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  1. Bugs

    CD Player

    Found, thanks for the PMs everyone
  2. Bugs

    CD Player

    Item: CD Player Price Range: $100-$200 Item Condition: used Extra Info: I'm after a CD Player for my man cave, want some thing that is reliable, preferable with remote but not essential price is variable local buy prefered Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  3. Okay it's not Moto Gp, but it's the next best thing, SBK at the Island next week end, so were off tomorrow morning for a relaxed trip down, plan to arrive when the gates open early next Friday. Doesn't seem like 12 months since Bartista totally dominated that weekend, anyhow, I Hope the Weather Gods are kind to us
  4. Well for me the Holden V Ford scenario was unneeded hype. My interest was focused on the drivers and to a lesser extent the teams, hence when Loundes left the "green eyed monster" AU to drive a Dunnydore is was no big deal and most drivers switch teams as often as NRL players do. The 888 v Penske battle will rage on for the foreseeable future with hopefully other teams will challenge the "duopoly" status. Back in the day when lots of different manufactures participated in "series production" the reliability of the cars was not good, so over the years the cars became proper race cars with no original parts but were bullet proof in comparison. Problem is all the cars now are so equal cos Ford and Holden have been refined to the nth degree and no one else can compete successfully. Maybe a turbo V6 Commodore and a Camaro entry will spice things up a bit.Like a lot of series round the world is has evolved into to a "formula category" with little room for change, anyhow I still enjoy the races, the commentator's Hype, less so
  5. OK, I settled on a PSB Imagine Centre C, picked it up for $180, it's it mint condition current price is $900 odd. Funny thing is he had 3 of these, sold the Black ones for $500 each last year and had no takers for the "cherry wood"? unit I bought, go figure. Any how it's a quality unit that makes listening to the dialogue in films and Tv much "easier and more enjoyable" compared to the previous Paradigm unit, well pleased I'm am!
  6. Hi, if you'll post to Qld 4305 I'll take Norah Jones and Marvin Gaye $40 plus $10 postage...Cheers
  7. Adelaide Accession 8 inch 3 way PSRTL 863 front and Richter Paladin 8inch 2 way rears
  8. The one I'm using at present is a Paradigm CC 350, bought it years ago for not much money. Anyhow I got a new Yamaha 9 channel receiver and thought it's time to upgrade the speaker rest of the system are various speakers I've accumulated over the years, all are a couple of notches above the Paradigm in sound quality. Budget is $500 second hand, thoughts please
  9. Item: Yamaha TD500 DAB+FM Tuner Location: Ipswich, QLD, 4305 Price: $200 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: NRL Payment Method: Pickup - Cash preferred Extra Info: Bought a few years ago to match my Yamaha AS2100 amp and CDS1000 disc player. Works perfectly and comes with manual. Can't find remote but if you have an AS series amp, its remote has all the functions you need for the tuner. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. "bring on the tennis final" oh dear, how sad I thought the race was enthralling, maybe I should give this motor racing caper the arse and watch some people hitting a ball back and forth over a net instead
  11. A aussie on poll in a factory Porsche , gotta be enough of a reason to get out of bed at a sparrow's fart. Want to watch the whole thing but doubt if that's gonna happen...go 888
  12. I just purchased a Yamaha RX-V 2085 from Eastwood HI Fi for $1990 delivered to Qld, it also included a couple of HDMI cables in the deal. Went the Yamaha route for two reasons, firstly this will be my third Yammie Avr, I upgrade every 7 years or so, and never had a problem with any of the units, fact is the first one is still being used daily hooked up to a computer. Secondly the Yamaha was the only one with DAB+ tuner, I already have a stand alone Tuner but want to cull the number of boxes on the rack. Will keep the RX-V 2067 for man cave duties
  13. Bugs

    Dakar 2020

    Well, Dakar '20 is done and dusted. As always lots of drama and the highs and lows that go with the event. Honda's first win since the Africa twin days long time ago. Not so sure about the winning "mini" though seems you can use a cars name and front up with a totally different concept vehicle. It looks like Red Bull won't be satisfied till they sponsor every entry in every class. Any how "our" Toby got a podium behind the a well deserved win by Ricky Brabec. Finally the very sad loss of Paulo Goncalves was the low point. Saudi's backing of the event will give it much needed stability and a lot of money will ensure it continues to grow
  14. Telecast starts tonight 6PM on SBS HD, my first fix of motorsport this year, Alonso entered in cars and "our" Toby on a KTM will be compulsory viewing for me for the next week and a bit
  15. OK, thanks for your help guys, I didn't want a another player as I gave away a fully functional multi zone Blue Ray unit when I purchased the Sony last year, such is life I guess. Any how the Makemkv option worked. The thing is those region 1 dvds are the only ones I have out of a couple of hundred so I couldn't justify modding the Sony, but will make sure the next player is multi regional...thanks again
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