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  1. This was the David Byron era, same tour as caught on the live album. All now deceased apart from Mick Box.
  2. Yes indeed, Tim was a trail blazer. The front cover of ' NEAR THE BEGINNING ' features a side on shot of Tim with those four tuners - my all time favourite bassist photo. That album also features two brilliant slices of psychedelia on the studio side ( SOME VELVET MORING / WHERE IS HAPPINESS ) and a side long live track where the whole band get to indulge. Respect.
  4. It always made me chuckle to picture the band arriving for the photo shoot and Gavin spotting Gerry - " Gerry, you utter, utter bastard, you promised to wear stripes !!! ".
  5. Esteemed guitarist/ singer and mainman for the awesome melodic hard rock band, MOUNTAIN died yesterday following a cardiac arrest earlier this week. Leslie was known for his distinctive lead work, featuring wonderful riffs, shying away from chord work. Anyone unfamiliar with his work could have a listen to ' NANTUCKET SLEIGHRIDE '. to get a taste of this man's excellence. Respect.
  6. Hundreds of gigs were excellent - particular faves were WISHBONE ASH, JETHRO TULL, PROCAL HARUM, RUSH, U.F.O, YES, NEIL YOUNG, CLASH, GRACE JONES, KINKS, RICKIE LEE JONES, STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, URIAH HEEP etc. Seldom heard an Aussie or kiwi band)artist who did not deliver. Worst - take a bow Frank Zappa and The Mother's at Festival Hall. Exhibiting apparent disinterest and distain for the audience, I will never forget the sight of dozens of people streaming out from the 30 minute mark. I lasted 50 minutes before adjourning to join the growing crowd in Dudley Street for a debrief/ doob
  7. The second album, OCEANA, has been very difficult to find, but good news, it was reissued a few months back, and available from the GOANNA website. Well worth a listen. Billy
  8. Harold was a one off. I worked with a bloke years ago who only listened to Harold and Brian Eno. ' LOVELY THUNDER ' and ' THE PEARL ' are essential albums for the ambient genre but could entrance listeners in general. ' LOVELY THUNDER ' in a darkened room during a storm is a real trip. Think icebergs colliding in slow motion. Respect Billy.
  9. I think the Mofis are very close to the first generation Polydor/ Dreyfus, I.e. - neither squashed or messed with. Would love to have the former, but very happy with the latter.
  10. Did you score the Mofi record or CD ? I know they were well regarded.
  11. Picked this up on Bluray a few years back. Very good performance but production values are very high. Recommended for the newbie MARILLION cadet. Billy.
  12. Enjoying this long time favourite and electronic classic via surround system. Taking signal ( from CD ) exit Bluray player via analogue out into ONKYO A/V ( ? into pro-logic). I am amazed how this decodes; I thought pro-logic only did a simulation job of rear info. This spin reveals not only discreet rear L/ R detail, but, on track 2 ( OXYGENE 11) very distinct diagonal information. Quite amazing really for a 1976 release. My copy is the Pilydor/Dreyfus 800 015-2 German original, not the brick walled Dave Dadwater from 2014. Billy
  13. Going all classic with the Quad mix of one of the Caped Ones finest. An authorised release of an non- commissioned needle drop that was so good that the company decided to call it there own. You haven’t heard MERLIN THE MAGICIAN properly if you haven’t heard this. Unreasonable and uncalled for synthesisers abuse ? Yes indeed. Awesome. Billy
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