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  1. Noice one Evil. ....and here was I thinking it was your new 'special' parcel from FREDERICKS OF HOLLYWOOD, forwarded via NZ ' cos Aussie Post is so useless. More power to the wand. Billy.
  2. Good evening @progladyte . Readers should know that PROG has challenged/ educated me with a selection of proggy goodness, basically spanning most points of the globe. I promised to listen to everything the recommended 5 times, so have been working my way, having a quick taste of everything, then going back to the ones that truely ring my chimes. Nothing has drawn a blank as yet, rediscovering KAYAK has been a joy, and ' FROZEN FLAME' has been played over 30 times: a guitar lick that echoes Jan Akkerman and Steve Rothery at their very finest. To repay the kindness, I am compiling a definite list of polka and Cambodian lounge music selections which I am sure will delight and titillate his Progness. Respect. Billy.
  3. Happy to give these a tick. I enjoyed them on the end of Evils' tubes a number of times. They really do produce music in a manner way, way above their asking price. If your taste is for the ' emotional' kick that comes with well recorded music, these do it very well. I enjoyed rock, symphonic, PROG, and a bit of Keb'Mo and they acquitted themselves totally. If your ears responds to the Duntech/ Whatmaugh palette, these are a good match. ( Also had the privilege of meeting Doug. Wonderful man) Billy.
  4. Just noticed, today is the 8th anniversary of the PROG thread. Keeping the love alive, thanks to Progladyte, Dean of All Things Progressive, and a small gang of dedicated progsters- you know who you are, ( and what sublime taste you have). Thanks Greg for keeping the kettle on the boil when my mind was elsewhere. Thanks progsters, very classy. Billy.
  5. Haven't a clue how to download, but pleasantly surprised that I could play each of these Porkies offering all the way thru on the iPad. Great stuff.
  6. Lots of good stuff there, but if anyone does not have a copy of IRON BUTTERFLY " METAMORPHOSIS" - you should feel shame. Billy.
  7. Amazing album: I believe the band were early casualties of the Sav-Blanc catastrophe , later dealt with by exporting the complete vintage to Oz and discounting prices. Oh, and lots of grass. ( Hope all are well at Evil Springs) Billy
  8. The first Mofo issue of A SALTY DOG was very good, but the new master is sublime. Worth the upgrade, you won't be disappointed.
  9. Not to split hairs but a closer description would be ' electronic ' as opposed to ' electronica' which mutated later. Progressive yes, but not necessarily PROG, although the roots of PROG and Berlin School electronic can both be traced back to an appreciation of early and late classical composition. That live slice of master work "LOGOS" is a little faster than the original performance, and incidently, my equal favourite album of all time. I cannot but urge you to get a copy of LOGOS, learn it and love it. You will be a better man for it.
  10. Finally managed to sit through this turd of a film. First tried around 1985, fell asleep. Tried again a few years later. Fell asleep. Tried last year, fell asleep. Tried tonight, made it. Even if Lynch had been able to finish it as he wanted, this is a shocker. Quite rightly attributed to the directorial skills of that great Omni-present wonder boy, Alan Smithee. Though one can see a few visual ideas liberally 'borrowed' for later and better films ( Alien, Starship Troopers, Streamers), it never really elevates to that much aspired to level of ' so bad it's good' - it barely makes it to ' so bad it's really bad'. Patrick Stewart may still have nightmares about the lines he has to spout. Indeed, it's best savoured with the sub-titles on, as the dialogue is risible. The sight of STING in his leather speedos certainly elevates the camp factor, and the floating Baron ( who floats for no particular reason) does have a brilliant floor length leather coat that had me envious. Did I mention the gigantic worm who arrives in a transparent smoke filled tram,. and appears to speak, AND blow fire from an orifice that resembles the lady parts of a cow in season. No? Then right there is the best reason to subject yourself to this cinematic brain fart. Or.......maybe Kyles' industrial strength bouffant. So much to dwell on really. Oh, and the device that confuses the giant worm at the end is called , wait for it............ THE THUMPER!!!! So Freudian, so 80s. Billy.
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