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  1. I really like this thread. A few years back a member sold some clear perspex barriers that did the same job as your toddler barrier. They were custom built and frighteningly expensive
  2. You could also post on the various Ikea hacks sites. A nice piece of work especially to obtain a seamless finish. I use a woodgrain Lack with balsa blocks on it as my turntable table. It is a matter of a combination of things, I am led to believe from one of my audio gurus. The materials, and the square shape and leg length which has a serendipitous effect on resonance.
  3. Yes. Also The Bends to discover the core and wellspring of O.K. Computer (even though O.K. Computer is the better album (but (lots of nested parentheses here) skip track 6)). Sheryl Crowe was big that year? Check. Alanis Morrisette was huge? Also check. Does that mean you can do style over substance? No - and so there is substance here. (Thanks Sheryl) Does that mean you can be self-indulgent? No - but that was a tip missed here. Thanks for nothing, Alanis.
  4. There are a number of threads on SNA which sum up to "with good lighting and not rushed, that was easier than I thought" along with "don't drink and drive when tweaking the stereo" Moral (based on bitter experience): don't have a quick snort to steel the nerves before approaching your kit.
  5. In which case your read seems sound of a stylus-related issue that indicates a stylus change. Cheers.
  6. Others are more qualified than me, but you don't mention whether you have a hairy stylus. The buy-from-a-supermarket stylus cleaning tweaks in this thread are well worth it.
  7. ... and not meant for ambient in the original Brian Eno sense either. Protagonists tended to be a bit heavy on the 'here's a button, must press it' aspect of the bedroom synthesiser creativity beats groove thang. But at its best you get some rather tasty stuff by people who really know how to use a studio, such The Black Dog, Autechre, the Orb and Aphex Twin. Although the latter do tend to crop up in all sorts of places due to the sheer quantity of output and it not necessarily being IDM. Here's a favourite, but typically some would say it's not IDM: Allmusic has a genre thread: https://www.allmusic.com/style/idm-ma0000004477 (In my view, if the doof-doof crew needed to ask, then they already had the answer. And they were right.)
  8. Snap! On Amazing Stories, which I picked up a month or so back to replace a cassette copy. This week, from a similar seller:
  9. These forum changes happen from time to time and it looks like folk are now getting used to this one. But can we please lock in Comic Sans for the next change?
  10. Can't see the up arrow (and agree: it's essential). Using Android mobile phone. Maybe put it in bold?
  11. I can't comment on the model/ brands comparison, but based on name alone I'd look at the marantz first. Check out where the marantz fits into their range (midrange, high end, whatever) and which generation of theirs it is. If you have a chance to listen then do so. What are the issues in a cd player? Laser age, the transport's solidity, the dac's ability to handle inputs and outputs, ability to play CDRs and similar burned media.. others will add their views
  12. @cafe67 yes, quite. Also Droids. Back when I first encountered Star Wars, 1976, it had great promise.
  13. Disney's corporate behaviour for movie promo and what's in production etc shows tacit acknowledgement that they've almost killed their once-valuable property. Which is ironic, because Star Wars jumped the shark/ revealed itself as a Disney stories-for-children narrative when Luke and Leia's heartfelt passion disappeared in a wisp when they discovered they were related. If this was truly the stuff of legends, that would be where the story starts, not ends. See any Greek legend you care to name.
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