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  1. The Minister of finance in my home has a different opinion on the matter 🤣 No doubt will make some lucky buyer very happy indeed GLWTS
  2. Have mine paired with PMC 25.33 and an excellent match! Awsome amp GLWTS
  3. Thanks, I've had few integrated amps over the last year currently running a Hegel 190 and I feel the only way to better the sound is to jump up to the next bracket. I'd love to stretch to.a Diablo 120 but doubt I will find one for sale let alone to my budget. Atilla looks to be the sweet spot for price v performance
  4. Item: Gryphon Atilla integrated Price Range: 5K Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for an end game integrated amp seems to be the best available in my budget Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. I have a real soft spot for Roksan, I had a caspian M2 which I loved it was sooo musical, and the Blak took all those qualities and turned it up to 11! but there are no pre outs / Sub outs and no HT bypass 😪 big omissions I feel at that pricepoint. You can't really excuse it as being a purist stripped down and focused product because they did think to include a fairly mediocre dac that does no justice to the amp section. If you listed to this amp on demo via its DAC I'm worried you would not be terribly impressed. I A/B it with a chord Questest and Night and Days would be an understatement, where as the Moon 340ix and Hegel get very close (if not close enough) to the quetests performance
  6. My recommendation on amps Bryston B135 if you want a clean / neutral wire with gain style amp Moon 340ix if you want a lively sound and want a built in DAC and Phono stage Parasound Halo HINT if you want to integrate with a Home theather and / or subwoofer Roksan Blak if you want clean high volume listening with bags of details but dont need to integrate a sub or HT Naim Supernait if you want a lush mid range but don't listen to dense rock music Hegel H190 if you want amp that does everything well, there are more detailed amps, more powerful amps, warmer amps but hegel strikes a near perfect balance at the price point Will need to look 2nd hand to get some of these under 6K
  7. Hi is this the one your after, I counted 8 wires per a colour?
  8. Back on Sale!! was an issue with my MacBook and not the projector, changed the source and picture is crystal clear
  9. Withdrawn from sale as the replace globe I purchases has issues. Will relist once rectified.
  10. Further information: Logitech wireless keyboard designed specifically for home theatre use. has the USB dongle included or can connect via USB backlit with built in trackpad and dedicated HT buttons super useful if running a HTPC setup retails for $150 no issues works great don’t use a HTPC anymore so I longer required can post at buyers expense Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Further information: 1080p projector has been used in my dedicated HT room for the past few years. Was top of the line when purchase with high quality optics and full isf calibration settings. just had the lamp replaced this week. Some light scuffs near the power button and the battery door for the remote is loose but otherwise in great nick with clean lens and no dead pixels. Comes with the optional cable cover. pick up preferred but can ship at buyers expense in original packaging Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Should be able to source a 2nd hand pair of KEF LSX speakers for close to your budget
  13. Have you considered the actives.
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