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  1. Further information: 10 various absorption panels. Red 60 x 120 mm. Black 60 x 80 mm. Tall Black 45 x 230 mm. Foam Panels 50 x 50 mm. Photos:
  2. Will you guys do Aus Post rather than Toll? I find them problematic! Cheers Mark
  3. Ok put through an EFT as requested. Fingers crossed 🙂 cheers Mark
  4. Hey Matt, is this still covered by the transferable warranty? Cheers Mark
  5. I absolutely adore my Zesto Andros! Someone is going to be very pleased with this. GLWTS!
  6. Thank you TP1, these are all great tips, appreciate the input. Painting is a must a I agree. I will check out your link as well. cheers 🙂
  7. Nice idea re just the front Peter! Yes the lace is going as its awful! It will be replaced either side and opposite walls with acoustic curtains (OCD). Lots to think about that's for sure. Cheers, Mark
  8. Yeah its a brillant space David, but an awful setup at the moment. Satellites are right up high and right in the corners , so the audio is very disconnected from the picture. I am sure it can be hugely improved if done correctly. (I think any way, and I so want in walls so I can fit my dedicated stereo speakers at the front) Cheers Mark
  9. Thanks mate I will give them a buzz. cheers Mark
  10. Hello everyone, I am looking for some recommendations for a designer/ builder in Melbourne (Western Suburbs) to update, Install in wall speakers, acoustic panels, rewire etc, in an existing HT. Cheers Mark
  11. What the height with all three and width please? Cheers Mark
  12. I owned one of these units, highly recommend it! GLWS. Mark.
  13. Hello there, does this come with the external PS as well or would that have to be purchased separately? Cheers Mark
  14. No worries. I was curious as to how they preformed. Cheers Mark
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