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  1. Further information: bought these to improve my WFH environment, I was probably a little too impulsive as haven’t really used them being on calls most of the day. excellent speaker doubt you will find better for desktop listening, very clear with multiple streaming options. Will include the Kanto stands in the sale All original cables and remote supplied, don’t have the box but can package safely for shipping. Contactless Pick up is available can demo in the garage if required. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. thanks will try and get my hand on the copy have the 20th anniversary version but much prefer stereo
  3. welcome will find loads of good advice here. some nice pieces of gear 🙂
  4. Hi curious as to how you had these positioned in the room
  5. Item: Analysis Plus USB / RCA / Speaker Cable Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking at trying analysis plus cables if you have any USB/ RCA or speaker cables let me know Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Fully agree, There have been some bad decisions along the way, like trying to shoehorn triple ported speakers into a small room with bass issues. Also things I've sold along for peanuts which I now wish I'd held on too. I just find instore demos compromised one thing I've learnt recently is synergy between components especially amplifiers and speakers the variables are huge and even with same amp same speakers in a store can sound very different in your own home. I remember demoing a pair of Kefs ls40 in store and didn't get what all the fuss was about but found a used pair latter on and they were a phenomenal speaker in my room. You just don't know until you hear it, then you can't un-hear it which is what makes chasing the dream so hard and expensive.
  7. I have a moon 340IX which has DSD decoding so thought i might see if its worth it. Had a look on HD tracks website but cant say any titles took my fancy, I don't have a dac that does MQA but I've never been overly impressed with Tidal which seems to be the main source. I find the interface clunky and I never find as much new music as I do with spotify if only they went Hi Res but i heard they did a massive trail and hardly anyone could tell the difference 🙂 Agree that no format can make a poor recording sound good and it's all about the performance and the engineering. Brothers in Arms is one example for me of sound quality perfection weather it be on vinly, mp3 or CD it always sounds so right
  8. Was one in the classifieds maybe he still has it? is based in Adelaide but postage is the best way to get to anything atm 🙂 Had one my self a long time ago great amplifier
  9. After some insights into DSD and if it is worth pursuing. How does the SQ compare to Tidal Masters Is there a worthwhile catalogue are there any subscription based services or is it pay per album only
  10. I guess for me having a good think about it I'd do the following Go active and remove the variable of the amplifier Get a good quality Streamer / DAC Play around with good quality analogue pres Pay more attention to my cabling
  11. yeah i tried to get into Vinyl but its cost prohibitive so many moving parts, turnables, carts, pres and then the music itself, a $25 tidal subscription would only get you on record. Also find a lot of the re-pressing of CDs just don't sound that good
  12. a little bit of interest so this is now for sale, If you require additional photos of the rear etc please let me know
  13. Totally agree on the amp speaker synergy, I’ve had a merry go round of amps in my system of late and I’m amazed at the sonic differences in each one
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