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  1. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Pedrosa to retire effective end of the 2018 MotoGP season. Decided to turn down the Yamaha Petronas offer, which I think was the right move. I'm sure HRC Repsol will look after him as Ducati has done Stoner. Would love to see him on the podium before he goes, would help make up for all the injuries over the years
  2. Bugs

    Integrated amp suggestions (new)

    Hi Gee Emm, I've got a AS- 2100 coupled with a CDS 1000 very happy with this combo, having said that I'm a Yamaha tragic from way back having owned 5 different pre/power/inter versions over the years. If your down this way, load up your speakers and what ever and we'll hook'em up for a listen and a beer....Cheers'
  3. Bugs

    Ralph Waters, Richter loudspeaker magician

    I bought a pair of Paladins new, way back, could be 30 years ago from Living Hi Fi? at Newmarket Brisbane. Still got'em, only problem I've ever had was the foam dampening in side the cabinets started to crumble, replaced with Jaycar speaker lining. Use them as front speakers for my AV Yamaha these days. Lost count on the various speakers that have come and gone I've had since then, but I kept these, great little speakers.
  4. I bought a DSP 300 new a long time a go. it got replaced when Yamaha introduced Dolby Digital receivers, had a few since then. Found it in the bottom draw recently, straight in the bin, have a JVC Super VHS player which would have met the same fate except for some very early Byron Bay Blues tapes I recorded back in the day.
  5. One thing I recall when my "sound room" was being constructed ( 6X4X2.4) brick walls, bare concrete floor and exposed ceiling joists?, I plugged in my stereo for a quick listen before the carpet and gyprock ceiling went in. The ceiling was done next, lined with fibreglass bats installed then the gyprock. I then dragged out the stereo out again and the difference was incredible. The sound was way worse after the ceiling was done. When the carpet and drapes and furniture was installed obviously things improved, finally I lined the ceiling with acoustic foam tiles. The thing is, the exposed ceiling had a BIG effect on the tone of the room, a lot more than I thought possible, maybe worth considering.
  6. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Bloody hell!, with out doubt any race that causes my wife to drown out my yelling and cheering with her yelling and cheering means one thing....that was the best motor race since the Phillip Island encounter when Rossi got 2nd. Was it Kenny Roberts who said recently that" Moto GP is the greatest show on earth"?. He's not wrong.
  7. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    OK. as always looks like a great race ahead of us tonight. Perfect weather should have ensured all the riders had the opportunity to sort out there bikes over the weekend. Marquez looks strong as ever, no slides so far, but I think Rossi could upset his rhythm. Dovissio and Vinales need to beat #93 tonight or it could be all over red rover for their title shot.
  8. Bugs

    F1 -- 2018

    Well I thought the track COTA in Austin was a bit over the top with all the red white and blue paint splashed around the edges of the bitumen, but that Paul Ricard circuit takes it to another level. Hopefully the drivers aren't distracted by the lurid blue colour "scheme" that abounds the place. Unnecessary and ugly. Anyhow, with a bit of rain in the offering, it could be interesting enough to stay awake tonight, other wise it looks like a lay down misere for Hamilton.
  9. Bugs

    F1 -- 2018

    Red Bull have given Renault the boot to be replaced by Honda powerplants for the next 2 years, till the new engine rules take place in 2021. Is that enough incentive for Riccardo to stay? I'd hazard a guess and say the odds have shortened to evens that he will stay, but I'd still like to see him in a Ferrari.
  10. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Yes indeed, sounds like a plan, a very good one.
  11. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    First time I saw the 500's was at Eastern Creek in '91. Nothing can prepare you for the speed they hurtle into turn 1. Mick cleaned up the main race and Luca did the job on the 250. Great day, I was a guest of Rothmans that weekend and got to have a beer with Mick later. Been to the "Island" a couple of times since and am going this year. If you appreciate the skill of the bravest, quickest, riders of the modern era, head down there this October, Life's too short not to.
  12. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    It's a topsy, turvey Moto GP world at the moment, a month ago Lorenzo was a "has been", Marquez was "invincible", Rossi was struggling, not to mention all the swapping of riders around the various seats on the factory bikes. If the weather remains fine for the rest of the races, doubtful I know, Lorenzo could give this Championship a real shake up. That's till Marquez considers him a threat and he will revert back to his "win or bin" strategy. Anyhow, it could be a entirely different scenario in another month's time, these really are "interesting times".
  13. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Marquez never ceases to amaze, just when you think he's run out of tricks to demonstrate his ability to save a dire situation, he pulls that one out of the bag! Any way, with him. Lorenzo and Dovizioso on the front row tonight, with a couple of Yamahas handily placed, it looks even more an exciting prospect than Mugello, if that's possible.
  14. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Actually that makes sense in a funny sort of way. After all replacing Pedrosa with another Spaniard seems logical, Repsol being the main sponsor. Just not certain if Lorenzo can get his head around a bike designed for Marquez, No one else has been really effective on it this year, apart from Crutchlow's one off in Argentina, who is currently 8th and Pedrosa is 12th in the standings.
  15. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Saw the post race interviews, interesting stuff. Lorenzo and Rossi seem like best of mates, perhaps because of Marquez's demise [common enemy] Dovizioso looked out of sorts, lucky to hang on to second me thinks. Lorenzo confirmed he's leaving Ducati. Rossi still banging on about tyre degration, but I think, [hope] that this is the start of a resurgence for #46 .Looks like Barcelona will be another late night for me