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  1. Just checked the price for the box set, $450 plus postage. A little pricey, but with 13x records inside it works out to be around $35 per record. Box looks identical to the Cold Chisel box set that was released a year or so ago.
  2. Moved from a 2M Blue to an AT-440mlb on an SL-1300mk2 (with new 3d printed cue part) Glad i did, the brighter sound that throws some people off doesn't sound that pronounced to me. No more IGD either. Also allows me to correctly decode CD-4 quadraphonic discs perfectly with my Akai AS-980 receiver.
  3. Item: New Sealed Pressing of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd Location: Adelaide SA Price: $30 Item Condition: Brand Spanking New Reason for selling: Received as gift. Already have this pressing. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD. Extra Info: Cheaper than most places for this record, $55 at JBHIFI! Pickup or can drop off in metro Adelaide. Pictures:
  4. The best way I've found to spread the glue is to apply it while turntable is on and make a big spiral from inside > out. Also get an old fly buys or similar card and carefully spread the glue while the turntable is on, from inside out. Gives a nice smooth coat which aids in drying. Also, looks like Cheap as Chips sell the Mont Marte stuff now for $3 a bottle.
  5. Been over a year, but i thought i might dig this thread up again I recently bought the box set, seeing as there were under 10 still available on the online store. All of the albums sound pretty decent, bar Circus Animals which sounds pretty dull and lifeless. I put on an original copy and it blew the reissue away, way more high frequencies and punch. Does anyone with box set experience the same?
  6. I wandered in there yesterday, there are quite a few MoFi pressings available for reasonable prices, at least compared the other local stores. He also said he still has hundreds of second hand vinyl he needs to go through. He sure gets his money's worth from that VPI cleaner!
  7. I have one of these, keen to use it however I'm having trouble with some of the resistors overheating and burning up on the power supply board. I've replaced all of the electro caps, but still no luck. Anyone might have an idea? Cheers
  8. If you ever decide to sell some of the prerecorded reels seperately, I'd be interested!
  9. I have the 4 channel version, a GX-400D SS, They were very pricey when new ($1500+) and I think they are still around the same mark today (working). The pro version is even rarer than mine, so I imagine the price would be more. Seeing as yours wasn't working and of unknown exterior condition, I'd say around the $6-700 mark. I found this website of someone in Europe who appears to be selling a mint one. http://www.vintage-audio.com.ua/en/cat/39/1061.html?begin=11 3800 euro is probably a little too much but you get the idea. Also found another forum thread referring to the deck: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42775 Hope this helps
  10. Recently listened to 10-1 with my head phones (ATH-M50x) the other day, the mastering on this album is incredible! The dynamic range is second to none compared to the other oils vinyl. DnD would be 2nd followed by Blue Sky Mining.
  11. FS: Clearaudio Aurum Beta Cartridge (Wood Body) Condition: Near new - only around 20 hours use. Price: $350 negotiable - Paypal / EFT / Cash on pickup Location: Adelaide SA Postage: To be calculated Reason for selling: Not being used Brilliant cartridge, bought new. Not being used atm as it doesn't suit my current TT/Tonearm. If posted I will put in original packaging. If interested let me know. Cheers
  12. For anyone still interested in this thread, Batty was kind enough (thanks mate!) to lend me his modded Bugle 1 (with ext psu). Sounded nice, seemed to open up the sound a bit, however the bass response seemed a little lacking (Maybe it's just me) compared to the fono mini. This seemed to be the kicker for me. I might try find a 2nd hand regular Fono down the track. I also decided to stick with the 2M Blue, the Clearaudio does make it a little more musical, but the Blue is just so darn analytical and accurate, I love it! Could also be that the Beta isn't a good match for the Technics. On that note, I will probably sell the Aurum Beta at some stage. If anyone is interested send me a PM. I have all the original packaging so I can post it. It literally has about 20 hours on it.
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