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  1. Extra Info: Purchased around October 2013. Suit mini monitors. The 800mm height was perfect for my ProAc tablettes bringing the tweeters to ear level. All spikes included. Preference to local buyers. height: 800mm bottom plate: 250 x 250mm top plate: 165 x 220mm Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Lots of interest thanks everyone. I will sort through the pms today. Thinking of giving preference to any local interest to avoid freight but see what happens.
  3. Further information: This great sounding player has been around a while and I am the third owner. I bought it about 6 years ago with the last 2 years in storage. In that time I got Greg Osborn's tech to replace the transport. It saw off a Bel Canto spinner promptly (which lacked bass in my system). Replaced with an Ayon CD-07s which didn't really sound any better but did allow me extra features (access to DAC, volume control). Now I need to mention that the previous owner drilled a number of holes in the top between the wooden slats after reading a reviewer believing it was pro
  4. Hi all I had difficulties this evening when using the ProJect Play App for Tidal with my Stream Box. It basically shat itself. As a result I went into the app settings and downloaded the latest version. I then had to log back into Tidal. The result is (after playing around a bit) a much nicer user experience. One big improvement is if you select say track 3 of an album, it continues to play the subsequent tracks. Also the cover art work fits on my iPhone whereas before it was just a detail of it. Anyone else experiencing similar improvements? There are other sett
  5. A pair of these will be on my short list when I retire in a few years time - all going well. Great price. GLWTS.
  6. My vote for ad of the month!! Great text, great pics and a comparison to boot. GLWTS. I'm curious to the optimum listening distance with the tilt back presentation.
  7. Awesome!! According to Judith Lucy I'm too old to use that word. However I cannot think of a better descriptor. GLWTS.
  8. Well my ViaBlue™ KR-2 Silver USB Cable 2.0 A/B has arrived and sounds great after just 4 hours run in. The sound is more refined (smoother, more liquid) and timbres sound more woody where there is 'wood' or more twangy where there is 'twang', etc... I won't go on. Keep in mind it is replacing a generic freebie. Thanks for the recommendation Snoop!! BTW has anyone had experience with their digital coax cables? That would be from my Schiit Eitr to my Ayon cd player replacing a Monster subwoofer cable that is incidentally 6m long.
  9. That's exciting news for me - as a ProJect Streambox S2 Ultra user.
  10. I just ordered a pair of these to run between a Project Streambox S2 Ultra and a Schitt Eitr replacing a generic cable that came free with something. Hopefully I'll hear an improvement. Will report back. Cheers
  11. Some of my favourites (all outros): Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple) - Mistreated (from Burn) - restraint that builds. Eric Clapton (Derek and the Dominos) - I Looked Away (from Layla....) - short but so sweet! Carlos Santana (Santana) - Taboo (from III, or it could be Neil Schon!) - cat strangling at its best and totally spent after the final note! Guthrie Govan (Steven Wilson) - Drive Home (from the Raven that Refused to Sing) - like David Gilmour on steriods!
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