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  1. Nice write up. I would think it'd be the last product like this or close to. The big PCs are becoming less common for sure. And more and more cases seem to be limiting, eliminating or hiding the front 5.25" slots. My case has only 1 hidden behind a door. I guess if I knew about this product 5-10 years ago I'd have got one!
  2. Cant stand IEM anymore personally. Got a good pair don't use anymore.
  3. Mr Speakers Aeon - Light,comfy, easy to drive, sound good. I have them, I like them. Super light! Oppo PM1 for the bill too. I'd go the above though.
  4. Bengineer

    Driving utopias

    What other headphones / speakers do you have? And do you want open or closed headphones?
  5. Bengineer

    Driving utopias

    I'd like to try the Z1R. I own a pair of the Aeon Closed. Obviously the Sony are double the price, you'd hope they are a better headphone overall.
  6. Bengineer

    Driving utopias

    MrSpeakers Aeon Closed is a good portable can. Around $1000. Good isolation, cable is short, easy to drive.
  7. Give the Aeons a run too if you can. Closed and Open. Easy to drive too.
  8. Yeah, but how was the sound? Or too distracted with the weight?
  9. Judging by your music taste, I think a slightly warm can with silky bottom end and mids would suit best. But never know, you may love the T90. I enjoyed my time with the T70. If you can audition something like the LCD2c / LCDx. I got my MrSpeakers Aeon from Minidisc, give them a whirl too.
  10. Sia is Australian. Hope that helps Ive owned a few Beyers. Not convinced you'll like them, but best just audition. Never know. Try the T1 too. You might be best off just sticking with the best ATs you can afford.
  11. Bengineer

    Driving utopias

    Mojo or HA2-SE probably. $400-700 ish.
  12. The Grob is over twice the price though isn't it? Stand alone the Modi Multibit is 249 USD? When you upgrade to the Chord I'll buy your old stuff
  13. Yeah it was. I guess it doesn't make sense that a company can squeeze the performance into a tiny package, with battery, for that price. And it is a better option than a lot of other gear that doesn't have the size limitation/battery cost etc.
  14. Yeah saw that. Much difference between normal and Multibit DAC? Brand new with MB DAC is $850 delivered from Schiit too.
  15. Anyone's thoughts on matching with amp with MrSpeakers Aeon Closed? (6.5mm atm)