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  1. I haven't experienced loud sub 20Hz bass much, if ever, but I honestly think there is a good argument to produce most stuff under 18-20hz with tactile transducers. If you can reproduce it loud enough to get the sensation I reckon you are going to have so many rattles and crap to deal with it will be a PIA and possibly put you in strife with the neighbors etc. It requires some thought at any rate
  2. More subs can give you more headroom. The roll off on this type of sub is too steep to try and EQ more response below port tune. It is likely the roll off is so steep to protect the driver from exceeding Xmech below port tune. Chasing output there would be risky IMO. It is one thing to chase a few more dB from a sub grouping that has been engineered to roll off more gradually like a sealed sub or the PB2000 pictured above by getting multiples and taking advantage of more head room...but 2 or 3 or 100 x zero output is still zero output! For what it is worth a solid output at 25Hz is still very noticeable compared to a system that gives up at 30Hz. It's just that 20Hz is even more so again. 25Hz is a lot closer than 30Hz and you may well feel that is a valuable upgrade particularly if you can use multiple 25Hz subs in your budget and gain the benefit of smoothing your bass response as well (some assembly required) It's all about compromise in this game unless you hit that powerball 😂
  3. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    The lyrics are a bit meh although the girl has a nice voice. Been grooving on the instrumental tracks.
  4. The sub240 has ~30% more radiating surface and ~30% less amp power. It's designed by the same bloke and the SW400 is the later model. It's more likely that they are relatively comparable in performance than the sub240 having markedly better low frequency performance I would think. The SW400 is also stated by Aaron as a 20Hz subwoofer. It is possibly a 20Hz subwoofer if you play it in a shoebox. I like my sub plenty, don't get me wrong but if you are asking for a sub that plays 20Hz I am suggesting the Aaron sub240s will not achieve that. Bugger on the SGR. ~$750ono is a fair punt and you might struggle to recoup that kind of money on the 'tree where SGR is not a "known" brand if it's not your cup of tea. Looks like it is probably a hike for you to just go and check it out?
  5. I have the Aaron SW400. The response nose dives at 25Hz, where I suspect the port is tuned. I doubt the Sub240 is particularly stronger down to 20Hz. I suspect the SVS subs would be the strongest to 20Hz out of the options you have listed. EDIT not sure about the SGR sub on the 'tree. It is likely a cracker. I would contact SGR as they would likely know what they set that sub up to achieve. Low extension with high output isn't always the design goal. Maybe the customer wanted something that hit super hard at 40Hz or something for music...you just don't know.
  6. Pieface

    AFL 2017 & 2018 - In memory of Nude

    I hope so. A lot of interesting scenarios to play out. Will Essendon wake up this year? A lot to like on paper but seem to struggle for consistency. Brisbane showed some great signs last year. Can they lift a notch and challenge for the 8? Freo recruited a forward line. Will Lyon know what to do with one? And plenty of other stories going on. I'm doubly pumped after this rubbish summer of cricket for the footy to get back!
  7. Pieface

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Can't see this mob getting up off the canvas. The bowlers have been worn down to nubs by the pathetic support from their batsmen, who couldn't keep India in the field anywhere near enough. I love the way Pujara goes about it. Just a proper test bat. It will be rather galling when our top 6 fall in heap between rash shots and fearful indecision late tomorrow.
  8. Pieface

    currently drinking

    Bro in law dropped in with a blood orange new England rye ipa from Dainton(?) Yesterday Not bad at all but the citrus was a bit cloying by the end. Would have been a bit better with beef instead of white meats I reckon
  9. Pieface

    Cricket season 2018/19

    They have left some time in the game to make a result possible, that's sporting. It's just 95 percent likely that any result will land in Indias favour.
  10. Pieface

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Only 2 results possible after only 1 side has had a bat is disappointing. I dont even think the Aussies bowled badly to be in this predicament. Hopefully we can grit it out tomorrow and not give them easy wickets. Sporting declaration from the Indians but they are well ahead.
  11. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    After 4 weeks of carols, 3 days of visitors, sugared up kids etc... It's time to sit in the dark with a whiskey and some REM - Automatic for the People.
  12. Pieface

    Blue Planet II

    Got this on bluray for the kids for Chrissy. Just gobsmacking. I don't know how anyone couldn't watch this and be filled with wonder
  13. Pieface

    Currently Spinning

    Finished up on the headphones with a cup of whisjey. Tool - Lateralus
  14. Pieface

    My System this morning

    Joke's on Cam when he is scrubbing salt spray off his windows twice a week! [emoji14]
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    Bit of Pumpkins