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  1. April , Think about putting white bias lighting behind the tv. It is supposed to improve TV's contrast. I have bought one myself but have not installed them yet .
  2. Clicked it while taking my dog for a walk.....
  3. Well I have always had pleasant experiences of buying and selling here at SNA. I think people who join just to sell stuff consider this a gumtree hence no respect. I honestly cannot fathom someone offering less than half of list price of an item........Lowballers should be named and shamed in my opinion. I would rather sell for a little less to someone who is courteous .
  4. That's a bargain people......This is hell of lot of center channel for the asking price......jump on it.
  5. Whachhout The Speaker's abt to poop
  6. I have been playing a few Atmos tracks on Tidal with Nvidia Shield pro. Some of the tracks do sound amazing in Atmos. More fun than critical listening I suppose . I think Live albums would sound really great in Atmos.
  7. These come with a warning......IF YOU GET TOO CLOSE YOU WILL GET SUCKED IN....
  8. I don't like the way these things are looking at me......
  9. One of me mates had his Whatmough M30 speakers fried when his Yamaha Aventage mid range AVR went into protection after he played music loud. AVR still turned on when restarted but both tweeters and one of the mid woofers on the M30 were dead after that.
  10. Agree with everything........I chose 75inch led vs 65inch LG Oled and have no regrets going bigger back 2 years ago. As for smart TV Bit......Any dumb TV can be made smart using Nvidia Shield or Apple TV......
  11. I say Sony X9500 is best and has better upscaling than both Samsung and Hisense. If you decide on getting a Hisense........Buy Nvidia Shield or Apple TV and get the Tele Calibrated. I have a panasonic FX780 and calibrated it myself using I1display pro colour meter and It throws a stunning picture. Food for thought if in money crunch. Cheers
  12. Hi Marc , I had a Denon Heos link with digital going into an external dac ( Qutest ) . Can be had for around 500 or cheaper used.
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