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  1. Some New Zealand music in there too (if that broadens the appeal). GLWTS.
  2. Really nice to see the Ott. Good luck with the sale, howsoever achieved. A trove for the vinyl lovers here.
  3. The 510 has a lovely sound, better IMO than some of its higher-end brethren.
  4. I guess as the OP it's for @minute to make the call as to whether this is more open or closed. As a bystander it's all looked amicable and constructive to me - good clear answers from people know their stuff. Maybe if there's dispute on a technical matter then @minute has the casting vote/ presiding voice
  5. What is the wall made of? Double brick? Timber framing and plasterboard? The 15m cable simply needs to be 5e over-the-counter generic.
  6. I'm with the artist here. It's bad enough the record companies not giving a flying fig for music quality ("here, have a a mp3 download with that"). Neil seems to be one of the few artists who is passionate about the listener hearing what he hears in the studio. Good on him! Few others care for the consumer. Seems like he's considered MQA as an emulation logarithm and found it lacking.
  7. Enlightened Audio Designs used the stable platter in their upgrade player. My mistake if they also changed the platter mechanism when the company morphed into California Audio Labs.
  8. @rockeater this rather excellent California Audio Labs player in the Classifieds had issues, would it be too intrusive to ask if were they stable platter related? A beautiful player. Edited to add: My personal experience is nil issues with the stable platter, in over ten years of use. Sample size: 1 player (Enlightened Audio Designs). But frankly I'd be onto this if I had the permission, even though I have no need for it except as a backup to my current player. Excellent gear, and the go-to player at Audiophile when they were in in North Fitzroy.
  9. I am lost on subgenres of electronica. This has been the case ever since the days when Grime was invented as a genre by the English music press and suddenly it became a category. Which happened not long after ambient was claimed as something that had nothing whatsoever to do with Brian Eno, Harold Budd, or Opal Records. My lack of knowledge means plain speaking: "if it goes 'doof doof', or would be heard in a lift or foyer, or requires pills to hold one's attention, I'm not interested". So I avoid things with the word 'jazz' in the category (ambient jazz? acid jazz?), geographical
  10. I'm here just to support what @rmpfyf said. Happy New Year!
  11. Actually, that would be a godsend. This thread tells me that I have been wasting my time looking for things remembered only by key word but which are relevant to getting my system working properly.
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