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  1. SOLD: FS: Pair of Speakers with Kelly Decca drivers

    If you end up looking to freight I'd be very interested.
  2. MOTOGP 2017

    There has to be some sort of penalty for the recklessness of Zarco yesterday. Thank fully it didn't result in a crash, but, on any other day it certainly could have! A great result if your a Marc Marquez fan - as I am
  3. Earth Hum on new wiring

    Yep on my LP12 protective earth goes to top mount bolt, wire link goes to subchassis, tonearm wire (and hence tonearm) connected to subchassis, goes to SUT/Phono stage and via the phono stage PCB goes to protective earth of the phono stage. Ground loop? I reduced noise by not connecting protective earth i.e. top plate bolt to the subchassis.
  4. Earth Hum on new wiring

    If the rewire includes a ground wire one would assume the professional who did it would have grounded the ground wire to the tone arm. Certainly worth testing for continuity between the ground wire and metal parts of the tonearm. @BORIStheSPIDER you say the alligator clip clipped to the hard plastic bit of the phono stage to pre amp cable stops the noise. Is this with respect to having it on the phono stage ground post? What about not having it connected at all? If the noise has gone and you have all the protective earths intact I'd say you have won. One thought though with the clip not connected and pressing in the same area that you had the clip does the noise disappear. Perhaps the shield on your phono to pre cable has come adrift if indeed it is shielded????
  5. Earth Hum on new wiring

    The more you read the more you will learn about ground loops. Producing a diagram of the components and what is connected to protective earth and where the signal grounds are connected will illustrate where any loops may be occurring. Note that it may not be obvious that signal wires are connected to ground e.g. the RCA's may be isolated from the chassis but are grounded through the phono stage PCB etc. There are some sites which give a step by step approach to determining where the issue is. Is your tonearm grounded on the TT to protective earth? This was an issue on my Lin LP12. On the TT I got the best result from having protective earth connected to the top plate and subchassis and therefore bearing/sub platter/platter and having the tonearm isolated from the other components but grounded to the SUT and phono stage. Look at your signal wires also in your phono stage and pre amp. Are the signal grounds connected to the chassis and is the chassis connected to protective earth. The aim is to have only one connection of the signal grounds to earth. I have two - signal ground in the phono stage to protective earth and signal wires in the pre amp to protective earth, but, it made no difference dropping one of them. Unfortunately I have found that it does become a case of trial and error of disconnecting signal grounds NOT PROTECTIVE EARTH WIRES and also using a length of wire connecting signal grounds to chassis's within and between components. Take notes of what you do, do not think "I'll remember" as there are many combinations and there is nothing worse than not remembering what was best. Good luck.
  6. FS: Plinius Hautonga integrated amplifier

    Wow $3500 for the amp and $3000 for postage..... don't think this is what they meant
  7. Tube tester in Qld

    Good to see you you found someone in Toowoomba. i had a look in my documentation with the tester I have and it did not mention UX-245. At least Tezza has the knowledge to be able to use settings for other tubes. I don't
  8. Tube tester in Qld

    I do have a tube tester, but, am unsure whether it can test this valve. I can look later tonight, but, the other complication is that I fly to Ireland on Sunday and wont be back until 17th of October. I am in Stretton SE Brisbane so easily drivable. Cheers, Chris.
  9. Pie & Vinyl , Record Cafe

    @EV Cali there is a second hand record shop / antiques / all sorts of stuff on Blunder Road on the left as you head towards Inala, not far of the Ipswich motorway. Has a cafe' but not sure if they sell pies sorry.
  10. LP12 Grounding

    Hi @Batty excellent value for money with looks to boot. I run it on the office system from the CJ Walker into the Earle Western Troubadour feeding a pair of Image 402's. I have no reason to fault it at all. Never run it on the main system so that will be interesting!
  11. LP12 Grounding

    @Telecine I will try these options again and make notes and measurements, but, my feeling is the different combinations had little effect. However, the ground wire from the LP12 included with the Linn T kable runs to the case of the SUT i.e. the ground post and the -RCA (isolated from the enclosure) are grounded to the ground post internal to the SUT. Therefore wont a ground from the SUT to the phono stage give two earth paths and a ground loop? Or is it only if they go to different ground points? Hard to find a good definition / description of ground loops
  12. LP12 Grounding

    Hi Andy Thanks for joining in. From your knowledge of the LP12 do you agree on keeping protective earth grounding and phono cable grounding separate within the LP12" With the SUT the RCA's are isolated from the chassis but internally the -ve RCA goes to protective earth. With the phono stage the RCA's are isolated from the chassis but through the PCB and a ground wire are common with protective earth. I'll have a look at the Graham Slee Reflex M tomorrow and see what arrangement it has. I am guessing your comment is such that there aren't two pathways to ground I.e. through the chassis and through the circuitry? P.S. The hum is at a similar level with the reflex M and the PH16. I can put in a Bugle I purchased of @Batty (his two box bugle build) and se how it fairs. Cheers, Chris.
  13. LP12 Grounding

    @Zaphod Beeblebrox @VanArn thanks for the advice as this would have been giving a ground loop. I have removed the phono cable ground wire from the cross brace and hence the chassis/top plate, subplatter and platter are grounded through mains protective earth of the turntable. The tonearm is connected to the ground wire of the phono cable and will be grounded through the "signal ground" of the system. Initially this caused horrific hum until I "unlifted" the RCA grounds from the ground post on the SUT. But, I still have a moderate level of hum. However, at listening volume (9 o'clock) it is not discernible at the listening position, but, at 12 o'clock it is. My issue is that there is a noise signal there as it can be amplified and therefore even if it is non audible it must be affecting the music at 50 Hz and its harmonics. The system is dead quiet with CD selected so I believe it is in the phono system. If I am to work backwards from the input to the pre amp do I just unplug cables or should I build grounding RCA plugs and sockets to check components and cables. Does a load need to be present? When I talk "phono system" it consists of LP12 with 100uV MC into SUT into phono switch, there is also a Strathclyde with MM connected to the switch. The switch feeds the phono stage. Shielded cables are used with the shield connected at source. The TT ground wire is connected to the SUT ground post, the ground post is connected to the ground of the RCA's via a lift switch within the SUT (all RCA grounds in and out of the SUT are common). No further ground connections are installed between the SUT, switch and the phono stage i.e. uses the RCA grounds. RCA grounds are connected to protective earth in the phono stage. All components are powered from the same outlet except the right hand side speakers and power amps are supplied form a different wall outlet, although next to each other on the wall. All front end components are powered form a power filter. Any methodical checks to perform or things to try would be greatly appreciated. This weekend may be a matter of unplugging everything and "reset" the whole system including cleaning all RCA plugs and sockets, checking all protective earth connections and power leads. Cheers, Chris.
  14. LP12 Grounding

    @Zaphod Beeblebrox when you say "completely" is that just under the LP12 or throughout the entire system e.g. SUT/phonostage. My SUT ground post is connected to the chassis but is not earthed but my phonostage ground post is connected to mains earth via the chassis.
  15. LP12 Grounding

    @VanArn thanks for the reply. So the short phono cable ground wire should be left unconnected? This photo from Peter at Cymbiosis is principally what I have now.