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  1. Item: Yellowtec PUC2 Lite Price Range: Fair, Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I currently have a Gustard U-12 using the AES/EBU outs driven by Linux machine. Would like to upgrade but don't necessarily want to spend the coin on a brand new unit or the Audio-GD DI20 or the Singxer units (very mixed reviews and problematic for some). I run these into DSP/DAC/Amp combos either minidsp or Hypex units (Hypex will need an adaptor for spdif). Speakers are lxmini. So modest system and you can see why I don't feel it warranted to overspend on this device. Thank you - JayM Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Audioengine 512 Just recently released... thinking of getting this myself.
  3. I am using it on a laptop. Boots from a USB stick that has the kernel and the player. Media is on an attached USB 2TB drive.
  4. Hi all, I started using wtfplay a few weeks ago, and have found it a level above anything I have used before. I had been using Small player, then hysolid, as I subscribe to the simpler is better school. Had tried volumio recently too and did not get excited. I've read that a few of the posters on this forum had also tried wtfplay and were also impressed around a year ago. Just wondering if any one of you could share what you have now moved to for software. JayM
  5. Your efforts look fantastic! Having built the lxmini myself, I can see strong simarities in how your speaker and the lxmini illuminate a room. Very well done and intriguing. Would love to listen but unfortunately am in Sydney. The use of the er audio electrostatic driver seems to be a really good idea!
  6. Sorry to be so late to the thread. I have a set of john hall refurbished quads and I use a hypex AS2.100D to drive them. The hypex are plate amps with integrated DSP, but I use them at a unity gain flat setting. I currently use them by running a USB signal straight into them. they can accept spdif or analogue. The amplifier is a UCD180 unit I believe. not the latest hypex model by any means. I initially tried Joe's jlti amps, but the hypex are better in this context. Very good value to my humble ears particularly given the dac capacity. I bought the hypex from the website and imported it in no problems. Jay
  7. To be fair, and speaking only for myself, I will let this concept rest while I spend time maybe ripping a few more tracks, reading possible explanations (like this), listening a bit more. I know next to nothing about the technical operation of all of this, but I must confess, the preceding discussions have not talked about anything new. I know of what ye all speak, but I hear a difference. So what to do? I've been down the audiophool road long enough and have taken a few wrong turns along the way, that I know the initial 'wow' factor can change. Maybe the JB is introducing a change, which can mean the two rips are no longer identical. This may be system dependent, and my experience might not be another's. But it's this quest for improvement which keeps us constantly engaged with this hobby isn't it? Maybe my subjective impressions will change. Plenty of time. As my brother says, it always rains in audioland! And there's always new things to learn. And that is simply why I posed the OP and passed on my experience. Not to prove any point at all. FWIW and all that.
  8. Andrew asked what prompted me to try the JB when ripping. Answer is "because I had it", nothing more than that. I don't know how to compare two rips, except through empirical means. That's ears in plain language. Plus even if I did I would not know what to do with it. And that would not invalidate what I hear. Gentlemen, I simply pass on the findings. I am not even contemplating re-ripping my collection, as this last effort has taken the best part of six months. I don't doubt all that you say is correct, but to put your objective perspective into a field trial, you do have to listen don't you?
  9. I rip to 24-96 because playback sounds better to my ears than 16/44. Simple as that. But source is normal redbook CD, on 99.9% of my collection.
  10. I just have, and I am now sorry I did. I'd just come to the end of ripping my collection, or most of what I wanted to listen to anyway, about 600 or so CDs. Ripping to WAV 24-96 I had just got a JB for Christmas and for a lark, thought I would rip with the JB in series with the 2TB disk I rip to. I had a handful of disks left to rip, and after I was done, I thought to compare some of my new rips to the same track I had before on another drive. I heard enough to pique my interest so I re-ripped the 3 discs below. I listened to Holly Cole's Don't Smoke in Bed, Every Day will be a Holiday, on Mozart's Laudate Dominum sung by Felicity Palmer and the Choir of St John's College, Cambridge, and on Miles's Kind of Blue, All Blues. Subtle differences, but I thought (YMMV) I hear more low level detail. Separate strands stand out more from the other. More intelligibility on mumbled or softer lyrics, a little bit more air. Just a little bit more micro-dynamics on everything. Sigh. Depressing. Here we go again. I need to take a little bit of a lie down. I thought I was done with ripping.
  11. Try gustard u12. Big thread on head fi. I have the gustard and am very happy. But apparently a breeze audio device is even better, this from experienced gustard owners. Best part is that it will cost USD 159 delivered.
  12. I just bought an Acer aspire one cloudbook. 11.6 screen. One usb3 port, one usb2 port, 2g ram, 32g ssd, and a full size HDMI port. All for USD 139. I also bought a Bluetooth mouse. Windows 10. I run kodi on an old IBM ThinkPad so Will use this New acquisition when I get back home. Travelling in USA now.I think it should work a treat. Volume control on kodi is excellent to my ears. Apologies for typos. Doing this on phone.
  13. Hard to describe. I used to have ProAc Response 3s and 2s. I also had the big Maggie 3.3. I now have the Quad ESL at home. First, the sound floats freely from the speakers. You won't hear them. Second they light up a room a lot more evenly, not like conventional boxes which tend to have a sound that projects like a pair of flashlights directed at you. Best that you listen to them yourself. Got to go mate. Essentially, I feel I have a discerning ear. I can't stand most boxes. And I am happy to live with the lx minis for the conceivabvle future and develop the further. There's plenty of info on the OPLUG forum. Dive into that for more. So I hope that can give you an idea of how I rate them, without actually me describing their sound in the ways reviewers do. all the best
  14. I don't know if it's even doable via passive. Certainly the plans are only available with the miniDSP x-over. It matters how close to the wall they are. In the pic above, I have a set up that rivals most gear I have heard If I pull it out another 2 feet away from the wall and inside the rug, then the system takes me on a virtual reality tour and I have never experienced a more immersive soundstage.
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