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  1. The 3.5mm port on the headphone itself, is for the headphone itself. It'll override the wireless, and accept the signal and power FROM whatever you are plugging the other end into. Much like a normal wired headphone.
  2. They are. I just don't use them anymore. Hmm
  3. I do have a pair. Excellent condition 6xx. What's the going rate now for them? They aren't being used, but also a headphone that's fine to just keep. So I don't know
  4. What you using them for? One is a gaming headphone/headset and the other a music headphone. Do you need it to be Bluetooth again?
  5. Bump. Now just Lyr 3. Ideally no DAC as I won't use it and don't want to pay extra for it.
  6. So how does it sound and why you selling?
  7. A steal. Dupont mod it and you have the world's best value $800 headphone glws
  8. Exceptional headphones. Likely the best closed back headphones available, certainly the best toned ones. Every bit as good as the Open model, which is quite an achievement. Saw these recently in person. They are mint. And @BlueOceanBoy is an awesome seller.
  9. Different. Planar but Mr Speakers planar. So not big bassy things. Detailed, clear, pretty neutral. Comfort for days. T5P (must be gen 2), dynamic driver, built like a tank like all Beyers. At 1099 new the T5P is a great price. The Ether C / Flow / CX started life as a pretty expensive headphone, but time and the massdrop version has brought prices down.
  10. Can confirm. The supplied power USB was thin and sucked. I replaced mine with a Jaycar PSU ($23 or so) too and its clean even on a THX SP200 and Verite.
  11. The battery operated brick thing?
  12. Yeah thanks mate. I hit him up on eBay and expressed my disappointment it had the DAC and wasn't cheaper Rockin a Bottlehead Crack and the SP200 at the moment, see how I fill about this giant wooden heat box in a couple weeks.
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