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  1. The little Alpair 5.3 is the only one in the house currently, the 10P’s should be delivered tomorrow 🙂
  2. Looks like a lot of hard yards, well done.
  3. Recently I've been rather enjoying listening to a pair of Markaudio wide range drivers and thought the brand deserved a thread of their own. Markaudio make only wide range drivers. I have played with a couple and am currently using the Alpair 5.3 (5cm cone) metal cone wide range driver in an open baffle, woofer assisted setup. Interestingly, they have no "spider" at all, the only suspension is the rubber surround, and moving mass is less than 2 grams. They have a very coherent, natural sound, a huge stable sweet spot, and "see through" imaging. Electrostatic speaker sound comes to mind, except that the sweet spot is much, much larger, no "head in the vice" needed here. They also sound good wherever you are in the room. These little drivers can genuinely take the place of a mid and tweeter, have a subjectively consistent power response, and are flat to around 20kHz. Bass response can be below 100Hz depending on the cabinet. I have also had the Alpair 7.3 (7cm cone) which sounded good, but was ultimately a little too "sharp" in the top end for my liking, although many others rate them highly. I am currently waiting on delivery of a pair of Alpair 10P (10cm paper cone) which by all accounts are a great driver with a wide, smooth and extended response. If anyone is looking to dip their toes into wide range drivers, these sound great, and relatively speaking, very reasonably priced. Any discussion, comments, pics or questions welcome. Cheers, SS
  4. Computer liquid cooling options makes it easy and effective, perfect for class A
  5. Not many home owners would have access to a chilled water loop, but a similar arrangement could possibly be made with a water to air heat exchanger (PC radiator & fans?) using tap water in a total loss cooling system. A fan supplying house air to the rack through a duct would be much easier though. Having said that, I am partway through a water cooled amplifier build. Air cooling would be easier but not as much fun as water cooling. 🙂
  6. If the garage backs directly onto the house, why not build/buy a cabinet as you suggested and use a silent (Noctua etc) computer fan to draw air from the house via a duct directly into your equipment cabinet? No need for separate active cooling, just a fan to transfer cooler air. SS
  7. Currently 250Hz 4th order. Will be playing with different x over points and slopes but haven’t had a chance to do so yet.
  8. Agreed, the wide range does what it does best, and the woofer takes over the lower end to spare the wide range from working hard and to give bass more authority and impact. It also keeps crossovers (active in this case) out of critical areas.
  9. It’s finished the same way as a flyscreen - I rout a slot around the back of the perimeter of the baffle and use fly screen spline to hold the mesh in place. The excess can be trimmed off next to the spline with a sharp knife and it looks neat. The baffles are 18mm form ply - easy to work with and the front is already smooth and black. A quick spray of black paint across the front if needed covers any small blemishes, and then put the fly screen on front of that. Baffle edges are rounded with the router and sprayed black also. Cheers, SS Edit: I’d take a photo For you but I’m currently O/S for work.
  10. I rather like using fibreglass fly mesh to protect drivers from the kids. Works well and looks good. FWIW it’s a Markaudio Alpair 5.3 and Faital Pro 15PR400 in OB. SS Edit: BTW the Alpair 5.3 has very wide dispersion and has no perceptible beaming, it is a superb little driver, and not overly expensive.
  11. The tweeter looks like an Audax TW010E1, but with a horn. Edit: does the horn look like a retrofit onto the tweeter itself?
  12. I believe they were actually part of a HiFi set, there was a matching AH260 preamp and AH160 tuner. i love the retro look, and they are quite well made inside. Cheers, SS
  13. Now sold elsewhere, thanks for looking.
  14. ACA = Pass Amp Camp Amp, 8wpc class A ACP = Pass Amp Camp Preamp ’Puter = computer DIY Audio has plenty of info on pretty much everything, Google should sort the rest out for you 🙂 SS
  15. Which Altecs are they Mark, full range, coaxial or horns?
  16. Fairly recently I sold a pair of Fane 12-250tc which are of a similar type to the wide range Beymas mentioned. https://www.fane-international.com/view-product/SOVEREIGN-12-250TC#tab-5 I liked a lot of what they did, however ended up selling them due to the directivity of the upper frequencies, giving a small sweet spot. As you know, this is mainly as a result of the diameter of the cone. I'm going back the other way, using smaller coaxial or full range drivers, with woofer and subwoofer support for the low end. Cheers, SS
  17. Cool looking amp, I did a recap on one of these several years ago. Full dual mono construction too. Cheers, Matt.
  18. Item: Grado SR225e Headphones Location: Adelaide Price: $170 Item Condition: Excellent, near new Reason for selling: Not being used. Payment Method: Cash, EFT Extra Info: Pair of Grado SR225e headphones in excellent condition, hardly used, a few hours at most. In original box. Can post at cost. Photos:
  19. Item: Pair of Dayton D250P compression drivers & Dayton H812 horns. Location: Adelaide Price: $190 ono Item Condition: Near new Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Cash, EFT Extra Info: For sale is a pair of Dayton Audio D250P compression tweeter drivers, and a pair of Dayton H812 exponential horns, all in near new condition. Only ever used in domestic speakers, not PA. Diaphragms are polyimide. Also included are four spare polyimide voice coil/diaphragms. Size of the horns is 12" wide by 8" high. Photos:
  20. Item: Pair of 18” Pro Woofers Location: Adelaide Price: $270 ono Item Condition: Near new Reason for selling: Stalled project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Extra Info: For sale is a pair of 18" woofers, with cast frame, and very hefty. They are practically unused, and as new, having only been tested briefly, never used at high levels. Frequency response is 30Hz - 2.5kHz, and sensitivity is 99dB/W/M. Power rating is 700 watts RMS. These drivers are beasts. Could suit sealed, vented or open baffle. Also included is a set of boxes to suit, please note that the horn tweeter is not included. Pick up only please from Gulfview Heights or Kilburn. Reasonable offers welcome.
  21. I did this to a couple of Sansui amps last year, but be aware that the pin configuration may be different to the originals. SS
  22. Another vote for the Rythmik - I love mine and can’t see myself ever parting from them. @Red Spade Audio may be able to assist with sourcing them. Cheers, SS
  23. Resistance is useless... (someone has to say it 😄) What a haul, good luck with the sale!
  24. Hi @Syrot, The speakers arrived safely, thanks for the careful packing. I have them set up on the work desk, and they do indeed sound surprisingly good. Many thanks! Cheers, SS
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