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  1. Telecast starts tonight 6PM on SBS HD, my first fix of motorsport this year, Alonso entered in cars and "our" Toby on a KTM will be compulsory viewing for me for the next week and a bit
  2. OK, thanks for your help guys, I didn't want a another player as I gave away a fully functional multi zone Blue Ray unit when I purchased the Sony last year, such is life I guess. Any how the Makemkv option worked. The thing is those region 1 dvds are the only ones I have out of a couple of hundred so I couldn't justify modding the Sony, but will make sure the next player is multi regional...thanks again
  3. Picked up a couple of DVDs today, second hand any how they wont play, they are region 1 and my player is region 4...… I thought all this region code stuff was dead and buried but it still exists! No luck trying to find a hack, any one out there know how to fix this problem or will I just have to s... can the discs? Cheers
  4. Sold, gone to a good home..cheers and a merry Christmas to all, hears hoping for a rainy Christmas Day...Bugs
  5. Item: Electro Voice Sub Woofer Location: Ipswich Qld 4305 Price: $250 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash COD Extra Info: Owned this unit for a few years now, Had the driver re-coned professionally, and the cabinet was made to EV specs by a local Cabinet Maker. It has a Plate Amp fitted, 400 Watts from memory, although I had a bridged Yamaha Power Amp, 1100 watts prior to that. The driver is a proper PA unit which cost over a grand back in the day. If you want to rattle the windows, this is the one. 600x600x1000, weight? HEAVY. Can demo, Due to size and weight, pickup only. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Plans are in PDF format so I can't attached them to this post. Send me you email address and I will send them to you. cheers...Bugs
  7. I bought the Bob Brines kit plans for $25 US, a couple of years ago from memory. I got a SN'R to construct the cabinets for me, he also did the cross over to the supplied specs. Have upgraded the cross overs since
  8. Yeah, its been a bit weird watching the Oz and Malasian gps at night and the Spanish race at lunch time. The testing is on again today but we are of to Stonehenge and Cardiff for the next few days any how we should catch up at the Supers in feb at the Island, cheers every one.......ps, I dont like pommie beer
  9. Currently in England and been watching the races on the local motor sport channel, a bit different to what Im use to, no Chris or Kevin hosting, but Colin Edwards and James Toseland doing the job looks like the same feed though, anyhow the results dont vary, Marquez and Rae both continuing on there winning ways. Zarco showing up heehaw for what he has become, a joke Yamaha getting better every race and Quatararo is astonishing.
  10. I've just about recovered from this this year's race. thought I'd just watch bits of it but once the flag dropped, I was hooked. Start to finish never left the tv apart from refreshment breaks... so much drama and pathos and 12 cars under the lap record might even go next year, been 4 years since the last visit Congrats to Scotty, it's always good to see the fastest driver win, even if he does drive for DJR
  11. Just watched the Aragon race last night, was eagerly anticipating a last lap/ corner battle of the last 3 races..... no such luck. A couple of conclusions became very obvious. Marquez is a phenomena, unlikely to be challenged consistently by any one rider for the foreseeable future, Lorenzo should get the Zarko treatment, Rossi should retire gracefully at the seasons end , Crutchlow move to the sunny climes of USA as he has talked about to rest his battered body. That would open up 3 top rides for next season and hopefully result in some new blood to challenge Marquez, cos the fore mentioned riders are not capable of achieving this and all are on factory bikes... am I wrong?
  12. My favourite time of year 'cos winter's gone and it's time to head up to Mitchell Creek for a long weekend of live music, camping out, catching up with like minded people, simply the best weekend of the year for me apart from GP at PI and Bathurst, it's that good
  13. Right on the money there Nigel, Rins proved that Marquez is not invincible as Dovi showed the previous race. I know Marquez will win the championship but it's great to see some real opposition, and again what a finish, roll on San Marino!
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