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  1. 2 complete opposite ends of the spectrum, subtle. super tight the entire tracks good full stop and Dire Straits Love over Gold Album track Private investigations. for serious sub-sonic bass listen to Goldie Timeless track 1 all the way through - most unless you are into electronic music - garage or jungle and will not enjoy but for this experiment stick with it about half way through the drop in bass will suck you in like a black hole and will make you reset your bass settings accordingly. if played loud enough its like someone opened a b52 bomber hatch and let go of the cargo.
  2. I can tell you all first hand having owned multiple lp12's- many other decks, vis, transrotors - older style direct drive technics and denons and a Rega rp6, 2x rp 10's and 2 rp9s , the (my current rp9 )with the rb 1000 arm and the matching brand new reconditioned ortofon jubillee cart will beat anything upto 10k or even more in price, its a magic deck and Arm nd the cart was an anniversary piece od cartridge qmagnificentance never replicated by Ortofon. its taking me 5 times the price to beat the combination. it took me over 12 months to find another rp9 and longer to find the cart, the combo is special and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I am selling out of a very one off opportunity to move up to a deck I never thought o could justify or own. If you don't buy my rp9 and jubilee try to listen o one and judge for yourself.
  3. Ed yes please, no pun intended have you a list of others for sale.
  4. Sorry I actually wrote in the advert last night that I had swapped with Doug, Tubular bells for his transrotor and ortofon cadenza black a few years a go and had missed the p9 ever since. I hope yours is spinning well Doug, sounded great on the video with candy flip. The text must have dropped off. Hope you are well Doug.
  5. What can I say this is my original Jubilee that has spend the last couple of years touring SNA homes and then sent to Dmitri in Vladivostok for a complete build, his work is sublime and is thought of as better and higher quality than may original cartridge makers, maybe its because he takes months to do it. It truly sounds superb on Rega p9 also for sale. Jubilee carts are not made anymore as they were a celebration cart, the cart falls somewhere just above the Cadenza black or bronze and has a bit of each personality. Background story I had been searching for a Rega p9 and Jubilee since I sold / swapped mine with Tubular Bells for his Transrotor and Cadenza black years ago and regretted it ever since. Something magical about this combo, what is basically a very simple pairing, maybe its just the excellent cart (or the cart and the groundbreaking at the time p1000 arm) just work or the whole combo either way with its space age platter and wooden plinth, have sold decks worth 10k plus that cannot keeps up its simplicity, musicality and overall enjoyment,. I have taken a mega leap up the chain reducing my box count and selling everything thats not tied down. If the deck goes and the cart stays I wont be upset as I will convince myself that I need it as a back up or maybe even to add to a second arm. - a man can dream. Who knows anyway its at 5 hours or so now, postage and SNA donation included. Pm any questions. pics same as deck.
  6. I swapped my first Rega p9 with jubilee cart with Tubular bells for his translator and ortofon cadenza black a few years a go and have missed the p9 ever since. Just a deck and cart that works so well together. .Regretfully after taking at least 12 months to find another mint one am selling my Rega p 9 with or without cart, cart advert to follow. Its in lovely condition and pairs so well with the Ortofon Jubilee. Not sure what else to say I bought it 6 moths ago but rack can only take 2 decks and I have upgraded my main deck and so very regretfully this has to go, unless the Vertere goes first. Comes with extra matt apart from that its stock standard - has half of main box but can pack up carefully to ship anywhere. Any other queries pm please. Cart no included in this price.
  7. Amen to that.. I just wish someone would take the plunge, I have no idea why they are still for sale, the stand mounts seem to sell in days.
  8. Tortech Isolation transformer- brand new - un boxed yesterday. P/ N SD100-300 input 230-240 v ac 50 hx 1.25 A. output 100 V AC 300 VA Price includes freight
  9. For those in the know its a bargain- if it was AR or Mac etc it wold be double the price. its a lovely combo and built to life 2 last times. Even the freight boxes are solid one inch think chipboard .
  10. High end Swiss made Goldmund Telos 200 Mono blocks in mint condition as new with books, no boxes but can pack easily to travel east. Have a Matching Goldmund Mimesis 37 Signature pre amp for sale too and part of my other listings. Goldmund Telos 200 monoblock amps. Matching numbers pair. Bought recently for a bi ammp setup that never really got off the ground, so unused. These are in superb condition. Audition available for local buyer. For a PAIR of Goldmund monoblocks this is a bargain! No need to say anymore, they are Goldmund! Over seas and on hifi shark they are much more expensive. Reduced price for quick sale. Price fixed., Amps have a dac and can take digital and analogue inputs directly into the rear of the amps. Weigh about 20 kilos each. But both fit into the space for one big stereo amp.
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