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  1. Don't feel bad I don't understand 99% of what Dave types regardless of how hard I try to understand it. Most of it is so far over my head I would need a hot air balloon to catch on.
  2. Lots of water under the bridge since my last post. What was going to be a couple of day job has turned into a couple of weeks job, and it's still not finished. Took my sister and I three long days just to run two cables in the kitchen. This was really one of those jobs for the masochists. Anything that can go wrong did go wrong. Well not really wrong but just incredibly hard due to the lack of access. Ok so I wound up getting the Synology DS918+ and two WD 10TB Red drives, and a good SSD for cache. The 10 port switch the IT guy bought was replaced with a Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24P 250w POE switch. There might be one unused port by the time I have finished. I also bought a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite 3 to slide in between the Telstra modem and the switch. The security system they just had installed is going to be mostly junked. They had put in a HIK Vision system with four cameras, we are going to add another three cameras, which of course means the NVR they got supplied with the system is no longer going to be of any use. Been looking at different solutions, including using the Synology NAS and just buying licenses for it, buying Blue Iris software and building / re purposing a Laptop PC. On the plus side I quickly tried streaming a 50GB file from the NAS to the Oppo and for the first time it played smoothly. Have a few hours worth of wiring to finish off and about another three days of software configuration to be done then, I think we will be close to what I originally envisioned for the house.
  3. I was tossing up between QNAP and Synology but I think the Synology just fits the job a little better. Although now he is trying to cheap ass the job after paying for stuff up after stuff up, the 4 bay D-Link from his other house might wind up getting used.
  4. Zero, nada, zip. A telephone system can piggyback and daisy chain off other connections, whereas a modern LAN network is a point to point connection that meets back at a hub / switch / router for traffic redirection. When I first got into computers networks used coax and they used a ring topology (basically sent the message around a big circle until they found the intended PC). For a long time now they have used a star topology where all messages are sent to a central location then redirected down one or more legs (like an octopus sending a message from one leg to another leg). The "cabling expert" was supposed to have reconfigured the house to remove all the old telephone system and set the house up for a Local Area Network (LAN) during the renovation while all the old air conditioning was been taken out and new central air conditioning put it. I have had to come along to sort out the poor job the "IT expert" and the "cabling Expert" did, but now it is infinitely harder because I no longer have access to the cabling laid between the first and second floors (what I can access is via the roof). I also wasn't notified during cabling to be able to run speaker cables, so now he is stuck with two channel in his main TV area, with little way to fix it short of pulling off the roof. How the cabling guy managed to get the couple of new lengths of cable tied up to the old system is beyond me. Currently I have just about every wall plate in the house pulled off with large amounts of redundant / not connected wiring pulled out, to see what leads to where. Still trying to work out and find what coax belongs to the old camera system and what belongs to the TV system, as they also seem connected. Won't get back to this job for a few weeks until the new patch panel I ask for to be fitted arrives. The cabling guy took it upon himself to ignore what I asked my brother in law for and fitted wall sockets that now have to be plastered up.
  5. Funny for someone who has spent about half a million dollars on a massive renovation. he is now wanting to cheap out on the network. I spent two days last week trying to unravel the network mess the cable guy left behind. Talk about incompetent it isn't in it. I took up a network cable tester and the two new cables he ran to the TV room are crossed up with other cables. The house was originally built with five kids and a business in mind so the house is riddled with RJ45 sockets configured for phone. I asked for the house to be wired with Cat6 throughout the house, next to nothing was done and the old phone system was left in place. There is probably another two days work still required to get it right. In typical tradesman fashion as something is replaced they just left the old cables there. Some photos of what was found and removed. There are cables between the first and second floors I just can't get to.
  6. Sorry neighbours (you too speakers) but it's time for a bit of Acadaca...
  7. You could probably liken this to the Stig driving a Hyundai, and your 90 year old grand mother driving a Ferrari. Most speaker drivers are better than people give them credit for, and sometimes all you get with some expensive drvers is a bigger bill. A good amp will show your cheap speakers potential, a poor amp won't do justice to the best speakers in the world. Shoot for a middle ground on both.
  8. Or you take that $8k-$10k you would spend on those over priced second hand passive speakers and turn that money into active DIY speakers that run circles around them. I sold my Sonus Faber Cremonas to my brother in law (who was more interested in the way they looked, then sounded) for $7k and put that money (and a lot more) into an active system. Have no regrets.
  9. Take it from someone who has spent well in excess of $20k... Pick your choices wisely. $20k might sound like a lot of money, but it doesn't go as far as you think once you start buying quality components. Think, think, and think some more.
  10. Don't get locked into the idea of replacing the batteries with more UPS batteries they can be expensive. If you don't mind car sized batteries kicking around you can make the batteries external.
  11. I was having quite a few dropouts on my Asus RT-AC68U. I was blaming Belong for my internet constantly dropping out / losing signal (sometimes half a dozen times a day). I updated the firmware to the latest Asus firmware multiple times but continued to have issues. Having a keen interest in IoT and home automation I finally decided I want to try do some presence detection with my mobile phone, so I started looking at other firmware for the router. I downloaded AsusWRT on the router and it has been super reliable ever since.
  12. Has anyone played with the Synology routers, in particular the RT2600AC https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/RT2600ac Just wondering how it plays out using it and a more generic NAS, instead of using the Synology NAS. Both have the Synology Router Manager (SRM) software (albeit slightly different).
  13. Sometime sh*t just be wacked! I was using an Oppo BDP83SE as my main method of playback years ago, and for some strange reason it could only see some of the content. No matter how many times I tried to flush everything it just wouldn't see all of the content or drives. Sometimes it can be that the player doesn't support the format so it doesn't show up, and sometimes it is just the hardware playing silly buggers... Not all hardware is user friendly, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the content is stuck in no mans land waiting to be found. Try another device in place of the Sony to see if it can see all the content.
  14. Part of me wants to do it for the aesthetics, but another part of me is concerned about how it would sound.
  15. Trade off between cylinders and pot size
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