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  1. Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    Tweeters got mylar in 'em.
  2. Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    Those photos of metal stands are what is in my future. Looking forward to it. ---- Andy it's a straightforward conspiracy: Gonefishing's experiment convinces djb, who then sells his timber Maggie frames to me at a knock-down price so he can fund a Frankenmaggie rebuild that has frames with attachments for horns. I pay suitable percentage to gonefishing. Wins all round.
  3. Electric Autonomous Vehicles - Future or Flop ?

    If the purpose of this technology is to save lives, perhaps there is more to be gained by putting blockchain on $100 notes so that drug money can't be laundered. Drug deaths are unnecessary.
  4. Currently Spinning

    Ended up backstage after the gig with the Psychedelic Furs a few years back. The lead singer was an angry man, bitter that the fame he thought he deserved had not come to him. On the other hand, the drummer and guitarist were a bit like Mick Ronson - "If I wasn't here I'd be a bricklayer". Good guys. The lead singer left quite an impression: I haven't played the Furs since.
  5. Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    The Cult of Maggie has a secret Rule of Names. As you walk the banknote-strewn path toward the Inner Knollidge, do not be surprised to discover that some who walk with your, or in truth have gone ahead of you, were bestowed by their loving mothers and fathers with Names of religious Significance, almost as if they were being primed for the Maggie experience in adulthood. To all those with the names of the Apostles - the Peters, Andrews, and others who now are lighting my Way, I thank you.
  6. Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    gonefishing said the tweeter was not worth repairing and A2M loaned me his micrometer This is 22 microns thick, it feels like gladwrap, and it is rubbish. Out it goes. New tweeter time!
  7. Mary Webb Melbourne Album Launch this Saturday

    What a remarkable voice Mary Webb has. To my ear and on first listen, which is the time you always hear similarities, Joni Mitchell and Linda Thompson came to mind. One to watch.
  8. He's been stolen. Viz the squid-headed creature in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Meantime, received this today in the email:
  9. The Shape of Water

    Splash meets the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The last third could have been tighter but was there to be romantic and for the fangrrls fanbase to point to as their reason for being. But like all these 'human falls in love with weird alien' stories, a certain suspension of disbelief is required. That's love I guess, but my ideal partner doesn't bite the cat's head off and eat it. I guessed the scars in the first five minutes (too much HP Lovecraft). The portrayal of the US aspirational nuclear family was well done and terrifying. In this context, some of the torture scenes are understandable, but I'd still prefer not to have them in memory. Coupled with the scene where the message is that the US exports it values because they are surplus to how Americans actually operate at home, reveals the movie to be about corruption. The black disabled female cleaners are the women the alpha white men don't see. In these aspects The Shape of Water is iconoclastic, like the best science fiction, even though it's a fantasy. The lead actress did a great job. The lighting, composition and look of the movie are superb and worth the price of admission. Very good movie. Did it deserve to be the first science fiction movie to (finally) win a Best Picture Oscar? No. There are better SF and scifi/skiffy movies out there.
  10. Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    Spent some time today at Black Art Audio testing my power amp. More testing required but it looks beautiful and solid at 2 ohm loads. So that's promising.
  11. Electronic currently spinning

    I'm glad you mention Tonepoet. I'm half way through this and it has moments of sheer beauty. I'm buying the entire catalogue - it's on sale! For the Brian Eno ambient fan in us all.
  12. The White (farmer) Australia Policy

    My aunt was born in what was once known as Northern Rhodesia. Our family did the Out of Africa thing years before it became widely known. What was your point?
  13. The White (farmer) Australia Policy

  14. The White (farmer) Australia Policy

    The only way I can understand it is as a distraction from the Nadesalingam family being uprooted from Bileola in Queensland, transhipped to a detention centre in Melbourne, then to Perth and onto a aircraft with a planeload of other refugees being shipped back to Sri Lanka. With over 76,000 Queenslanders signing a petition against him for using perfectly normal Border Force tactics, Dutton has needed to distract people. This is a short notice job.