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  1. Bugs

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Bluesman, you certainty struck the right note with this thread! One of my CDs that gives a great intro to Aussie blues is a compilation called " Real Australian Blues" Vol 2 on Studio 52 records, I've never been able to get Vol 1 any one out there got a copy?
  2. Bugs

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    A couple of other great shows I've seen at Byron and other festivals include Johnny Green's Blues cowboys, Hip Shooters [ok NZ] Chain, still going strong last year, Mo Jo Webb and The Hoochers who played at a birthday party at my house at Nimbin a few years ago
  3. Bugs

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Right, looks like I was wrong with the year, I also saw Karma County there the first year we went they were on a small stage, bought there CD. Little Charlie and the Nightcats were the standout band for me. Belongal Fields was the venue
  4. Bugs

    The Australian Blues Music Thread

    Yes indeed, I've been a fan of Dutch Tilders for decades have a couple of Direct to Disc albums and CDs of his one with Kevin Borich. Never got to see him live unfortunately. First time to Byron was the late Eighties, been about six times since, a bit too mainstream for me nowadays, think I saw the Foreday Riders there. Last year went to Forth Valley Blues in Tassie, great event. This year were off to Mitchell Creek, our third visit in a row this has become my favourite event of the year no cops, byo and camp at the site a good trifecta!
  5. Bugs

    Show your motorcycle ride

    'The brother had a Guzzi Le Mans, 18 inch front, have to say the most uncomfortable bike I've ridden, and the clutch was a pain to use in traffic, sounded good though, later on he bought a TLS and we went out to QR for a trackday, the rear end used to wobble and slide a lot, apparently the rotary? shock was the cause, don't think Suzuki persisted with the idea, it's a pity cos the bike itself was great
  6. Bugs

    Show your motorcycle ride

    My brother and I bought two new 750's in 1983, his a Suzuki GSX and mine Kawaski Gpz. The GSX had the fashionable 16" front while mine had the 18' wheel, both were cutting edge, "anti dive" forks and Pirelli Phantom's fitted. A decade a go I bought a Katana 750, popup headlight version for a restro project sight unseen. Went for a quick spin, no rego, plates or blinkers, but it showed how far bikes had progressed from my then ride a Bandit 1200, lost interest soon after sold without losing money, from memory the first Jap bike with 16" front to handle was the GPZ 900
  7. Bugs

    Bathurst 12 Hour

    got up early, thought I'd watch for an hour or so , do something else, come back to the race later. Not so, haven't budged from the telly apart from beer and "rest room" stops, great way to start 2019 car racing
  8. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Ok, not Moto GP but I am going to PI for the SBK later this month, never seen the Supers before but I'm told it's a lot more laid back than the GP weekend, wonder how that new Ducati will go/sound
  9. Thanks Guys, I've spoken to Wing
  10. Hi, the ear pads on my HD 800's are looking a bit worn wondering if any one here has replaced them, where to get replacements, is it a easy task and cost of them also the head band unit..Cheers
  11. Just bought 2 copies of the 2LP vinyl version from JB's today for $128, saved $32 which was a nice surprise, didn't know about the discount. Chrissy present for me and a gift for some else. Any how, noticed that there not numbered on the front like my original, A11918. Not going to open it till Christmas morning, any numbers on the inside ?...Cheers for the festive season...Bugs
  12. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Yes, after that get off by Vale, I could not watch the rest of the race. After Martin. Bagnaia clinched their respective titles, I was going for the treble of my preferred riders in each class, it was not to be. At least the Yamahas are starting to look completive again
  13. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Sepang schedule bought forward 2 hours due to expected rain downpours, don't know why they didn't realise it pisses down that time of day/ season every year. Watched the PI races during the week after getting home, great time was had down there, after a cold and wet start but race day weather was perfect. Didn't catch up with Daz unfortunately, got side tracked by the mob camped next door to us, any how were off to the Supers in February this time I'll tow the van down, time for a bit of comfort methinks
  14. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Heading off tomorrow, camping at the track, amongst the mud, the blood and beer, hope the weather's good
  15. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Just in case you forgot, Japanese GP this weekend. Curtain raiser for PI.