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  1. Hi @Joey Muso, would love to take the Cyrus preamp, if you would consider postage. I’d obviously be happy to cover postage cost. Appreciate if you only want pickup though. Regards, Matt.
  2. Hi @Alpine Electrocats, Do you have a pair of each driver, or is it for 1 mid and 1 woofer only? Cheers, SS
  3. here is a blown up pic from the ad: and here is a pic of a Morel MW265, looks quite similar.
  4. As far as I am aware the Marquis had an all Vifa driver complement. However there is a Stereonet ad that has a late model Marquis with Dynaudio bass drivers, original from the factory? (The bass drivers actually look more like Morels rather than Dynaudio though...) Mids and tweeter look like original Vifa units.
  5. The spec listing is also for a different model, you may need to correct that 🙂 Here is a better link: Thiel CS3.6 loudspeaker | Stereophile.com WWW.STEREOPHILE.COM Choosing a loudspeaker can be difficult. Although it is easy to be seduced by a certain model's... SS
  6. I love it when function exceeds form by such a magnitude. There is something magic about listening to a project that looks “functional” but sounds exquisite. The genie is out of the bottle 🙂 SS
  7. Fixed it for ya. Plenty of decent speaker manufacturers reverse relative polarity at times, dependant upon many factors - it can also correct dips. For instance my Duntech PCL10s had the tweeter inverted in polarity compared to the woofer. Cheers, SS
  8. @Be Quiet...ListenI’ll go backup please if @DEANO23 doesn’t take them. Don’t like my chances though! 😄 Cheers, Matt.
  9. Hi @BradW I didn’t actually spend much time listening before I sold it sorry. However the second one is almost complete, and the third one I have I intend to keep once it has been done 😄 Bypass caps are intended to help clarity of sound, i happened to have them lying around, so in they went. Film capacitors are better than electrolytics in general, but are physically much larger, which is where bypassing comes in. Cheers, SS Edit: the AU101 I’m working on currently has mismatched output devices, one side has been replaced at some stage. I have TIP41Cs to replace all four devices.
  10. Highly recommended, they make desoldering sooo much easier, as well as heating the component for far less time. SS
  11. As @pete_mac mentioned, check the pinouts of replacement transistors. I’ve done a couple of AU101s and the orientation of the transistors on the tone board needed to be reversed, but the ones on the power amplifier section were fine. Its an easy amp to work on 🙂 SS
  12. Hi Decky, The amp is supposed to be pretty respectable with minor mods. I also already have it, so there is no outlay for the amp and power supply. If I don’t like it I can always modify or change it out, one of the beauties of DIY 🙂 SS
  13. @Marc, I just read this, sorry to hear of your injuries! Hope the recovery progresses steadily, it can’t have been a good time for you. All the best. Regards, Matt.
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