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  1. *Excellent* headphones. Right up there with the best. Neil is a great seller and almost acceptable human being.
  2. Apparently based fairly heavily off it, but with larger scale manufacturing and cheaper everything. Also has built in DAC!
  3. Ears you can't do anything about. And you adjust to hear and interpret sounds using your own ears. So ignoring them. Headphones > Amp > File > DAC > Software > Cables and Interconnects Or something close to that order IMO. File and DAC maybe switch, depending.
  4. We all know what he is talking about though Try AliExpress. Jump on the Head-Fi thread about chifi cables, and you'll find a decent choice.
  5. Well a few heard it on the weekend. @hardinge obviously, but @Benjet too. I think they were impressed with it! I like the new aesthetic too.
  6. Touch above your budget but won't find much else to compare for the coin.
  7. 8 people, not much overlap. Adds up! There was two WA22 amps, two Fein DACs, two Aeolus and two Empyreans though!
  8. Small Brisbane Meetup today. Bit of gear to test. Chord MScaler Chord TT2 Chord Hugo 2 Feliks Audio Echo Woo WA22 Gieselers New DAC Gieseler Fein SMSL Stack Few other amps n DACs n Streamers Focal Utopia Focal Stellia Focal Elex Final D8000 Pro Hifiman HE1000SE HD800 ZMF Aeolus, Verite, Verite Closed Meze Empyrean STAC SR007 and 009 Few others
  9. Synergy is definitely the key. Between the headphone and the amp, but most importantly between that and your own ears. We all prefer different things. Any HD800 owners out there not feeding them with a high end SS Amp, or good OTL amp, will get a shock when they do so. Of any headphone, I feel the HD800 "absorbs" the characteristics of an amp the most.
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