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  1. Tentative Disaster In The Making

    @Upfront , nice choice of driver :-) SS
  2. Dali Ikon Sub Help

    Hi @Conway, have you tested the continuity of the bass drivers with a multimeter? This would help determine whether the drivers are perhaps the problem. Cheers, SS.
  3. Another vote for Rythmik here... SS
  4. @robmid, in your blog you mentioned the Peerless SLS drivers, is it these or the HDS mentioned earlier that you will be trying? I’d be very interested updates with the project. Cheers, SS
  5. The Duntech Speaker Thread

    This would have to be the smallest Duntech speaker ever, the MRM 1 Contessa. It runs a single wide range Scan Speak 13m driver in each cabinet with a correction network. I have to replace a cone in one of the units due to being open circuit, fortunately I have a genuine spare. There is almost zero information on the internet about it, I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has come across them. Regards, SS
  6. The Twins

    Did I get that correctly, 220 coats of shellac? Very nice work BTW. Regards, SS
  7. The Twins

    Agreed, go big @125dBmonster or go home Cheers, Matt
  8. VAF DC X63 Speakers

    Twin tweeters would give better high frequency dispersion and greater power handling. I haven’t had a good listen to them, but Simon did mention once that with the X-63 he felt that he had reached the performance limit of the drivers, i.e. there was not much room for further improvement, this being a good thing. Cheers, SS
  9. Show us your response graphs

    Nope. Weak link of the system is any pair of ears that happens to be nearby SS P.S. 132db? @125dBmonster, you’re going to have to update your nom de plume
  10. Hi @murrmax, the woofers in the side of the cabinets are 8” Seas units and run 80-400Hz. The subs are a separate pair of Rythmik 12” servo subs. Cheers, SS
  11. Good point... bit of a brain fade from me. I’m away on holidays but will check when I get back. Cheers, SS
  12. Thanks @NADMAD The enclosures were originally a set of R&D Duntech Ambassador XLs, but some drivers were damaged and/or modified. XOs were also different between enclosures, so no chance of making them original again. Re the delay, I also found that a little delay on the woofer helped the XO integration with the panel and helped a response dip. The delay was equivalent to around 250mm in distance (can’t remember the actual time in ms). This was approximately the distance between the centre of the woofer and the centre of the panel when measured at the listening position. Cheers, SS
  13. The Twins

    Hi Matt, u could run the top and bottom thru the front baffle, and extend it a little, just enough to squeeze a grille and grille cloth in between. Sort of like a pseudo top and bottom plinth when viewed from the front. Looks pretty good, if you were going to do grilles that is. Cheers, Matt.
  14. RCD went off and won't switch on

    No worries, all the best with your problem solving :-) SS