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  1. Totally agree Dan would have a tough time with actual equal cars against Max or Lewis. But I was replying to..."would have been interesting to see what he could have done in the Red Bull back in the day " Hed be a multi WDC simply cuz Vettel was instead
  2. Max had zero DNF's in the last 9 races since Dan said hes bolting...But Riccy? Yeah....NAAAAAAAAH!
  3. Lets be honest, he was quicker than 4 times WDC Vettel, so why the hell wouldn't of he won multi world champs had he been in RBR instead of Vettel, had Dan been a bit older ofcourse. Verst is quicker in the rain and probly over 1 lap but hes more reckless and Racecraft isnt better than Dans! Verst given the silver spoon as RBR wanted him to be the youngest ever world champ, Dans car went to pieces once he told em he was outa there.
  4. Had he been there when Vettel was, and a cpl of years older, hed likely be a World Champ many times over. If Vettel wasn't there maybe Webber would of reached that Mark as well lol. But it is what it is and I don't blame him for going for money. F1 is a tad uncertain before this year, and even more so now so take what you can, get out of car racing as he said he wont do it after this and enjoy your life Dan
  5. Dissapointed Riccys going to McLaren not Ferrari He'l never be a WDC, I guess he went for money over a possible championship loss. But all that other BS about rebuilding Renault for 2021 was just that it seems! He wont wanna finish behind the french team too many times next year...if there is a next year haha
  6. Not sure what your paying but my Brother purchased a set for 300$ in Brisbane and he loves them. Not sure on the series or what they sound like either
  7. I only bought the A400 cuz I couldnt get a new SUA900 MKII anymore cuz they just recently updated that series to the Pre Pow no one really liked.
  8. Suprised to see a review of an Amp I owned for 25yrs 😊 I was listening to it today after repairing the speaker cover. I too noticed the bass, but for 20 yrs I didnt when it was in another room. I think music that suits it best would be stuff like from the band LIVE
  9. Ordered in Infinite Live Deep Purple and G3. They couldn't order them in as stocks are getting low but they found them across the nation.
  10. Can anyone confirm Def Lep's - The Story So Far Vol 2 contains 1 or 2 LP's? Didn't see one in the shop. Thanks
  11. Was in Bunnings yesterday and noticed those 1 Metre Square Gym Mats are made of exactly the same stuff for 31$. Thats 4-6 pieces of gear.. Self Isolated
  12. Just got Roger Walters - The Wall 75$ & Def Lep - double LP Hysteria 58$ :) Bargain for 50
  13. Well I'm part of everyone so heres my 2c. Ive never heard them cuz the guy at JB Manlymall had NFI how to get them going lol. Ive heard and own the others and the Highs are suitably fine! More recent Dalis sound even brighter tho, theres a reason people are selling them I think 1 Bass is rear ported and front ported so they be damn bassy against the wall, what I didn't like so much about the 8's. 1500s probably a bit high, id buy 6s plus a Sub or 2 for that instead. aim for just over 1k I reckon
  14. Dunno why the hatred for Phantom Menace is that great. I rate the fight scene with Darth Maul as one of the best! Certainly better than all before it, and the music rocks. What it was lacking was more of that perhaps.
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