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  1. Got a new update and have downloaded it.....not sure about any difference in sound though.....
  2. This is an absolute bargain......GLWTS......I have the same projector and at this price should not last long.
  3. Not Sure If this has been posted before but Love the legend Mark Knopfler
  4. Hi Mate , Welcome to SNA and I second Willmax's sugggestion. There is plenty of almost new stuff in the classifieds or you can post a want to buy as well... Your $$ will go a long way and you might be able to snag speakers worth double your budget...Good luck....I have Adelaide Speakers in my home theatre / Lounge room and they are value for money. My 2 channel gear was all bought here on SNA second hand. Cheers
  5. Our unit is receiving a lot of negative feedback for some reason....It does have minor issues but does sound great. Apparently it measures poorly technically whatever that means.......I have read the Audio Science crap and Amir's tests etc but the funny thing is if this unit was as bad there won't be as many people happy with the sound it makes....including myself....Anyway Bill's speaker cable has added another sparkle to the top end in my system.......................and It is not related to this thread but I swapped my Kimber cable to my lounge room HT Adelaide speaker system and my jaw d
  6. I chose 75 inch Panasonic Led than 65 inch oled a while ago and no regrets. I also have a drop down projector screen and sit about 4 meters from both . Have calibrated tv myself using HCFR and Xrite display one color meter. Throws a stunning picture and reckon It's pretty close to Oled. Size wins in my opinion.
  7. That's strange. Imaging in my system is excellent. I also Run 2 X Subs and dirac integrates them very well. If I turn of dirac imgaing drops and bass goes haywire. I guess depends on the room as well. Mine is basement and If a room is sonically good than dirac would probably be less beneficial.
  8. Hi Mate , Have you completed the Dirac Live measurement ?. That is where NAD shines. I had a Naim NAC before NAD and a Chord Qutest as well. With Dirac enabled , NAD sounds better than both to my ears.
  9. Cherry Trees have blossomed this year for the first time......Im happy...
  10. Watched Devil All the Time and really enjoyed it. Slow burn , beautifully shot and well acted movie.
  11. It's freezing down here and Kraken tastes really nice with warm to hot water......Yummm
  12. Hi Mate , I use NAD C-658 and I am happy with it. I have had a naim nac172 and have used Chord Qutest in my]system. Nad has been the best sound so far in my system and that is due to Dirac Live. If you have a treated room than go with Node + external dac. Cheers
  13. Go 75inch or bigger.... When We upgraded our 60 inch to 75 inch It felt Big at about 3.5 meters for like 1 hour only. Than It was the new normal.
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