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  1. SOLD: FS: Yamaha NS1000M

    Geez....ease up mate!
  2. SOLD: FS: Pioneer Spec1 and Spec 2 system

    No kidding lol...
  3. SOLD: FS: Pioneer Spec1 and Spec 2 system

    Crazy bargain here folks!! a couple of years back I sold mine for $3000!!! and that was just the Spec 1 and Spec 2.
  4. FS: Pioneer Kuro KRP-500M Display

    Totally agree! Panasonic never came close to the Pioneer Kuro range.
  5. Re listed

    Wow.....These would have to be the best speakers ever available for sale on here!!!
  6. I've read everything there is about these trust me! very very tempting let me tell you.
  7. Wow!! Just beautiful. Hmm...Maybe I should chase these instead of the arrays!
  8. ME 550 MK II Hi Cap Power Amplifier

    Damn! would've loved this...
  9. Maybe not.....reading some of the potential buyers messages,the seller is willing to post.
  10. I think anything under $1500 these would be a great buy!
  11. SOLD: FS:JBL L96 Speakers

    What the hell! How did this end up going for so frkn cheap on here!
  12. SOLD: FS: JBL 1400 Array speakers

    Lol.....glorified PA speakers. Had 4430's for years! beautiful sounding speakers.