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  1. Actually rather good. Goodness knows what damage she would do with a loaded Wurlitzer.
  2. Laptops aren't designed for laps, they can overheat. Also the fashion is to make 'em thin, which apparently is cool or makes a businessman or woman look desirable on an aircraft or something. But glued plastic cases can and do bend, and the thinner the laptop the more likely that short-circuits happen. Laptops are designed as disposable tech and planned obsolescence. OK, so I'm grumpy and probably unhelpful, as I've just dumped a Lenovo touchscreen laptop that couldn't run for more than 5 minutes without fritzing a short circuit. You know they have to run the wires from the screen to the hard drive through the hinge? A friend who used to run a PC business said Lenovo laptops usually died about 3 months after the guarantee ran out. Meh. So these days I travel with my work laptop and an old one with an actual CD player in it and built like a tank. Although I'm now onto my second, I had to chuck an old HP Pavilion it kept overheating and cutting out. This pay cycle I'm reviving a Thinkpad tablet by buying a new battery because you can't let these things go with empty batteries for more than 2 days without recharging, or else the flat battery dies and needs replacing.
  3. Hi @cazzesman I taught myself how to install a light ubuntu distro called lubuntu on an old laptop that was the PC equivalent of "a bear with very little brain". The information on the web is excellent about how to install, and the steps and sequence. I found the hardest thing was remembering how to call up the Terminal. There's a lot of software out there and most instructions assume you know how to open the Terminal and how to use the sudo instruction. But if you are completely new to linux these unwritten prior requirements can become a real frustration and a barrier to entry. I do encourage you in your journey. I got a sense of accomplishment and didn't feel that I was being wrenched away from my original purpose of just getting a tool together that I could listen to music on. (The trap with these things is that they can become an end in themselves). Edited to add: you wouldn't believe how many times I've had to google this: So let's talk about it, one n00b to another. The page on the link below about the terminal, and it's helpful to read some of the rest of that tutorial for the history and thinking behind linux and how to use just the command line to find your way around your new computer https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/command-line-for-beginners#2 The terminal becomes important at Section 2 of this page: https://www.ubuntupit.com/best-things-to-do-after-installing-linux-mint/ but of course you can avoid the terminal altogether. As pointed out on this page, the Terminal is optional https://www.howtogeek.com/138675/htg-explains-why-you-shouldnt-be-scared-of-the-terminal-on-linux/
  4. There's a shop on St Kilda Rd/ Punt Rd/ Fitzroy St intersection, Melbourne. I go past there weekly and noticed it a few years back. Might pop in.
  5. Ah, the coveted 2 LP version. Coincidentally this is on the CD player here. Mr Kelly has a real knack for touching the verities. Perhaps a little too Dylanesque at times, but in this particular field of music, that's a patch of terrain which is hard to avoid. Edited to add a Paul Kelly connection: A good musician shows a few too many Cardigans and Alanis Morrisette influences. First album, 1996, so was it her choice? Or the producer's? Even so, this is enjoyable and often individual.
  6. And thank goodness they were. In the US, the missile defence system has just in 2019 changed from floppy discs. Not 3 1/2 inch discs. 5 1/4 inch. The big ones. The software is proven, hardened, bug-free or all bugs are known. I like that in a missile system. Leave the latest Win 10 to non-critical use cases, such as accessing social media or enabling google/Facebook consumer tracking. Need to mention, if you haven't run a Windows 10 update this week, best to do so now. There's a nasty gap just been found, ready to be exploited. Editd for clarity: automatic update does and has handled it; you can run Update manually if you wish.
  7. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-back-to-school/wednesday-detail-wk03/ps/p/assorted-glue-177ml/ Glue on special at Aldi at $2 a bottle in this week's specials from Wednesday 15th. Cheaper than Montmartre!
  8. This album has really interesting arrangements but I like it best when it rocks out. Which it does at refreshingly unpredictable intervals.
  9. I've seen and heard this. Trust the seller. Declaration of conflict of interest: he's a good man, as well as having good gear.
  10. Very nice woodworking, and the elegance of classic design. Lovely! Beats my plate-holder (I use a similar method to Hired Goon). Yes please to the plans, as the angles are key.
  11. Trans = "many burros" (I hope the jokes get butter from here) Currently: It's admirable and engaging if you are into the soul-baring school of singer-songwriters. Surprisingly, a keeper.
  12. I'll bet they aren't. They are smart enough not to be caught doing that, I would have thought. These posts miss a vital distinction. It is quite possible that Google could be using Sonos patented technology, and believing they are smart enough to not get caught. (Or big enough to not get called out on it, see the last page of Ars comments about motion sensor technology) I am willing to take this bet.
  13. Currently revisiting and being generally delighted by the branding failure that was Big Audio Dynamite/ Big Audio Dynamite II a.k.a. B.A.D. II / Big Audio. "This is" is surprisingly fresh, and The Globe also is fun and has some nifty sampling (Melody Gardot, The Who). The albums seem designed for the CD player - just skip a track if it's a bit meh - or for a Greatest Hits compilation, and Allmusic rates highly the Planet BAD compilation. [Allmusic screen shot below.] Must get hold of Dreadzone - I mistakenly sold my review copy of Biological Radio.
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