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  1. There are some very good valve and solid state amps kicking around in the classified software for $2000 which I know is twice your budget but your Mac book is good or can be with good audio software etc and the Rega is great and the addition of a better cart is a great idea if required and or interconnect and speaker cables to and from the amps maybe beneficial. If you can stretch your budget it will be beneficial. So your sources are good so the amps is next in line. then cables then a speaker upgrade. As others says playing with speaker positioning and basic room optimisation will also bene
  2. Awesome tube pre amp . Massive price reduction from new. Matching power amp maybe available too. RRP of pre is $11295 4 years old but no used for 2 years. Light use before. The Trafomatic Reference Line One is a fully balanced push pull Class A design preamplifier High end , high quality sound pre amp. I have the solid wooden original crate so shipping can be arranged (at the purchaser's cost and risk). But the packing materials are solid , wood crates and moulded interiors so no issues.
  3. If in Perth I would happily loan you as they are sitting in the boxes awaiting new owner.
  4. Agreed great race to watch for once. Some of it was breath taking to be honest. I think I caught myself listening twice to "did he just say that on live tv" anyway part of the fun, Murray certainly wasn't perfect but we loved his work.
  5. I know lots of people will know this but some won't so this is for you https://www.netflix.com/title/80204890 "Drive to survive" has truly has reignited my love for Formula 1. To get to see , hear and witness all of the chats and commotion around the teams and paddock. It makes the fact that the Silver arrows dominate everything or have been for so long, less important as you become so much more interested in the mid field teams, the characters on the circuits and all the jostling for position/ positions on the track and in the teams, brilliant binge viewing and I would think it wo
  6. Agreed Ken, I jumped on to the SUN website to see how much xxxx the team received. Plenty as you can imagine. onwards and upwards - hopefully we both make it through.
  7. Well Ken you will be happier than me this morning, what an atrocious game of football. England back to their mediocre best if that. Coming home my arse...
  8. Bought this year from SNA member looks like a Dave and built like a tank, excellent sound and features, including dual AES INPUTS (which I always rate a product highly if they have) so great with Esoteric or other transports with twin AES outs, also usb, coax, optical, word clock and high res bluetooth. Only selling as its my third dac and not needed - though I like it a lot. Seriously good DAC for the money was $5995 USD new not sure of the age of this unit but works very well and sounds great when matched with suitable digital transport of some kind. Specifications
  9. These are excellent interconnects. These are the updated Pro Silway 111 + models updated to the plus version indicated I believe by the black and white stripes rather than full black and have furetech ends. Hard to find info on these , the model I think came out in 2017 and the normal 2 metre USD cost was about $800-1000 USD. SO these are higher up the product list. Happy to keep these as back up RCAS if need be but prefer to pass onto new home. thanks for looking.
  10. Buy the rp or p8 or even find a p/rp10 used as they come up once in a while, my all time favourite though is the 9. I think it wins hands down. Based on I have had two 10's - 3 x9's a P3 and a P6. No P8 though. The 10 looks wicked in skeleton mode though. Which I think the 8 replicates. good luck and enjoy as others mentioned buy the best deck and arm you can and then even a used cart to start with. if funds don't allow. So many great carts on here for 500-1000 bucks. Most of all enjoy your choice and pick the one you like the best.
  11. Just getting a head up of steam for tonights huge match at the Euros, England take on Scotland in the oldest football match/rivalry on the planet. Prediction England 2 Scotland 0 Football's coming home... hhaaaahaa...even though I don't live there anymore. Good luck boys...
  12. I searched long and hard for the best and closest to fully automatic record cleaning machine in the world and came across they stunning almost quiet RCM from Germany. Its unopened and comes with 2 bottles of dedicated cleaning liquid a litre each think . Ultra easy to set up and use and run in a normal room as it does not sound like a jet engine. I have about 2000 albums and some really bad ones to clean but have decided to use a friends service instead on the bad ones and sell this and maybe run a cheaper ultrasonic bath version in the garage.. I have no real space fo
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