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  1. ThirdDrawerDown

    Provider advice for the NBN

    Actually, they did. A privileged gnome/ guru (take your pick) from Treasury named Rod Deane was sent in specially to break up NZ Telecom. This was in the late 1980's. TL;DR: blood was spilled. To go to the OPs point: we have found Optus customer service to be beyond dreadful.
  2. ThirdDrawerDown

    Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    @djb you didn't sight me because I was out of sight due to being cited as I reacted, not responded, to a lack of citation. [thread resumes] Over the past week my stock of valves has reduced again due to a couple more of the KT88 tubes reaching their life's end. The time for the EL34 experiment may have arrived; I'm glad I bought an octet here on SNA last month (thanks again to the seller). I will be using them in a Cary 120S and I'm sure it will be straightforward, the only caveat is here: https://www.upscaleaudio.com/products/electro-harmonix-el34 Time will tell. Sooner (if I need to use the EL34s immediately) or later (if my remaining KT88s are good for a while).
  3. ThirdDrawerDown

    Latest Classifies List On The Front Page.

    Have you got a link? My landing page is "unread content". I went to SNA home and speedscrolled past a bucketload of ads to no avail. Thanks.
  4. ThirdDrawerDown

    Art discussion: MoMA at NGV

    This from a recent issue of the Hun: "Must-see artworks at Melbourne Winter Masterpieces 2018". Anyone going, been, or got comments?
  5. ThirdDrawerDown

    Best Cheap Way to Run Digital Music

    The Amazon 1 star reviews of the Sony HAP products are illuminating. tl;dr - inflexible walled garden. After many days/nights of research I setled on a 5TB NAS of flac files into the DAC of a Marantz SA12S1 using a windows-managed headless Cubox for buffer and with optical cable betwen the Cubox and Marantz. That was 2015. It still does not work, due to Marantz providing nil advice about using their DAC even at the high end, and because Volumio have spent 2 years not getting their software right for Cubox, although they have promised "next month" release for the past two years. I do not recommend this path nor these products for this purpose.
  6. ThirdDrawerDown

    Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    I have a heavy bout of sanding to do on the plasterboard in the listening room, and an overdose of business travel and organisational change coming up, so for all my woes I remain in no hurry! Green glue is my friend.
  7. ThirdDrawerDown

    Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    You are all having a stir with each other. It's all very well for those wot have actual maggieness in the household. I will offer an opinion if ever I have a functioning stereo with magneplanar speakers. [Moment of self-pity is now over. Please resume what passes for normal service on this thread]
  8. ThirdDrawerDown

    Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    Gents, as a novice and OP, I suggest that matters of doctrine be handled through some sort of private conclave. On a related topic, what gruntiness would a valve amp need for T1Ds. Will multiple amps be required. Or cut off at say 100Hz and use solid state for bass?
  9. ThirdDrawerDown

    Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    I worry about exactly this.
  10. ThirdDrawerDown

    Closed back headphones

    Fostex TH900. I have the massdrop Fostex but still hanker for the end game version. I dont know the difference between mk 1 and mk 2.
  11. ThirdDrawerDown

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening

    Thanks for the review and commentary. A friend was delighted to see them in Auckland and now I understand why.
  12. ThirdDrawerDown

    Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    Not a good day today? (Maybe take the broad view: the whole mob here are on your side.)
  13. ThirdDrawerDown

    Another Maggie Tympani-1D rebuild thread

    I confess, that's me. Give me attack, finesse, inky depths, soundstage, decay, separation, and columns of air that push me in the chest. I am hoping for 6 out of 7. And by the time I looked at that amp it was gone. Mind you, I had a nasty experience with mosfets ten years ago - ended up selling the amp for scrap.
  14. ThirdDrawerDown

    Electronic currently spinning

    Bits of womad/N'Dour, something that Massive Attack would like, and cinematic ambience. I was confused about which thread to post this in, World? General? Ambient? until I remembered a rubbish track part-way through (there's only one dodgy track on the album, the rest is very good indeed). Anyway, the ability to program a synthesizer does not a song make. 4.5 stars on allmusic.
  15. ThirdDrawerDown

    The Sunday night ambient now spinning thread

    nice. Dark without shark.