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  1. That's a long time to lurk ☺️ welcome to the SNA village .
  2. Welcome enjoy the information available here .
  3. Welcome Anthony , if you want to meet some of the Adelaide members check out the get together scene ( GTG ) this weekend and enjoy SNA.
  4. Very very loud Vaf i93's ☺️
  5. Sounds like Maggies are on the radar ☺️
  6. Yes thanks , will buy it .
  7. With my VPI I have the arm set level on 180 gram records , having almost paper thin records from the 70's up to 200 gram stuff it seems to be the best setup to my ears , have also settled on one mat after trying four or five different mats . I suspect that the mat material you are using may have more of an affect than the VTA settings , it certainly does on my TT.
  8. Welcome Bill , enjoy the Adelaide audio scene
  9. You can always come and have a look at mine again Matt , it being a later model , just to give you some ideas ☺️
  10. Welcome Jack , enjoy the site , the hills area is still the place to be ☺️
  11. At the moment I am in remission and have been for a while , hope it stays that way .😊
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