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  1. ChrisBen

    Shed Set Up

    Thanks mate, that’s great advice. Wondering what brand/s is the better match for the KEFS?
  2. ChrisBen

    Shed Set Up

    Sounds good for strictly stereo. i need something for surround sound also and wi-fi.
  3. ChrisBen

    Shed Set Up

    Thanks, I’ll do some research
  4. ChrisBen

    Shed Set Up

    Thanks, I’ll do some research
  5. ChrisBen

    Shed Set Up

    Hi guys, just after some quick advice from the knowledgeable people here. Looking for a receiver/amp. Have a set of Q bookshelf speakers. Shed is all wired for surround sound but will be mostly for two channel listening. Ideally will be used a fair bit to stream music, so would like wi-fi, Bluetooth ect. Have a budget to to $500 ish. New or second hand, doesn’t phase me. Recommendations and advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. ChrisBen

    FS: JVC X9

    Open to Offers
  7. ChrisBen

    FS: JVC X9

    No sorry it doesn't
  8. Item: JVC X9 Location: Seymour Central Victoria Price: $1500 Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Has had exactly identical issue as Johhny_boy's that is for sale here. All repairs have been done by a qualified technician, ($565) have receipt to show if needed. Also comes with a brand new globe, ($450) seeing I thought that was the initial problem. The older globe is around 1200 hours. Can ship at the buyers expense with the original boxing. PM any questions. Pictures:
  9. ChrisBen

    SOLD: FS: Krix Neuphonix mk1

    How are these still for sale?
  10. ChrisBen

    X9 Globe

    Wrong place
  11. ChrisBen

    X9 Globe

    Thanks Rich
  12. ChrisBen

    X9 Globe

    After some advice from the experts please. Where is the best spot to purchase a replacement globe for my x9. Thanks in advance.