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  1. Sonique 750 Diamond Help

    Check with VAF research, they would be able to help. Regards, SS
  2. Damping Factor

    THIS is what I would be interested in also. Regards, SS
  3. Definitely a bargain here for anyone in Melbourne... Regards, SS
  4. Damping Factor

    It’s pretty basic motor theory really. A bit like why a motor’s current reduces after it begins rotating. The back EMF (voltage) opposes the applied voltage, resulting in a lower effective voltage across the windings. (Edit: and as a result, current reduces).
  5. Damping Factor

    I’m guessing Joe is referring to a pretty basic equation, P = VI. A short has no resistance, therefore no voltage dropped across it, therefore no power dissipated through it.
  6. Seas L16RNX

    Would perhaps something like the Curv cone U18RNX P suit better? http://www.seas.no/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=102:h1571-08-u18rnxp&catid=44:utv-prestige-woofers&Itemid=461 Regards, SS
  7. Damping Factor

    Thanks for that Joe. Regards, SS
  8. Damping Factor

    I’d be interested, but is it going to be public knowledge? Another related question: assume a bass driver in a particular speaker uses dedicated active XO and EQ, we replace the expensive heavy speaker cable with much thinner cable (or insert say a 3 ohm resistor in series with the cable to simulate it) and EQ the driver back to the exact same original frequency response. Will the two setups then sound identical, all other things being equal? (edit: assume a sealed enclosure). Regards, Matt
  9. Are you really surge protected?

    Yes, I am a sparky although I now work in a family engineering business. In a previous life I installed literally thousands of domestic (switchboard) over voltage arresters. We had a few cases where we had to replace the OVAs after a surge, but only in one instance was equipment in the house damaged. Most times the HRC service fuse would also be blown which helped alleviate the issue. The most common causes of failure were indirect lightning strikes and HV lines coming down onto LV lines due to wind, trees or car accidents. Having underground power is great ;-)
  10. Are you really surge protected?

    Good advice above, and that’s coming from a sparky 😂
  11. Absolutely. The best subs I have heard to date, I have a pair of the DS1200CI. Regards, SS
  12. Advice required - Zu Soul Supreme issues

    Certainly can’t complain about this level of customer service. Anything can fail, I’d be proud to belong to an establishment that provides backup like this. It’s the after sales service that really tells you what a company is like. Regards, SS
  13. Hi HarryPsara, The capacitors in the picture are the orange and blue/purple cylinders. The white component under the board is actually a 1.2 ohm resistor. Regards, SS
  14. Richter Speakers

    Thanks for the clarification @ralph waters. The reviews I read of the unit many years ago were all very positive, and being a pipe organ lover, the mere mention of "16Hz" was enough to grab my attention :-) I have been through many subs in my quest high quality deep bass, and have finally settled on a pair of 12" sealed Rythmik "direct servo" subs. I'll keep an eye out for an Evokator for a second system, it has always been on my wish list :-) Many thanks for the extra info. Regards, Matt
  15. Richter Speakers

    Hi @ralph waters, when the Richter Evokator subwoofer was released, it was always on my dream list. Just wondering if it would be possible to elaborate on the design of the unit, and in particular the electronics? I remember at the time that "Kinetic Intelligence" was mentioned, and what seemed to be a dynamic loudness contour/compression. Also, was the amplifier of the negative feedback type? The flyer posted above (replicated in this post) has some info but I'd be appreciative of anything you could add. Regards, Matt