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  1. Couple of ancient Mayan structures in Belize, a ball court and the High Temple at Lamanai.
  2. Took this photo in Belize (Central America) a few weeks ago. ... as you do.
  3. RCA Jumper Links: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=rca+jumper+link&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-au&client=safari
  4. Are they Wild Burro Betsy drivers? SS
  5. I once complained to my Japanese teacher at school (she was actually Japanese) how hard the language was to learn. She replied “You should try learning English!” 😄 At least Japanese is more methodical and has fewer exceptions than English. Cheers, SS
  6. Hi @BioBrian, Here are some extra photos of where the track fits into the base. Pins are M6 304 shoulder bolts cut to size. First pic shows the lower pin, adjustable on the track to square up the track to the fence: The last 3 pics show the top fixed pin and the stop/measuring tape. The main drawback at the moment is that really only one thickness of sheet can be accurately mitred, will have to work on an upgrade for this.. Cheers, SS
  7. I’m looking to make bass cabinets to sit under a pair of MarkAudio Alpair 10P wide range drivers, looking to do an EBS alignment with them. Cabinets will probably end up being between 45-60 litres with a tune in the low-mid 20Hz. Previous set of speakers (still in the lounge) was OB, an Alpair 5.3 over a Faital Pro 15PR400, they actually sounded pretty good. Cheers, SS
  8. I would high pass the RS255, it has a fairly low resonance and could work quite hard (excess excursion) in an open baffle. A passive line level crossover (PLLXO) would be a good option if you can find someone to help with calculating values. Much better and probably cheaper than a monster capacitor 🙂 BTW I’d be interested to see what your thoughts are about the RS225, I’ve just received a pair as well. SS
  9. @andyr A 2mm ceramic insulator sounds pretty thick? SS
  10. 400Hz sounds like aircraft or industrial work to me 🙂
  11. Hi @andyr, just curious how you are going to mount the output devices? I assume perhaps some sort of clamping arrangement? SS
  12. I used a fan. I am part way through a just-for-fun class a amp project and was working out whether to go water cooled or heat pipe. I am going water cooled purely for fun, but if I was after a practical solution, the heat pipes are the way to go. I did a fair bit of searching on fans in order to keep noise down, and also with water cooling it is easy to add radiators (ie surface area) to allow low speed fans. Heat pipes are going to be less risky and more reliable though. Noctua make some nice fans, I am actually starting to use them in machines at work now too. SS
  13. @andyr I had a play with those heat pipe heat sinks recently and they are incredible at moving heat 🙂
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