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  1. Hi is this the one your after, I counted 8 wires per a colour?
  2. Back on Sale!! was an issue with my MacBook and not the projector, changed the source and picture is crystal clear
  3. Withdrawn from sale as the replace globe I purchases has issues. Will relist once rectified.
  4. Further information: Logitech wireless keyboard designed specifically for home theatre use. has the USB dongle included or can connect via USB backlit with built in trackpad and dedicated HT buttons super useful if running a HTPC setup retails for $150 no issues works great don’t use a HTPC anymore so I longer required can post at buyers expense Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Further information: 1080p projector has been used in my dedicated HT room for the past few years. Was top of the line when purchase with high quality optics and full isf calibration settings. just had the lamp replaced this week. Some light scuffs near the power button and the battery door for the remote is loose but otherwise in great nick with clean lens and no dead pixels. Comes with the optional cable cover. pick up preferred but can ship at buyers expense in original packaging Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Should be able to source a 2nd hand pair of KEF LSX speakers for close to your budget
  7. Have you considered the actives.
  8. I'm running PMC 25.23 currently have a Moon 340ix with D2 on board dac which is pushing out some great sound so concerned it may be a sideways step. I'm very tempted by the 7 day trial but could only afford one on the used market and didn't want to ruin it for me if it turns out the be a revelation, once you hear something it cant be unheard 🙂 Have only heard positive comments about Hegel so sure you can't go wrong good luck with the hunting !!
  9. Have this on my wanted list also curious if you took them up on the 7 day trial offer and if so what you thought?
  10. Thanks confirmed my thinking have seen 9400 going for under 2K which is tempting but might be best to replace the globe and wait a couple more years
  11. Hi My TW5500 needs a new globe at a cost of $399, wondering given it's age if it is worth buying a new globe or spending $1000 on a newer model either new or 2nd hand? I know the TW5500 was top of the line when I purchased it so I guess I'm wondering how far budget projectors have come over the last 10 years. The projector is used mainly for netflix/ video gaming/ don't necessarily need 4K or 3D or ISF calibration. What I don't like about the current projector is; 1) its a bit dull obviously more so with the globe on the way out but I've always had to have the room pretty dark 2)its a loud -ish, OK at night and when I can put it is ECO mode but during the day need to have it on full 3)something with a built in speaker would be nice when the kids are just watching their cartoons saves me having to turn on my Hifi Rig as well
  12. Guess so Epson globe is $350 and aftermarket is $150. It's an old projector now so hoping to upgrade soonish
  13. Need to replace the globe in my Epson TW5500 projector. Is there any issues using a aftermarket replacement or am I best to stick with a genuine Epson globe? Any recommendations on where to purchase in Melbourne or on-line may need a new air filter as well
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