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  1. Sub Sonic

    B&W DB1D vs REL Subwoofer

    The world has lost an audio icon 😞
  2. Sub Sonic

    B&W DB1D vs REL Subwoofer

    Nice work, and nice choice! 🙂 SS
  3. Sub Sonic

    The Duntech Speaker Thread

    Nice work @howze, I’m happy for you 😉 Enjoy!!! SS
  4. Sub Sonic

    Dewalt Recipro Saw (in parts)

    For give away is an old Dewalt reciprocating saw in parts, and rubber boot has been cut, but otherwise in good working order. I'm pretty certain all the screws etc are there, and model number is DC385. The saw is one of the older NiCad powered units, and after the demise of the batteries and selling the other kit parts, I pulled it apart to make something out of it but never got very far :-) A few stipulations: - You must have a minimum of 100 posts on Stereonet - Pickup is to be by Friday (14th September) between 8am and 4pm from Kilburn, SA - Local pickup only, no postage Cheers, Matt
  5. Sub Sonic

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    I'm itching to put a match to those leads...
  6. Thanks for the replies. This was done a while ago so I've forgotten the measurement conditions, but I'm wondering if I've gated at around 500Hz... In which case anything below is not useable. 96 would mean 96th octave smoothing. FWIW here is another graph, taken slightly off axis (5-10 degrees), with a simple passive XO. It was listenable but not exactly perfect. See second pic for CAD drawing of XO diagram Note gating at 4ms... still close measurements at 35cm though. This is a driver I'm wondering about using as a woofer with the electrostatic panels (just to keep it on topic). as stated, XO would be around 250-300 Hz.
  7. @davewantsmoore soooooo... would you EQ out anything in this driver?
  8. Looks like he’d know a thing or two about nice finishes 🙂
  9. Aren’t we talking about two opposite ends of the woofer’s passband though Dave? Port operating at low side of the passband, and integrating with the panel at the other?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I did try running the Alu woofers up to 200Hz as the panels are rated to around 150Hz but felt it a compromise. I’d also rather do a woofer/panel combination and then the subs located where they work and fit best. Cheers, SS
  11. Sealed is more flexible/easier to tune via EQ
  12. I have a few Seas Excel drivers which I’m thinking about - 6” fibreglass, 8” paper cone and 6” magnesium. Listening levels are not massive, would a 6” work ok... another thing that I was wondering is if the different materials are likely to have different sonic signatures, or am I overthinking it for the required frequency range? Response would be mic’d and eq’d regardless of driver used.
  13. I tried open baffle bass once and while it was OK at the listening position, but it was not so good off axis. I'd like it to sound as "OK" as possible (off axis) for family members who might be in the same room. I like the dipole top end, but the bass might be somewhere I could go monopole. The subwoofers are also monopole.
  14. I’ve been playing with a set of ERaudio 505 panels since earlier this year and these awesome little panels deserve an upgrade in the way of an enclosure/frame. I’m aware that integration with a dynamic woofer has its difficulties in relation to dispersion patterns, XO frequencies etc. and am after tips on what to look for in a woofer. I’ve settled on a sealed enclosure type for the woofer, even though open baffle can be a better option. What size and type of driver and specs should I look for? MiniDSP (2X4) is being used for XO and EQ. It would be nice in some ways to come up with a passive XO solution although I will probably continue with the fully active setup due to flexibility etc. Enclosure size would be no more than around 30 litres, frequency range to be covered by the woofer is around 60/80Hz to 250/300Hz. It will hand off on the low end to a pair of 12” sealed Rythmik subwoofers, and on the upper end to the dipole electrostatic panels. Regards, SS
  15. We use QPE Engineering down at Gillman. For the machining we get done, they are high quality and reasonably priced. https://www.qpe.on.net/ Cheers, SS