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  1. for @djb After this, I have become quite the fan. It has edge.
  2. An upgrade to some peachtrees has been launched and will eventually make it to Australia. Which raises the possibility of the upgrade superseding your current problem? https://www.peachtreeaudio.com/nova150-amplifier-with-dac.html The local service agents are available as listed on their web site. Maybe ask them? Peachtree servicing is horrible, due to Peachtree regarding anything that involves lifting the lid as "proprietary", which means that any general repair shop doesn't have access to the schematics. You may encounter Sony-type levels of hassle.
  3. Discogs lists 43 Cilla Black compilations. This Australia-only EMI 1991 comp has 20 tracks and it's solid in its coverage, although the Discogs page quotes a review which says a later 25-track edition is to be preferred due to the extra tracks and better sound. (It's likely true; a few tracks here need cleaning up). But there's quite a few spotty compilations out there; this one is not one of those and I am happy to recommend it for anyone interested in Liverpool's biggest-selling 60's artist after The Beatles, and who twice became the biggest-selling female artist on the UK charts. And we regret that this compilation is not available on ECM records.
  4. Sod me! Certainly am! Post edited. I'm so embarassed.
  5. Whoops! This is not the droid you are looking for.
  6. The Split Enz CD remasters are excellent. **** I really like the sonics of this album - that breathy echo that you get from deep dub or eclectic trip hop. Or gregorian chant, for that matter. But about twenty minutes at the back end of the disc is unnecessary half-thoughts of songs.
  7. 39 of those I have here. Looking at New Zealand's musical output over the past decade, I couldn't agree that Lorde's "Pure Heroine" is the peak. Further seeds of doubt by dint of including an AC/DC album.
  8. @Neurone I run with double-plus good on about 3 out of 4 of your selections, every time! *********** Meantime, some surprisingly enduring songs on about half of this album, and good playing on most of the rest of it. Call it 20% filler, but in the early 70's it was either this, prog, art or Zeppelin on the airwaves. Enough musing! It's never less than pleasant.
  9. Wine fridge specifications and settings try to achieve this. Here's the link to Vintec's FAQ. https://www.vintec.com/en-au/support/faqs/ It's academic here. I'm giving away our wine fridge. Stuff barely has time to chill.
  10. Live recording 1961 at best guess. Can't say it's suitable for hifi demo purposes. But is is a good document of the times, and he's a better folk singer than Bob Dylan. At times a light and humorous touch too, but (again with the Dylan comparisons) he's a bit straighter, not so zany nor arch.
  11. @keyse1 Your verdict on the goth country of Gilded Palace? ***** Here the most recent album played is Voice of the Beehive's "Honey Lingers" which gets a poor review on allmusic based on factors other than the songs, and a solid 4 stars as the overall rating from the listening audience. I'm with the listeners and not the critics on this one. I never thought I'd enjoy a cover version of The Partridge Family's "I think I love you". edited to add the cover:
  12. This was surprisingly interesting on first listen
  13. Not normally a fan of flamenco stylings. But this does it for me.
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