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  1. 20% off vinyl.com.au this week and lots on sale. 40000 to choose from.
  2. Hello mate, just a thought, I would change the name of you listing as I think you will get more views if it explains more what it is, i.e. complete system for sale, including Rega , Arcam and Whatmough components etc.. Also is the CD player included in the package, GLWTS
  3. Can I use this to drive the sub in my magna...😁😁😁
  4. Looks great in black, I have it in silver with matching power amp and have considered Big Macs but the Vitus especially after a few hours on just keeps bringing me back. At least you can read the writing on a black one. GLWTS. Awesome amp of someone.
  5. Can I ask the age please and not that it matters are you the original owner. Is it still on the original tubes???cheers AB
  6. Hi mate do you know I have been listening to both Talk talk and The The this week and the Talk Talk Spirit of Eden first 2 tracks have a harmonica played in an uncannily similar way to on The The Dusk, I never would have put them in the same category before as really only listened to the more electronic greatest hits of Talk Talk but listening to some of the original albums especially Spirit so very similar , I guess both English both 80's-90's. Both have their dark sides and their commercial hits. cheers AB
  7. Sometimes wonder why I sold my pre and mono blocks in black, lovely product and GLWTS.
  8. Wrong side of the country damn...GLWTS.
  9. Hi John, timing is everything, wow, thank you for the tip and the offer , I will check the seal, however after a few weeks I eventually contacted Dynaudio and they happily sold one for $300 and it arrives today. AAArrgh
  10. I have it and all the others but not one to spare sorry...they have a few others hanky panky and naked self but I wouldn't pay for those on vinyl unless rereleased and they have this box set of everything weird and wonderful about the band, https://www.thethe.com/radio-cineola-trilogy-new-boxset-announced/ they just played at Sydney Opera house I think as part of their 40 anniversary tour.
  11. You should get Dusk too, its very good imho I remember seeing them live at the Brixton Academy followed by Soul II Soul , one of the best musical weekends of my life. Back in the day as they say...
  12. Stunning set up. Nice colour. DO YOU HAVE ALL THE BOXES AND FREIGHT MATERIAL. are they an optional finish as not on the colour specs sheets that I have seen. cheers Adam
  13. I guess it is just blown, sounds like it anyway, the main part of the driver, made of paper or other material, makes a funny almost clicking noise around its edge if you manually push it in and out, I think it was exposed to too much volume one day, i have looked on ebay once will keep checking. thanks Adam
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