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  1. Finally got to experience this Chinese movie recounting the Japanese invasion and destruction of Nanking and the subsequent rape and murder of thousands of women and girls and the slaughter of an estimated 300,000 military and civilians. In purely technical terms this is masterpiece. The b/w cinematography is pristine and often, despite context, hauntingly beautiful. The conflict scenes are kinetic wth a soundtrack that will have you ducking you head. The victory dance/ march at the 2 hour mark is quite an awesome sight, set as it is to pounding Koto drums. I usually avoid so ca
  2. Three favourites: FREE - HEAVY LOAD : Paul Kossoff showing that less can be more. A tight and tone perfect reflection of the lyric. HEADBAND - GOODBYE MOTHER NATURE : Mauri Berg plays with exquisite taste and one of the richest guitar tones to grace an Aussie album. SKYHOOKS - POINT IN THE DISTANCE : Bob Spencer cut a chiming and precisely written play- out solo that decades later still gives me goosebumps. Perfection. Billy.
  3. I have tried to give SUEDE a decent hearing over the years but always give up, fighting to hear the music drowning under the flat, overproduced sound scape on offer. I have tried the hardest with this one, as I can applaud the arrangements, some passages of sweeping beauty hooking me in, but again, the f*¥|<%>£ awful flat production makes it virtually unlistenable. Brett, who is a distinctive singer, chooses/allows his voice to be buried in the mix on many of the tracks- dude, without printed lyrics, mostly I have no idea what you are banging on about. There is so much instru
  4. A classic 1946 Michael Powell/ Emeric Pressburger film, A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH gets a screening on SBS movies at 10.20 this evening. Loaded with subtext, and not without humour, the ‘heavenly court room’ finale is an amazing visual treat. Any claimant to genuine love of cinema needs to tick this off the list of ‘must- see’ film.
  5. Thanks JJ - these are so good. I am also coming across the ‘shred’ phenomena, and the Hall and Oates episode had me roaring with laughter last evening “MAN EATER” is sublime. Billy
  6. One Phoebe fan right here. Amazing performer of her own songs and one of the best BEATLE covers ever - ‘ Don’t let me down’. ✊ Billy.
  7. For a hit of pure joy try tubing “The Peanuts Gang Sing “THICK AS A BRICK”. This is brilliant. Sorry cannot paste the link, doing same on an iPhone stumps me. Billy
  8. New Zealand hero Max Merritt died in L.A . yesterday.
  9. Greetings Lucius. I have read or reread 5 Hendrix related books over the past few months ( the best being John McDermotts’ ‘Setting the Record Straight ‘) and have formulated my own take on what happened. Alas, we will never know. Btw - the surround mix of E.L.L., is amazing, with some very transporting moments and is most likely just what Jimi would have done if the technology was available. ‘ 1983’ can only be described as immersive. Billy
  10. Fifty years ago today the man left us under circumstances that may never be adequately explained. There is an Aussie link here. Greens founder Bob Brown was the young intern on duty when Jimi was belatedly admitted to the London hospital a&e department.
  11. I have been a Fairport/ Denny tragic since forever. Interesting historical note for anyone interested . Legend has it that Sandy Denny did not get on the plane to join the band for their Aussie tour, despite appearing on the posters. I saw the Fairports at The Dallas Brooks Hall concert. Halfway through the performance, Sandy strolled on from audience stage left, taking a seat at the grand piano, and proceeded to play 2-3 songs to a hushed audience. If you check any contemporary accounts of the rest of the tour dates, she was not in the country. I call bullshit on this. As a side no
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