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  1. I get where you are coming from with Master of Puppets. My take on it is it was mixed at near live playback levels. The louder you play this album, the better it gets. At 80dB it is very thin. At 105dB+ you have yourself a thrash metal masterpiece. As I get older the inclination and opportunity to blast it at the required volume becomes much more limited. As for Tool...I will be waiting for the standard issue CD without all the packaging fruit.
  2. I have an early-mid 2000's LG plasma which has done this for at least 10 years. Don't hold your breath waiting for it to cark it.
  3. Really appreciating more of Michael's catalogue in the last few years. I never used to listen to anything much after Thriller.
  4. Don't hate on Johnnie. The red label is poor but I'll take a Johnnie Black ahead of any single malt I can buy for $40. The Blue is a fine whiskey but it does sit in awkward territory in terms of value. I suspect most of these ones are usually purchased as gifts. *sorry for the whisky OT
  5. Off to bed. Hard to describe. I guess it's folk.
  6. Marantz cd75 hiding down the rack into some parasound classic separates and onto some Swedish Audio Pro speakers. Pretty well made things with decent vifa drivers and a fairly solid build. I have an Aaron sw400 doing the sub 80Hz lifting and it all integrates nicely to do the HT side of things too. All very modest but gets the job done when I get a chance to sit down!
  7. Dinner for the father in law last night. A very different shiraz from Frankland River that I thought was pretty darn good if you could put aside the brains prior expectations Also had a Chris Ringland Reservation Shiraz in a more traditional Barossa style. Very enjoyable.
  8. Mrs and kids on a shopping mission. Chores achieved and time for a sit in the mess with a beer for once and hit a few tunes
  9. Not a bad spy thriller but it feels like one of those films where it got pulled in a few different directions during editing and consequently is a bit weaker for the lack of focus. I have Tracks to watch but have been unsuccessful in convincing the better half that it isn't going to be colossally boring
  10. Somewhat more energised today. I continue with my love affair of liking the unpopular albums of popular bands. Go figure !
  11. Nothing too energetic. Struck down with a bit of a lurgy
  12. I don't think your sub is playing in the same sandbox as the subs the OP is testing How many dB down are you at 16Hz? I reckon the same level signal at 30Hz would be upsetting the neighbors! I could hear 16Hz with my dual 12" but the same signal was 110dB at 30Hz and prompting a please explain from the boss 😂
  13. Sub 20Hz capability is great but I would be very surprised if the subs on test are going to perform in that zone. I may be mistaken but it sounds like they are going to look at a few of the commonly available 8-10-12" big brand subs. If you want meaningful output at and under 20Hz you are likely going to need to look at 15"+ subs that are ported and tuned low, multiple driver arrays or some sort of pretty esoteric (aka big and/or expensive) 12". Maybe if they have one of those Klipsh 15" subs to test they will get there...but we are talking about a 140L, 35kg box at this point. 20Hz and under bass is no joke.
  14. I respectfully disagree about worrying about sending sub 20Hz content to subs of the mentioned manufacturers - unless you are looking to see if any of them completely drop their bundle? Is there any intent in the test to measure the SPL and frequency response or will it just be a matter of letting whatever onboard calibration system on the receiver do it's thing?
  15. Yes...but you will most likely need to do that in a darkened room by yourself too 😱
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