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  1. Stunning!! Something more for you to consider in the future: I haven't heard KT120 but in general I'd avoid Russian valves. My preference is always NOS over new production valves due to sound quality, longevity, and cost in the long run. So, if you could run KT88, try GEC KT88 old stock, you might like them more 😊
  2. The above is my personal best choice. I haven't heard better. Quite expensive but certainly worth the money. Make sure your amp/preamp can run this. I would start saving money to get the ECC32 and buy the below recommendation in the meantime. Disclosure: I am not a WA owner.
  3. Stevenvalve very rarely does new production valves, his 10,000 valves are mostly, if not all, NOS and they are great sounding ones 😁 So I am not sure if he got KT120, but if you are after NOS KT88 Genalex Gold Lion/GEC, he got plenty last time I spoke to him.
  4. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Radford-MA15-Series-ll-Valve-Tube-Mono-Blocks/203147955160
  5. Oh my...Was after these for a while and almost gave up as they seldom come up for sale. Where's my money when I need it most? 😔
  6. Very nice vintage system you got there @sum1. I am a fan of LS3/5A myself. Used to have two pairs of Rogers and a pair of Chartwell. Always wondering how the legendary Marantz 8 or 8B sound with LS3/5A. Anyways, good luck with the sale of PSB. They look really good.
  7. Keen on no. 4 only as I have another single to make a pair. Are all the transformers original?
  8. @stevenvalve Have you tested the valves on your other Hickok 539C?
  9. Far out!! I recently mentioned how I almost bought a pair of HT1 from Jim 10 years ago and here they are...in Santos Rosewood some more!! Very very exquisite~
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