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  1. Post after post going on and on about your Utopias and now you're selling them! Good luck with sale mate. Ben the Music Lover 🎶
  2. I would think Eikon is the safer bet. Atticus is more coloured, and probably less accessible as a whole. If I were buying blind I'd probably go Eikon, and get some of the various pad options at the same time, find something that works best there.
  3. Thats a steal! Daylight robbery! Good buy mate. Everyone seems to love those units. Head-Fi goes crazy for them. Think a lot of people pair them with their Focal cans. What headphones are you using? And how does it compare to the NFB11.28? (given I have one myself)
  4. HD6xx are worth up to $300 I think. Build quality is fine. Comfort is OK, gets better over a long time of softening those pads. Sound is good for price, never really let you down. Also never really WOW the hell out of you. Overall a solid choice around $300
  5. I doubt they would even sell 50% as many at 200% the price though. People interested in Head Fi can seem to just rationalise $4k and stretch to that level one day. Even then most Utopia owners have probably bought them used for $2-3k. There is a very small percentage of people buying headphones that can easily afford the $4-5k. You may be one of them, but for the 99%, $4k is a stretch. I've said this to some people before, I think past the $3k AUD mark, you're really starting to split hairs in terms of sound quality, and its becoming more what each person prefers/different signatures etc. Is the Utopia build quality much different to the Clears?
  6. Oh **** was it? I just went and bought some closed back JBL cans on your advice Garrryyyyyy. Under $3k I'd really consider a Stellia/Utopia. I find it hard to get over the point of diminishing returns concept.
  7. In the running for least helpful post ever. Maybe stay in the open back focussed threads gaz Some truly great closed headphones out there. And unless you have a quiet listening environment, closed back gives an experience open cant !
  8. And I wear mine at an office, next to people. Isolation is a must in a noisy environment. Absolutely must.
  9. Just read a review and it was like "If you can't afford the Utopia, try the Stellia as its closed version is $1000 less than the Utopia" Ahhhh buddy, not in Australia. Its more in Australia. More.
  10. Which speaker did they pull it from? Sony Z1R uses a huge driver too.
  11. Yeha, the HD650 is a solid choice. Around $300 for a HD6xx its a steal. But then something like the Nighthawks, to my ears, are better in every way, easily, and still cheap. The step in clarity alone is worth it, but the extra bass slam is a bonus. If you get a chance try them, I like my HD6xx and the Nighthawks shares a similar sound, but to me just improves each aspect. Only downside is a weird light fit, but tend to get over it.
  12. Not how it works! Legit no one on these forums buys a peice of audio gear and goes "ah yeah, that is all I'll ever need" and then follows through. Its hard to justify $4000 on a set of headphones. Anything kind of over $3k starts getting more along the lines of what sound you prefer, rather than upgrades. And focal recently had huge savings on some models, makes you wonder if they will do the same on the Stellia once its been out for a while.
  13. I have a set of Brainwavz XL Micro Suede on my DT770 (actually MMX300 gaming, same same). They seem to hold the cups further away. Big comfies. $45 delivered from Amazon.
  14. Combo as in all in one unit? Audio GD NFB11.28 Audio GD R2R11 JDS Labs Element Topping DX7 Schiit Stack Then in the used market there a few rare gems too.
  15. I bought JDS directly from JDS. NFB got second hand. And the Topping DX7s is a hot contender too. Bit higher price point.
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