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  1. Power amp tripping circuit breaker

    If the amp proves OK after a check, the next option could be to install a “D” curve circuit breaker, which allows a higher margin of overload on startup. Regards, SS
  2. Sounds like a variation on the old Hafler “surround” method, see here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hafler_circuit Not sure how your amp will handle it but I tried it many years ago with no problems. However, I soon went back to traditional stereo. Regards, SS
  3. The Duntech Speaker Thread

    Thanks for the information, much appreciated!
  4. Speaker problems

    The ebay seller mentioned that the surrounds on the mids had been replaced, I could be wrong but the photo seems to show a cut/join in the surround? If so, perhaps an unsuitable surround might also contribute to the issues.
  5. After repeated invitations from @darthlaker, I spent a couple of very enjoyable hours today listening to what was probably the very best system I have ever heard. Mark, thanks for the invite and the friendly atmosphere, it was a privilege to sit in the listening chair and be transported to another place and another time. Mark’s system just disappears when the music is on, and is highly resolving, while at the same time being eminently listenable. Listening to recordings, you can hear exactly what the sound engineers were doing, and how much effort they evidently put into some passages. On one recording I could clearly hear three different acoustic spaces, first the instrumental space with guitar and drums, then another acoustic space on top of that when a male voice was mixed in, and yet another acoustic space when a female voice was mixed in on top of that, all at the same time! One highlight was listening to an original pressing of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. Another absolute treat was Ralph Waters’ “Amused to Death”. After listening to this, one wonders why people use surround sound systems, because this recording, on vinyl and in 2 channel, is so stunningly 3 dimensional and encompassing that you are just transported to another place. Tha system is very well balanced and natural, is non fatiguing, and has a very stable stereo image and a good sense of depth, height and space. Even at high levels, the speakers are not fussed, for example, minute details stand out clearly through deliberately distorted electric guitar recordings. If anyone ever has the opportunity to have a listen, please do so. It was an absolute treat for me. Regards, Matt
  6. @skippy124 this looks like a design that Jaycar, EA or SC did maybe 20-25 years ago, I remember a mates father having a pair. We may or may not have blown a bass driver at the time due to youthful exuberance The crossover and level control appear to be after market though. Regards, SS

    That is indeed a shame. SS
  8. Tentative Disaster In The Making

    @Upfront , nice choice of driver :-) SS
  9. Dali Ikon Sub Help

    Hi @Conway, have you tested the continuity of the bass drivers with a multimeter? This would help determine whether the drivers are perhaps the problem. Cheers, SS.
  10. Another vote for Rythmik here... SS
  11. @robmid, in your blog you mentioned the Peerless SLS drivers, is it these or the HDS mentioned earlier that you will be trying? I’d be very interested updates with the project. Cheers, SS
  12. The Duntech Speaker Thread

    This would have to be the smallest Duntech speaker ever, the MRM 1 Contessa. It runs a single wide range Scan Speak 13m driver in each cabinet with a correction network. I have to replace a cone in one of the units due to being open circuit, fortunately I have a genuine spare. There is almost zero information on the internet about it, I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has come across them. Regards, SS
  13. The Twins

    Did I get that correctly, 220 coats of shellac? Very nice work BTW. Regards, SS
  14. The Twins

    Agreed, go big @125dBmonster or go home Cheers, Matt
  15. VAF DC X63 Speakers

    Twin tweeters would give better high frequency dispersion and greater power handling. I haven’t had a good listen to them, but Simon did mention once that with the X-63 he felt that he had reached the performance limit of the drivers, i.e. there was not much room for further improvement, this being a good thing. Cheers, SS