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  1. That's an absolute bargain. I believe the RRP was about 12k here in Aus. Audioaffair Website in UK has this one Listed for 5200 pounds right now. Good Luck with the sale Jeff.
  2. All 2018 Pana TV's were IPS bar the 75inch FX780 which was a VA. I have one and love it. I have it calibrated to an inch of It's life and have it look pretty close to an OLed. Contrast is on par with my JVC X9000.
  3. Well Mate , I have had minor issues with the unit but they are as I say minor. Most of them have now been addressed in recent updates. Only issue I have now is that my stock mic is not working properly. Other than that nothing at all. It sounds exceptional. Cheers
  4. Hi Guys , Not sure If there is a thread about the amazing talent on display at Youtube. I was just watching this Video and It occurred to me that there are so many talented musicians that are on youtube that people don't know about So I started this thread.. Please post links to Live performances of whoever you think is an exceptional performer...I have many but I will start with Jimmy Sax......
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