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  1. The only JBL speaker I will sell my Array’s for!! Not the K2’s not the older Everest’s only these!! Well done mate you’re a very lucky man!
  2. As mentioned in my ad I recall saying they were really too good for that sort of use. Since @thejt wanted an opinion on both and I’ve had both, I gave mine.
  3. As nice as the whatmough’s are, the Yamaha’s are far better!!
  4. Good luck gentlemen. It took me 5 years to find mine. They are the best sounding JBL’s I’ve heard and I’ve heard and owned many! Sold my S4700’s rrp $27000 for them.
  5. Heard these. Very impressive with sensational bass!! Great price.
  6. Further information: I bought these a few months back for using while working in the backyard. I did but they really are too good for that. The vinyl is coming off in various sections so anyone up for redoing these would have a very nice looking and sounding speaker. The grills are in great nick with no rips or tears. They are a matched pair with consecutive serial numbers. There is also something inside the box as when moved you can hear it in there. Possibly a child’s toy. All drivers are working and sounding very good indeed. Selling these for less than I paid. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. I’ve heard this amp with some big JBL’s and there was more than enough power to make those big drivers move. Very nice sounding amp. All the best with the sale.
  8. Man what a difference!! So much better looking now!
  9. That’s what I thought until I heard the 1400 arrays! Even though they were cheaper than the 4700’s they sounded to me a lot better!! Funny that they also had a much better midrange than the S4700’s too!
  10. Further information: VAF i93 Flagship Loudspeakers; Palisander Gloss Finish RRP $17,000. Selling these for a friend. He bought these via me on here almost a year ago. Paid $4900 so he is letting them go for $1000 cheaper!! He doesn’t have the best of pics so I’ve also included the previous ad. Condition is excellent and close to new with that stunning gloss timber finish which I believe was top of the range. Dimensions are H1510 x W270 x D500 100KG each. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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