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  1. McIntosh sent me a copy of the SM. If anyone want a copy please let me know
  2. Thanks @Wimbo Lots of interest interstate but sadly too heavy to post, hopefully someone can grab it locally but I don't mind putting it back into storage LOL... I just ordered the Yaqin MC-100B to try but at the same time trying not be a hoarder.
  3. Yes its a great amp indeed, extremely good for little money Just answering some of the queries: I am the original owner, the amp is in perfect working order no fault/repair/mod. Its may not even burn in LOL Its heavy/no box, Pickup only.
  4. Item: YAQIN MC-10L VACUUM TUBE EL34 Integrated Amp Location: Sydney (Hinchinbrook) Price: $450 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR (In storage for 4 years) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have this amp in storage for around 4 years, it had less than 20hrs usages. Come with stock Shuguang tubes Please note: There are some print fading as you can see in the photos, on top of the power transformer because I tried to clean off the dust with methylated spirit prior to taking the photos 🙂 Pictures:
  5. Thank you for that but I have this User Manual that come with the unit but I am after a Service Manual.
  6. Anyone have a copy for the Service Manual or where I can purchase one?
  7. I have an old McIntosh C39. Last week there was a power surge blowout the fuse and 8 bulbs 😞 now when I plugin the unit the volume indicated 99 also both the Record: Turner and Listen: Turner light are on, if I pressed the Power button the MUTE light keep blinking Does anyone know if there is a hard reset combination? or something else is wrong here?
  8. Hello, I take'em How much postage to 2168 or where is pick up location?
  9. Thanks Vanch, This is fanstastic, very very helpful... Hoping to find these speakers a good home very soon :-)
  10. Item: CONRAD JOHNSON SONOGRAPHE SA400 200WATTS x2 POWER AMPLIFIER Location: Sydney, NSW Price: $1795 Item Condition: Used (9/10) Reason for Selling: Downsizing Payment Method: Cash on Pickup and Paypal Shipping: 1. Shipping+Packaging cost is around $60 (1 box) within Sydney-Metro area only. Regional NSW is around $80 (1 box). 2. Please PM me with your details (postcode and surburb). I'll find out the exact shipping cost for you. Info: Renowned for its high quality workmanship and its reputation on designing and manufacturing extremely high end components, the Conrad Johnson Sonographe SA400 is one of the top line power amplifiers produced. This power amplifier is capable of producing a tube-like atmosphere with an excellent transparency and detail in the music quality. Its champagne gold front plate gives this power amplifier a classy and sophisticated overall. Specifications Output Power: 200W rms per channel. Gain: 25.5dB Phase: Phase Correct (non-inverting). Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +0, -.25dB Hum and Noise: 100dB below full power output. Input Impedance: 100K ohms. Fuse: User replaceable. Type 3AG 5 amp slow-blow Weight: 25 kg Dimensions: 435mm x 365mm x 205mm (WxHxD) Miscellaneous Colour: Gold/Black Input Power: 240V Made in USA Extra Info: The SA400 was purchased from STEREO EXCHANGE in New York in the 90's. It was very well cared and original own, which is and has always been smoke free and climate controlled. I can’t quite call it mint due some very light marks but it’s still in excellent condition cosmetically, you’d have to really look to see the tiny marks, and more importantly, it work perfectly, used infrequently and sonically sound amazing. Pictures:
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