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  1. Sorry neighbours (you too speakers) but it's time for a bit of Acadaca...
  2. You could probably liken this to the Stig driving a Hyundai, and your 90 year old grand mother driving a Ferrari. Most speaker drivers are better than people give them credit for, and sometimes all you get with some expensive drvers is a bigger bill. A good amp will show your cheap speakers potential, a poor amp won't do justice to the best speakers in the world. Shoot for a middle ground on both.
  3. Or you take that $8k-$10k you would spend on those over priced second hand passive speakers and turn that money into active DIY speakers that run circles around them. I sold my Sonus Faber Cremonas to my brother in law (who was more interested in the way they looked, then sounded) for $7k and put that money (and a lot more) into an active system. Have no regrets.
  4. Take it from someone who has spent well in excess of $20k... Pick your choices wisely. $20k might sound like a lot of money, but it doesn't go as far as you think once you start buying quality components. Think, think, and think some more.
  5. Don't get locked into the idea of replacing the batteries with more UPS batteries they can be expensive. If you don't mind car sized batteries kicking around you can make the batteries external.
  6. I was having quite a few dropouts on my Asus RT-AC68U. I was blaming Belong for my internet constantly dropping out / losing signal (sometimes half a dozen times a day). I updated the firmware to the latest Asus firmware multiple times but continued to have issues. Having a keen interest in IoT and home automation I finally decided I want to try do some presence detection with my mobile phone, so I started looking at other firmware for the router. I downloaded AsusWRT on the router and it has been super reliable ever since.
  7. Has anyone played with the Synology routers, in particular the RT2600AC https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/RT2600ac Just wondering how it plays out using it and a more generic NAS, instead of using the Synology NAS. Both have the Synology Router Manager (SRM) software (albeit slightly different).
  8. Sometime sh*t just be wacked! I was using an Oppo BDP83SE as my main method of playback years ago, and for some strange reason it could only see some of the content. No matter how many times I tried to flush everything it just wouldn't see all of the content or drives. Sometimes it can be that the player doesn't support the format so it doesn't show up, and sometimes it is just the hardware playing silly buggers... Not all hardware is user friendly, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the content is stuck in no mans land waiting to be found. Try another device in place of the Sony to see if it can see all the content.
  9. Part of me wants to do it for the aesthetics, but another part of me is concerned about how it would sound.
  10. Trade off between cylinders and pot size
  11. Just come across this on YouTube. I so want one. V6 Sub
  12. The Unify access points seem to work incredibly well, too well. The IT guy just plonked them in the system and didn't bother doing any kind of setup, so they currently have WiFi signal down at the boat dock. Once I get everything sorted I would like to do a bit of range tuning on them. Don't need wireless that far from the house. The Cisco might be a bit overkill for what he needs, but I am sick and tired of making do with crap like the Jaycar unit someone stuck in there. I figure if I can isolate / tunnel the Oppo from the network (no need for any other computer to be talking to it) then I should be in the best position to stream massive UHD sized files without any kind of stuttering or general misbehaving. The DS918+ is shaping up to be the go to NAS, I would like to put the DS1019+ in there, but I just can't justify spending another $300 for no real additional benefit over the DS819+. If I am going to throw extra money around I might look at adding an SSD to cache the NAS.
  13. OK I'm near the golf course in the new estate (for now). An Ippy GTG sounds like a real good idea. I thought I was the only one here but we seem to have a few Ippy based members.
  14. My main concerns are reliability and simplicity (of use). I live 2 - 2.5 hours away from their coast home, and I really don't want to be driving backwards and forwards fixing up issues, or fixing up drop outs, so if a bit more money has to be spent now so be it. I told them they need to spend several thousand to fix up what wasn't done right the first time. The "cabling expert" that was supposed to have sorted out the wiring, left a whole heap of wire just hanging in an adjacent hallway wall going to nothing. I am sure there are network plugs in the kitchen area that are connected to nothing, and the "IT expert" has setup something I would expect an average home user to do. He had them buy a 2TB Apple Airport or something as the NAS. One Unify access point is just sitting on a table in the granny flat, and the other Unify access point is sitting trapped between the fire place and the back of the 4K TV. It seems the "IT expert" thought it would be a good idea to steal the network cable from the TV and plug in the access point there. In the kitchen right next door there is a spare network port. This is what I am having to deal with. I need to go up into the roof and pull those wires over to the other side of the hallway and down into my sisters office where everything will be set up. I asked them to get the "cabling expert" to run them all into the same room so they could terminate into a patch panel, but it never happened. He finished off the job by using a couple of wall plates, so I doubt even all the wires that were in the wall got an outlet. I know it is probably overkill but I am thinking about getting them an Cisco L3 router. https://www.megabuy.com.au/cisco-sg350-28p-k9-au-switch-p698328.html Currently the alarm system recorder is sitting in a cupboard in the same room with no ventilation, or tie into any other systems. At some point he will probably want to upgrade the cameras, I would like the NAS to store the footage. Would also be nice to have some kind of central virtual of physical server I can remote into. I briefly saw you can do virtual PC on the Synology. There is a 40" TV already hung on the kitchen wall with a network port behind it. although I doubt it got connected. Was looking at the QNAP as they seem to be on par with the Synology, but I really couldn't find anything that transcoded 4K (not that I could see anyway). The Synology DS918+ is shaping up to be the choice right now. I would like the DS1019+ but can't really justify spending another $300 for no real gain.
  15. I'm going to be building the home network since the so called professionals have made a right balls of it. They put in a Jaycar router, the Telstra modem is in another room, and currently the PC are connecting wirelessly. The plan is to buy a proper rack, buy a proper router and patch panel to locate everything in the one rack. They currently only have the one 4K TV but he was talking about setting up another large TV or projector in the granny flat at the end of the house. In the kitchen there is another 1080P TV. Majority of the movie watching will be on the 4K TV in the media room.
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