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  1. I was thinking along those lines, but nice to have confirmation. Guess the only decision now is down firing or back firing for the sub driver.
  2. I completely pulled apart our leather couch that was pretty damn hard to be much more uncomfortable. Regardless of what I do it has to be a step up from it (springs poking me in the butt). I have these IKEA leather chairs that are the replacement for it. I really think there is a lot to be learned from the back contour on them. Since I have a CNC machine I think I can replicate the comfortable back of the chair in a couch. Your right about bass placement and I doubt sitting on top of it will be the optimal placement in the room. Although I bought this driver / PRs about 10 yea
  3. Not really looking for tactile response, as much as I am a convenient place to put a big sub box. Some shake would be nice, but looking for more like a bass fog, rather than directional bass. I guess my greatest concern over the two options is bass cancellation.
  4. For quite a while now I have been tossing up the idea of a sub woofer couch. But I am stuck between two different design ideas. I have 1 x 18" TC Sounds LMS Ultra 5400 and 2 x 18" TC Sounds VMP passive radiators. My concern with the second design is that the tube that joins them might act like a ports causing weird tuning issues. Design is back of couch without back rest shown. Thoughts please...
  5. Finally after what seems like an eternity the guy I get some stuff through finally managed to get some stock of the latest Nvidia Shield TV Pros. Apparently after a certain serial number they load faster. I'm not 100% convinced it wasn't the distributor just spinning a story but it is definitely the March 2020 model. It plays big files great, my only problem is I normally watch YouTube on my Home Theatre PC which has Ublock Origin installed, but I can't find it for the Android Nvidia shield, what is everyone using to stop the numerous ads you get per video?
  6. Half of my problem is through a lack of knowledge I have been using a shot gun approach... It's expensive it must work, nope that doesn't work onto the next one. That link you posted to some degree answer a lot of my questions. I have been struggling to find something that plays all sorts of codecs, is reliable and doesn't freeze up, has a usable remote, and is user friendly. You would think that wouldn't be too hard to find but I have spent a fortune trying to find it. I think the NVidia Shield Pro has a good chance of ticking most of those boxes. Hopefully my unit should be in st
  7. The Oppo players are very limited in their ability to play back all sorts of codecs and can be hit and miss when it comes to network connections. PCs are OK but have had issues with Kodi. Bought a couple of TV box devices, but have had reliability with freezing and lockups. Currently using a PC and Kodi but can't always play hi res movies back smoothly.
  8. I bought one of those $100 TV boxes and it only half worked. Plays 4K movies jittery, the apps would lock up requiring a hard reboot. It played more movie codecs than some of the more expensive players but it lacked the reliability I'm looking for. What more specifics do you need?
  9. For years now I have been paying through the nose for high end computers to try stream media content with Kodi. I have bought a couple of the Darbee edition Oppo player all in the hope of finding a universal player that can stream all kinds of video and audio media. So far I have had very mediocre results with so called media players and dedicated PCs. I was speaking with a friend today who said he can sell me a 2020 model NVidia Shield Pro for $399. After spending thousands on PCs and other player I am reluctant to believe a $400 player can do what PCs costing thousands can't. I'm
  10. Just doing my annual check-in to see if there is any speaker progress... ?
  11. Thanks DrSK, the blower motor and the cyclone we be inside what will look something like a cupboard. probably 1800mm - 2000mm tall, 1300mm wide and about 800mm deep. I was originally thinking of a steel frame but I am now thinking a pine frame to better mount the boards. You mention 50mm absorption, so you thinking something like some rockwool over an air gap?
  12. Has anyone done any soundproof testing with various products like Gyprock Soundchek, MDF, plywood, high density foams etc? I'm trying to build a new cabinet to enclose my dust extraction gear, and trying to work out which material offers the best value for money compared to performance. I can get 10mm x 1350mm x 4.8 meter Gyprock Soundchek for $58.45 inc and 13mm x 1200mm x 3meter for $45.65 inc per sheet Considering the prices Bunnings charge for MDF / plywood these days, I am wondering if there is value in buying the Soundchek Gyprock for the inside l
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