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  1. Bugs

    CD Player

    CD Player After a reliable player with a remote up to $200, anybody got one gathering dust out there?
  2. Saw him at Mitchel Creek Blues Festival last September, and he supported Eric Burdon and the Animals a few years ago at the Sunshine Coast, both great shows
  3. Hi everyone, currently own a pair of 8" 3 way Ascension floor standers Model 863 PSRTL which I'm very happy with but need to scratch an itch and want to upgrade to the equivalent 12" version. Has anyone out there already been down this path, if so was it worth the $'s and effort ? Using a SVS 10" PB sub in conjunction with them but think the bigger drivers would give a more complete sound overall, thoughts please
  4. This unit works ok and is in reasonable condition, all the sliders work. I believe these are sort after nowadays Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  5. I have the same model and use it exclusively to vac my LPs after they've been through my ultra sonic cleaner, very happy with it.
  6. Yes it was, bought a pioneer amp from them after seeing it at the HI FI show which was held at a hotel down near the Botanical Gardens. They later opened a store in Ipswich, corner of East and Limestone streets, that amp is still being used by a family member over 40 years later.
  7. Update !, looks like I had a win, changed the output from the receiver from sub, to no1 sub and to the left input on the plate amp, toggled between straight and stereo and presto, it effi'n works! then I went back into the menu and reset the setting from small to large and it's still good, just then I noticed the Dennon was skipping tracks, changed the cd and it started to play up also . .F......K! Time for a beer, Ps thanks to everyone's input
  8. Yes, I think that could be the issue, [ no sub activation for 2 channel stereo] also the plate amp only has input speaker terminals so I can't feed the speaker wires through it from the receiver and on to the speakers them selves, also set the speakers to small but no difference
  9. The sub was turned on in the menu, and both subwoofers worked ok yesterday in the other room
  10. OK, this is the story. My Yamaha RV 2087 7 channel AV receiver has been installed in the man cave for 2 channel music listening, running a Dennon cd player and a Yamaha DAB tuner in to a pair of JBL bookshelf speakers, all this works fine. So I decided to hook up and old 12" sub to the system for obvious reasons. Anyhow no luck despite swapping cables, sub output connections on the back of the amp, even dragged out my new SVS unit but to no avail. Hooked up a TV to it and went through the procedure of designating the front speakers and the sub, no other speakers hooked up, tried various adjus
  11. Aussie Aussie Aussie, OI Oi Oi, well how goods that?. Looks like we have a couple of contenders for next year's Moto 2 and Moto GP Championship. Gardner's flag to flag victory from pole and the fastest lap made sure he's on the way up in that category, while "our Jack" is really starting to show his skill taming the Ducati with 2 great results in a row. Hope the covid stuff is sorted out by October 21, cos my annual pilgrimage to PI next Feb for the Supers has been curtailed because of the postponement of that event, anyhow, what a most remarkable season that ended on Sunday night
  12. There is a Record Fair at Limestone Park here in Ipswich this Saturday, not sure how it works but you might be able to off load some LPs there
  13. A Moto GP without Marc or Valentino, reckon between them they have over half of all the fans that follow the GP circus, hope they both are fully fit before the end of the season, also the final Super Bike round this weekend, plus the Super Cars are also having there last outing at Bathurst for the year.. I have a feeling that Monday will be a recovery day for me after that lot
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