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  1. Nice to see this thread active. We await comparisons with the competitor products, and how Daphile and Volumio sound.
  2. The scammers use the NBN rollout maps to find who has just become NBN ready. Then they saturate the area with phone calls with the '24 hours' threat and some scared people hand over their credit card details. Tip: usually you have a couple of years to make the change to NBN. The exception is Optusnet, who weaselled a shorter 90 days changeover time for Optusnet customers as part of their deal when they sold their wired network to the Govt to get the NBN clusterf*ck out of its politically unpalatable hole. We are in the Optusnet 90 days lot and have been eligible for NBN for at least four months. No-one has contacted us to say "you must stop using your current cable broadband and go onto NBN." I suspect because the technicians can't cope. There may be another reason: Optusnet may not want to trigger a moment in time where customers might break with them: I am very happy that Optusnet have not pulled the trigger on us, because when they do I will have the hassle of finding another ISP. Optusnet are so poor nowadays that, if I have to make an effort to do something about internet, it won't involve lifting a finger in their direction, we will be going somewhere else. Anyway, to the OP's point: you have 90 days from when Optusnet give you a formal notice such as a letter. They don't do Notice over the phone. Yes, we've had the scammers "24 hours before we cut you off " phone calls. They are quite scary and persuasive.
  3. Tip: That interesting article doesn't use the correct symbol (at least, not as read/shown by my device). When it says the laser needs to focus on an area 1.2m across, it is best to read it as "microns" not "metres".
  4. Actually it's a really interesting concept, and I'm much happier with the Xerxes than my previous Thorens. De-coupling as much as practicable is a Good Thing. I see no reason to disagree with the little boast on Roksan's web site: Wikipedia explains it nicely. It's not a flaw, it's a highly desirable feature. The only hassle I've had is that the kitten ate the spindle cap. Where's it ended up, he's not saying.
  5. I own a never-sagged Xerxes. Audiophile in Melbourne (now web-based, contact by email address on their web site) said they had some experience with de-sagging when I got mine.
  6. Some serious listening in the household tonight, aided by products from the Fury brewery (10km up the road from here) and the Glenfiddich Distillery (a little farther away). Blood on the Tracks Bootleg Series Vol 14: More Blood, More Tracks (1 CD version) Discogs says about the unofficial bootleg that was released years before the Bootleg Series Vol 14: " As legend has it, in the Fall of '74 Dylan went home for the holidays; with him a copy of his new album, set for release in a few weeks. After playing it for his brother, David Zimmerman, he suggested that Dylan re-record some of the tracks, as he felt that the songs sounded too much alike. Dylan halted production and re-recorded half of the songs in Minneapolis. These are the original New York sessions." The NY sessions are now officially released in a 6 CD sessionography collection and a 1 CD compilation and it was the 1 CD compilation I listened to tonight, followed by the 1974 official release Blood on the Tracks. Blood on the Tracks is an essential album. It's one of the rare albums that seems to speak to the heart of the human condition. The lyric that goes, "Then she opened up a book of poems/ And handed it to me/ Written by an Italian poet/ From the thirteenth century/ And every one of them words rang true/ And glowed like burning coal/ Pouring off of every page/ Like it was written in my soul" is mirrored in the album itself, for Blood on the Tracks has the power to do exactly this. What I learned tonight is that some better versions do exist for these songs from the New York sessions. The bootleg compilation has a finer "Lily, Rosemarie, and the Jack of Hearts" and a sharper, more bitter (and hence better) "Idiot Wind". On the other hand, Blood on the Tracks has a far finer "Tangled Up in Blue" (of course) and "Meet Me In the Morning". Overall, Dylan was right to pull the New York album and re-record it, but I think he cut too far by only keeping Buckets of Rain. I'll be making a hybrid version which will have a couple more of the New York tracks on it.
  7. Borrowed 3 library CDs to see if this band was worth the buzz. On first listen: impressive, for playing, composition, and arrangements. Very interesting and warm. and the "Mild High Club" has a great name!
  8. Good luck with the next chapter, @BuzzzFuzzz. Also nice to see the likes for Elton John's Captain Fantastic a few pages back. After working hard for years to become an overnight sensation in the US on the 1970 tour, came six years of worldwide fame, rock'n'roll lifestyle, and near-burnout. Captain Fantastic is the biography of a man astride the planet, looking back in bewildered wonderment that he was still alive to sing about it. Brilliant album, and there it ended (no hooks in Blue Moves) until he reinvented himself as a pop craftsman. But for a few years there he had an edge. In some ways I like this more than Moondance or Astral Weeks. It's a little more relaxed and doesn't carry the weight of its more famed companions and yet has the same excellent musicianship, stylings and composition. Some of the songs are legacies or remakes of the Bang era and so this album seems ripe for that group of internet citizens who make Albums that Never Were to have a go at. But I like it as it is, because its feeling of being not quite complete is a large part of its charm.
  9. Ah. I don't go into that walled garden. Thanks for the replies though.
  10. Unsurprised. It's right in line with the music industry's general level of care and interest in cultural and artistic values, indeed anything that can't be measured by a dollar. Any word on the size of the insurance payout?
  11. Hi Clay, have you tried volumio and would you have an opinion on how it stacks up against the others?
  12. https://radiohead.bandcamp.com/ newspaper article here Until 29 June only. Then it's gone.
  13. Hmm, mine was $4,500 new. So yes, a bargain for redbook-level sound.
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