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  1. And here's the entertaining story behind that howl, watch from 3:45: [media=] [/media]luvit!
  2. Thanks Caddis, the LP's are great two came up to mint after a clean, haven't gotten to the others yet.
  3. Cheers Manchu, I'll do just that. Thanks so much for your kind offer, I graciously accept
  4. Thanks al, No joy with Synergy, no support for the single point fixing Regas anymore, surprisingly disappointing Has it really been 7 years?? I can order one from Jeff Spall in the UK, that was the last option
  5. Anyone know of an Australian supplier of rega parts? Seeking the 23mm lock nut or equivalent. No joy with Coventry et al, bugger. TIA Gents
  6. Bingo. In the Denon family DL-301, DL-304, DL-110 would be a better match. Your tonearm really wants a high compliance cartridge. Good to check the resonance calculator at Vinylengine.com, I think you might need to register to access it.
  7. I've got a cleft bass, can I join your club ??
  8. Hi Caddis, If not spoken for - I call shotgun on these: Jean Michel Jarre, Oxygene, Polydor, 8 Beatles, Abbey Road, Apple, 8, Paul Kelly, Under the Sun, Mushroom, 8, Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life, Motown, 10, 2LP with booklet Cheers!
  9. Tungsram 12AX7 are readily available at good prices and well regarded by musos and audiophools. Tonally clean top to bottom and low microphonic.
  10. I had the same 'moment of clarity' with Auricaps, within the first ten seconds of auditioning. I noticed no improvement after that, but those first ten seconds was the aural equivalent of seeing a jigsaw puzzle assemble itself like some freaky Exorcist scene. Hair raising stuff. Prior to this I would never have believed the coupling cap hype. And I wasn't tripping balls, tho I had inhaled some rosin cored solder ^_^
  11. Blue Lines is a great album but Mezzanine does it for me. Mind you just quietly she who loves to be loved loves to be loved to this album so my viewpoint is utterly askew. I would add Paranoid, Master Of Reality and Synchronicity to the killer list. Oh and thanks to ZM pretty much all albums from Porcupine Tree. It luvs the Tree. Oh yes.
  12. Check my AS table in the classifieds. Similar model higher up the chain at half your budget.
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