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  1. I've got sorbathaine round pads if keen.
  2. They look cool reminds me of the colin whatmough speakers.
  3. I've got a hi end timber stand if interested. 5 shelf in total.
  4. Extra Info: I bought this back in the day when I was around 28 years of age the golden year and I'm 51. I never used it becuase in those days the cd was taking off and to my ear every one said cd sounded better and I belived it. So I never used it but I wanted to have a complete system as we did in those days. Unit is like new have origanal box but no manual or foam that came with it. If I find the manual will supply. Pictures:
  5. Yeah the dark model is better but not your wallet.
  6. Yeah but that ship is gone. Not many sold in Australia. Best of luck.
  7. Mclean audio has them new for $12,999.00 rogue m180
  8. Ive got two of these cables and they are hard to beat for sound quality. It makes my power amp sound smoother... Not cheap but good to finish of a hi end system.
  9. Wilson Benesch speakers are up there with the best speaker manufactures in the world.
  10. Also the mk2 15 inch drivers dont have the same problem like the mk1 ones that the surround of the drivers cracks.
  11. Ive got the original tannoy Arden mk2 and they are amazing speaker. There like quality headphones. These speakers listed are the same drivers. They sound really good with low powered amps in big rooms but in a smaller room you can use a high powered amp to control the 15 inch bass driver. When it comes to dual concentric tannoys are the best. Also they are known for there 15inch drivers.
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