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  1. gillmaverick

    Alita - battle angel

    Planning to go see Tomorrow....3PM show at Fountaingate VMAX....Will report back on the 3D and my thoughts.....
  2. gillmaverick

    Alita - battle angel

    I am planning to watch this in 3d coming Monday. Have heard that 3D is done right on this one.
  3. Hi Tweaky , Yes both our settings work with VA panels of Pana EX65 , Pana EX-75 and Only Pana FX-75. Rest of the Panasonic range are all IPS panels So our calibrated settings would most probably not suit that entire range. Your settings improved the picture on my FX-780. I reckon panels used in your EX 65 , 75 and the new FX75 are all same. Guessing by the model number 780 might be the number designated to the panel type as the rest of the range is different numbers.
  4. Well Betty , He is in Melbourne right now and will be heading back tomorrow to Adelaide. Cheers
  5. Well , Tony Calibrated my JVCX9000 on 04.02.19 and It has never looked this good before. I highly recommend anyone to get their projector calibrated to get the best out of it. It took him nearly 5 hours to complete , SDR , HDR and 3D profiles for me. Now to sit back and watch my backlog of Movies. Thanks Mate.
  6. Hi Guys , I have just spent a couple of hours calibrating my Pana TH-75FX780A for REC709 , Gamma BT1886 with HCFR and I1Display Pro Meter and I am stoked with the end result. I have finally calibrated Greyscale , Gamma and Color with Delta error < 1.5 for everything. Been practicing a lot and now I can post my end result. Hopefully will help owners of Pana 75FX780. I am an Amateur but am proud of what I have achieved. TV looks stunning. My settings after calibration are below :- To get the BT1886 option to show in the Gamma settings, you need to have 3 other setting set just so. These are Adaptive Backlight set to- MIN....Ambient Sensor set to -OFF and Contrast Control set to - OFF] Menu > Advanced setting > Gamma > BT1886 will be at the very bottom, choose that. My Settings are for a living room with Ambient light.I have windows all over therefore had to bump the backlight to get desired FL reading. Backlight - 43 Contrast - 92 Brightness - 0 Colour - 50 Tint - 0 Sharpness - 0 Colour Temp - Warm 2 OK, scroll down to ADVANCED SETTINGS > White Balance WHITE BALANCE.....you have a general WB and then under that you have More Detailed Adjustment. This is for first lot of controls.,,,if no value given for a control leave it at zero. R-Gain 0 G-Gain 0 B-Gain + 2 R-Cutoff +5 G-Cutoff 0 B-Cutoff +2 More Detailed Adjustment. 100 IRE R-Gain -4, B-Gain +20 90 IRE R-Gain -3, B-Gain +11 80 IRE R-Gain -3, B-Gain +4 70 IRE - All 0 60 IRE B-Gain -4 50 IRE R-Gain +2, B-Gain -6 40 IRE R-Gain +2, B-Gain +2 30 IRE All 0 20 IRE R-Gain +1 10 IRE B-Gain -17 NEXT is GAMMA...you should have already set this to BT1886, so the setting below are for More Detailed Adjustment under Gamma. 100 IRE +11 90 IRE +11 80 IRE -3 70 IRE -4 60 IRE -3 50 IRE -9 40 IRE -12 30 IRE -11 20 IRE -9 10 IRE -15 Nearly done folks 🤪 Colour Management R-Hue -5 R-Sat -2 R- Lumi -2 G-Hue +7 G-Sat +17 G-Lumi +4 B-Hue -1 B-Sat +5 B-Lumi +3 .......There was no error in other colors and everything else was within limit...........I know every panel is different and these settings might not suit everyone , I am hoping that for atleast the 75FX780 Pana these would improve the picture quality. Cheers , Gill
  7. gillmaverick

    Mounting TV Options

    Another Vote for Selby mounts. My pana which is almost 60 kg is sitting on a selby wall mount.
  8. gillmaverick

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Hi Tweaky , Yes Mate , I totally agree with you regarding TV Calibration. It was totally worth the money and I enjoyed learning to calibrate. In fact I spent a couple of hours today to calibrate my old Samsung series 6 and It looks heaps better now. Only error I was not able to remove was at 80 IRE white balance. My projector is JVC X9000 and hours on the lamp are about 370. I have already tried JVC Autocal using spyder 4 but still looks horrible. I had an X500 before and used the same Spyder camera with excellent results So not sure why this one looks bad. Anyway will give it another go coming Tuesday. Also Tony ( REC709 ) is coming to Melbourne So Will let him handle the PJ calibration. Cheers
  9. Mate , Hang in there and keep your eye on ebay and SNA Classified. I scored myself an DLA-X9000 last month for a steel. Good Luck ,
  10. gillmaverick

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Hi Mate , I have double checked and see no Magenta cast at all. It's my samsung phone. No matter how I click a photo It just looks different than the Tele screen. Also played Hatefull Eight and The Revenant and White's look White. I also did a full color check on HCFR and Delta E error is < 3 for all of them. It was worth it. My projector looks horrible though. Thanks Tweaky.
  11. gillmaverick

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Top one is Calibrated Panasonix 75FX780 and the below is JVCX9000 uncalibrated.....
  12. gillmaverick

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Thanks Bud , Just finished Fully calibrating my Pana using HCFR and I am a happy chappy. Only a few adjustments to your settings Tweaky and that was it. Delta E is all below 3 and mostly under 2.......Gorgeous picture. Infact My JVC X9000 looks like a cheap TV in comparison.....need to wotk on it next.....
  13. gillmaverick

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Thanks Heaps Tweaky , Mate I have a question. I did select BT1886 in the HCFR but not too sure which Gamma setting to select in the Pana. Because in order to get BT1886 , We have to turn the adaptive backlight to MIN. Will this screw the calibration end result ?. Cheers
  14. gillmaverick

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Hi Tweaky , Just read you post after I just finished adjusting the grey scale with latest HCFR and I1Display Pro. Will do some more playing around later on. Still learning . Took me a couple of hours to get it going. Cheers