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  1. Brno's turn to host tonight's race, how far things have been turned upside down is remarkable... the satellite Yamaha squad in front of both the factory riders , Zarco the fastest Ducati, on poll while Dovi and Jack languish mid field in qualifying, and finally the all conquering Repsol Honda factory bikes last and second last on the grid... perhaps some normality will return during the race but I think we could be in for for a hell of a race
  2. Ah yes, I concur with your analogy re the two top tier of 4 and 2 wheels championship. I once thought that a motorbike racer was a jockey, and a car racer was a stage coach driver, actually I still do, anyhow, the Supers race again tonight as well as the F1 in UK I'll watch both one live, the other sometime during the week, not hard to guess in which order
  3. Yes, Marq is by far the most exciting rider of the modern era, he has exhibited his uncanny ability to rescue himself from certain disasters time and time again...., he will always be that aggressive, he's hard wired to win, nothing else is acceptable, lets hope he back in action ASAP... Fab is looking like he's ready to join the "alien" club
  4. First round tonight in Spain, usual suspects on the front row..Marc, Fab and Maverick..should be good
  5. Yes, very sad indeed, the whole sorry saga of covid 19 finally hits home big time. The talk is "maybe" PI could be the first GP of 2021, we'll see. I was fortunate to attend the WSB round back in February and that's all the racing since. Not sure how the schedules for the two championships will pan out, anyhow it looks like Spain will host the first rounds of both series, in July, can't come soon enough, in the meantime off to MT Glorious for a ride tomorrow morning
  6. Hi Soul Survivor, I'll take them please, will PM you later today cheers..Bugs
  7. Thanks guys for the replies, I ordered one, $149 delivered
  8. Anyone out there have an opinion on these gismos, good or bad. Had one back in the 70's but it was a different brand, at around $160 it's a expensive toy if it's a dud
  9. Bugs

    CD Player

    Found, thanks for the PMs everyone
  10. Bugs

    CD Player

    Item: CD Player Price Range: $100-$200 Item Condition: used Extra Info: I'm after a CD Player for my man cave, want some thing that is reliable, preferable with remote but not essential price is variable local buy prefered Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. Okay it's not Moto Gp, but it's the next best thing, SBK at the Island next week end, so were off tomorrow morning for a relaxed trip down, plan to arrive when the gates open early next Friday. Doesn't seem like 12 months since Bartista totally dominated that weekend, anyhow, I Hope the Weather Gods are kind to us
  12. Well for me the Holden V Ford scenario was unneeded hype. My interest was focused on the drivers and to a lesser extent the teams, hence when Loundes left the "green eyed monster" AU to drive a Dunnydore is was no big deal and most drivers switch teams as often as NRL players do. The 888 v Penske battle will rage on for the foreseeable future with hopefully other teams will challenge the "duopoly" status. Back in the day when lots of different manufactures participated in "series production" the reliability of the cars was not good, so over the years the cars became proper race cars with no original parts but were bullet proof in comparison. Problem is all the cars now are so equal cos Ford and Holden have been refined to the nth degree and no one else can compete successfully. Maybe a turbo V6 Commodore and a Camaro entry will spice things up a bit.Like a lot of series round the world is has evolved into to a "formula category" with little room for change, anyhow I still enjoy the races, the commentator's Hype, less so
  13. OK, I settled on a PSB Imagine Centre C, picked it up for $180, it's it mint condition current price is $900 odd. Funny thing is he had 3 of these, sold the Black ones for $500 each last year and had no takers for the "cherry wood"? unit I bought, go figure. Any how it's a quality unit that makes listening to the dialogue in films and Tv much "easier and more enjoyable" compared to the previous Paradigm unit, well pleased I'm am!
  14. Hi, if you'll post to Qld 4305 I'll take Norah Jones and Marvin Gaye $40 plus $10 postage...Cheers
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