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  1. sorry miss read the OP if dual subs save your back, time alignment (phase correction) and eq is what you will need as numerous others have suggested.
  2. ive had heaps of problems integrating a sub within my room due to a null point at my listening position at 80Hz which sucks out all the energy. I experimented with heaps of different positions, room correction and room treatments. what worked best - I placed the sub itself at my listening position. (Had it sitting on a mdf board balanced on a bar stool), I then played a song with a tuneful bass track (you want something that is complex with a range of notes. I used a track by Kingswood called Golden has a nice running bass line which is pushed back into the mix and generally hard to follow on a poorly balanced system. I then crawled around on all fours listening to the bass response in different parts of my room. In some spots the bass was louder but one noted in others you really felt the null point. I tried to find a spot which had the best balanced sound and allowed me to follow the bass line without any noticeable peaks or nulls. This ended up being against my far wall about a third in from the back wall. not a conventional position but I'm now very happy with the bass integration i'm achieving.
  3. Hi can you use an outboard DAC via the USB?
  4. Thanks Luc, but these are passive glasses need the active ones, I've ordered via ebay
  5. Hi, Anyone know if you can still buy Sony 3D glasses? my TV is a KD55HX8504A
  6. Thanks Mr Thorens for the info exactly what I was after. I'll source the original cart from the UK unless there is a local supplier you can recommend looks like
  7. My dad has Pioneer PL-740 turntable, it circa 1980s and has been in storage for some time. He wants to play some of his old records but the stylus us missing. I can get a replacement from UK around $100AUD (PN-5MC) but was thinking if I would be better off replacing the cart? any recommendations?
  8. I have my Parasound integrated listed the classifieds atm (in black), welcome to bring your speakers over for a demo.
  9. Thanks George your making me regret my decision to sell 😞
  10. I've had a lot of amplifiers through my system over the years the only ones i'd buy again with out hesitation is Bryston and Parasound. I've run a P5 / A21 combo from parasound and i prefer the sound of the integrated over that combo, but my speakers are lot better now.
  11. yes is really handy especially if running HT bypass. It allows seperate subwoofer setup for 2 channel or will bypass the internal crossover if running HT bypass.
  12. Hi no not the hint 6, hint 6 had a different volume potentiometer, a few of the earlier versions failed. Happy to report mine is rock soild and no earth hum in my setup😁
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