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  1. I really enjoyed the picture. Stunning. Would love to hear it all. Cheers
  2. Hi LWA What do these retail for in Australia? And any idea how much life is left in it? Regards, Peter
  3. I'm no wife but I reckon they have great WAF!
  4. Well I'm not much of a fan really but I thought the first 70 seconds of the trailer was sensational. The build up and then a one-on-one with a jet fighter.... Makes me want to know what happens next - so properly teased I guess!
  5. At least its not 'comic sans'.
  6. Very tempting. I bet this won't last long. GLWTS
  7. You know when you have a mate over and have to move over on the couch to give them the sweet spot. Well when I replaced my ss integrated amp ($2.4K being used as a pre into a power) with my new tube pre ($2.3K) I experienced one of my most palpable moments in audio listening - the soundstage did not collapse one iota. Everything was still spot on except for an uneven balance. My speakers are standmounts that are carefully setup re: measurements from the listening position. My simple conclusion is the new pre is better than the old (and so it should be). Peter
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