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  1. I use a crown amp and it is good, but, the fan is noisy. Need to look into getting a quieter fan for it.
  2. @Juzbear I don't consider the new motor has made any difference to the sound of the TT, but, the new motor and the old motor were both silent in operation.
  3. Great for movies, they'd blend right into Star Trek on screen!
  4. Good work with the corner bracing. I installed a new motor on the weekend, but, it did not cure the very slow start up of the valhalla. Fitting the lingo2 did and now it is super fast to start up and 45 to boot :-) Next weekend will be the kore and all new suspension.
  5. @Juzbear have a look at https://lp12bits.com/ I have found his descriptions relate well to what I received and he is very helpful. Even allowed me to collect the kore when I was over there to avoid duties at this end. I like you are to do the corner bracing to avoid future loosening of the corners in the Brisbane humidity. Like you I am keeping everything I take off the LP12 I am updating, and will fit this back to a standard LP12 as much to keep a reference of what an early 80's deck is like. Some say this was the "best years" for musicality. Enjoy your journey! P.S. At least I have a tricked or RP1 to fill the void when the LP12 is being worked on :-)
  6. A point to consider is whether you find / consider shielding on interconnects is detrimental to signal transfer (another can of worms topic). If you think it is, then shielding power cables can be an advantage as with many multi box system set ups it is difficult to keep cables adequately spaced.
  7. Have a look at the tubes4hifi page. Certainly cheap enough to give a go in a re purposed case and if you like it go all out on enclosure and sockets etc. http://www.tubes4hifi.com/home.html I built the PH14 and really like it. Ousted my Graham Slee ReflexM. If I was doing it again I'd build the power supply in a separate enclosure to remove the "I wonder if the PS is coming through" thoughts.
  8. Indeed and still running them as a stacked pair with Megallins and Townshend super tweeters. The only issue I have is the noisey fan on the crown amp I use for the subs.
  9. These are what I use with my stacked ESL57's and I consider they match very well. But, I am no expert just a listener of music. I suggest anyone with panels read up on these as there aren't a lot out there capable of matching with electrostatics.
  10. @andyr thanks for qualifying your comment. I am actually very fond of the fluted afromosia plinth. Works of art aren't my priority with the increased costs of a "work of art" compared with a functioning and "pretty item" When I had my four, quad II's rebuilt by Elson Silva I had the option of a full rebuild including repainting the chassis, mains transformer, choke and output transformer, but, given it was not going to improve the sound I saved the monies that was required (around $500 each for the aesthetics). But, at least I can sort of hide them away. My LP12 plinth is in very good condition and IMO looks like an LP12 should, obviously for that era. No one will see what the important bits look like that are far from the mid 80's P.S. I have another plinth of early mid 80's and everything that comes off the main unit is to be used to create a "standard" early 80's pre cirkus LP12. I am very interested in being able to relive what the deck use to be. The fear is I may prefer the warmth, pace and rhythm that many like of the late pre cirkus era.
  11. @PeterC are you able to search? Seems I can't nor log in, but, then I don't know if I was ever a member of the Linn forum or just read posts.
  12. @andyr well I'm serious about getting the best sound I can within monetary constraints . I was looking at corner bracing to protect the plinth from coming away at the mitre joins in the Brisbane humidity aswell as being able to use the motor corner bolt. Is the standard Linn plinth a bad performer? How does the Linn plinths sound differ from the woodsong sound? The deck from being a early eighties pre cirkus, spot welded subchassis, IttokLVII is turning into a mober bearing and subplatter, kore sub chassis, Lingo2, Ekos mk1, with new springs and grommets. Still running a rebuilt Linn Asak cartridge. It is never going to be a top spec LP12, but, all things are moving it in the right direction. Corner bracing and corner bolt are the last of the Linn mods made through the last 30 years that haven't been, or more precisely, aren't to be addressed in the next couple of months. Cheers, Chris. P.S. Congrats on the Number9. I hope calibration works out well.
  13. Does anyone have guidelines for DIY corner bracing a LP12 plinth? Seems those that were on the Linn forum and Naim forum have disappeared. Would like to know size of the triangles, recommended thickness (probably in ply), cut out sizes for the tonearm and motor corner bolt as well as what height from the top plate they get mounted. I see there is also a steel corner brace fitted on some decks. Any info or links would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Chris.
  14. The speedway format is great, although it still can become a procession but only for four laps at least. When I was racing getting the start and first two corners (4 to an oval) were paramount to success. Once in front it is just a matter of keeping full throttle and racing your line. If someone wants to pass they have to go outside and it is a long way around the outside. Obviously it can be done if you don't spill too much speed in the slide.
  15. @Batty would you know how I can get the Speedway GP? Prefer to be able to download rather than stream as they are often on at stupid times of the night.
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