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  1. GTG at Simons place Saturday Oct 14th at 1pm

    Makes two of you , must be an age thing .
  2. GTG at Simons place Saturday Oct 14th at 1pm

    Record cleaning with Simons Ultrasonic unit is the first stage of a very effective method of removing crud and his system of drying is simple and foolproof , I had noisy Stravinsky The Firebird cleaned and dried , it now has no extraneous noise at all , I will need to go though my collection again . Apart from that it was nice day , good company and good weather .
  3. Hi Ant I Have an Aurealis SUT not being used you could pick up on the way through . ( if you change your mind )
  4. GTG at Simons place Saturday Oct 14th at 1pm

    Will be there , long time no see .
  5. Hello to all

    Welcome , enjoy the site .
  6. Belgian banquet for me as well thanks , will sort drinks out later , am no longer a big drinker .
  7. Pork Knuckle thanks Clive , no drinks
  8. Not your average GTG

    A very nice afternoon , good company , good music and definitely worthwhile .
  9. What's this then?

    Now loaded on Android , works a treat .
  10. Dynaudio Contour s1.4 LE

    Quality stands .
  11. Hi from Adelaide

    GTG = get together , a bunch , or a few guys meet at someone's place and talk and listen to music ( usually more talk than listen )
  12. Hi from Adelaide

    Welcome zippy , enjoy being part of SNA.
  13. Hi What do you have left in black in very good condition , and how old would they be ? Regards , Emiel
  14. Another South Aussie

    Welcome Prof , at least you have another home to visit .