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  1. Hi mate! Just pulled off the felt cushions and had a look for debris, did find a few specs of dust and hair, thought it was going to be all the issue was, but unfortunately the buzz is still present 😥 As for the cable, I tried the original HD558 cable, a replacement braided aftermarket cable and the one the came with the HD599s to no improvement. Very much appreciate the reply, hopefully we can figure something out! Cheers mate ☺️
  2. Hi all! Picked up a pair of new HD599 headphones after my almost 8 year old HD558 cans started buzzing in the right driver. Decided to spend a bit more and go for the top of the 500 series lineup, expecting to be even more blown away by the fidelity they offer. First impressions weren't great, bass is a little less controlled, although deeper. Imaging isn't as defined as the HD558s, and any sort of sibilance sounds slightly harsh and almost like listening to a 128kpbs file. I didn't think much of it at first, expecting them to get better as the drivers wore in. As of current I have probably put around 15 hours of music through them, with next to no improvement. Another issue I'm having is buzzing from the drivers when the volume is anything past 50%, using my phone or even my PC's separate audio circuitry amp and dac. Switching back to the HD558s, the buzzing is 'different' in the sense that it's not there, aside from the right driver being blown, but you can still hear through it fine, and the overall quality is miles ahead of the HD599s. The buzzing is only prominent with certain genres/tracks, especially Psytrance/Techno. I know it's not the tracks, as my HD558s were perfect before they developed the buzz using the exact same outputs/files. I'm torn, I don't know whether to go through the hassle of returning the HD599s for a new pair if they're going to sound the exact same. I can't justify stepping up to the 6 series with my budget and the impedance that comes with them. All in all I want the sound my HD558s had, I'm not sure what else I'd buy if this is the only open back set from Sennheisers new lineup before stepping up to the 6 series. Any input or tips will be greatly appreciated, cheers!
  3. OK, i might be able to stretch the box size a bit more, i'm looking towards the Dayton Audio DCS305-4, with a bash 300 watt plate amp
  4. Im liking the idea of daveo's sub, about how much would it cost?
  5. Alright thanks, cant do anything for a while now, fell off a skateboard and knocked out 4 teeth, i have a stitches and stuff everywhere
  6. Wood cost is not a matter (dads a cabinet builder so can get all wood for free), i was actually looking at the Dayton 15" its just a matter of convincing mum to letting me have a massive box in my room.
  7. Hi all, I want a really cheap subby for under $300 that reaches at least 25 Hz at a reasonable SPL. Iv'e been looking at some stuff from parts express and getting some ideas of prices, and i reckon i can get a decent sub for under or $300. I've looked at subs for under $100 and entered their specs into WinISD and got some decent results. It needs to be reasonably sized and have decent output. Band-pass seems the way to go but seems quite difficult to design. Thanks, Yuilly
  8. i am actually thinking about building a cheap book shelve system with a nice integrated amp. Mum wants to move my bed to a different room, so i wont have a setup in the new bedroom, so i want a cheap decent sounding system in the new bedroom
  9. Ohh alright thanks, it would be nice to get a more powerful amp either way, i do like to crank it up every now and then.
  10. Max, when the parents are home, normally i listen around 70-80 dB.
  11. I listen to music at around 98 dB, i did the calculations and to listen from my listening position at 98 dB it uses 8 watts.
  12. Alright thanks! I have tonned down the high peaks and now its sounding great I would like to get some new cd's and an equalizer so i don't have to use my laptop all the time for music
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