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  1. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    Sneaky little hard rock chick itch scratched. A bit "eurovisiony" if that's a term [emoji23]
  2. Pieface

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Don't mind Oettinger in a shandy.
  3. Pieface

    XRCD vs SACD vs CD

    Someone is way ahead of us in this debate... Just put SACD, CD and XRCD all on the one disc. Doesn't light up the SACD indicator on my player but to be fair I have never put a known SACD into it to know if that function still works. Clever folk to the North of us!
  4. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    A ripping "Best of" and apparently Van's best selling album by some margin. Maybe I'm shallow but I tend to reach for this rather than an album when I'm looking for a VM fix 😳
  5. Pieface

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    Not my pic, I have a CD. Great Soundtrack IMO. Martial at times but never pompous.
  6. Pieface

    Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    Dang this movie was freaking cool when it came out.
  7. Pieface

    Iron Maiden appreciation thread

    I actually really like the whole album this one is from.
  8. Another landmark of my youth disappearing. 78's, Dada's, Tactix, Joynt Venture (sorry Mum) all important stops whenever a lad found himself in the city
  9. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    Interesting electronica. Apparently a departure from their earlier works and not particularly beloved by their fans. Fortunately I have discovered it without the prior baggage of expectation. Has those big echoey 80's electronic drum sounds (like Sisters of Mercy) that my brain has decided to like after hating them at the time.
  10. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    I'm Jammin'
  11. Pieface

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Was DEATH magnetic the one they did with RICK Ruben? I love Master of Puppets but the other Metallica albums dont do a lot for me. A couple of great songs and a lot of filler is how they hit me.
  12. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    Got a couple of albums by these guys but this one seems to hit the spot in a way the others dont for some reason. Slinky.
  13. I haven't experienced loud sub 20Hz bass much, if ever, but I honestly think there is a good argument to produce most stuff under 18-20hz with tactile transducers. If you can reproduce it loud enough to get the sensation I reckon you are going to have so many rattles and crap to deal with it will be a PIA and possibly put you in strife with the neighbors etc. It requires some thought at any rate