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  1. ThirdDrawerDown

    How to get that ‘live’ bass drum kick from HT?

    The realm of the occupational hygienist. As a layman: Earmuffs are required at 85dB for 8 hour dose (of noise) so as to protect the population as a whole. IIRC there are some outliers, these are people to whom lesser exposure can be as damaging as 8 hours to most. Also note that it's dose-related: that it works out to 8 hours at 85bB. Extreme spikes of course cause critical hearing damage (120dB anyone)? [Text deleted because @Al.M covers it far better in the post below ] More info from earmuff manufacturers' web sites and the American Occupational Hygienists for the background and research into noise dose. So the query can be answered but needs to come back to a benchmark, say 85dB at 8 hours. "Does a noise dose 85dB at 8 hours of 60Hz sound cause less damage than the noise 85dB at 8 hours of full spectrum noise (low med high frequency combined)?"
  2. ThirdDrawerDown

    Iggy Pop - who's going?

    The days of the pony tail are long behind him, but the man is back who stopped David Bowie from killing himself with drugs, and provides us with a marker about what it means when we say rock is meant to have a sense of danger. I'm glad he's still touring but in Melbourne it's at Festival Hall, so I won't be going. But hoping that those who do go, have a great and memorable show.
  3. ThirdDrawerDown

    Currently Spinning

    At once quite familiar and yet utterly fresh and engaging. "A keeper" my wife tells me. Agreed, and am hunting down their other releases.(Happy to receive recommendations)
  4. ThirdDrawerDown

    Currently Spinning

    Orchestral Tori. To me she still sounds like Kate Bush with bonus rage. Here the orchestral arrangements emphasis the light, shade, and pain. Nicely done.
  5. [snip] My last show for the year is this coming Sunday 16th December at 3pm. If you're in Adelaide I would love you to come and celebrate the year with me. It's going to be a wonderful show with four local acts (pictured below), raising funds for the Hutt St Centre, who do incredibly important work with homeless people in Adelaide. Feel free to bring your children (no charge for kids). It's $10 at the door for adults, and bring some extra coins/cash as there will be a raffle with some great prizes! Head to the Facebook event here. [end snip, from Mary's newsletter]
  6. ThirdDrawerDown

    Currently Spinning

    Sometimes one just picks things up wrong. For whatever reason, for the past three decades I've thought this was ska. Finally decide to try it, and the first impressions are that R.E.M. meets an edgier David and David with a Warren Zevon songbook. I'll be sure to come back to it.
  7. ThirdDrawerDown

    New rack - suggestions

    He needs it. Rumour is that his collection of kit is at least as large as a certain nonagenerian's, and the other bloke has several decades head start.
  8. ThirdDrawerDown

    Beggars Banquet most important album 1968?

    Ad hominem does not suit the discussion. Rob Wood's contribution to the Stones is due for reappraisal. Yes, he is not Mick Taylor nor Brian Jones. But he does care for the music and does keep Mr Jagger in a box, and has pushed himself as a guitarist to the point where he is under-rated and the comparisons to Brian and MT are now not really relevant. These are all good things.
  9. ThirdDrawerDown

    LPs, CDs signed by the artist

    Thanks Garm - kd and Mr Elrington to you. I'll PM you for address and details. Thank you for looking!
  10. Item: selling off various signed LPs Cds and a cassette tape Location: Melbourne western suburbs Price: per item. Varies Item Condition: as stated Reason for selling: these would make good Christmas gifts Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Delivery: buyer pays postage, + $3 for Australia Post sign on delivery. In person: on Sunday we will be travelling Altona/ Richmond/ Mernda/ Altona and can detour if you are en route and want to inspect or buy Listing here: $15 KD Lang Live - a ROIO (recording of indeterminate origin) that the artist signed in Melbourne in 2000 on the Invincible Summer tour. She signed and then asked "what's this". Her minder explained " a bootleg". I said a live album from her was well overdue and her reluctance to release live albums was a problem for her fans. Not long after $60 Muddy Waters - Greatest signed. I'm the 3rd owner, bought it in 1986 for $30 off my best man (his name stamp on label, person before him also wrote on it). Muddy's name is incised (held the pen hard). Record has rice bubble crackle throughout, no scratches or jumps. Close-up image of LP shows a slight pressing fault that doesn't affect playing. $50 Malcom McNeill - Four Seasons signed "Best wishes Malcom". NZ pressing. LP is in excellent condition and a superb performance. $9 Letlive - CD as shown. On signature $9 Of Mice and Men - CD as shown. Band signatures. The front of the jewel case has an ID sticker on it, and has a crack in it. $9 Mike Elrington Band - Live at JJ's Blues - dedicated and signed. Hendrix-style bar blues rock. Pictures:
  11. ThirdDrawerDown

    Beggars Banquet most important album 1968?

    Always helpful to go to the article here, where the writer defines "most important" as "most consequential". On these terms, if we were talking of 1967 it would be The Velvet Underground and Nico. As for 1968, and using the writer's examples of consequence, it's Music from Big Pink (w/ its Basement Tapes elements) that comes out ahead. FWIW I play Big Pink more often but Beggar's Banquet louder. Way louder.
  12. ThirdDrawerDown

    Vale Pete Shelley

    One of the great popular songwriters has left us too soon. To quote: "Another piece of my teenagerhood has gone" *
  13. ThirdDrawerDown

    I’m back

    Hi Sime! Good to see you again!
  14. ThirdDrawerDown

    SOLD: FS: MISSION 770S speakers

    Pm sent with intent to buy.
  15. ThirdDrawerDown

    Our DIY Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

    @andyr I'm curious: what's the benefit of the isopropyl alcohol?