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  1. Sounds like you're on a good mission there😃
  2. Thanks mate, I would consider getting a new better cart installed and the problem fixed by a professional, would also like to get my amp serviced but not being able to leave a 5km radius of home makes repairs impossible for the next 5 weeks, unless there's someone in Rosebud who does repairs. Suppose I should just keep listening through 1 channel until I can travel. Patience has never been one of my things..
  3. This power cover, I'm not going to mess with anything. I'll just sell it cheap. Just really glad it's not a problem with the amp Cheers
  4. I'm not going to try and get the hardwired cable out, I've had it with this turntable. Thanks everyone for your help.
  5. I just swapped the connections into the preamp and the hum swaps from right to left. Also the hum does increase with the volume. There is music coming out too but it's very faint in comparison. I don't have the right 6 star screw driver bit to open it up but I'll get one soon. Thanks mate.
  6. So that problem would more than likely be in the preamp? Since the amp has proven a'll channels and imputs are working fine with cd?
  7. MBZ, Thanks for your suggestion, however the turntable connections are hardwired into the unit. I have checked all the wiring along the tonearm and at the cartridge and all seem ok, I have just been listening through left channel which is really starting to get to me, I'm sure it's something simple but can't pin it down. Because there's no hifi shops open I think I'll start replacing items, turntable goes first.
  8. Since I've moved house a couple of years ago my amplifier has developed a hum in the right speaker which has gradually gotten worse. It has to be an earthing problem with the turntable as it isn't present when listening to cds. I have tried earthing the preamp from the earth point, switching from all the different inputs, changing the speakers and nothing works. The hum is a lot worse if you touch the tonearm. They are rega P2, Dynaudio dm 2/7, Cambridge audio 540P and 840A. Any advice would be much appreciated as I'm very close to selling the lot and starting again, without a rega this
  9. Further information: Iggy pop, post pop depression deluxe 2lp sealed meshuggah, violent sleep of reason limited clear 2lp sealed Courtney Barnett and Kurt vile, gotta sea lice limited yellow vinyl with poster sealed Julie byrne, not even happiness nm brous one, consequences nm beck colors, indie clear yellow nm Barrence Whitfield, soul flowers of titan nm Anderson Paak, Venice 2lp media Nm, small corner crease
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