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  1. I'm in the keeping boxes camp. Having moved umpteen times over the last 20 years it has been very beneficial to have the boxes for my Hi Fi gear. None of my gear has ever been damaged in numerous moves. I can usually find a place for the the boxes in the attic or flattened in a cupboard to keep them dry. Hopefully I am now in my forever home but I'm still keeping the boxes! Always worthwhile if you are trying to sell something and useful for shipping. I wouldn't buy a pair of used speakers if they didn't have the original packaging - the likelihood of damage too great so not worth the bother.
  2. Part B: why a regular switch will suffice: Perhaps if you have a highly resolving system and you can hear the supposed difference an audiophile switch makes, then go for it. My streamer cost around $500, I doubt a switch that costs more than that is going to make a difference to my old ears. There's always going to be something better, newer and more shiny. I'd rather enjoy some more music.
  3. Nice video. Went to Tiny Ruins supported by Jen Cloher recently here in Tauranga NZ at a the small and intimate Jam Factory venue. Fantastic double billing. Went to the gig for Tiny Ruins and hadn't heard of Jen Cloher, but bought one of Jen's CD after the gig (got it signed of course). If you haven't heard of Tiny Ruins I highly recommend their recent CD, Olympic Girls. Lovely stuff.
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