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  1. @rx79ez08 You happen to know if the Sony players have a channel balance setting? I.e Can shift the left channel up 1db for example?
  2. Wonder how the 500 compares to the WM1A, given they basically same price now. I have the Z1R at the moment, will be using the 4.4mm balanced from it. Edit: So the Sony can play Netflix videos? Haven't really thought about that part much, many DAPs do that?
  3. M11 Pro has the better DAC chips in it, but rest seems mostly same same. So the Sony ZX500, is called the 507B here (?), runs some sort of Android with Play Store? Might look into it too. Though M11 price is tempting.
  4. Yeah, expensive that M15! Be $2k AUD. M11 is like $600. M11 Pro $999.
  5. I guess if it's not a newer BT version. Still head unit DAC through car speakers. You'd imagine a line out of DAP to the head unit would sound better again. Speculation without knowing his car. Current Ford Ranger sounds average. Old M140i had the Harmon Kardon upgraded system was decent.
  6. Does it make much difference? Guessing stock car speakers. And either way using the DAC in the headunit not the DAP?
  7. Ah really. Minidisc said the M11 Pro was a decent step up. Hmm. M11 (non pro) is a good amount cheaper too. I'm looking at one soon.
  8. Hiby R6, for example, runs Android 8 (Oreo). May work?
  9. Something that runs stock Android? Onkyo, Pioneer units. Maybe Hiby etc?
  10. Steal at 279 new. The model down are on sale for 229 or so too, also great value.
  11. Yeah, just looked at mine. Could definately bend it down near the cup to relief. Pretty bare bones setups.
  12. The HD series are all plastic, so it isn't super effective. A lot of other models run metal through there you can bend well, but the plastics not so much. I have a set of HD6xx sitting here in their box.
  13. I like clamp. I don't like pressure on top of my head, but happy to have a high clamp. So the Nighthawks annoyed me, the pads just lightly kiss your ears. Super light too, prob suit you design wise.
  14. Nighthawks ! Legit. You need to try them, super light on the clamp.
  15. Age, use, receipt/warranty/battery all good?
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