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  1. Noting the sad death of Benny Mardones, another victim of that bastard Parkinsons Disease. Benny would be remembered by older readers for a huge hit " INTO THE NIGHT" drawn from the album " NEVER RUN, NEVER HIDE" a few decades ago. If you draw a triangle of " New Joisey" (sic) bands, you could have Springsteen, in one corner, Southside Johnny and The Asbury Dukes, in another, and Benny to complete the triangle. For this album, at least, think of Bruce, actually produced by Spector, to get a compass on the sound. Benny could could belt it out, but could also deliver a straight lyric with authenticity and soul. He was never able to convert that hit into a global career, but kept performing and recording with a solid fan base. This song is IMHO his greatest work. Written about the death of his nephew, and as I have noted before, the best song Springsteen never wrote. I played the album so many times over the years, and this song always bared emotions and left me in tears. I have not been able to play it at all these past 12 months. It would pull me apart all over again. But I will play it again in the future. I guess I wanted to flag a song that illustrates what can happen when an artist totally commits to a lyric and drags you in. Billy.
  2. The war film I now rate as the best, " COME AND SEE" - is getting a CRITERION release. This is the anti-Hollywood, fact based antidote to all the vain glory offerings we have seen over the years. ( Not that there aren't some great ones around). The first time I experienced it, I thought that technically, it was sub par. Then the penny dropped, the first few minutes are meant to resemble grainy news footage. I know a few intrepid cinema buffs on SNA have taken the chance. I have noted in the past, this is not entertainment. It is to be experienced. Strictly not for children, or those who were raised on Hollyweird patriotic fluff. Billy.
  3. Pleased you enjoyed it @betty boop. An excellent antidote to Hollywood bombast. Evolving from the stage play, this is all about the characters and the story. Also packs an emotional wallop. Similarly, " LAND OF MINE" , despite a few shocking moments, is all about the characters. I would put these two on the shelf together, opposite end to anything recent from Hollyweird. Have just worked my way thru "CATCH 22" which, as a series, stands tall with the movie and the original novel. ( George Clooney just dusted off his character from " THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS" and gave it another run. He does wild-eyed bonkers as good as anyone. If I ever pulled a bank job, George would be my preferred wing-man).
  4. Two more snaps my brother caught on his land near Bendigo. The middle tawny is one he raised from a little one. And now the territory hosts his own flock. ( There are three in that snap.) The other little critter is known as a " possum owl" - rather nocturnal, rather rare, and a little spooky in a beautiful way.
  5. Saddened to note the death of brilliant musician, producer and mentor to so many - RUPERT HINE, at the age of 72. Besides his own excellent albums, he produced for the likes of RUSH, THE FIXX, LITTLE HEROES, and SUZANNE VEGA. If he is unknown to you, try streaming the albums, IMMUNITY or WAVING NOT DROWNING. Complex arrangements, densely layered sound design, and often a little bit unhinged, which makes it very current even today. Class all the way. Respect, Billy.
  6. Noice one Evil. ....and here was I thinking it was your new 'special' parcel from FREDERICKS OF HOLLYWOOD, forwarded via NZ ' cos Aussie Post is so useless. More power to the wand. Billy.
  7. Good evening @progladyte . Readers should know that PROG has challenged/ educated me with a selection of proggy goodness, basically spanning most points of the globe. I promised to listen to everything the recommended 5 times, so have been working my way, having a quick taste of everything, then going back to the ones that truely ring my chimes. Nothing has drawn a blank as yet, rediscovering KAYAK has been a joy, and ' FROZEN FLAME' has been played over 30 times: a guitar lick that echoes Jan Akkerman and Steve Rothery at their very finest. To repay the kindness, I am compiling a definite list of polka and Cambodian lounge music selections which I am sure will delight and titillate his Progness. Respect. Billy.
  8. Happy to give these a tick. I enjoyed them on the end of Evils' tubes a number of times. They really do produce music in a manner way, way above their asking price. If your taste is for the ' emotional' kick that comes with well recorded music, these do it very well. I enjoyed rock, symphonic, PROG, and a bit of Keb'Mo and they acquitted themselves totally. If your ears responds to the Duntech/ Whatmaugh palette, these are a good match. ( Also had the privilege of meeting Doug. Wonderful man) Billy.
  9. Just noticed, today is the 8th anniversary of the PROG thread. Keeping the love alive, thanks to Progladyte, Dean of All Things Progressive, and a small gang of dedicated progsters- you know who you are, ( and what sublime taste you have). Thanks Greg for keeping the kettle on the boil when my mind was elsewhere. Thanks progsters, very classy. Billy.
  10. Haven't a clue how to download, but pleasantly surprised that I could play each of these Porkies offering all the way thru on the iPad. Great stuff.
  11. Lots of good stuff there, but if anyone does not have a copy of IRON BUTTERFLY " METAMORPHOSIS" - you should feel shame. Billy.
  12. Amazing album: I believe the band were early casualties of the Sav-Blanc catastrophe , later dealt with by exporting the complete vintage to Oz and discounting prices. Oh, and lots of grass. ( Hope all are well at Evil Springs) Billy
  13. The first Mofo issue of A SALTY DOG was very good, but the new master is sublime. Worth the upgrade, you won't be disappointed.
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