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  1. Pretty sure it is pulling air in as per the OP. Also, the fan hub pointing out indicates it is drawing air in. Even though I would have also done the opposite if I was designing it 😄 Cheers, SS
  2. Thank you, the MKPs are much more reasonably priced 🙂
  3. Thanks for the Miflex cap suggestion, however they are a little on the $$$ side for my liking... SS
  4. Metallized (aluminium) polycarbonate film apparently, sorry to disappoint 🙂
  5. Thanks for the info. The Humble site has lots of info, might make a short list one day, some of them look a little pricey. I just had a dig through some of my late father’s gear (he was an electronics engineer) and came up with a few caps (amongst a plethora of others!), any comments on these for bypass duties? Most of these would be at least 20-30 years old, probably more. SS
  6. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good protection capacitor(s) for a compression driver? I’m running the B&C DE250/SEOS 15 combo with MiniDSP XO at around 1kHz and currently using a basic 30uf Bennic film cap. It’s currently sounding pretty good. Is it worth while using a better cap, or bypassing the current one with a smaller but higher quality cap? Is there likely to be any tangible benefit? Cheers! SS
  7. Can’t believe this is still here, if it was in Adelaide I’d be all over it 🙂
  8. Aah, I wish! Very nice gesture!!! SS
  9. He’s missing a couple of cylinders 😁
  10. Two pairs of La Scalas would definitely sound effortless 🙂
  11. So I knocked up a first version of a passive crossover, using Bill Waslo’s AETD15M/DE250/Seos15 as a start. The passive combination is definitely listenable, but could be improved. Will need to put the mic on the speakers and see where to go from here. Not sure if it will end up fully passive, passive + EQ or fully active. Will see how it all ends up 🙂
  12. Here are a couple of pics of a compression driver I had issues with, it mainly sounded like there was a slight channel imbalance. The most obvious difference was in the distortion curve (lower curve on each plot, 5dB per vertical division). Pics are before and after diaphragm replacement. I’m not sure if the problem was a coil rub issue or because of a visible manufacturing imperfection on the diaphragm. SS
  13. Also, some distortion measurements of both drivers could help, if available.
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