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  1. A bit of a journey on this one. On its own merits, the album is very good. The songs are interesting and the players are a really good band. The production has some fine dynamics, either it's not brickwalled or if it is, it actually adds to the songs. So I did some research and found this band had some haters (Monkees syndrome) and was fashionable to not like. I also learned that it was 2003 and not 1993. If it was 1993 it would have been huge, but for 2003 the album does sound like it rolled up the previous decade's influences and songwriting tactics. But here in the third drawer down it's about the music. This one's a keeper. There's always room for that place where Suzi Quattro meets Nirvana.
  2. Come on! Want to buy a 4 year old Mazda MX5 for $15k? That's Unaustralian! The changes to import laws and tariffs in 2016 were meant to bring some competition. In practice the changes appear to have been nobbled by interest groups, mainly the dealerships. So yes, revisiting the tariffs and regulations is the logical next step in this free-market exercise.
  3. Angry? Pah. It's just spin from Scotty from Marketing. There's no way he would interfere with market forces and the free market. This is just market forces and it is exactly what his party stands up for election on. Truth of the matter is he wouldn't want to upset his party's backers, there's a river of money comes with the ideology. Demise of Holden = what the LNP Coalition wanted, no more paying $5k in subsidies for every car sold.
  4. I have forwarded this to my friend Brendon. Happy to help. There's a Dave also for sale in the Classifieds but Daves are significantly more expensive.
  5. A fine album in tone, mood and atmospherics. Somewhat underrated because everybody wants Darklands again.
  6. Every time I see this second-hand I buy a copy. It happened again today. Beautiful songwriting and playing. I give them away to friends. It's of about five albums I do that with. I love it's joyous muted melancholy.
  7. Inspired by an earlier post, now playing the New Zealand LP.
  8. I've met you. Your statement lacks credibility.
  9. The Jefferson Airplane and Mamas & Papas co-opt the Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend for vocals. This is very tasty and it is sneaking its way into high rotate here. Also thinking of some other touchstones: Moby Grape, and Brian Eno's "Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)"?
  10. If you want a quiet Sunday morning this is not the finest choice. Edited to add: Cover doesn't identify band: it's Tabla Beat Science ****** A good thing too, but from the single listen on PBS FM a couple of weeks ago, the new Necks album sounds like it's doing a lot of the things that they originally deliberately set out not to do. I'm currently filing this latest output under post-iconoclast jazz/rock. A category that holds little interest here.
  11. Translated: a couple of chaps noodling away gently somewhere in Hindustan, 1989. It approaches somnolence.
  12. @soundbyte @aussievintage @Dan Gravell "hosting a server" frankly sounds pretty scary. Also what looks easy to people who use github often is actually quite daunting if you've never used it. For example I always get confused by which files to download. I recall spending a couple of hours once trying to learn what to do with a tarball before giving up. At the moment, I put a CD into EAC, click Alt-G and it gives me the name of the CD in several versions to choose from. I select one and the song titles get pasted against each song, and the CD is now ready to extract. Shift-F6 and extraction happens. Is there a simple way that, when I click Alt-G, it grabs from a copy of the FreeDb database held on my PC? Rather than going on-line to look up the FreeDb database I don't expect to update the database. It would just sit there on the hard drive, frozen in time, happily identifying music from 1930 to 2019. How could this be done, please? (And thank you for being interested).
  13. Best to live with the delay. I would advise against picking up in person.
  14. https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?t=79819 That might help move 'em along.
  15. For tram rides the #6 tram will take you near several record shops and leave you poor but happy. Do a search of SNA for Greville Records: there's a thread on this topic. The route takes you a block from where the HiFi show is held, by the way. But you need a myki card when travelling outside the cbd by tram. Obligatory myki cautionary note: myki is our hostile counterpart to an oyster card or opal card, in fact it is Melbourne's own little Brexit equivalent: it says "foreigners not welcome here". Locals are forever apologising about it, either "sorry for myki" or "sorry that some dikhead, name still not known, signed off on the billion-dollar rort." Sorry.
  16. For a couple of sets there we seemed to see the old Novak of mysterious ailments and the same guile that sees "wounded" nesting birds distract predators from the nest. I had hoped those days had gone since he sorted out his allergies and diet. Anyway he deserved the win. The errors crept into Thiem's game as the pressure ratcheted up. A very enjoyable final.
  17. I aspire to much of that demographic. "Inner city off grid" would be top of my list.
  18. Almost no mention about lossy files as a critical factor. The assumption seems to be that Apple and mp3s suffice. There is also an article about cats further down the page. Interesting to see the recommendation to have a copy of your backup copy.
  19. Staying next to the Town Hall? So Basement Discs. Also for second hand hole-in-the-wall techno there's a place in the underground Campbell Arcade (which connects Degraves St with Flinders St Station). Degraves St and Centre Place are great for breakfast and coffee.
  20. What an excellent final in the women's. Kenin, the younger of the two, proved to have the game and temperament of a champion. Victory well earned, and a very enjoyable game to watch.
  21. The joy of FreeDB and EAC is that you can control the quality of your back-up copies of CDs. Having an extensive CD collection held as "eggs in one basket" is *problematical* these days, it's best to have a backup, but having every track listed as Track 01, Track 02 etc is a nightmare. This is why FreeDb is essential for any EAC user. But FreeDb is being shuttered real soon now. 😢 Fortunately you can download it - it's only about 1 gigabyte. So I've put the links below. Unfortunately you have to do a couple of clever things to run the database on your own PC. Please can any of the computing experts on SNA please say how to do this, so that EAC will call on the database when a music listener puts a crispy mint CD into the CD drive please? I am hoping this will turn into a support thread. The story: https://liliputing.com/2019/12/freedb-is-shutting-down-in-march-2020-free-music-database.html MusicBrainz doesn't quite do the same job. Here's a useful thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21902652
  22. Woke today in a Melbourne that felt like Brisbane. Needed something that reached deep inside for anchorage. Thank you Martin. I took a screen grab to show the difference between the User Ratings and Allmusic's reviewer. Discogs rating is 4.0 out of 5.
  23. Based purely on shop audition, I'm a +1 for the Fostex TH900 as my end game.
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