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  1. good advice, 1, I've moved to the best listening position in the room 2, Played with speaker postion best I could but could not pick-up any noticeable difference in response 3. Will trial a sub over the weekend and see if this helps, have a small MJ acoustics ref 150 which should suite the room nicely 4. Final option will be room correction (any recommendations) I see the dsp units pop up in the classifieds from time to time
  2. LOL no not too abstract, when I say frowned upon it "was" generally believed to get the room right and use EQ as last resort. but this was back in the day of only have 31 band or paramatric eq. This was generally tuned in with an RTA to get as close to flat as possible but if you were in a room with standing waves, dips early reflections EQ as you said was not the best medicine. There has been a real movement in the industry driven my manufactures like Genelec to use "room correction" which is being adopted more and more as mainstream. Again however the less you need to compensate via signal
  3. so here is my current room treatment set up currently the speakers are 51cm from the rear wall (to front face of driver) still have the bump at 140hz and a dip at 95hz but more controlled then an untreated room. I'm going to run Rew this weekend and really narrow in on the remanning issue. above 300Hz rooms sound flat to my ears which is great. Next steps is to add a clound above the listening position and a bass trap on at the wall to ceiling point above the listening position. I use the room for audio production and I 've done a couple mixes since the tr
  4. wow thanks for the detailed information a lot to work through 🙂
  5. Not sure if this has been posted before but came across a simple speaker placement calculator for near-field set-ups. http://noaudiophile.com/speakercalc/ I have a question for the more mathematically inclined SNA'ers . If i have. a front ported speaker what is the optimal distance from the rear wall if I want to try and tame a peaker at 145Hz. I calculated the 1/4 wave length at 61cm does this mean I should aim for 61cm from the front of the speaker to the rear wall?
  6. Further information: Have owned this for a few months having bought it off a fellow SNR member Kbrooks. . Has a very clear and articulate sound, very detailed but never analytical. The centre piece of this amp is it's imaging. Holographic provided an impressive sense of depth to the sound stage. Ive had a number of integrated in this price range all excellent but all with small compromises. The Hegel for me has been the least compromising. Powerful, best in class imaging, immense detail and fully featured. with onboard streamer and DAC. Currently driving a pair of PMC
  7. been getting great results with Hegel / Moon also worthy mention but the hegel imaging is so deep and concise
  8. Thanks PWstereo some great advise Only using the MDF to support the Basotec and provide fastening to the wall so will take you advice and look to use a cheaper alternative maybe just a sheet of ply board. My main issue at my listening position is 140hz where I have a 10db peak. It looks to be a combination of side wall and ceiling room modes combining between 140 -142hz. high pressure zones are the two front corners and directly behind my desk so plan was to hit the side wall and lower front wall with VRP panels with a corner trap above the listening position. Will als
  9. Been studying designs of this trap and would like to give it a go for my smaller listening room. My design will be as below. I've read people getting good results by sandwiching the metal plate between two absorbant layers. and this is same as RPG broadband MODEX trap. My Only concerns is I'm limited to size. Most suggest at least 100 X 150cm panels for best performance, but I'm limited to 80cm wide and will compensate by making them 180cm high. Plan to make 2 for the front and two 1m X 1.5m and trial in different locations.
  10. Thanks Bobby the eris E8 will be a little to big for my room unfortunately. will check out mannys
  11. Item: Studio Montitors Price Range $500 - $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a pair of studio montitors or a bedroom set-up. Looking at options between $500 to 1K open to all brands Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. +1 for a group buy, I will need 3-4 sheets of the 75mm
  13. wanting build some VRP style bass traps like the one below thinking the outer skin would be perfect application for a bad panel if I was to use metal or aluminium who/ where could i have these cut????
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