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  1. Looks great Rod, bet it sounds even better! Congrats on a successful project!
  2. Item: Rega rp3 (white) + Ortofon 2m Blue Location: Richmond VIC Price: Price drop to $750 Item Condition: Turntable excellent, Perspex lid has minor marks from dusting Reason for selling: hoping to upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I bought this new from Carlton AV in Dec 2013 and it hasn’t missed a beat since then. From a loving, smoke-free and, up until recently, child-free home. My previous turntable was a debut iii, and I found this to be a substantial improvement in every way. I listened to both the 2m Blue and the elys, and I thought the Blue was worth the extra couple hundred. Still have original boxes, so suppose I could ship, but would much prefer local pick up. Happy to audition for interested buyer, but set up is currently less than ideal after the arrival of our new, loud and non- rent-paying roommate. Pictures:
  3. Going to jump next in line if the above falls through
  4. Yeah, that was me looking for the ttpsu - although if I had one already, I’d be looking pretty seriously at this!
  5. Item: Vogels speaker stand Location: Richmond, VIC Price: $50 Item Condition: some minor scuffs on the bases and top plates. Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup only, Cash or PayPal. Extra Info: Have had these for a few years, but were never quite tall enough for my set up. Can adjust the angle on the top plate. They’ve got holes for cable management, although I never used them. Dimensions are as follows: height: 45 cm top plate: 20x20cm base: 30x30cm - tapering to 16cm at back. Stands weigh 4.3kg each - as measured on the bathroom scales, so might not be perfect. Pick up only Pictures:
  6. I will jump next in line if the sale falls through!
  7. Ah, would have these in a heartbeat if you were in Melbourne!
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