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  1. Rob181

    Bathurst 2018

    Sounds like something you would use for a vasectomy...
  2. Rob181

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    @RLDK... May I please have Avatar Gran Torino Hobbit 1-3 Prometheus Thanks Rob
  3. Rob181

    Hi from Sydney

    That'll be no good...left hand drive...
  4. Just some minor editing...
  5. Rob181

    AM Audio RT-1 Preamplifier

    Too late...Daza has just bought a tube Pre...
  6. Rob181

    Great Buys on Gumtree

    One of THE best subs going - I own 2... Mine were built by Salk Sound in the US & weigh almost 80 kg each... Highly recommended & a bloody bargain at that price...
  7. Rob181

    Aussie Politics

    Only about 40 years later than should have occured...
  8. Rob181

    Aussie Politics

    That's not true...
  9. Rob181

    Aussie Politics

    Reminds me of the last great flood in Brisbane... The following year my insurance policy increased by 40%... I asked why...because of the potential for flood I was told... When I pointed out that 70% of Brisbane would have to be under water before that happened... My policy cost was quietly reassessed....
  10. Rob181

    Aussie Politics

    Compared to who...
  11. Rob181

    Aussie Politics

    In a fashion...its called the 457 lever... However it is employers who asked for the 457 lever... Boat arrivals get all the media attention & govt bashing... But it is the 457 lever that is the real problem in AUS...
  12. Rob181

    Aussie Politics

    Only after they agree to FINALLY reward their workers with a decent pay rise... After all company profits have grown exponentially year on year & at their highest since the GFC... Salary & wages (except for the Govt sector) have significantly fallen behind the rate of inflation... And that is an f'ing disgrace...topped off the the reduction in weekend penalty rates for those in hospitality...
  13. This comment explains... This comment...sigh...
  14. Rob181

    Aussie Politics

    Germaine & Jemimah... I can see how you could mix those 2 up...