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  1. No, but it sounds a little sharp, not good if you’re trying to relax.
  2. Just make sure the webcam has a microphone so he can listen to it as well 😄
  3. Further information: EOI for this unit, original cost was $15,000. Looking for expressions of interest or reasonable offers. This unit is the Limited Edition of the Moon Eclipse, with matching external power supply. Some desirable features are a quad of Burr Brown PCM 1704U-K DACs, BurrBrown DF1704 digital filter, Philips CD-Pro 2 transport and superb build quality (shipping weight is 20+ kg). Australian delivered model, made in Canada, and in excellent condition. Has balanced and unbalanced outputs, and also BNC S/PDIF input and output - the unit may be used as a standalone CD player, as a CD transport, or as a pure DAC. Includes original manual, boxes & packaging, adjustable spike tips, transport screws, connecting cable, magnetic CD clamp puck and packing checklist. FRM remote is not currently included but may be negotiated. Shipping is possible at buyer’s expense and risk. Enquiries by PM only please. Regards, SS Photos:
  4. Try moving the speakers much closer together and much closer to your listening position to minimise the effects of the room i.e. listening near field. This should help you to work out if the problem is room related or not.
  5. One option that works for me is to use fibreglass fly screen as grille cloth. The amp can still go in an enclosed space, but use something like a “silent” computer fan for gentle forced ventilation. Some fans these days can be extremely quiet (for all intents and purposes inaudible) when run at somewhat less than their rated speed. SS
  6. Howdy @astromo, just wondering how you got on with these? Cheers, SS
  7. Thanks all. I’ll put up an EOI in the next week or two with asking price based on the above comments. Cheers, SS
  8. Hi @deanB, sure, here is a photo of the spec page in the manual Transport is a Philips CD-Pro 2, and D/A is performed by a quad of matched BB PCM1704U-K 🙂 It also has SPDIF in/out so can be used as a transport, DAC or CD player.
  9. If not circular (in segments), I think my woodwork skills would fail me... Why would horn midranges be banned? 😄
  10. Hi all, I’m looking at selling a Simaudio Moon Eclipse LE (Limited Edition) CD player with matching PSX external power supply. Just curious what it would realistically be worth these days? Just want to price it correctly without under or over valuing it. It is an Australian delivered 230v version and I have the original box. Any help appreciated. Cheers, SS Edit: Stock photo here, the one I have is boxed up but identical. Power supply is on shelf below.
  11. The main goal is not increased sensitivity per se, but a more controlled directivity. I'll try "Hornresp for Dummies" . 👍
  12. Thanks Dave. Is this still the case if we restrict the bandwidth of the driver at the lower end, bearing in mind it is above a woofer?
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