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  1. British GP tonight at Silverstone, this one will be epic, I boldly predict. The track it self is fantastic after the resurface, the weather perfect, and Rossi and Marquez sharing the front row with "our" Jack. Looks like a Yammie could finally be in with a shot of beating Marq and Dovie, anyway I hope Carl has a incident free ride for his home GP, try and stay awake Bluesman!...Cheers and Beers everyone.
  2. Yeah, not a good day for the Aussies, Gardner's biff with Marquez in Moto 2, his fault in my opinion, and Miller's get of while chasing the leaders, he does fall off to often like Crutchlow, though he was just unlucky in last night incident. Besides all that, what a F###in' race, best for a long time, hats off to Dovi and Marq for fighting all the way till the end, Quattaro has got to get a full fat M1 next year or there is no justice.... even Rossi had a gooden, held of Vinales and Rins all in all one worth watching again
  3. Was in the Camphill store recently, was very impressed by their service I received, will definitely check out the new shop soon
  4. Marquez has youth on his side. When Rossi, Hee Haw Crutchlow and Dovi are gone he'll still be dominating, in my opinion, the only possible hiccup for him is if he jumps on Duke and takes a couple of races to get back to No 1 status. Sad I know, but we will be witnessing his demolition of his category rivals for the foreseeable future
  5. Well, here we go again after a well earned break, the boys are back in town, Brno actually, anyhow all the usual suspects are up there including Zarco on the front row, first for a KTM methinks... if you saw Marquez poll lap [incredible], also equalling Doohan's 58 pollpostions, he looks again to be the one to beat, but maybe, just maybe, Rossi will say enough is enough and it's time for a win!, we live in hope
  6. OK, not MotoGP, but the Suzuka 8 Hour is on tomorrow, starts at 12noon local time lots of top riders and factory supported bikes. I usually cheat and tape it and break it up into 3 or 4 viewings, it's on Euro Sport
  7. CD for me, cos I went to JBHI yesterday and bought Buddy Guy "living proof", Keb Mo "oklahoma" and Billy Gibbons "the bad blues" for forty bucks. The cheapest LP that I would have considered was $37, most over the $40 mark, if I was rich than LPs for sure, but I aint so just the occasional Vinyl purchase has to surfice
  8. Have this LP on SACD, sledgehammer blues, truly a sublime recording/performance, totally recomended
  9. Just got back from Aussie Hifi at Camphill, took the TT down with me. The guys there fitted the new stylus after realigning the cartridge, and various other adjustments, oiling the bearing all for the cost of the of the price of the Bronze alone, impressive service. Unfortunately I couldn't justify the upgrade to the Black to my partner who was with me, anyhow listening now and all is good...cheers
  10. I have a Garrott Brothers P.77i and a Ortofon Bronze MM cartridges, both require new stylis. Turntable is a Project Perpex 6, price is about the same, 4-5 hundred $. the Garrot might be saveable, bent canterlever Will also require some one to set up the TT, thoughts please
  11. Dac Magic Ipswich Qld $80 Fair Condition NLR Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: Bought this new, haven't used it for years, the paint on the top side has lifted after a sticker was placed on it, unit works as it should, comes with the manual and wall wart, but no box, will demo Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Well, damp track during warmup, Ducati's ray of hope? #93 will still be be the dominate force. Yamaha looking good again, Rossi HAS to do well this race, or, I don't wont to contemplate the consequences. JR cleaned up at Donnington in the rain, Bartista fell off, anyhow, the fridge is full of refreshments, let the games begin
  13. Yeah, looks like Yamaha have found some mojo. FQ looks like the real deal, no doubt Lin Jarvis will be ensuring he gets all the factory upgrades. Don't know what caused to Rossi's get off, he has to deliver this weekend. Petrucci starting to harass Dovi on a regular basis. Marqez still looks supreme to me, even though I don't like the bugger, his skill is unsurpassed at this point in time. Rins fall reminds us that these riders are at the limit every time they go on the track, effing incredible
  14. OK, Gardner on pole ,this is his big chance to get his first? win in GP2, hope he succeeds. In the main game I think this has the makings of the most important race for Yamaha this year so far, if they don't win tonight they are in big trouble. Hee Haw out of action, unfortunate for him, but he will not missed by me. #46 needs a good result or FQ could be in line for the factory ride next year
  15. As a bonus I'll through in Frank Zappa's Joe's, Garage Act 1, 2 and 3
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