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  1. Melbourne's Sunshine Parcel Centre was in the middle of a Perth to Altona (Melbourne) delivery. Due to the spatio-temporal Australia Post vortex the parcel went from Sunshine to Sydney. Twice. It's not a swamp, it's a vortex, which hurls matter indiscriminately across the known universe.
  2. "Advice on replacement value for insurance purposes requested. These have sentimental value and if the house was to burn down, what would I be looking at spending to replace them with the same models please? I know this isn't the same as getting a professional valuation but it'll answer my uncertainties about what's worthwhile, or not, as the case may be". Would that work?
  3. This is very sad news. I followed Owen's postings here diligently as I assembled an ultrasonic cleaner that had him as unknowing mentor. Thank you.
  4. I'd come from the angle of "what better place to sell good gear?" Fair enough asking for typical prices too. I still remember selling my first amp here, at a bargain price because I got the pricing wrong - it was a rare item that didn't have an internet sales history that I could find and I could have done with some advice. @caddisgeek benefited. I suppose I could always ask to buy it back, he never sells his gear! 😁 Just to add to the catalogue, there's a Facebook community "Australian Vintage Hifi, Stereo and Audio Group" with over 8,000 members so I am told (I don't do Facebook
  5. That is the best 8 minutes I've spent today. Thank you, deeply. Walking home one night through Manners Mall in Wellington NZ I came across a blues band busking. They were terrific - they had the feel. During a break in song I tried to chat with the guitarist. A woman standing nearby said, "You can't. They're all deaf. We are from the Deaf School." They were really good and I treasure that memory, I stayed for about an hour.
  6. But... but... this is the internet! Anyone can be an expert, and the Dunning Kruger effect is your friend!
  7. My mental model for this is it's equivalent to saying "a significant defect of reel to reel is it can't play cassette tapes". I concede the point, and acknowledge that you think storage is more important than quality. In passing, I should point out that this is an audiophile Board and your logical end point of 128kbps mp3s won't get much support hereabouts.
  8. Windows user here. It's a three-step process to simplify this problem: 1. I do a search for all mp3 files, they seem to appear like flies around a barbecue. 2. For the few mp3 files ones I want to keep, that I know are not otherwise replaceable by lossless, I put those into a separate drive. Such as live performances of throat singing recorded in Mongolia. 3. For all the rest of the mp3 files, CTRL-A to select all, and then DELETE. A variant is to use Fakin' the Funk to find mp3s that someone has converted to flac. Then CTRL DEL the lot of 'em. To
  9. It's easy to hypothesise a scenario - mobile phones, posting while on the move, after night has fallen. Proofreading sometimes can be an against-all-odds activity.
  10. The link is there for you to use. They put forward the banana as a universal measurement tool, including for volume (capacity). You can convert the volume of the Martin Logans, or Frank, to bananas. (Dear me. Every search on SNA for banana plugs will now link to this thread.) Good speakers. To the OP: good luck with the sale.
  11. Isn't the internet wonderful? These rather nice speakers are 9.56 bananas tall. You're welcome. GLWTS.
  12. predictive text? Did you mean unbearable or unbeatable? They are not the same.
  13. Nice work Jon! It makes me feel excited about revisiting these albums again! (NZ Polygram Who's Next, Jasmine Record Hooker It Serve You Right to Suffer) I found I was able to avoid reading text when I wanted to, like how I can read a newspaper and not see the ads. But I found the guiding text overall a positive thing. A worthwhile labour of love. Thank you. (but I'll skip the Billy Joel)
  14. @sir sanders zingmore are your reasons to do with the issues the OP described in posting the GoldenSound item? Or do you have other reasons?
  15. @marc has had speakers vinyl wrapped, from memory of a Classified.
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