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  1. They breed, I'm sure of it. Just did a tally for mobile phones, stereo and computers, and the garden lighting, and no low voltage LED as yet. Total in full time or part time active service: 14 Sometimes I think I should get a separate switchboard installed, or put them all behind the plasterboard.
  2. RIP Tandberg

    Mods please close this RIP thread. It looks like the word 'climate' cannot be spoken without a hijack.
  3. FS: Soundstyle Large Rack

    Ok I was wondering about age (when made) and builders experience. Home -assembled is a different story. Thanks.
  4. FS: Soundstyle Large Rack

    Did you build it yourself?
  5. Although born overseas, there is no doubt that Farnham is Australian. He features high up the rankings in the list of best-selling Australian albums, coming in at #2, which compares favourably with (say) AC/DC, of whom the highest of their EPs reaches #20.
  6. Defining "Sound Quality"

    Daft Punk world tour? I'm in!
  7. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    Well, I'm out of here then, and am off to find the Fat Axl thread. Before I go, can I point out that "Appreciation" has two "p"s in it - you might want to edit the thread title.
  8. Currently Spinning

    The thread on great Australian albums has got me back to one of my most played Australian bands. The quite wonderful Pillage Before Plunder (2009) is the most well-worn and on its strengths I bought the other two. The Luxury of Wasted Space (2013) is a little more stark in its arrangements but continues with the minor chords (and nice to hear a band poking fun at themselves). Playing Boyfriends and Girlfriends (2005) I'm still exploring.
  9. Marantz CD6006

    A quick google reveals that this model has an improved layout (which knowledge should help with the sale of this item). GLWTS
  10. How important is a Cd player to the sound quality?

    $4,500 for the "it sounds like Redbook" Marantz SA14S1 back in the day.
  11. I note that this hasn't been mentioned on this thread!
  12. Currently Spinning

    Muzak!? CD re-release with lots of B sides etc to keep the fan happy. But next time I'll just play the original album. The extras, while entertaining, are not essential.
  13. How important is a Cd player to the sound quality?

    Yes it does make a difference. A top end CD player can deliver Redbook quality, or close enough as to make no difference. Say, $5k.
  14. Kiwi band. Edited to add for correctness: Midnight Oil only had kiwi presence from 1987.
  15. Currently Spinning

    $5 CD arrived from ebay today. This is a very nice effort! On first listen I always hear similarities to other bands rather than the distinctive aspects arising from the new band. I found myself thinking of the Reindeer Section, I'd describe She Haunts My Dreams as what you'd get if you put Son of Evil Reindeer through the washing machine to remove the Trainspotting moments and then have a midatlantic band play the tunes.