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  1. Further information: There is plenty of information and reviews on the internet on this. I would describe this as neutral, very precise and fast amp with plenty of air. Balanced connection really takes this to next level, suggest a good quality copper XLR. Bought in July 2020 and is in mint condition. I acquired couple of other higher end Amps since but couldn't part of with this. Need to let it go now to fund new expensive headphones. Some reviews for further details: https://soundnews.net/amplifiers/headphone-amps/topping-a90-review-resetting-the-trend/
  2. Further information: First owner. These were bought in July 2020 from A2A and had occasional use as I have been using my ZMF Aeolus more regularly. Just purchased another expensive set of headphones so letting these go. These are well known for their detail retrieval and natural sound with a wide sound stage. These sound fantastic and even better when paired with a darker sounding amp. Some reviews https://www.headphones.com/blogs/news/hifiman-ananda-review https://headfonics.com/hifiman-ananda-review/ Photos: PLEASE READ
  3. Many thanks! Sounds like a done deal then. November is the month for it. @sleach Let me know if you want to do a group buy to see if we can get a better price. I will keep an eye out for Dynavector p75 mk4 on the forum too. Also looks like I need to get rid of some of the older gear too 😁.
  4. Thanks for the advice folks! Sounds like it is decided then. I was eyeing couple of LP-12 on the forum recently but they seem like different beasts. One more question though, what cartridge and phono stage you would recommend to go with it? Just bit of background, I have a Rega p1 since 2012 which was paired with some Emotiva gear. I have upgrade the dac to BF2, Qutest which is fed by Roon --> Chromecast audio and testing a Yggy on loan, pre-amp to Mjolnir 2 recently and now p1 sounds crap comparatively. Power Amp is still Emotive XPA-2 for now.
  5. I am tossing between SL1200gr and Rega planar 6. Any thoughts? Hope it is not too off-topic...
  6. BF2 is a great DAC and is significant upgrade. I have a Chord Qutest too and for twice more the difference is not that much IMHO.
  7. Further information: Schiit Valhalla Valve headphone amplifier. Really good introduction to tube amps. Note this is the original Valhalla. It is well cared for, in excellent condition and have lovely sound. Includes all the original packaging and paperwork so the valves will be removed and placed in their original foam lined package for transit. I will double box it as well. 6moon review: https://6moons.com/audioreviews/schiit/6.html Express Auspost shipping is included in the price. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are adver
  8. Good starter planar magnetic headphones. Purchased from Drop as I was getting back into this hobby due to lockdown in Melbourne. It took over 2 months to arrive. In between, I bought bit higher end headphones Hifiman Ananda and ZMF Aelous than this locally so these are no longer required. These costed me A$255 delivered. Selling them new and unopened. Further information: Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any
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