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  1. You wrote: "FS SIEMENS PCC88( 7DJ8 ) A FRAME TUBE" Are you selling the tubes pictured marked Siemens CCa, or different PCC88 tubes? Perhaps you just stored them in the wrong PCC88 boxes? The pictures of the tubes indicate these have ring getters rather than A frame. Also CCa is printed on the tubes which is closer to a 6922/E88CC/ECC88 rather than a PCC88
  2. Perhaps you mean PCC88? They are not the same.
  3. PC88 expects a heater voltage of 3.8V at 300mA. The PS Audio BHK preamplifier manual says it is initially set up for 12AU7 12V tubes can be configured for 6 or 7 volt tubes. Also a PC88 is a single triode tube whereas the 12AU7 is dual triode. The pinouts for these tubes are quite different. I would suggest attempting to use PC88 in this preamplifier is a bad idea and may damage it.
  4. Some specs here if it is the right one. Looks the same, including the number of transistors indicating NHB-108 version 4 clone: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32502696589.html?
  5. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. I guess I just don't see who benefits from removing pricing information, so in the absence of this information it is human nature to jump to conclusions. But that is my limitation. I'll drop it. I'll even edit out my previous comments if you like as I can see how it might be considered offensive. My definition of democracy - I guess I am using the original Athenian definition where every member gets a vote on every major decision. It is nothing to do with taxes. I am agreeing with you that this is not a democracy.
  6. So since the price field in emails has now just been completely removed rather than restored, I suppose I should take the hint that this site is not a democracy and my vote to have the price restored will just be ignored. Might as well just close this thread then. I wonder what the end game is for all this hiding of historical pricing information that the site owner is implementing all of a sudden. It is not just in emails since another thread has indicated that the price is also being removed from expired and sold listings. Perhaps they intend to implement an audiogon bluebook style price estimation service where we are expected to pay to access this information?
  7. By "classifieds emails", I mean the notification emails that can be sent to you if you go to a classifieds area (eg Classifieds - Audio) and click on the "Follow" or "Following" button near the top and set your preferences there to "Send me: An email when new content is posted". Works for forum areas and topics too.
  8. Hi, I am getting weird classifieds emails since 4:43pm Sydney time today 2/5/2020. Where the "Price:" field usually is in the email, I am getting a link "Existing user? Sign In " or "Price: Existing user? Sign In " which is kind of useless in an email program as the email program can't log into a website - at least the ones I use can't. I expect these emails only go to existing users so not really any need to log in - it would not go to my email if I was not a valid user. Can we revert this behaviour back to just showing the price please? Anthony
  9. are they just below C106? found a close up pic: from: https://soundex.ru/forum/index.php?/topic/44439-проблема-с-electrocompaniet-eci-5-после-вмешательства/ 470 Ω ±1% I think
  10. Had not heard of tineye. I tried searching with google images (lets you upload an image to search or search via existing url), but that failed for me too. Then I did a web search for the product and got a hifishark page that shows lots of current and old ads/photos for the product aggregated from classifieds sites all over the world so I was able to find the same images there, and the link to the US audio mart ad.
  11. Perhaps instead of deleting scam ads, it might be an idea to leave them up with a big notification saying "this is what a scam looks like" to help educate people.
  12. photos stolen from here: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649553032-kef-ls50w-wireless-standmount-bookshelf-speaker-in-white-with-gold-speaker-cone/ I thought that kitchen looked american
  13. It does not. What it does do is at least show they have the actual item they claim they have - rather than just making it all up. I seriously doubt most scammers would actually have the item they claim to have, so they could not meet this simple requirement of of showing a "proof of life" photo.
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