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  1. Galaxy S10 would you believe. And 4 beers.
  2. Thanks boss. Think I did ok with the photos this time too. Best yet
  3. No. Opposite. Then I'll know you make up the data at the end to fit your "findings". Glasses and a pacer will be fine.
  4. A2A "B" Stock that everyone jumped on. I got them as part of a trade. Tested working, sound like Focal Clear headphones. There isn't a better headphone at this price, fullstop. They are *mint*. Suit new buyer. Come with email reciept too.
  5. Maybe do it all again, but with a strict plan to keep inline with the sciences.
  6. Ah. Thanks for that. Yeah, so chasing a MK2 then. Would like the XLR output.
  7. Yeah , Taurus Pre. Basically the MK1 version yeah? Slightly different face plate setup.
  8. Yeah, hoping its good. I'd imagine its adequate for my purposes. Now to sell the other stuff, and find a good SS amp to match!
  9. More like $390 AUD at the moment, and unsure if any tax will be applied, but that's how much it cost me via Paypal. Still, can't wait. Expecting good things
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