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  1. The disc for that xp program was loaned out and hasn't come back, so the trick would be to install linux in a way which wraps the existing install into a virtualbox. That is not possible?
  2. Like Aussievintage I have an xp legacy program I need to preserve. Can I install linux virtual machine so I get linux but can still call on my xp software when I need it? Ideally I'm looking at the snakeoil operating system.
  3. Rest in peace Mr Ocasek. You brought a great deal of happiness with your music. Packed with hits, and yet side two plays as a near-perfect suite. Didn't need the cheesecake to sell the album - the music was more than enough. Stripped it down and pumped it up: a great pop album. Simply one of the great bands, and they even nailed their nervy tight bubblegum rock sound live. I can't close without an acknowledgement of record company respect for Ocasek's wonderful pop culture legacy. From wikipedia: "Recordings by Ocasek were reportedly among thousands of tapes destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.[17] "
  4. Biplanes. Usually works. Nowadays maybe a drone?
  5. I discovered Angelique Kidjo a few years back and at the time I thought that my question "what's the logical next step beyond Talking Heads" finally had an answer. Still do. Then came Remain in Light which I must get on vinyl.
  6. Just some musos who know how to carry a song and create a mood. One of Neil's best, and under-rated because of its gentle tone, warmth, and its not trying to make a Statement.
  7. Technics/ Panasonic/ Matsushita Some of the 3-ways were built with overload cutouts to prevent the bass drivers from blowing. (My first pair). That first pair sounds good even after 35 years, when driven by good mid-range gear ( the person who bought them had very nice NAD amps).
  8. Enjoying listening to this for the music and the connections. Some hark back - Eno/Byrne (I think, I haven't watched this clip here yet) and some forward (Bent appropriated some large chunks) and sideways (there's some Big Audio Dynamite/ Dreadzone crossover thing happening, I think). But what do I know? I came late to this, just learning it. But ideal for a Friday night after a grind of a week.
  9. Use in conjunction with Green Glue.
  10. Hello David Welcome and condolences. It can be a tough time, hope you are travelling ok. The Search function will be your friend, and google's Advanced Search with stereonet's address in the "site" query is also useful. For things you can't find anything out about, you might want to start a single thread for all your queries, if you are disposing over several months or longer. (Dave's Dad's Devices Disposal - estimates and advice please thread?) Context here is that central to SNA is a large group who will help. People are genuinely interested. On the perimeter are some constraints: SNA does not welcome garage sales; a handful of folk are flippers who would like to see you sell low so they can on-sell higher; prices are usually lower than ebay; bulk or quick sales happen faster if you drop the price; and extent of help given is greater if you make an effort first to research and to provide photos. Sorry for mentioning the obvious, this is my reflections as I've done my share of n00b selling amplifiers too cheap and posting "what's this strange component do" threads.
  11. I saw The Australian Dream at Yarraville's Sun Theatre on Saturday night. Gosh, it's an excellent documentary! I know not very much about AFL but I do enjoy sports stories and this is an excellent telling of a story of a kid who played sport so he could fit in and how he kept growing as an adult. I didn't realise Goodes won two Brownlow medals and was involved in the winning of one Grand Final with a broken ligament in his leg. As far narrative goes, the Director hasn't wasted words nor scenes - it's tightly-paced, which makes the story even more gripping. It's a bit like Chariots of Fire - one of those films that deserves an audience wider than the standard movie-going audience. (I cajoled my father into seeing Chariots of Fire; he hadn't been in a cinema for two decades, and he found it completely enjoyable). Is it worth $20, parking and popcorn? Definitely.
  12. Allmusic's reviewer nails it. I am partway through the door but not yet fully inside the PG Fanclub room. [edited to say: a photo of Peter Gabriel's "Us" may or may not appear in this posting.]
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