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  1. Item: Pair of 18” Pro Woofers Location: Adelaide Price: $270 ono Item Condition: Near new Reason for selling: Stalled project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Extra Info: For sale is a pair of 18" woofers, with cast frame, and very hefty. They are practically unused, and as new, having only been tested briefly, never used at high levels. Frequency response is 30Hz - 2.5kHz, and sensitivity is 99dB/W/M. Power rating is 700 watts RMS. These drivers are beasts. Could suit sealed, vented or open baffle. Also included is a set of boxes to suit, please note that the horn tweeter is not included. Pick up only please from Gulfview Heights or Kilburn. Reasonable offers welcome.
  2. I did this to a couple of Sansui amps last year, but be aware that the pin configuration may be different to the originals. SS
  3. Another vote for the Rythmik - I love mine and can’t see myself ever parting from them. @Red Spade Audio may be able to assist with sourcing them. Cheers, SS
  4. Resistance is useless... (someone has to say it 😄) What a haul, good luck with the sale!
  5. Hi @Syrot, The speakers arrived safely, thanks for the careful packing. I have them set up on the work desk, and they do indeed sound surprisingly good. Many thanks! Cheers, SS
  6. Now done, thanks for the help! SS
  7. Does anyone know if it’s possible to leave positive feedback for a Pay it forward/free item? @Syrot was kind enough to post a free item interstate for me but I can’t find how to leave feedback... Any help appreciated, thanks! Matt.
  8. Hi @Syrot, would you consider posting at my expense to Adelaide? I’d be keen if this were possible. Regards, Matt.
  9. The Jaycar website doesn’t appear to have Deoxit spray, only the little Deoxit bottles with brushes In them. The spray is best for cleaning switches and pots without disassembly, the little brush bottles can be used for open contacts such as RCA connections. Altronics has Deoxit spray which is probably what you want. Cheers, SS
  10. For sure, a clean with Deoxit is always the first port of call 🙂 Cheers, SS
  11. I reckon I’d be pretty happy with something like a pair of Tannoy Kensington GRs, teamed with my current pair of Rythmik subwoofers for the very low frequencies. SS
  12. If the amplifier puts out sound on both channels in mono, then the fault is not in the speakers or output stage of the amplifier. As mentioned above, I’d start with a clean of the switches and pots with Deoxit, and if no luck there, find a repairer. Chances are high that it can be repaired. Cheers, SS
  13. I have played with the Dayton H812 and the SEOS 15. The Dayton is more directional at higher frequencies, ie the SEOS has better (subjectively at least) controlled directivity. SS
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