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  1. Pieface

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    It seems pretty simple to me. If you you want to run your TV in a brightly lit room or leave it in the shop mode when you get it home OLED is probably not for you. What is abusing an OLED screen doesn't trouble an LED screen. Different technologies have different capabilities. I don't think this is some sort of shocking revelation.
  2. Pieface

    Cricket season 2018/19

    There were 25,000 at the WAFL grandfinal at the stadium and it looked like a ghost town. They let people onto the oval at the end to have a kick to kick. It took 20 minutes in a line to actually get on the oval and we were like sardines out there. It felt like the crowd suddnly turned up from nowhere when put into a more confined space! 40-50k in the MCG is the same...doesn't even touch the sides from a visual perspective.
  3. Pieface

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    Reminds me of the time I bought this new car and drove it everywhere at 7000rpm in first gear for 10 hours a day for 6 months. I was shocked and disappointed when I began to have issues with the car. Understand the technology and use it appropriately and I really doubt image burn in will be a problem. Was a myth all through the plasma era IME.
  4. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    The band is tight. Joe is mellow. The title is incongruous.
  5. Pieface

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Cricket in Australia committing hara-kiri in quite spectacular fashion! A real danger of becoming a shadow or second tier sport, like the NBL, is becoming apparent. The cheating scandal struck a blow to the hearts of the rusted on test tragics - even when we performed poorly on the field most Aussies could at least hang their hat on our blokes not being cheats like those *insertteamofchoice*. Smith, Warner and Bancroft created and delivered a sporting identity crisis that many Aussie fans may never overcome. Even when we lost the aussie fan felt a little superior, after all we were the real stewards of the game. Now we stink and we have zero moral superiority to project. For the short form enthusiasts the ultimate sin has been committed - we are not winning and worse, we are not entertaining to watch. A steady procession of no-names taking us on a journey to nowhere. Now even this is locked up behind a pay-wall. It's funny to think just a few short years ago people were saying that Australia would never go the way of the West Indies and collapse into a basket case after the decade plus of dominance. From here it looks like we have done a pretty good job of it and sown the seeds to lose the following generations. At a rough calculation my kids will see as much AFL footy in a fortnight as they will see cricket in a year. It doesn't take a genius to realise which game is going to capture the imagination. CA have killed the golden goose taking BBL off FTA I think. Oh well I'm sure all the CA hierarchy will still get plenty of boozy lunches laid on by their mates in the pay-TV and sports gambling games.
  6. Pieface

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    Listening to a James Newton Howard effort now:
  7. Pieface

    AFL 2017 & 2018 - In memory of Nude

    There is no such thing as an easy prelim final. Collingwood will press Richmond all the way I think but the Tigers seem to have mastered the art of banging on a few goals late to snuff out the fight. Eagles vs Melbourne. Melbournes dominance in the middle might be the Eagles kryptonite but I think the Eagles will have enough chances to get a winning score on the board at home. Should be 2 ripping games - the prelims are usually better than the grand final.
  8. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    SPARTA Threes
  9. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    Seal II. I like his singing a lot more than his talent show appearances.
  10. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    A nice wee lullaby. Nite all!
  11. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    Chuck D spitting rhymes in a bit of a late 90's resurgence. Some funk laden tracks later in the album. Was last nights spin but the site wouldnt let me upload the image for some reason.
  12. Pieface

    AFL 2017 & 2018 - In memory of Nude

    Won the battle and lost the war I fear. Glad to hear Brayshaw is not as bad as first feared. Still a long rehab to endure for the poor bloke though. Got to have a good discussion with the kids about unintended results and consequences of your choices/actions as pretty much the only silver lining.
  13. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    Opeth - Heritage U2 - October About to go balls out with some Black Sabbath - 13
  14. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    Surprisingly heavy in places.
  15. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    I should give it another whirl. I have found that things I don't immediately hate but don't immediately love can become keepers/favourites over time. Weird brain chemistry at work or something. This is one that really grew on me over a period of time after being lukewarm on it: