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  1. Very keen on the Acarian speakers for sale in Syd at the moment, anyone making the trip and able to hide some speakers in their car? Payment can be made in cash/alcohol/other!
  2. I'm pretty keen, local too. Can I come and have a look/try on? Will PM
  3. epos

    SOLD: Morel speakers

    next in line please!
  4. absolute bargain, couldn't build one even close to this for the price
  5. This is absolutely incredible. Got to be one of the best Lencos I have ever seen. GLWTS
  6. epos


    wish I could snag these, surprised they lasted the day
  7. this is a fantastic DAC, I have one hooked up via optical to my MacBook Pro and it has been the best DAC solution I've tried yet. great price for it too. glwts
  8. epos

    Garrard 401, Plinth and Arm

    this is an absolute bargain, I can't believe it's lasted this long.
  9. epos

    The Denon 103 thread

    So just a shameless plug, I just received my new Snakewood headshell courtesy of Duc. And boy is it good looking. here are a few quick snaps: I am thinking about ordering a "Wand" tonearm and I have three carts and two decks, so if you want I am willing to cut you a deal? Take my DL-103 for a month and test it, just let me know what you think of the sound? Happy to send a P-77 too if you want. It's a lot of money for someone like me especially without hearing it so I could just borrow your ears! PM me if you like.
  10. epos

    My L75 build

    that looks nice, I have a couple of p-77s that I'm using on my tts. do you have any info on that arm per chance?
  11. epos

    My L75 build

    I'm also in two minds about getting the chassis chrome plated or two pack paint, opinions on keeping it original or nice looking? what do you guys like?
  12. epos

    My L75 build

    I think I am nearly done with my L75 build but need some help. I just built a plinth for it but its not attached. So far I have just dropped the Lenco into the plinth but do I need to bolt it down/couple it first? Also I currently have it set up on Sorbothane feet but for heavy plinths do I need coupling spikes or is the Sorbothane what should be used? Thanks in advance for your input.
  13. epos

    SOLD: Lenco L78 turntable for sale

    Excellent turntable, can be modded beyond belief. I have it's older brother, the L75 and can vouch for the quality of them. The L78 however doesn't have an on/off switch that is likely to ruin your stylus... big plus!
  14. epos

    SOLD: Various Audio Gear

    And it looks like the Luxman has been spoken for