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  1. ThirdDrawerDown

    It's illegal. STOP IT!

    The evidence is: - sharing music leads to more sales, not fewer - the majors want you never to buy music, only to rent it - the majors have captured the Trans Pacific Partnership and its b*stard children on this very topic. Please note that Labor and Coalition both support the TPP b*stards.
  2. ThirdDrawerDown

    Currently Spinning

    This. Exactly this. U2 up the late 1990's are two bands: the big stadium rockers with the trad '70's guitar sound, and the experimental art-rock band. First band gives you air-guitar joy. Second band gives you really interesting music to return to. Find them in the B sides, EPs, "Passengers: Original Soundtracks" and the many side projects and guest appearances. They don't get enough credit as an experimental band. But a byproduct of the second U2 is the third U2, caused by the reaction to "Pop". The problem with Pop is that the songs were undercooked. The live bootlegs from that era show the band growing into those songs live on stage, but the problem was they went into the studio too early. Their solution was to throw lots of hired guns at the songs to get them to work. Bad move, because what comes out of that process is lots of Band #3 U2 trying to sound like Band #1 U2, or at least that's the only songs that the band will approve for release. In the last couple of albums they've tried to remove the hired guns and get back to their roots, but the fun has gone. Meantime, hereabouts we have this on the platter: "Across the Universe" remains one of the Beatles finest moments. But this is either a spotty album, or a diverse album that coheres only because it shows the diversity of what was going on with the band. I'm in two minds, but if I want diversity I really think it's the white album, please.
  3. ThirdDrawerDown

    Abby Dobson - new album & launch tour

    New album - 'It's Okay, Sweetheart'....out 26 October 2018! Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Give Me Love The first single from my forthcoming new album is out now... ! single cover photography & design by Stuart Spence 'Give Me Love' is one of my favourite songs I have ever written and produced and I'm thrilled that it is flying ahead of the flock first. I wrote the words to this song before I wrote a melody or chord. I actually wrote about 20 verses... This song was a favourite going into the recording session in Nashville, but unfortunately, we didn’t have the time it needed to make it work well.... I came home to Australia and pulled it all apart. Pretty much only the vocal and the strings remain from the Nashville sessions. So it was recorded in Nashville with Brad Jones, in Leichhardt with Josh Schuberth, in the Central Coast with my nephew, Simon Dobson and in Newtown where Paul Mac added a couple of tracks of magic to it and then it was mixed at Love Hz studios in Sydney by Josh Schuberth. Please listen to & buy 'Give Me Love' and add it to your playlist Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4vRgV9FpfGgeIWPn0AUcdj?si=oyeaesNdTVWyVAEWARNEsw iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/give-me-love-single/1439093819 It's Okay, Sweetheart Due to instructions from air-traffic control!, the new album, 'It's Okay, Sweetheart' will now be released one week later than scheduled, on Friday, 2nd November on most digital platforms. For those incredible supporters of my Pozible campaign who ordered CDs, your parcels were posted yesterday! Big love to Shows! Be sure to book your tickets asap for the album launch shows!, I have put a 5-piece band together and they are sounding incredible. Violin, cello, piano, guitars, bass ... and 4-part harmonies that will make you weep! I am very happy to announce that the extraordinary, Melody Pool, will be opening the Sydney shows. I'll be doing 2 sets at the Melbourne and Adelaide shows. Please help me spread the word! FRIDAY, 2nd NOVEMBER - The Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW - TICKETS SUNDAY, 4th, NOVEMBER - Camelot Lounge, Marrickville, NSW - TICKETS FRIDAY, 9th NOVEMBER - Caravan Music Club, Bentleigh East, VIC - TICKETS SATURDAY, 10th NOVEMBER - Trinity Sessions, Adelaide, SA - TICKETS I would recommend that you book early for these shows. CDs will be available for sale at the shows. Thankyou, THANKYOU for your amazing support over the years and patience with this album. I do hope the wait will have been worth it.... I can't wait to share this new music with you all and offer it up to the world. I have put all the love I have into these songs and these recordings so I hope that they will land straight into your great big beautiful hearts. With all my love and gratitude, A b b y x o x o Please check out my website for more info
  4. ThirdDrawerDown

    Currently Spinning

    I'm not sure what to say, except "when reading this sentence aloud, don't speak too fast".
  5. Item: Various 12" 45 and 33 rpm singles/ EPs sell separately Location: Western suburbs Melbourne Price: varies - see the listing. Buyer pays postage and insurance. Despatched in standard cardboard protection with discs secured. Item Condition: very nice. Excellent, generally discogs NM Reason for selling: surplus to requirements. Payment Method: Cash deposit, cash on collection at handover, Paypal (if you want Paypal protection) Extra Info: links to discogs provided. Click on the image to get to discogs listing. Avengers - $8 near mint vinyl and near mint cover DBD/S - $8 near mint vinyl and near mint cover Miles $11 near mint vinyl and near mint cover. Cover is not the one shown, it's a variant. CC - $8 near mint vinyl and near mint cover CC - $18 near mint vinyl and very good cover. Note this is 33rpm MM - $10 very good/NM vinyl and good cover. 33rpm Pictures:
  6. ThirdDrawerDown

    Bryan Ferry 2019

    Saw them at the ill-fated Blues & Roots Fest in Melbourne CBD about '05? Phil Manzanera was terrific. Roxy captured their clean crisp chill emotive production from the Avalon/ Flesh and Blood era very nicely. Very appealing and well worth it. I do regard Roxy Music as a first-tier band and musicians but sometimes, especially solo, Brian Ferry's hard-done-by romantic schtick seems not too distant from couldabeens like the Psychedelic Furs and imitators such as Flowers/ Icehouse.
  7. ThirdDrawerDown

    Currently Spinning

    Sod it. Another whisky. Islay this time. This sounds great on vinyl! Edit: great songs for those into Faces, Stones, Bowie
  8. ThirdDrawerDown

    New Led Zepplin Album

  9. ThirdDrawerDown

    Currently Spinning

    I've had some wins today, in the middle of a takeover, restructure, new CEO, new software systems rollout, auditor reports and key staff member "contract not renewed". I've just upgraded my 1972 vinyl copy, have a four-fingered whisky chaser to the Guinness, and am toasting that circle of hell reserved for middle managers with ethics (for a spot is reserved for me there). Stereo volume is ... a little higher than usual.
  10. ThirdDrawerDown

    WTB classifieds?

    there seems to have been some sort of default "View" setting imposed across the site sometime in the last couple of months in some sort of rollover fashion. I have no idea of the details except that clicking on "Classifieds" lands you on a page that tells you that the Classifieds Forum does not exist and is yet to be populated. By accident I came across a set of options for "View" and clicked "Classic View" and everything returned to normal. But I haven't found it again for my other devices and so have developed some workarounds and searches that are too complicated and tedious to explain here. Good luck. Be reassured: the answer is out there.
  11. ThirdDrawerDown

    Musical discoveries at the 2018 show

    I heard Candyflip's rig which had some good moments (Big Star's first) and some great moments (Hoodoo Gurus) but I fled when Meatloaf was put on the platter. I did read the wikipedia entry on Meatloaf and my goodness it's fannish in the worst sense. The B&Ws took Joy Division's Atmosphere and pulled it apart to cruelly expose Martin Hannett's downpitching of Ian Curtis's lead vocal. But as an audition track for percussion and keyboards it succeeded. I don't know who was playing Muddy Waters Folk Singer (first floor, second right after turning left at the top of the stairs from the ticket booth) but that was a mighty fine setup and best in show from my limited sample. I had only ever heard of the album and now on listening I understand why it's a classic. Thank you.
  12. ThirdDrawerDown

    A map & unofficial guide to the HiFi Show locale

    @Benje hats off to you! Nice pick-up in an "oh shite" kinda way. Here's the metlink advisory pasted below. It looks like St Kilda Rd is affected up to 9.10am. Come to think of it, this marathon is an annual thing and I remember watching all the fun runners one Sunday last year as I headed into work by tram. St Kilda Rd was accessible by 10am that day. Click on this link for 2018 information and updates [snip] Route 1, 3a, 5, 6, 16, 58, 64, 67, 70 72, 75 and 96: Temporary service changes due to the Melbourne Marathon, Sunday 14 October 2018 Added: 6 October 2018 Route 1, 3a, 5, 6, 16, 58, 64, 67, 70 72, 75 and 96 trams will be affected by temporary service alterations between the first tram and 1.30pm Sunday, 14 October 2018, due to the Melbourne Marathon in Melbourne's CBD and St Kilda. During this time, trams will operate to their normal frequency, but may not arrive at the scheduled time. Passengers are advised to allow extra time for their journeys. Service changes: Route 1 Route 3a Route 5 Route 6 Route 16 Route 58 Route 64 Route 67 Route 70 Route 72 Route 75 Route 96 Additional information Service changes Route 1 From first tram to 12.10pm: Services will operate as Route 1a, diverting via Kings Way, William Street and La Trobe Street between Stop 7 (Swanston Street/RMIT University) and Stop 22 (Eastern Road/Dorcas Street). Route 3a From first tram to 9.10am: Trams will operate as Route 3a in two sections, with no trams between Stop 11 (Swanston Street/City Square) and Stop 14 (St Kilda Road/Arts Centre). Route 5 From first tram to 9.10am: Trams will operate as Route 5a in two sections, with no trams between Stop 11 (Swanston Street/City Square) and Stop 14 (St Kilda Road/Arts Centre). Route 6 From first tram to 9.10am: Trams will operate as Route 6a in two sections, with no trams between Stop 11 (Swanston Street/City Square) and Stop 14 (St Kilda Road/Arts Centre). Route 16 From first tram to 9.10am: Trams will operate as Route 16a in two sections, with no trams between Stop 11 (Swanston Street/City Square) and Stop 14 (St Kilda Road/Arts Centre). Route 58 From first tram to 12.30pm: Trams operate as Route 58a in two sections, with no trams between Stop 119 (Wells Street/Park Street) and Stop 20 (Park Street/St Kilda Road). Route 64 From first tram to 9.10am: Trams will operate as Route 64a in two sections, with no trams between Stop 11 (Swanston Street/City Square) and Stop 14 (St Kilda Road/Arts Centre). Route 67 From 5am to 9.10am: Trams will operate as Route 67a in two sections, with no trams between Stop 11 (Swanston Street/City Square) and Stop 14 (St Kilda Road/Arts Centre). Route 70 From first tram to 1.30pm: Trams will operate as Route 70a in two sections, with no trams between Stop 4 (Flinders Street/Elizabeth Street) and Stop 7C (MCG - Hisense Arena/Melbourne Park). Route 72 From first tram to 9.10am: Trams will operate as Route 72a in two sections, with no trams between Stop 11 (Swanston Street/City Square) and Stop 14 (St Kilda Road/Arts Centre). Route 75 From 4.30am to 9.10am Trams will operate as Route 75a, diverting via Spring Street and La Trobe Street between Stop D2 (Harbour Esplanade/Central Pier) and Stop 9 (Wellingtown Parade/Landsdowne Street). Route 96 From 6.45am to 12pm: Trams will operate as Route 96a between East Brunswick and Stop 132 (St Kilda Station). [end snip]
  13. ThirdDrawerDown

    A map & unofficial guide to the HiFi Show locale

    Well, the aforementioned superette at 580 St Kilda Rd sells alcohol, from light beer through to champagne, and is open all the hours of the show and to abut 10pm. For the range you'd get at Dan's you'll need a Dan's or Super Liquor. The Coles and Woolworths at Prahran Central or the St Kilda Station on Fitzroy St. Dan's in Prahran is near to Coles: 273 - 281 Chapel Street Prahran. But for the jet-setter cruising down the Tulla on a balmy Melbourne evening with the windows down and Blondie's "Eat to the Beat" album turned up to 11, Dan's in South Melbourne might be the destination à la mode. Tell your driver: 100 Market St South Melbourne. It'll involve getting off the motorway for Montague St. After buying your IPA it's a straightforward run down Lakeside Drive to the Pullman Mercure at the end of it.
  14. I made the mistake of using my mobile phone to find a map of where the HiFi Show 2018 is being held. It took 8 minutes to discover that it's at the south end of St Kilda Rd and nowhere near the suburb of Albert Park. In fact, it's about 400m from where I work. So I have set about compiling a Guide to the Vicinity so that out of town visitors won't be fooled nor frustrated by website popups that overlay your phone screen and the lack of a street number in the marketing collateral. This Guide is completely off-the-record and off-the-vinyl and un-official. And, although shorter than a fantasy trilogy, it does come with a map. The Pullman Mercure Hotel is where the blue teardrop is. Pullman & Mercure Melbourne Albert Park 65 Queens Road Melbourne Victoria 3004 Australia Tip: don't go to the suburb of Albert Park expecting to find a Mercure Pullman or a Pullman Mercure Hotel. The suburb of Albert Park is diagonally opposite at the far end of the Lake and is visible from the Hifi Show venue in the far distance, particularly from the higher floors or by use of binoculars. But by a quirk of Melbourne's postcode geography the hotel and hence the show is located just over the road from the Postal Code of Albert Park 3206, for the Lake is fully enclosed by the 3206 postcode. Who knew? Most people think of the area where the Hi Fi Show is being held, as part of St Kilda or the bottom end of St Kilda Rd. This may include taxi drivers and uber drivers. It also includes the Pullman Mercure, which says its address is actually in the VIC 3004 postcode. So it's St Kilda, not Albert Park. Don't be fooled. Most of the rest of this discussion is about St Kilda Rd as the main retail axis. Queens Rd is basically an arterial. To the venue from St Kilda Rd The Moubray St/ Beatrice St intersection is the part of St Kilda Rd closest to the venue. There's a shortcut walkway between the big curvy apartment building on the corner of St Kilda Rd/ Beatrice St and the building with the superette in it. Walk through that walkway, down some steps past the creche/childcare, and then walk across Queens Lane. Go through the driveway with the new wooden post-and-rail fence. It's part of the hotel complex, in fact it's the northernmost boundary of the Pullman Mercure. At Queens Rd it's the northern-most of the hotel entrances that is the HiFi Show entrance. Getting there by public transport (1) tram "There" is 20 minutes down St Kilda Rd by tram from Flinders St Station. You can take any southbound tram you like except for the 1, 8, or 72. Remember the mnemonic "1872" and ignore those trams. Get off at the tram stop on the corner of St Kilda Rd and Moubray St. Or St Kilda Rd and High St if you want a more user-friendly accessible stop. That stop has a myki top-up machine. Then a short walk along Beatrice St and you are there. "Metlink Melbourne Journey Planner" is a good web guide for point-to-point travel planning. For out of towners: to use Melbourne's public transport you need to buy a Myki card. Weirdly, this is not available from bus drivers, and nor is it free like Sydney's Oyster card. You can buy a myki at most superettes and at very large railways stations such as Flinders St Station. You can use it for bus, train and tram. (2) train The Sandringham line train stops at Prahran Station. From there it's a 10-15 minute walk or you can take the #6 tram along High St until it stops at St Kilda Rd superstop or at the Moubray St stop. The Prahran Station tram stop on High St is to be found on the St Kilda Rd side of the railway bridge. (3) bus A bus goes from the CBD down St Kilda Rd to the Alfred Hospital. It's route is past the National Art Gallery and at the Gallery that road has been closed because the City Council is building a park in the middle of the road. As a result, those buses have been stopped from going up St Kilda Rd, in fact the route temporarily is stopped at the Alfred Hospital but anyone coming from the Eastern Suburbs would do well to look at this option of bussing to The Alfred. (4) Helicopter The nearest helipad is at the Alfred Hospital. If you are arriving in the area by helicopter you have other things on your mind than hi-fi. Getting there by car: parking This varies depending on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The key to unlocking the spatio-temporal distortion that is parking in the area is to recognise that the closer you get to The Alfred Hospital, the more expensive or problematical the street parking. But there is a corollary: commuter clearways have inexpensive rates on some sides of St Kilda Rd, possibly to lull you into forgetting the time and paying up as your car is towed away. Tip: always check the parking restrictions for that section of parking. The parking wardens are feral, so set your phone alarm. Tip: take coins. Lots of them. There are several all-day parking buildings in Queen's Lane. Rates vary greatly. There might be some parking in Albert Park by the Powerhouse Rugby Club. Some all-day street parking is available free on Saturdays and (particularly) Sundays. To sum up, parking restrictions vary by which block you are in, and which lane you are in. For example, south of Moubray/ Beatrice is cheaper than north of Moubray/ Beatrice, except during weekends when the centre parks along St Kilda Rd are free. Shopping - goods I've mentioned the superette on St Kilda Rd just south of Beatrice St. There's another larger one on Commercial Rd at the corner of Alfred Lane. Also there's a 7-11 on the corner of Commercial Rd and St Kilda Rd. For Coles and Woolworths, you can go to Prahran, where Coles is located not far from the corner of Commercial Rd and Chapel St, and Woolworths is behind Coles. On the map this area is shown as Prahran Central. On the other side of Commercial Rd from Prahran Central is the Prahran Market. By public transport take a bus or the #72 tram along Commercial Rd, say from the stops opposite The Alfred Hospital or from the corner of Commercial Rd and St Kilda Rd. (An alternative is the #6 tram along High St to Prahran Station and then walk north to Prahran Central. This route will take you via Greville Records, part of the most expensive tram route in Melbourne) An alternative is a Woolworths near the corner of Canterbury Rd and Fitzroy St, known as St Kilda Station. This is a 15-minute walk across the Park. The nearest chemist is just inside the main entrance of The Alfred Hospital. There's a Post Office on St Kilda Rd 200m north of Commercial Rd. Another Post Office is found in the large newsagent inside the Alfred Hospital. The nearest Officeworks is by the railway line at Commercial Rd. The nearest hardware store is a block further down High St from the Chapel St intersection. Eating - food at weekdays There are many places to buy lunch during weekdays. All the cafes along St Kilda Rd are open. In the block between Lorne St and Beatrice St there's a pho place that always has a queue, and a rather good Indonesian restaurant tucked away in an alleyway between two buildings, blink and you'll miss it. North of Moubray St there's Epicure which does a good trade in tasty food, and again we head up to the shops on the corner of Commercial Rd and St Kilda Rd for eateries - mexican takeaways, burgers, stuffed potatoes, and a French-themed Cafe. This strip is the main shopping in the area. Behind the service station on the corner of Punt Rd and Commercial Rd is a building that was refurbished for reality TV "The Block" which has a cafe "Mister Zen" which is something a little different. That's a little bit of a walk from the venue. If you want to travel a few blocks, one of the best cafes in the area is Cafe Safi at 484 St Kilda Rd, north of Hanna St. Say, 3 trams stops towards the CBD. Food on Saturdays The Indonesian restaurant/ cafe mentioned above is open, as is a bar "Blue Bar" near it. All the eateries along Commercial Rd are open. For breakfast, the hotels northwards between Beatrice St and Roy St are worth your time. Operating almost all day every day, you are guaranteed of something to eat at Alf's, which is the very large food premises on the ground floor of The Alfred Hospital. Coffee I think The Mantra at 568 St Kilda Rd does the best coffee in the area. Not cheap. Restaurants Expensive yet giving a sense of value for money is Le Gitane on Commercial Rd. The food and wine list is very good indeed. Bookings essential. Not far from Le Gitane is an Indian restaurant with reasonable food, takeaways, but no atmosphere. A couple of bars upstairs in buildings near Punt Rd on High St have recently made the foodies columns. For pub food, the best in the area is the College Lawn on Greville St about two block from Prahran Station. The College Lawn is Melbourne's rugby pub but there are no international oval-ball games on during the weekend of the show, so you should be able to get a table. A block from Prahran Station on the other side of Greville St is a very good pizza restaurant as well as an assortment of bars. The restaurant strip of Fitzroy St, St Kilda is within walking distance and has every cuisine you may want, or continue through to Acland St. Further around the lake, there is fine dining at Middle Park. Bars There are two in the block between Lorne St and Beatrice St on St Kilda Rd, both within a couple of hundred metres of the venue and open till late. Further afield are the College Lawn, corner of Greville St and Charles St. The Gunn Island Hotel at Middle Park is worth a visit with friends. Local interest Albert Park Lake is a delight in the sunshine. At the south end is a plaque noting the tree that the local Aboriginal people would meet under for their Councils. The AIDS Memorial Garden is an island of peace and quiet on Moubray St about 30m east of Ormond Hall. Other advice Please add your own advice. Marc has a lot riding on these shows and it's his web site, so please keep to things that don't need to be moderated. Enjoy the event!