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  1. Hi all, apologies in bumping this thread but I thought this may be the place to go back to. Well initially I did purchase a Denon 4311 amp. I never even opened it! I upgraded it for an Integra 80.3 amp. Yet again this amp is still brand new, sealed in the box. I've had other issues on my mind of late, with a disabled sister, suffering from terminal cancer. I'm her primary carer. So hi fi, projectors, movies etc have not been my main priority of late. I picked up the Integra about a month ago from a well know retailer (who is a member of this forum). It cost me $3600. I'm contemplating selling it. I will look at reasonable offers. Just wanted to put it out on there on this forum to see if there is any interest from the SNA members ? If so, please send me a private message. If not, I will either keep it or put it on Ebay in the future. ***By the way, apologies again if I have posted the proposed sale incorrectly in this thread. I just discovered the classifieds section of the forum***
  2. I would like to thank the good folk from SGR for their guidance & help recently. It has been invaluable. They certainly have a passion (Not just about dollars & cents either) for the speakers they sell. I certainly did experience the "wow" factor when I visited them recently. The clarity of their speakers; including the centre speaker was phenomenal. I still haven't made any commitment to purchase a speaker system as yet. This may take a few months now, as I plan to revamp my movie room.
  3. Thanks Silent Screamer. I will be very patient. I'm in no rush to buy the speakers, especially considering if I need to get work done on my cinema first, Getting my builder friend out will take a couple of months. Speakers I buy now will have to last me for a number of years.
  4. Thanks for the advice eagle. My friend is very happy with these speakers. He spent a fair bit of time looking for the right speakers for himself.
  5. Well you're spot on with that observation Silent Screamer. But it's good to throw that scenario out there. Because somewhere within the thread, I would think the answer is going to be found, if not the actual speakers, but the type of system I need. I've had more feedback than I anticipated. Also I've met up & spoken with a few forum members as well. All good! I'm not in a hurry to purchase the speakers. Probably will take me a few weeks, if not months to decide......unless that "WOW" factor comes out & knocks me off my feet sooner rather than later.
  6. Thanks Silent Screamer. No it was just that my friend has this system & he has invited me over to listen to it I take your point. My budget is still the same.
  7. Does anybody know much about Usher speakers ? A friend has a pair of Usher Dancer Mini Two floor standing speakers & Usher S.52 speakers for the rear. I'm going to get to get a demo at his house next weekend.
  8. I used to like "Harvey"...Not because of the white rabbit, but because of the wonderful Jimmy Stewart & the luscious Peggy Dow. But anything with the Hitchcock/Stewart pairing, I like.
  9. I think you'd be pretty right there ayou2, however after the discussions on this thread, I'm certainly more open minded about tweeking the system in the future. My current system hasn't been touched for 13 years!
  10. Certainly helps a lot Doggie. A week ago, In my haste to get a new sound system, I probably would have brought the first sound system that sounded good. Now by reading these posts & talking with different people, I realise that I can buy the equipment in stages ie initially a very good set of floor speakers. As you say, I can use my existing centre channel in the meantime until I upgrade. I've had this system for 13 years & It is not a bad system. It was put together by Trevor Lees & I don't think that he sells garbage. I can see the merit of spending a certain amount of $$$ over a period of time to get a really good system as opposed to spending $10k on a good 5.1 or 7.1 system. If something comes up for my budget that I really like, I'll buy it now. I'll just keep my options open. I'm in no rush to do this.
  11. Fantastic! I wonder if this is still in the newsagency...I'll look for it tomorrow. Thanks!
  12. There's a lot of good info in this thread. I could go down the path mentioned above. My cinema really is predominantly for watching movies. I will occasionally play music in there. But that's not my focus. Not to say that I don't like music...I love it! I'd be more inclined to watch a movie at home & l'd prefer to listen to live music at a concert or pub. On the flipside, I rarely watch a movie at a commercial cinema & as mentioned above, only play music occasionally at home...probably more so in the car. I tend to have music videos playing in the background via YouTube on the laptop. It's whatever floats your boat I guess.
  13. Hey if you buy a set of headphones for a few hundred bucks, Virgin will fly you to wherever you want to go...Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide etc....They'll even fly you back AND you get a new set of headphones FREE on the way back. I can't wait for Virgin to start selling the 3D glasses...I'll become a frequent flyer then. I need a few pairs of glasses for my cinema. Ok I'll buy the prawn heads & I'll send her over to your house...You do the rest!
  14. [quote name= al' timestamp='1339589367' post='718703] hehe great read ! welcome to the forum gary. I think your going to bring a lot of fun to this place hehe Thanks Al Pal....I'm just a little bit off centre...all pun intended!
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