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  2. I feel like I'm being shouted at when I BROWSE THE CLASSIFIEDS LISTINGS. 😟
  3. Bill Berry was REM's quality control voice, able to tell his bandmates what was great and what was rubbish. After he left, REM became an ordinary band.
  4. Mr Krispy can help with customisation if that's a need
  5. If you like the N'Orlins sound then this makes a nice addition to your collection.
  6. You'll need that lazy grand. After storage fees, processing fees, handling fees, GST and other charges you'll find most of it will disappear. At least, that was my experience a decade back when importing a Cary preamp and I don't think the Australian government has got any less inefficient in the cost of doing business - its transaction charges and taxes etc - in the meantime. Do your research.
  7. I am a complete novice on gain, but this might be a cue for discussing buffers such as the Pass Labs B1 Buffer Preamp, which might be a less expensive option and assuming your current amp is perfectly OK except for this issue. Such things can go before or after your preamp. In other words, you might have a wider range of options here.
  8. Would you have any advice on programs or applications for those who aren't iphone or i-anything users, please?
  9. 1. Communique 2. Self titled After that they changed drummer, also the hints of misogyny in the lyrical content became more pronounced. Later albums became harder to bear their equivalents of "Where do You Think You're Going". Say: Making Movies Brothers in Arms Love over Gold Twisting by the Pool (EP) On Every Street On Every Street is just tired and smells a little of contractual obligation.
  10. Same here. I've been slumming in other hifi boards on this topic and am currently turning this over in my thoughts about the theory. Received from elsewhere: [snip] Nyquist thereom says you need minimum of 2x highest input frequency (which is one reason why 20kHz audio has 44.1kHz sample rate). Basic filter theory says you need 3x signal bandwidth (-3dB point) for flat signal transfer. You then need to get content above that 3x signal bandwidth frequency down to a low enough level to prevent aliasing. Because filters are not perfect you need sample frequency higher than maximum filter input frequency (which is another reason why 20kHz audio has 44.1kHz sample rate). So, for 20kHz audio you need a 60kHz (-3dB) filter. You'd be looking at about 90kHz for levels low enough to prevent aliasing. 2x 90kHz = 180kHz, which is close enough to 192kHz (or 176.4kHz) for me. Sampling frequencies of 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz were chosen for integer multiples of TV line/frame rates. All the others are integer multiples of those. [end snip] It's the 3x signal bandwidth (-3dB point) for flat signal transfer that was new to me.
  11. Thank you. The 2 amps figure I wouldn't have got to myself, nor that the pump could die if switched on and nothing to pump. Appreciated. For me, Ohm's Law was so last millennium. I've been cautious ever since seeing a graph which showed that there's little room for error in voltage on wallwarts: when you need 12volt, then use 12 volt not 14 volt or 10 volt. [Rummages through 12v wall warts in box in garage: inventory of 6 at 0.5 to 1 amp, 3 at up to 1.5 amp, 1 at 2 amp and 1 at 2.5amp. The latter allows me to switch between various voltages from 5 to 14]. I'll use the 2 amp. Cheers.
  12. I almost got ripped off by Myer about this. Our 46" Sony TV died after 13 months and I required a replacement. They said that only 50" was available and I said "no problem, as long as it's not Sony." They offered a Panasonic which was Demo. I said I would probably take it, subject to understanding how many hours it has been run. They said they couldn't tell me. I said talk to a technician, find out the right codes to punch into the remotre, and that wil tell you the hours. The salesman came back to me with 2,100 hours. I pointed out that a year's work at 37 hours a week is less than that. The salesman capitulated and gave me a new replacement. And no, we haven't had any problems at all with our 50" Panasonic. I also noticed that every person the salesman was selling to, was told "I sold one of these to my cousin Manny, and he's never had every problems". Three years of use is very very long time. Design life for some parts might be no more than 7 or 10 years. Average life expectancy for the batch as a whole might include failures expected after seven to ten years. You shouldn't pay full price for something that has a shortened life.
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