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  1. I think if you reinstalled the ssd, then you need to scan it... try settings /music server/ lightning server/refresh cache.. as far as I know, if you put music on the server, (your ssd) it won’t appear on lightning DS, unless you refresh the cache.. there is another option in lightning server/additional options where you can opt for rescan all paths.. which I guess must do more than the cache refresh.. hope something works out for you.. I do remember having hassles setting mine up, but once sorted, the Aries mini has been most reliable and very easy to use.. it’s real
  2. If no luck finding someone, the support at agd is there. Have dealt with the guy previously, and he gets you to download a messaging software, and tries to help from there, or at least that is what he did in my case. I think if you are prepared tp pay postage, warranty goes for 10 years, but that wouldn’t be cheap.
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