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  1. Sub Sonic


    Was it the 13M?
  2. Sub Sonic

    Headphone drivers

    We have a company account so you might be correct... doesn’t help you though I guess... the drivers in the post above are around the $10-$15 mark from memory. Regards, SS
  3. Sub Sonic

    Bose 901 pricing

    There is a spare 901 that sits outside a shop in Sydney not far from the Prince of Wales Hospital... 😄
  4. Item: Toroidal Transformer Location: Adelaide Price: $150 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: happy to post at cost This is a huge Australian made Torema toroidal transformer in excellent condition, rated at over 1100 VA. Primaries are 115VAC 115VAC (=230VAC), secondaries are 28VAC 28VAC and 12VAC 12VAC. Weight is 9.1kg. This would make the heart of a great power supply for an audio amplifier, Class A or otherwise. Specs: • 1151VA • Primary # 1: 115V (brown-purple) • Primary # 2: 115V (pink-blue) • Secondary # 1: 28V (red-black) @ 19.7 amps (loaded voltage 29.3V) • Secondary # 2: 28V (red-black) @ 19.7 amps (loaded voltage 29.3V) • Secondary # 3: 12V (orange-white) @ 2 amps (loaded voltage 12.5V) • Secondary # 4: 12V (orange-white) @ 2 amps (loaded voltage 12.5V) • Primary & Secondary flex leads 250mm • Centred potted Pictures:
  5. Sub Sonic

    Headphone drivers

    Another option might be WES Components - they have a Peerless headphone driver at a very reasonable cost, although I don't know what they are like.
  6. I’d double check the polarity of the main speakers and associated cabling. The symptoms you mentioned earlier sound like a classic out-of-phase speaker issue, no bass and no imaging. Regards, SS
  7. Sub Sonic

    VAF i91 mk1 vs mk2

    @VAF 🙂
  8. Sub Sonic

    Help identify these speakers

    @aasza what type of driver are the square panels? Are they ribbon, electrostatic or something else? Cheers, SS
  9. Sub Sonic

    Modified DSE A2760

    Pretty certain Richard @tagstrip does quite a lot of modification to the A2760 amps, definitely more than the Overclockers mods. Regards. SS
  10. Sub Sonic

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    Ha ha, nice work! 😄 SS
  11. Sub Sonic

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    I think the new ones (24v supply) are 8wpc which would be heaps for me, particularly if the speaker sensitivity is 92dB/W/m - depends on your listening levels I guess 🙂 Matt
  12. Sub Sonic

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    @Blackstar thanks for that! I was wondering if you were on here... I’m on diyAudio too but more of a lurker. Matt
  13. Sub Sonic

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    Nice, monoblocks would be really cool (even though they're Class A... ). I've also ordered the case - Was tossing up whether to or not and knew that I'd be kicking myself if I didn't, so I did. They look really nice. Which case option did you go for? Regards, SS
  14. And SOLD, thank you Mods.
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