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  1. Just realised I've still got this - and found the stand (table mount feet) too - anyone?
  2. The steel book xmen didn't scan as being part of the 3-for-40 for me, standard one was fine though Batman vs superman 3D was in the deal though
  3. I've ended up with the BeatsX - I find the EarPods uncomfortable so I figured the AirPods would be the same BeatsX are a bit bass heavy, but much better than I was expecting - esp considering it's Bluetooth
  4. It's a blend of everything it seems Cab sav, cab franc, merlot, malbec, shiraz
  5. Nice bargain Paracombe picked up a while ago, drinking well!
  6. Any good Bluetooth alternatives? I'm looking at the jaybird X3 or beats x (same W1 chip as the AirPods) And any sign of JB stocking the AirPods?
  7. Hmm, just noticed my original posts are missing! It's got a genuine pioneer wall mount bracket, but no desk stand or feet, so suitable for wall mount only. I'm in Gladesville, Sydney. PM for further details.
  8. 720p (actual res 1024x768) No tuner, it's just a display
  9. Great black levels and contrast, nearly as good as my Panna ST50. But yes, resolution and inputs aren't as good as current sets - still looks amazing at 3-4m viewing distance with HD content. Also, bump - $150 pickup
  10. Great, I missed getting Thor 2 yesterday because the staff couldn't find it...
  11. Ditto, now I'm hanging out for the next Marvel box set so I can get all the sequels I'm missing!
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