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  1. Well, everything's going to plan: taxpayer fund it, then depreciate it to lower than a snake's belly, and flog it off to your mates. Margin! Sydney Morning Herald, today. Once sold, expect the owners to go to Govt cap-in-hand for the taxpayer to stump up with the money for "necessary maintenance".
  2. tex perkins - far be it from me meaty lo-fi country rock. No, hang on, it's from 1996. I stand corrected: meaty lo-fi Americana.
  3. Pretty accurate. The only problem is that Closer can be treated as a concept album. Nobody talks about this because concept albums were no-no's in punk and post-punk circles. Even so. When viewed as concept album, it's a bit like listing Pink Floyd's 40 best songs and having bits of The Wall, Animals, or Dark Side of the Moon peppered throughout.
  4. @BLAH BLAH that Caol Ila is my go-to because I can't afford a certain 30YO Bruichladdich. A remarkably good whisky at a good price.
  5. fixed that for you. Slàinte mhath!
  6. No, keep the discussion going, it might have legs
  7. C'mon SNA 3Kabal members. 'Fess up! Who slipped up here? @candyflip once you passed 3,000 posts on SNA you should have received a Diana Krall LP anonymously in the mail. Clearly the roster has failed us (and you). The logic is that by that number of posts you should have got to the point where it's all about the sound and the stereo, and if it takes Diana Krall to make your kit sound the best, then welcome to the club! [I'm taking a chance here and breaking a few rules by making this post but you're a moderator. Please delete this post after reading it]
  8. Just realised I have the promo copy (jewel case) and first Sub Pop release (digipak). This is a gentle album but I'm a bit lost for how to describe it, as I type these words the song playing would not be out of place on a Sigur Ros album.
  9. sixties and seventies flavours in this restful melodic singer-songwriter pop-rock album. Understatedly sweet.
  10. Also not fully ambient, but playing now in case I needed @The Fresh Prince 's copy as a back-up.
  11. Some fine music being played in SNA households today it seems. The Raven, and Ride's Nowhere are particualr favourites in this household. This is not normally to my taste with its latter-day R&B, which is not the sixties R&B nor the 70's R&B, but they handle "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' very capably.
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