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  1. Optical at the moment. Purely due to I had a optical cable, and haven't got around to making a coax cable You can Ethernet them?
  2. Early stages listening. Bass is well controlled and fast, doesn't have the sort of Harmen bass shelf that I like to have. Which gives the mids front and centre attention. Lucky they are very good.
  3. Someone jump on a bargain! Kings of laid back wonderfulness. Dark room, jazz, stiff drink and a pair of LCD3s
  4. Difference between reasonable quality interconnects / power cables and high end is very very very slim reaslistically. Touch more difference in speakers cables, headphone cables and IEM cables. Whats your favourite IEM?
  5. Get it down to 5 Klaus. 5 is acceptable. Push the coin into some other gear or hobbies!
  6. At some point @Klaus220 , maybe you need to think "maybe I just don't like IEMs and IEM cables" Good luck with sale. Some serious gear you have up.
  7. Haha. It's high. Will add some flava. Some of those recommendations have a low impedance, running them off the G1 may just not control them too well. Might sound good or good enough, but won't be as good as they can be.
  8. Output impedance of 50ohm on that G1. Savage. I would be looking at the likes of, in no order; Hifiman Ananda (Open) - $1000 Focal Elegia (Closed) - $600 Focal Clear (Open) - $1200 Byerdynamic T1 (Open) or T5 (Closed) Gen 3 - $1300ish DCA Aeon 2 (Closed) - $1400ish Stretch to; Hifiman Arya - $2000 Audeze LCD-3 - $2000 Comes down to what sound signature you like. The G1 may not pair exceptionally with some of those headphones, but should do ok.
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