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  1. Before selling these speakers you should try it with the elektra hd 300. It will make these speakers sing. Ask for Nick at carlton audio for a demo on your speakers.
  2. Excellent buying and a great honest guy you can trust. 😀
  3. That Vincent 994 is a great amp. Also for the asking price you cant go wrong... 60 watts pure class A. You can run it on class A or class A/B. Class A is the way to go and theres heaps of grunt.
  4. My advice is to burn in the speakers for at least 2 to 4 weeks. You need to get atleast 100 hours before pulling the pin. Never be in a rush. You may find that these speakers are keepers. Best of luck
  5. These guys at Shelby Audio are great guys and very honest. Highly recommend them.
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