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  1. which one is it, did you sell the black ones or is it one of those?
  2. Huge price reduction, Ri100 now $6500, rs 100 now $7500 or 13k firm reduced from 15k for both Vitus bargains.
  3. Price drop $4250 for mint Ps Audio p10 - Power conditioner... I can wipe the front clean and show anyone a new pic if they require.
  4. Item: Ortfofon Chord rca / xlr cables - various Location: Perth Price: As below Item Condition: Most never used Reason for selling: Most never used so stream lining Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Ortofon 67nNAC50 6N-7N pure copper hybrid twin core heavy duty rcas 60 cm x 4 leads. High up the range these are genuine and i bought from Ortofon with a Jubilee cart 5 years go, in mint condition . Very well reviewed and used in Japan. only $400 a pair. 2 pairs for sale Listed on eBay for more and are as new. ORTOFON AC-3600 SILVER INTERCONNECT CABLES x2 pairs 1.5 metre each rca to rca $150 each pair DESCRIPTION Conductor material detail: Silver plated OFC DC Shield resistance: AC500V / 1min Shieled: 8/0.1x16 Insulation: Polyethylene, PVC The Chord Company chorus xlr 1metre x 2 pairs red and black $400 Aus a pair . Have 3 cables ( maybe 4 ) but 575 for 3. based on recent eBay sale for 400 USD a pair https://www.ebay.com/itm/CHORD-CHORUS-XLR1-0M-XLR-cable-used-audio-music-/333168603218 Chord Company cable 20 years old from UK good condition 1 metre rca to rca $100 good. 8th pic down and some randoms Monster Cable Interlink 300 MKII Audio Interconnect Cable 1 metre pair of rcas $50 Vincent blue and silver high purity rca 50cm pair of rcas as new $40 Monster Cable Balance Microphone cables 1metre xlr pair proline performer 500 $50
  5. Item: A few AV products from Denon, HSU, Yamaha, from Receivers to a sub and some small bookshelf rear speakers etc Location: PERTH Price: As below Item Condition: various but mostly good Reason for selling: Older gear needs a new home , has not been used in years. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: See Below. Samsung Blue ray player with remote BDP1400 -$120 Denon AVR 2805 Receiver - lovely condition with microphone, books, remote, etc, stunning sound and great older unit, full Japanese quality Only $250 DENON Blueray Disc Transport DVD 2500BT with remote high end when released needs DAC as HDMI out only. Higher end Blueray transport $400 Kenwood Audio video stereo receiver KR-v6050. $100 great entry amp/ receiver for someone. HSU Sub-woofer VTF 2 -- ten years old and works fine, very well respected brand from Dr HSU. $400 good condition has mark on front that will clean off. Great SUB DESCRIPTION Built-in 150 Watt amp. 25 Hz bass extension. 30-90 Hz, 24 dB/Oct bypassable low pass filter. "Class A rating" in Stereophile Guide to Home Theater. Reviewer''s Choice Award 2000 in Sound & Vision. This subwoofer kicks butt for the money. I've had my share of subwoofers over the years,this one sounds great. Of course if I could afford it,I'd get an aerial acoustic,but I digress... I'm one of those "If it dosn't sound perfect,turn it off!" Teamed up with my B&W's 603S,it pack's just the right punch. But I will say this,and all you audiophilies know this. cable's,cables,cable's. If you use a cheap subwoofer cable,your missing out!! I'm using Audioquests Black Thunder,and man the kick drum never sounded better! Not to mention,this is a very good LFE subwoofer. ------------------------ Speakers Axis Ls28 bookshelf speakers black great sound and perfect sonically , scratched boxes. $200 awesome for rears on SS set up. Xavian Bonbonus book shelf speakers in light ash wood great actually very good condition $350 same as above for as rears or smaller Yamaha rxv3800 with remote Receiver 2nd highest in range i think was $4000 or more new. Very nice sound from Yamaha. Winner of top sounding receiver. Bargain $500 due to HDMI issues and 3 work at least so who needs more than that otherwise would be $1200 Hdmi board, 3 or 4 inputs work , 2- 3 don’t for some reason and all other inputs work perfectly goes very well with Denon transport above. Conclusion When dealing with an AVR in this price class, you go in with very high expectations. The Yamaha RX-V3800 has the specs to please most any enthusiast with excellent power, ample HDMI inputs, and internal decoding of the new HD audio codecs. The only personal letdown for me was the AVR's inability to process certain video signals to 1080p; instead it simply passes them through. Even with this shortcoming, this is an excellent product and is worthy of your consideration when looking for an AVR in this price class. Highs Four HDMI Inputs Onboard Decoding of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, & DTS-HD Master Audio Clean and Dynamic sound from all channels Lows Video section only upconverts analog signals YPAO setup set monitor speakers to "Large" when they should be set to "Small" Read more at https://www.soundandvision.com/content/yamaha-rx-v3800-av-receiver-page-3#J6zIyjGDCUEpSVmh.99 Specifications 7.1-channel surround sound receiver 140-watts minimum continuous power per channel, 8 ohm loads, two channels driven from 20Hz-20kHz with a maximum total harmonic distortion of 0.04% Analog audio input sensitivity and impedance: 200mV, 47kohms (line), 3.5mV, 47kohms (phono MM) Analog output level/impedance: 200mV/900 ohms (REC Out) Speaker impedance: 6 ohms-16 ohms Analog audio inputs: Ten L/R (line), L/R phono (MM), 5.1-channel analog Digital audio inputs: Three coaxial, four TosLink optical Analog audio outputs: Four L/R (2xL/R record, L/R Zone1, L/R Zone2, L/R Zone 3), one 7.1-channel preamp out, headphones, Eleven pair speaker terminals Digital output: One TosLink optical Video inputs: Seven composite or S-video, three component, four HDMI Video outputs: Two composite or S-video, one composite-only zone 2, one component, one HDMI Other: Setup microphone, two 12V trigger, RS 232, IR in/out, IEC power connection, antenna (AM/FM/ XM), iPod Dock input Dimensions: 17-1/8" x 6-3/4" x 17-1/4" (W x H x D) Weight: 38.4 lbs
  6. I have a brand new just opened box pair of Mark and Daniels Maximus monitors in white which I was planning to use but have 2 many speakers already if you are interested in a solid marble speaker with insane tweeter and as mentioned serious bass all in a 15 kilo package.
  7. Item: Tara Labs RSC Prime M3 RCA Interconnects 1.0m Location: Perth Price: Only $200 delivered Aus wide Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Extra to use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only- Normal options Extra Info: As below- will pack well to freight. Great cable for half the price new . Description The Prime M3 Interconnect cable begins with a simple extrusion of Polyethylene around the conductors. The Prime M3 is a smaller diameter cable with a more neutral tonal balance. It is also well matched with any consumer brand audio equipment. The Prime M3 provides high-frequency extension with natural sounding high frequencies along with punch and detail in the mid-range and lower frequencies. This is an interconnect cable with excellent resolution that can be used with a wide variety of audio components. RCA (Torque-Lock) Anti-corrosion coated SA-OF8N® copper braided shield Shielded RSC® SA-OF8N® copper conductors. Natural fiber spacers. The RSC Prime audio cables use SA-OF8N copper conductors. (Super-Annealed, Oxygen-Free, Mono-Crystal, Frequency-Tuned, 8-Nines-99.999999% copper conductors) All cables have: hand-polished conductors and are handmade per order in Ashland, Oregon, USA. The RSC Prime – is lifetime guaranteed. The cables arrive in a poly bag with box. -----
  8. Item: QED xt 400a Aircore speaker cables -DIFFERENT lengths 1.2m and 3.5 Metre lengths Location: Perth Price: $220 including Postage Item Condition: AS NEW Reason for selling: No Use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Can pack for safe postage PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The flagship Aircore cable. Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper tubular conductor geometry. For use in the finest hi-fi and home theatre systems. X-TUBE with Aircore technology is a genuine breakthrough in loud speaker cable design. This new cable range delivers many of our world-renowned Genesis Silver Spiral cables - superb transparency, dynamic and control - in a more compact cable format. X-TUBE is designed to be the natural upgrade for anyone using QED's Silver Anniversary speaker cables or those simply wanting the best performance for their hi-fi or home theatre systems. QED X-Tube XT-400 Speaker Cable Massive 2 x 4mm2 conductor cross sectional area 99.999% Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper stranded braid conductors Compact figure 8 construction Polyethylene AirCore Copper Mylar conductive wrap PTFE tape wrap, PVC outer jacket. Dimensions 12.7 x 6mm. X-TUBE WITH AIRCORE TECHNOLOGY HOW IT WORKS. One of the big problems as cable conductor size increases, is how to keep the inductance low. This is vital to reduce cable losses and prevent inaccuracies in the signal transfer process, i.e. distortion. The normal way to do this is to use a number of individually insulated conductors within the cable construction. This method is utilised to great effect in the design of our Genesis Silver Spiral loudspeaker cables. However, this results in a product that has a very high quality sound performance, but is expensive to manufacture and can be difficult to terminate. To take advantage of this design ethos, but in a more conventional format, X-TUBE forms the conductor in the shape of a tube with an inner aircore. This has the same effect as using multiple insulated conductors and ensures that high frequencies are transmitted cleanly, with the added benefit of ease of termination. This unique tubular conductor geometry also provides lower flux density within the conductors, which gives improved transparency to the sound.
  9. Item: The Clearaudio Concerto V2 mc cart Location:n Perth Price: $3100 new $4495 max 20 hour use only. Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Sold turntable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Cartridge --The Clearaudio Concerto Clearaudio has significantly improved our fully symmetrical MC design, first patented in 1980. We redesigned the generator in a revolutionary way by positioning and doubling the magnets (to 8 pcs.) so the coils are operating in a much stronger magnetic field. Furthermore we have chosen the strongest magnetic material available: super neodymium. Through these achievements, the efficiency has been raised by 30%, which results in an output of up to 0.9 mV at 5cm/sec. All models now utilize the improved V2 generator. The new Micro-HD Diamond tip provides a hybrid parabolic geometry with a stylus radii of 0.008mm x 0.040mm. The total mass (0.00016g) is a fifth of the previous diamond stylus. Cartridge body resonances, while tracking in the groove, are minimized through the twelve finger design of the mounting plate, each finger with a different radius. This is the result of our constant research and development. The cartridge bodies of our 5 models: Goldfinger, Titanium, da Vinci, Stradivari and Concerto are made out of the following: gold, titanium, ceramic coated aluminum, Ebony and Satinee wood. The generator construction of the new V2 moving coil cartridge generation is absolutely symmetrical: mechanically, magnetically and electrically, our unique design. All Clearaudio moving coils use our proven 24 ct. pure gold coils. All the design aspects of Goldfinger, Titanium and Stradivari are found in the Concerto V2: the entry-level into our New-Generation-Super class of moving coil cartridges. Both the satiné wood from which the body is made and its resonance-optimised shape contribute towards the excellent performance of the Concerto V2, the baby of the Clearaudio flagship range Clearaudio Concerto V2 MC Cartridge With a dynamic range of up to 70 decibels and a total weight of only seven grams, the mc concerto v2 qualifies itself for the top league of moving coil cartridges. Within this satin wood body the technology is outstanding, housing 24-carat gold coils and a patented eight-magnet array unique to our V2 range. Further champion-level ingredients are the boron cantilever and Micro HD stylus. A recipe to win the trophy of sound championship. Total weight: approx. 7.0 gram Output voltage: 0.6 mv at 5 cm/s Material/color: satinè wood with metal platter STYLUS SHAPE Micro HD COMPLIANCE 15/15 μ/mN REC. TRACKING FORCE 2.8 g REC. LOAD RESISTANCE 300 Ohm OUTPUT VOLTAGE 0.6 mV at 5 cm/s CARTRIDGE IMPEDANCE 50 Ohm CARTRIDGE BODY Satinè wood with metal platter TOTAL WEIGHT Approx. 7.0 gram
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