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  1. Looks like Christopher Chibnall Woked it. Pulled the statues down, destroyed 50 years of history and replaced it with a new one
  2. Considering its Summer a Maiden Fan would be COOL! But not before some Maiden Beer...where do you get Maiden Beer in Oz?? 🍻
  3. Spot On! No BAD WOLF story to follow lately hey. But thats the world these days, I mean one day people might be running the world mostly cuz they are certain sex or colour, but if you say anything bout it your definately sexist n racist..and thats far far worse than choosing people for their abilities above all else. BTW I absolutely cant be effd watchn the Female Doctor Who series, ive tried but bore me sheetless and bore everyone else I know, half of them are women.
  4. Was awesome seeing Tom Baker back at the end of the Day of the Doctor. HE IS DR WHO! David Tennant coulda been the greatest ever tho if he just hung around for a career in it. Watchn an Episode this week and the Doc says itl recharge in 4 hrs, a weapon he used against the Cybermen. He can just go back in time and burn 4 hrs if he wantd to recharge it instantly tho lol, some stuff I just don’t get if you think about all of that. Also meeting Sara Smith again and hed had several regenerations since, I mean the dood sometimes does hundreds of years in a regen yet he had
  5. Nice thats the Bypass switch. I did read the specs, im wondering how it sounds? The lowest Bass says its 20hz? That appears very low, too low, so I imagine it must stretch higher? Or else im not sure you could even hear it.
  6. Awesome Price! Does this have a switch to turn the effect off? Unsure what that switch does. I just used a 7 Band Kenwood EQ bought new in 97 for $240 Cost Price at Hardly Normal, no dust acquiring knobs, cant hear any distortion. Looks like they are hard to find these days and keeping their value
  7. Equalisers are damn popular out there away from the total purists. If your stuck in a situation where you really cant try alot of Amps and Speakers I totally support the idea particularly if you lack tone controls on the amp. I used one on my in yer face A400 and it was one of the best things I did against what all the other purists kept saying, you can easily switch it off. Go for it I say! Get 20 nobblys that move up n down with a Spectrum Analyzer that is cool too gawk at 😁
  8. I have total faith Covid restrictions and Fear will be less coming out of Melbourne's Winter than currently with next to No Cases at all NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! 🤬
  9. It’l be great to see Dan in a Big Mac, even better if the team everyone wanted him to be in, Ferrari, are behind him. I just gotta say this years Aussie F1 cancellation pissed me off so much. To see Hamilton say stuff like 'Why are we here' in Australia? Contributing to the event being shutdown, then seeing him later on in the year racing in F1 whilst still recovering from the virus totally pissed me off! They never needed to cancel the event like they did.
  10. Never had a regularly used amp have sudden serious problems before but it started off with my HK AVR 20ii in the Mancave shed turning itself off in protect mode constantly, Probly cuz of all the Rain which makes the place a bit damp. Then it was the Marantz 2226 B, located in the house not particularly damp, the one channel I use suddenly went snap crackle n pop when listening to the radio. But it wasn’t a bad reception, the poorer left side still works still albeit with issues. Was planning on pulling it apart anyway but not for a while tho. Finally the Pioneer A400,
  11. If yer gunna spend 250 on an ancient CD player I reckon ya better off with a new one mate Like a Marantz CD 5005. Not sure on the 5005s laser quality but that's what id do. . I own a CD 63 and it needs bias adjustments to keep its laser on track. Ive seen a CD 67 for 70$ in North Sydney recently as well. I wouldn't take the 250$ risk personally
  12. I Auditioned these in the 90s and walked out thinking pretty good speakers but whats going on with the tweeter...was funny reading bout tweeter upgrades advertised years on. If I could figure it out what the hell were they doing in the first place.
  13. I aint so sure, probly best leave it to a JBL fan https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/736727373848878/ Troy in Nambucca Heads owned them for 20 years. Go for ya lives
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