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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys. The amp is now sold. Happy listening to the new owner.
  2. Further information: Conrad Johnson CA200 integrated amp. 185 watts x 2, 8 Ω both channels driven 350 watts x 2, 4 Ω both channels driven Comes with HT bypass function for those wanting to use it as a power amp. Great condition. I am the second owner. Bought it off fellow SNAer last year. I believe the amp was purchased new in 2014, so its only 6 years old. Very smooth sounding amp with a warm signature. Location: Sydney. Inner west. Pickup preferred ; will post at buyers expense. Photos:
  3. That's a decent discount. Whats the general consensus on the Musichall MMF-5.3? Tossing up between this and the Rega Planar 3.
  4. Yep... looks like the algorithm has generated 2 new sales 😛 . Its now sold out
  5. Its related to sales, not hits. Every time someone buys one, the price goes up to a set threshold and then slowly drifts down. When you listed it, there were 4 left. Someone bought one, price spiked up to $43, went back down again. Then someone purchased it at the lower price, there are now 2 left. It will drift back down again. Once it hits 1 left, the price will stay at the higher price for a while.
  6. Thanks Do you have to subscribe to the newsletter to see this pic? Or can you see it on the website? url?
  7. How do you know what's coming up for sale? Can your fortune ball tell me if any Rega gear is coming up?
  8. The albums in the screenshot remind me of the cheap self published books on Amazon. YMMV 😛
  9. Thanks for all the offers guys and sorry to the Victorians 😷 I've accepted an offer. Waiting for the buyer to contact me back There are plenty of backup offers. The line is long.
  10. Further information: VAF I-66 speakers in Black Oak. They are fantastic speakers and imo the pick of the VAF range. I have owned these speakers for just over 7 years. Selling because we are downsizing and large floorstanders are not a good fit in my new home. Speakers are in good condition. Unfortunately I do not have the grilles Local pickup only. They weigh a ton and are too much hassle for me to ship interstate. Located in Sydney. Inner west. Photos:
  11. wow... 454kg each! Imagine trying to position these monsters into place.
  12. I barely have the space for 2 pairs of speakers , let alone 5 😛 In all seriousness, after trying various speakers in the $2-6k category over the years, I reckon it is better to just save up for the $10k speaker , or as others have suggested buy some $30k speakers for $10k second hand.
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