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  1. Might sound silly, but are they in phase with each other? Try reversing/varying the phase of one subwoofer and see if it makes any difference. I any case, a measurement mic is probably needed here, this will help you to see exactly what is going on. Cheers, SS
  2. @Grizzly just wondering if these drivers have a spider, or if they use the “inner surround” in lieu of one? Cheers, Matt.
  3. I usually use DSP, but when making passive speakers, I generally just start playing, and measure frequency response and impedance. I am fortunate to have a large stack of inductors, caps and resistors though, so the design part only costs me time.
  4. Further information: For sale is a Grandview 120" motorised projection screen, in excellent condition. The screen has a wall controller as well as a remote control, and mounting brackets are also included. Works well, screen is in excellent condition. 240v powered, plugs into power point. Overall width is 2.615 metres, viewing area is 240cm W x 180cm H, and 300cm diagonal. Aspect ratio is 4:3, but screen can be stopped anywhere. Large enough to be used for hall or church etc. Located in NE suburbs of Adelaide. Please contact via PM if interested. Photos
  5. I have a pair of these and love them. As a matter of interest, you can use the $15 Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter and use them with current iPhones - everything including the mic works. Cheers, SS.
  6. Item: Power supplies & signal generator Price Range: $0 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I have a couple of power supplies and a signal generator to give away, preferably together. As far as I know they work. Please PM if interested, no shipping sorry. Located in NE suburbs of Adelaide.
  7. Item: 1RU Price Range: $0 Item Condition: New Extra Info: I have a single RU case to give away. It has RCA connectors on the back and side, and has two selector switches on the front. No wiring is inside. Please PM if interested, no postage sorry.
  8. This is a bargain. These subwoofers are made in the UK(!) and use the highly regarded Peerless XLS subwoofer drivers.
  9. I always run dual subwoofers, for headroom and output down low, but also for the reason that it takes away that persistent thought “does that bass sound like it’s coming from one side?” There may be no reason to the rhyme but it lets the mind relax 😂
  10. @davewantsmoore, the 12l/50Hz alignment, is that EBS?
  11. I would like to do a vented enclosure for this one, but am flexible to volume and tuning frequency, SQ being more important than depth of bass. I have run the sims for the driver, but if anyone has a proven cabinet/tuning recipe, I’d be interested in any details - I’ll look at the 12l/50Hz, thanks @davewantsmoore. I do have measuring gear, and am capable of ending up with something listenable, but again, am keen on any tips people might have. I am thinking about a passive xo to a Seas Excel 25CF001 tweeter, but also have the option of active xo. Oh BTW I have spare diap
  12. I think 5 posts will unlock the classifieds and possibly personal messages too. Cheers, Matt.
  13. Ok so I ordered a couple of the above midwoofers as they seem to be held in pretty high regard, particularly at their price point. Just wondering if anyone who has spent some time with these might be able to shed a little light on their experiences, and what they have found that worked? I’m ok with spending some time building a decent enclosure, but would really appreciate any experience others could share, such as enclosure size, tuning frequencies, crossover frequencies, slopes, diffraction treatments etc. Also, any tweeter suggestions and starting crossover details w
  14. Ok, I ordered just one pair, so I’m pretty sure there will be some left for everyone else 😄
  15. Thanks for that... I might have to order some 🙂
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