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  1. Just bought 2 copies of the 2LP vinyl version from JB's today for $128, saved $32 which was a nice surprise, didn't know about the discount. Chrissy present for me and a gift for some else. Any how, noticed that there not numbered on the front like my original, A11918. Not going to open it till Christmas morning, any numbers on the inside ?...Cheers for the festive season...Bugs
  2. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Yes, after that get off by Vale, I could not watch the rest of the race. After Martin. Bagnaia clinched their respective titles, I was going for the treble of my preferred riders in each class, it was not to be. At least the Yamahas are starting to look completive again
  3. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Sepang schedule bought forward 2 hours due to expected rain downpours, don't know why they didn't realise it pisses down that time of day/ season every year. Watched the PI races during the week after getting home, great time was had down there, after a cold and wet start but race day weather was perfect. Didn't catch up with Daz unfortunately, got side tracked by the mob camped next door to us, any how were off to the Supers in February this time I'll tow the van down, time for a bit of comfort methinks
  4. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Heading off tomorrow, camping at the track, amongst the mud, the blood and beer, hope the weather's good
  5. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Just in case you forgot, Japanese GP this weekend. Curtain raiser for PI.
  6. Bugs

    usb cable advice

    Hi, thanks to everyone who posted on this thread. A lot of differing opinions & options made me think that a "middle of the road" approach might be best the best bet. Consequently, I went with the AQ Forrest cable, was tempted to go up the colour scale, but it seems that it's not a proven benefit....Cheers, Bugs
  7. My Sony 55X 9000F, 3 weeks old, also does not pick up 7Plus, but Brisbane7 twice as well as HD, 7 TWO, 7 Mate, 7flix
  8. Looking to buy a USB cable A to B, budget is $100, length .75 metre. Audio Quest have the Forrest @ $50, and the Cinnamon @$100. My DAC is a Audio GD model?, cost $700. Any thoughts, ideas?....Thanks..Bugs
  9. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Looks like Marquez and Hamilton have wrapped up there respective championship titles for 2018, unfortunately, I don't particularly like either of them. 'though, there skill and talent is beyond doubt, especially Marq, anyway Lowdnes cleaned up at Bathurst. which was effing great
  10. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Have the Movie Star Yamahas got there Mojo back?, so far they look half decent on the first day at Buriram .Lorenzo get off was frightening, not often we see highsides these days, it appeared that the engine cut out just before he got spat off. Between Bathurst, Japan F1, and the Moto GP, I have decided that Monday is a rest day.
  11. Bugs

    Sony 55X900F

    Yes, it's step up from the Pana picture wise, even before changing the settings. The rtings site gives a good step by step procedure to enhance it even further, will give it a shot tonight. $1795 is a great price, grab it while you can!
  12. Just shouted my self a new tele, and Sony UBP X800 player. It's my first non Panasonic TV, having had various Plasma versions over the years, anyhow had a bit of a fiddle with the incredible list of options in the picture menu and not sure if it's any better than before I started to tamper with all the settings. Anyone out there have one of these TV's ?, if so what's the hot setup, also have Fox HD, not used for gaming. Planet Earth 4K is incredible, but I'm sure that lesser quality inputs can be improved....Cheers
  13. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Yes, indeed
  14. Bugs

    MOTOGP 2018

    Like everyone here who watched the Moto GP 2 race last night, I was astounded by the stunt that Fenati reached over and pulled the brake lever of a fellow racer at high speed during the race. A two race ban should have been extended to the rest of the season. No wonder he got kicked out of VR46. Well done Dovi in Moto GP, Yamaha still second rate besides all the talk and tests. On a side note, a long time ago in Bali on rented Yamaha 100's, a mate and I were "flat stick" racing side by side, when he reached over and hit my kill switch, I dropped back for a moment then turned it back on and BANG the muffler **** it self, the guy who rented the bike could hear me coming back and carried on but $20 shut him up.
  15. Panasonic THP46S10A Plasma TV Location: Ipswich Qld 4305 Price: $200 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Replaced Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: Owned this unit since new, no problems still has a good picture. Has a inbuilt digital tuner and Blue Ray capable, comes with remote, stand and manual. Also have a 42 inch Panasonic HD TV in good condition that has a Beyond Whiz PVR - open to offers. Need to free up some space Pictures: