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  1. Sub Sonic

    First Watt M2x build - anyone tried this?

    He has used the method on other amps, or did you mean specifically on the M2? SS
  2. I’d say quite a number of headphones would be able to give good response down to around 20-30Hz.
  3. Something that might help reinforce the idea that “room size does not determine the lowest frequency that can be reproduced” is as simple as a pair of headphones. Headphones can create low bass, but the “room” they operate in is minuscule, between the drivers and the listener’s ears.
  4. Sub Sonic

    Blowing fuses on a Sanders ESL MKII

    I’ve had cheap glass fuses fall apart at the end caps or go high resistance without having apparently actually blown - I assume it’s the way the ends caps are finished and the connections made. Decent fuses do their job more reliably.
  5. Sub Sonic

    Wild Burrow Betsys.

    Thanks @HdB. i definitely like getting the bass right (I have servo subs) so there is definitely a way to relieve the mains of the lower frequencies. I’d be interested in your progress, just when and as it happens 🙂 Cheers, SS
  6. Sub Sonic

    Blowing fuses on a Sanders ESL MKII

    The Cooper Bussman are decent fuses, the Jaycar units would be a different story.
  7. Sub Sonic

    Wild Burrow Betsys.

    Hi @Mullet, just wondering how you went with this project, and what did they sound like? Cheers, SS
  8. Item: Eraudio 505 Minipanels + HT power supplies Location: Adelaide Price: $470 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Playing with full range drivers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is a pair of Eraudio electrostatic mini panels in excellent condition. They are the current model with the wider “gap” and larger transformer,, and frequency response is rated down to 150Hz. The panels are in excellent condition. There are a few (minimal) signs of heat glue on the edges where I “tacked” them into a frame, and one panel has a 40mm split in the thin plastic frame edge cover, but it is not easily seen, and does not affect the operation in the slightest. Just mentioned for full disclosure. The HT power supplies are included, these have inbuilt protection. Usually there is only a single capacitor for the high pass crossover, I have added another one to allow me to cross over using a MiniDSP. 12v DC plug pack regulated supplies for the HT are also included. Currently selling new for $749. May consider partial swap for Richard Allan CG8T or Wild Burro BetsyK wide range speakers. Pickup in Adelaide at this stage please. Pictures:
  9. Agreed. I like to describe it as a “thudding” in the air. SS
  10. Would you be up for DIY? You could make your own sealed enclosure with some decent drivers and EQ to your chosen lower limit via MiniDSP. Cheers, SS Hmm just realised I’d posted but missed out on reading 6 pages of the thread... Rythmik servo subwoofers are superb, and can be DIY’d. They are definitely capable of going subsonic 🙂 Not sure if it will fit in your budget though.
  11. Sub Sonic

    The Duntech Speaker Thread

    Solen also made capacitors with red ends, back when Duntech was in Adelaide at least.
  12. Why do these remind me of a penguin? 🙂
  13. Sub Sonic

    FS: Time to let these go

    Thanks for the reply Chris 🙂 I’m interested in trying the 8” version after trying the 10”, I rather liked them. Cheers, Matt.
  14. Sub Sonic

    FS: Time to let these go

    Hi @soundfan, only 10 years late but I don’t suppose you’d still have the RA CG8T drivers? 🙂 Cheers, Matt
  15. Sub Sonic

    Richard Allan Speakers

    Hi Henry, Thanks for your interest but unfortunately they are not for sale. Cheers, SS