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  1. Thank you all for the recommendations, will do more research on this.
  2. Is it the same case with Anthem 1120, probably the safer and most economical way is A3070 with stereo amp?
  3. Hi all, I am a newbie in this home theatre settings and need inputs from you guys. I wonder if anyone has any review of the Marantz 6012 and perhaps compare it Yamaha 3070 and Anthem 1120. If I am using Yamaha I presumed i need another stereo amp in order to get 7.x.4 My aim is to have dolby atmos at my room 7.1.4, with usage probably 70% movies and 30% music. Any input is welcome or should i buy cheaper amps with lesser channel and run second power amp for the two front speaker?
  4. I am in Mount Waverley, maybe one day I might come and visit you . Did you have your screen calibrated or did you do it by yourself. Based on everyone comments probably I will choose better screen since that probably that less likely being kept and projector will get replace sooner. Thank you guys.
  5. As, I am new in home theatre, I am in cross-road on my spending. I have narrow down the projector that I like which is either X5900 or x7900. My budget will allow me to do either: X5900 with good screen e.g. from Rich oztheatre x7900 with ok screen e.g. Shelby or some eBay screen One thing that I have concern of is that out of the box x5900 seems need to be properly calibrated which x7900 seems to be not too bad. I might be able to live with x7900 and I will do my own calibration. My room is proper home theatre room with dark carpet and flat dark brown paint all over the room. Any recommendations are welcome.
  6. Thank you all for the suggestions, I will meet with the AV guy that the electrician used on site and hopefully should get better understanding if he is up to the job or not. But going through few shops really helps to get a good understanding of what is required. I believe there is a manual for 7.2.4 positions on the Atmos website that he should be able to reference to. Some ht companies doesn't mind if the cabling is off a little bit as long it is less than 1m and e.g. receiver like Yamaha should be able to calibrate the speaker through their mic. Probably I need to add few cat6 next to the projector in case one fails and having distance from receiver less than 7m to projector if plan to upgrade to 4k. For the cabling purposes, I am planning to have better cable for the two front floor standing speaker left and right to switch for Stereo system. Did I cover mostly anything at this stage for pre-cabling?
  7. I wonder if it's worthwhile to buy few different equipments from different stores e.g. buy speaker package from one store and buy another package of projector and screen from other store. Will it be too complicated to organise the installation by one of the store? Otherwise I just bought everything from various stores and get independent installer? I am thinking to spend a good 5.2 or 5.2.2 at this stage and built it up to 7.2.4. Is there a good independent installer and also do I need to get a specialist to calibrate all the equipments, how does it works if I buy few things separately. I went to few stores on the weekend and most of them worry if electrician are doing the pre-cabling. I will push the builder to get one of the specialised stores to do the pre-wiring. But the tricky bit is I am still demo-ing few systems but at the same time the prewiring might need to be done pretty soon. There might be a chance that I might get a pre-wiring done by store A but after demo-ing few stores I might end up buying equipment from store B, because of the critical to get the pre-wiring at this stage. Any suggestions are welcome.
  8. Thank you guys for all the suggestion, first thing I will get the right cabling setting for 7.2.4 instead of 7.1.4. The next thing is, I will go to few places and auditioned as much as possible. Do you guys have any rule of thumbs of what I should spend for 15k budget? e.g. 4k for screen and projector? 2k for the ceiling speaker? 6k for the 5.1 system and the rest to the receiver? I put priority over sound compare to video quality, I read that those projector price keep becoming cheaper and cheaper therefore not sure if I should spend much on it, whereas the speaker it will be the best investment moving forward and I can keep reusing it.
  9. Thank you for all the suggestions I will visit Clef, BPP and Klapp. Do you guys find waiting for the right time e.g. closing to Boxing Day events make a different with the price discount? Any particular package that caught your eye? Our house won't be finish until early next year but I was thinking to buy equipment slowly if there is any good deal. Perhaps I will focus on the equipment first before room treatment, you probably right by having I am more into audio focused coming from headphones background but had no idea about HT setup. One thing that I am a bit concern of should I ask our electrician not to install all the cabling instead having HT specialist to do it for me.
  10. Hi, I am new in this new HT settings, we are currently building a house and I will have dedicated room for entertainment. Room size is 6.7m(l)x3.6m(w) and 3m(height). I am not sure where to start and putting more budget on which equipment. I don't mind buying 2nd hand equipment but just a bit confuse where to start. Ideally I want to have 7.1.4 settings but I am not sure if it suits the room size or should I have different configuration. I might wait until the 4k comes down quite a bit and put the rest of budget into equipment. Screen size perhaps between 100-130" will be fixed mount. I read that you need to have decent A/V receiver to be able to run 7.1.4 settings which that is probably another fixed component of the budget. In terms of the speaker what is the budget should I put for the sub, ceiling speaker and the rest of the speaker. The electrical company said that they can do all the rough in wiring for the room but I was wondering if I should ask for certain cable brand or thickness and is there any difference of quality with HDMI cable I should spend on? I am in Melbourne in South Eastern suburbs and don't mind traveling to few stores to find the difference on the system. Also what sort of room treatment that I should put in for dedicated HT room. Thanks.
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