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  1. @davewantsmoore I think you miss the point of an AVR and why it absolutely shits on a frankenstein "I know better than everyone else" setup. 1. You can actually play Dolby TrueHD, DTS Master HD etc. which is crucial to modern cinema and blu-ray concerts. This single reason alone makes frankenstein pointless. 2. For basic TV with the missus, you can use ARC with usual dolby standard 5.1 and use the TV apps. FAR nicer for simplicities sake. 3. No one can use or troubleshoot frankenstein and you spend more time ******* around with it than actually just enjoying t
  2. Does it preamp active speakers Via those xlr and can you volume control them
  3. He may of meant are these active, not 'monitors' many mistake monitors for 'active' speakers
  4. Thanks! In my experience a sub always sounds better, it just needs calibration so it's 'invisible' but then when you take it away you notice that its gone big time.
  5. Hi There, I have thought about getting a gravitas sub to pair with my i91's and use the high pass filter through the gravitas straight from my chord DAC. What was your experience with a sub alongside the i91? Adding a sub to my home theater with the i66's was amazing, you don't realise how much you are missing until you do this... and I think the i91's in the mancave for 2 channel bliss would be the same and blow me away
  6. Damn, I ordered a new one two days ago... could of cancelled if I know in time (ie today) and picked up this one second hand.
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