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  1. Looks like one of mine too. Again, warranty direct through me for the buyer. Uses all the highest quality gear it can, Furutech, moon, Cardas. GLWS!
  2. Ah big boi. Looks tops in person, photos don't capture the shimmer the copper has through the jacket. Warranty on this sucker direct with me btw.
  3. I used to run them off a 1980s teac. Pushed like 30W maybe. Sounded alright to me!
  4. Your sig Peppy. Sitting on his high horse throwing shade haha. "FOR SALE : NOTHING, BLOODY ADDICTS !"
  5. These are actually a nice speaker. I had a pair 10 years ago. If you were in Brisbane or willing to post they'd be mine. GLWS.
  6. Thor offered to replace it. Apparently they work out of a storage shed up the road. Will see if I can just go swap it instead of posting.
  7. The 64 Audio offer a M15 (residential construction) and M20 (heavy industry) hearing protection modules.
  8. Ah, didn't you read the purchase order. 64 Audio U12T and UM Mest Mk2. Going to A/B them to find out which one offers the most hearing protection.
  9. Being in the construction industry, it is important for me to protect my hearing onsite. That is why, the incoming products are NOT hifi, but are ear protection. Make sense @rand129678 ?
  10. Yes / No. Reviews don't do it justice. Which is funny, because reviews tend to be glowing for the Verite, and dont tend to slam it for its technical performance. I think the Verite sits right as a $3000 headphone. Empy seems right at $4000 given the package, of build and comfort. Utopia is a bit of a bargain at $3000 BUT I don't like it. Too mid forward and treble is a bit grating to my sensitive engineering ears. D8000 for $3200 was a good deal for sure! Kicking myself I didn't too. You're in Brisbane too. PM me maybe.
  11. Has nothing to do with him though. It's more someone took the time to appropriately measure the MQA effect. Couldn't care less who did it!
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