have some in ceiling Niles speakers that have two tweeters. Both times these have been wired in series as advised by the hifi specialist. If all else fails, try them in series.
  7. I lost menus on 4308 once From memory turn it off with the main power (not the standby) and problem solved. May have had to do a reset, but can't remember.
  8. I also have a 4308 and gave up trying to get the DAB to work. Sometimes got bits, sometimes nothing.
  9. All Denons are the same going back years. As said, small screw will do it. I actually used easyouts on my old AVC???? and 4308
  10. Just to add to ageless's comment on soldering. Basic mathematics would suggest that soldering would make the cross section of the cable circular. Soldered: When the terminal is screwed down I would think that there would be less contact between the cable and the terminal. No solder: The cable would become more square/rectangular actually providing greater contact to the terminal.
  11. I lived in Curtin in the early 1990's. We were in Collier St (down the bottom towards Woden). We had crap reception with rabbit ears (Win was worst) with the TV getting the signal from Black Mountain due to being in a shadow Better check if you have any shadow before spending money
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