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  1. Item: Soundstyle ST105 5-tier hifi rack Location: Sydney - North Shore Price: $125 Item Condition: Perfect working order. Cosmetics 7/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: For sale is a Soundstyle ST 105 rack in silver. 5 shelves. Glass shelves in perfect condition with no cracks or chips. Main rack body has some surface scratches on one side hence price low to reflect this. Main rack skeleton is one piece and cannot be disassembled, only the glass shelves removed. For this reason this is for pickup only. Product Specifications Overall Depth 400mm Overall Width Overall Height Shelf Heights 660mm 838mm 142mm / 142mm / 162mm / 232mm Overall Height 838mm Top Load Weight 95kg Weight 41kg Photos:
  2. Hi Would this interest you at all? If so send me a message.
  3. Indeed they were. I used to have the preamp as well. Definitely not as pretty though.
  4. Power cables also US...I must say though all in retrospect. Not easy to spot if you're not looking for it...
  5. Indeed. Just not very well known brand here so people tend to ignore it.
  6. Whoever contacted me earlier about this preamp can you please get back in touch - I can't seem to find your message from before.
  7. Your first name is Marty and you're talking about flux capacitors....I like you already. It is a beast. PM me with an offer - you may be surprised.
  8. Thanks guys. Don't know what's going on. It was ok about 1 hour ago when I checked. I'll fix it when I get home if it's not a server issue.
  9. Given it doesn't digitize vinyl (i.e. you can't output a digital signal when you are using the analogue input) I would guess that internally it's analog. However to be sure I think one would have to ask Mytek the company about their internal design. One interesting option it has is that you can have the volume either controlled analogue-y or digitally. I've had it on analogue the whole time but when I tested it brierly I couldn't hear a difference. It has 1 analogue input, you can choose whether it is "Line", "MC" or "MM"
  10. Yes...as I said in the ad, it does do MQA.
  11. Item: Sansui T-60 Tuner (Silver) Location: Sydney Metro - NSW Price: $50 - all of which will be donated to SNA. Item Condition: Great cosmetics for age. Works perfectly. Reason for selling: NLR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: Sansui T-60 AM/FM tuner Works as described. Condition as per pictures. Hasn't been used for some time so needs to go to a good home. Manual and spec can be found here --> https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/sansui/t-60.shtml Photos:
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