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  1. Minor Negative I have is that Subwoofers gets deselected automatically. It's happened to me 3 times so far. I have had to go into settings and select it manually.
  2. It's. nice Mate , Smooth on the pallet and goes down very well....
  3. NAD is sounding better after about 80 hours and I can not wipe the smile of my face...been listening for last 3 hours.........every instrument is crystal clear and bass is deep......
  4. Basic version is restricted to 500 hz ad full version goes upto 2khz. Basic version is quite good but full version is worth it for the subtle improvements it provides .
  5. Hi Dean , Sound will further improve after 70 plus hours. I had it on for last 3 days and had a listen Yesterday and found the imaging to be better and Dirac will 100 % improve the sound . There is massive difference in sound With and Without Dirac in my system. I am glad you liked the NAD. Cheers
  6. Thanks Heaps Snoop , Just added the Network Share. Cheers ,
  7. Well I did receive the full Dirac License key and did another 17 point calibration after re adjusting Speakers and reducing the toe in a bit. Soundstage has improved a lot and I do think that this unit needs about 100 hours of break in time. I have no issues with the Unit and Bluesound App is heaps better than the Naim App I was using with 172XS. I have my music stored on NAS but still trying to work out how to get Bluesound to find it.
  8. Hi Mate , I am using the TESmart splitter and It does send HDR to 2 x displays simultaneously. I have had issues with my Denon X4300 , JVC X9000 AND Pana 75FX780 TV talking to each other. For some wierd HDMI handshake issue I never used to get picture on the projector with both connected but this TESmart does the job nicely. Have had it for a few months now and works every time. All my equipment is 4k capable. Hope this helps. Cheers
  9. Item: ATC CA2 MK1 Pre amp with remote Location: Korumburra Vic, 3950 Price: $ 1100 Item Condition: VGC (few small scratches on top rear only)- Refer Photos Reason for selling: No longer required as using NAD C-658 as a Pre Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Internet Bank Deposit Extra Info: I acquired this from a fellow SNA'er ( JohnL- Very clean sound and was happy to keep until NAD C-658 came along. Serial No 0123 built 29/4/2002 Includes Remote XLR outputs only. No phonostage (optional upgrade) Don't have original box but will be double boxed. More Info :- https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://positive-feedback.com/Issue16/atcca2.htm&ved=2ahUKEwjfxZ7T8_XeAhXEM48KHdQhDjg4ChAWMAN6BAgHEAE&usg=AOvVaw09U_3W7ARQH1qmMMBMnG-p Note - I also have the matching ATC Power Amp SPA 2-150 which sounds exceptional with this Pre ( Last Photo ) . I don't want to sell but If someone is keen to get both please PM me otherwise only Pre is for sale. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Na bass is good after applying the filter. I just found it a bit strange as usually with Audyssey X32 and Anthem ARC you normally lower the Subwoofer Volume....infact I have never had the Volume past 12 O'clock. Have to do a lot of learning as first time with Dirac. I have it left turned on Today running radio Paradise just to burn in. Will leave it on for next few days.
  11. Hi Snoop , I did already. Anyway have sent order info to Dirac .
  12. Guys A Question I have , Looks like I am still running basic version of Dirac. I have not received any confirmation e-mail regarding my purchase or any Licence key etc but the payment has gone through. Also No licence key is displayed when I log on.
  13. Dirac made me turn up the Volume on both Subs to nearly 75 % full in order to match them with the floorstanders. Has anyone with this Unit noticed the same ?. Cheers
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