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  1. Nope, these look like the mk1.....no matter still very cheap!
  2. Yep, incredible bargain!! Forgot about the set on eBay or gumtree that someone wants 5k for!!
  3. Nah......didn’t @jakeyb77 have the same speakers minus the centre for far cheaper?
  4. Making the Pass Labs X250.5 that sold on here a few weeks ago for $4200 an absolute bargain then!!
  5. Maybe if they were 5k it would be a worth while project.
  6. Like @kelossus said forget about those 43xx monitors.....terrible. I’ve had both the 4412’s and 4410’s and must say the 4410’s are a beautiful sounding speaker. They are so well balanced from top to bottom. I regretted selling them more than the 12’s.
  7. The last pic showing the rear of the amp was sourced online as I couldn’t get a good enough shot of mine. Happy to remove the last pic if need be. Just gives potential buyers an idea on what the rear looks like.
  8. Thanks for the nice comments guys. It really is a super sounding machine. It will also be having a once over by a qualified tech before sale.
  9. As my ad says it’s a Japanese import. Step down will be supplied as well. Power cord is located under the unit.
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