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  1. Sort of off topic, WSBK, current pinup boy, Bartista who is so far in front of ALL the other riders it's embarrassing, should Ducati think about him to score the second factory seat besides Dovi, Saw him at the Island last year and I reckon he could have beaten Dovi but only Ducati knows how that race was planned
  2. Totally agree with the previous 2 posts, but Marquez is still "the 1" to beat
  3. Things have changed pretty rapidly in the MotoGP pecking order, On Saturday, Marquez was leading the way, points wise and starting on pole at his best track results wise. on Sunday night he's 4th. No doubt he was the fastest, but he crashed and while leading so rider error, no excuses. Vale and Alex took up the gauntlet to put on a great fight till the end. Carl has to stop crashing and Maverick has to sort out his race craft if he to challenge his team mate let alone Marq and the rest of the contenders, Dovi sort of "lucked" his way to be on top, but he is the threat. Jack's promotion to the "A" team will be certain if a few more podiums come his way... HE-HAW, well his fight for this years title is over
  4. Interesting, the riders were all complaining 'bout how dusty and bumpy the track is at Austin, but I watched the first 2 practice sessions and no one came unstuck, in Moto GP anyway, so far looks like the Yammies could give Marq a scare...early days though with the weather forecasted could be some upset results
  5. This is the one I've been to for the last 4 years, my pick of all the Festivals I've attended over many years, in the words of Molly, do your self a favour, or, be there or be square, whatever...just get there....Cheers and Beers...Bugs https://www.mitchellcreekrocknbluesfest.com.au/
  6. They are devices for people who want to race but lack the bravery and skill to tackle motorcycle racing
  7. Marq and Rossi are mates again?, wonder how long that will last, anyhow Moto GP in Texas, SuperBikes. in Assen, F1 in China and Super Cars at Phillip Island this weekend, all praise the convivence of settop box recorders. Will Remmy be able to finish at the pointy end? hope so
  8. Yes, more of the same please
  9. Supers at Spain this weekend
  10. Yes I agree with Nigel's comments re Vale/Marq. I do fear that #93's remarkable lack of injuries to the crashes he's had will end one day. All the top riders have missed races due to injuries at races or training, so far Marq hasn't. Re Valintino' has anyone else won in every class, 125,250 500 and the three versions of Moto GP? As I posted earlier, Vale is the biggest draw card of any motor racing competitor worldwide, regardless of category, deservedly so. That tenth world title will hopefully not elude him, he's earnt it
  11. Well f me, Rossi just keeps on making the other Yamaha riders look ordinary, he has the "passion" which is displayed ever time he speaks, and lines up on Sunday, no wonder he is so admired. Marq proved yet again he is the best rider/bike combination of the current era, he will challenge Vale's number of wins but he will never have the support of the fans that #46 has, Good on Remy, has to be one of the best races I've seen, could be a sign of a future Moto Gp career
  12. Good to see the Mclarens on the improve, sad about the Williams though
  13. OK, round 2 of the MotoGP battle tonight/tomorrow morning from Argentina... if the weather forecasters are correct it could/will turnout to be a lottery with tyre choices the deciding factor. Anyhow Gardner on pole for the Moto2, first time? Marq, Vale and Jack is my trifecta pick
  14. Does anyone out there watch all the practice, qualifying, warm up sessions before the race? Fortunately, I've retired so plenty of time to indulge my obsession. It is insightful to see all the effort the teams/riders have to do just to get the bike up near the pointy end of the grid. The race, well that makes all the work and effort justified.
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