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  1. Item: Oppo BDP-103 (any version) Price Range: Market Item Condition: Mint. No cosmetic defects. Good working order. Boxed with all accessories. Extra Info:
  2. Darko made a recent video about the Auralic Altair G1. You might wanna have a look at it.
  3. Welcome to the hobby. It's great! Exciting times ahead for you so, in turn, I'll pitch in with my 2c. Unless this is your entry point into this and you're planning to spend a lot more money later then my advice would be this: - Listen to as many different speakers as you can within your budget. Given the genre of music that you like, unless your room is very small, a bigger speaker would be better than a standmount. Alternatively you could go small mains + sub but from my experience it's better to spend the money on a bigger speaker. I listen to a lot of 80s - you need bass! For me, different speakers will affect the type of sound you get much more than say a DAC/Amp/TT etc. They matter too of course but it doesn't make sense to get a speaker that you don't like and then try to change the sound using electronics. Spend a bit more time on this and you will be rewarded later - B&W has indeed made (and makes) some good speakers but a badge is hardly a guarantee that you will like them. Try to see beyond the name and press reviews. Trust your ears and nothing else. Each of us is different and likes different things. - Once you have your chosen speakers I'd then start looking at all the other stuff. Given your budget I'd strongly consider used gear as you'll get much more bang for your buck. A good integrated amp would probably be the way to go (e.g. a used Luxman or the Accuphase 406 that's currently being advertised vs the Yamaha - used buy gets you a different league). The former of these comes with a phono stage as well so you won't need an external one. - As for the TT, I'd say something from Rega or Pro-ject easy to set up and get going. Thorens are lovely, just harder to set up. The other way to go would be a Technics (like you mentioned) in good condition but they're becoming increasingly hard to find in good condition and the good ones tend to be expensive. In summary: You are spending a good amount of cash on a 2 channel system. I get you're keen on VU meters and brands you trust but in my opinion if you think a bit outside the box there's the potential there for a much better system. Good luck.
  4. Sounds like 10 years is a good time frame for your DAC to have served you till now. Before you replace it though have you tried connecting something to the optical input and see if the problem persists?
  5. Naim integrated just advertised in Classifieds here.
  6. Naim NDX2 (brand new at a discount) just been advertised here in the classifieds.
  7. Further information: For Sale a pair of Tannoy Mercury F3 speakers in Apple finish. Very good cosmetic condition and perfect working order. Both grilles intact as can be seen in the pictures. Drivers are pristine on both speakers. Original metal jumpers for terminals and foam plugs for the ports included. Used for the past 2 years as rear speakers in a home theatre setup. NLR as upgraded fronts and old fronts have been moved to the rear. Specification for the entire Mercury F range can be found here: http://pdfstream.manualsonline.com/d/d30cc7e4-80e9-4bec-98c1-377e2a826bcb.pdf These are for pickup only at this stage as I'm unable to post. Photos:
  8. Most certainly not as that would be against sacd copy protection. Usually you either get pcm at the digital output or this is shut off altogether when playing sacds. It also doesn't support playback of dsd files directly so most likely it converts the sacd data to pcm before going through its internal dac when playing sacds.
  9. There is no current "top-end" AV preamp at around 4k that matches the Classe on sound quality especially for people that want decent 2 channel music performance from their AV system. So...while I agree with you in part it depends what one is after and what your priorities are.
  10. This is the Mk2 version. No need for you to send emails @vunn @Lok & Load You can distinguish them as follows: - Mk 1 DOES NOT have an LCD volume display on the left. Power button is on the left. There is a red light on the right. The volume control is "old-style" knob that turns all the way. There is NO stereo/mono switch on the bottom. 50W / channel - Mk 2 has a digital display for volume on the left and remote control and volume and source. Power switch now on the right. The cover for the transformer at the back is sloped on the sides. Mono/Stereo Switch on the bottom. 70W / channel - Mk 3 has a digital display for volume and remote as Mk 2. Power switch on the right. The cover for the transformer is very square and has sharp edges. Mono/Stereo switch on the bottom. 70W / Channel For those interested the Mono/Stereo switch is used to bridge the amps if you have two of them and use them as integrated mono-blocks with one remote controlling the volume on both simultaneously. Mk 1: Mk 2: Mk 3:
  11. Shop around. On higher end brands I'd expect much more than 20% from RRP for a new product. For a 3-year old integrated that's a "demo" I'd expect at least 50-60% of the original RRP. Is it a current product? What was the RRP 3 years ago? Just a few things to think about. I would walk away from this. I know you're not keen to say where/what it is but seriously, I think you'll be able to definitely get 20% off RRP for a new one without much effort. If you actually posted make/model perhaps the group could help you finding an alternative source and a better price.
  12. You have a really good pair of headphones. The NAD is a nice DAC but a) it's getting a bit long in the tooth now, b) the asking prices used are based on RRP even though most people here bought them at 900 bucks on special so overpriced used and c) they don't have a headphone output. Of what you mentioned the Questyle 400i is, in my opinion, your best option. The DAC is very good and the headphone amp, especially using the balanced outputs is superb. Using the balanced outputs will definitely make a difference with your hedphones. You also have a preamp output to use if you want to add speakers to the setup later.
  13. https://nadelectronics.com/product/t778-surround-amplifier/ May want to have a look at this as well. However I'd reconsider. Your speakers would REALLY benefit from good quality power amps and as much as the options suggested here are good, they will never drive your B&Ws to their best.
  14. I'll pitch in with my experience. I've been using streaming for 17 years and several NAS devices in that time. I currently use Roon and have been since it's inception. The best NAS I've used comes from Synology (my current one has been continuously running for 11 years if you exclude the odd restart and power cut). My advice to you is not about which streaming platform to use but from a different perspective: 1. Buy a NAS for the next 10 years not just for the next 2. This means that while you may need 2 drives now, think about what you will need in 5 years. Are you planning a video/pictures library as well? Is your music library likely to grow and if so by how much? 3. You NEED redundancy. Using portable HDDs for your library without proper backups is a recipe for disaster. It took me 1.5 years to rip my 1000 CDs. I wouldn't wanna do that again. You need to start with at least 2 HDDs and use 1 for redundancy. 4. Suggest you buy a NAS with more disc spaces than you need now. For example, if you get a 5 bay NAS, you can just have 2 discs to begin with and then as you need more capacity you just add more discs. If you buy a 2-disc NAS, then when you need to increase capacity you will need to replace one (or both) of the discs with a bigger one thus potentially wasting a disc. PM me if you have any questions. Happy to help.
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