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  1. Mickstuh

    Review Exposure 3010S amp

    Screwed down. Not soldered.
  2. I've got one of these and they are a terrific solution to an impedance mismatch between amp and preamp. (It saves you at least one box, one power cord and one interconnect - as opposed to using a traditional box buffer.)
  3. Mickstuh

    Review Exposure 3010S amp

    Really? I had an Exposure power amp with the same connections and I used banana plugs – but they weren't soldered to the speaker cable.
  4. Mickstuh

    Amp specs and what they can mean.

    The thing that caught my eye was "dumping factor". I really don't want my amp dumping anywhere. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)
  5. Mickstuh

    Cricket season 2018/19

    My eyes lit up when I saw the Oppo sponsorship.... Hey, does anywhere here know somewhere where you can watch the day's highlights. I've just spent 10 mins googling only to take me to sites with Indian dudes running commentary in foreign languages to static pix, which wasnt what I was after. (Apols if I've missed it earlier in this threead.)
  6. Mickstuh

    SOLD: Audile tube preamp

    Sold pending pickup. Thanks for the interest. (Would have liked to see the power amp! All the best @Gremrock)
  7. Item: Furman IT-Reference 16E i power conditioner Location: Melbourne Price: $3300 Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash, Bank transfer, Paypal (you pay fees, or pay as friend) Extra Info: This is all the power conditioning you will ever need. It's Furman's top of the range item. I have used this for years without issue, but have drastically refused my box count and clutter, and now it needs to go too. It has eight inputs for analog/digital/video devices (you know, DVD, players, CDs, DACs etc), four inputs specifically for power amps, and eight more inputs for cable/satellite TV etc. It really does the job. In my system it solidified bass output and opened up the treble, distinctly improving the sound. RRP at Lifestyle store is $7799. It weighs 40 kilos (!), so I really don't want to post it. It's a beast. If you pick up, I promise to help you carry it to the car! (Note, the reddish hue on the fascia is just the reflection of the carpet. There are two marks on the upper right of the fascia, which look suspiciously like rubber marks.) Here's a link to a review: www.hifiplus.com/articles/furman-it-reference-16ei-power-conditioner-hifi-plus-67/ Pictures:
  8. Item: Audile tube preamp Location: Melbourne (east) Price: $650 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many preamps Payment Method: Cash, Paypal (as friend, or buyer pays 3% fees), or bank transfer Extra Info: This is a locally made wood-cased tube preamp. It looks gorgeous and sounds sweet. It runs on Jan Philips 5814A tubes (12AU7) – a spare pair is included in the sale. It has five inputs and two outputs. (Plus a monitor in and out, which I have never used.) These sold at Secher Audio for $3800 new. Was serviced recently and all is good. Note – the phono connections is a ground only, there is no phono preamp. Local buyer preferred. Pictures:
  9. Hi. I'll take them, if still available. Ta, Mick
  10. Mickstuh

    SOLD: FS: Mega Rack of Awesomeness!!

    That looks great! And best classified title ever! Hope you get a taker. Cheers
  11. Mickstuh

    SOLD: FS: Sony HAP-Z1ES Digital Music Server

    FWIW, I have its little brother, the HAPS1, which is an excellent player, gorgeous sound, outstanding app, great build quality, flawless performance. This would only be better.
  12. Mickstuh

    SOLD: FS: Audiophile CDs, Mofi, DCC - Dylan, Aretha

    I'll take Arvo Part and Freddie King thanks
  13. Item: MARANTZ MM7055 Location: MELBOURNE Price: $950 Item Condition: EXCELLENT Reason for selling: TOO MANY AMPS Payment Method: Cash, bank deposit or Paypal (pay as friend, or you pay 3% fees) Extra Info: This five-channel power amp provided all the grunt (and delicacy) I needed in my largish video room. It delivers 140 watts RMS into all five channels. The amp has been very lightly used, and always at sensible volume levels. It presents as new, no scratches, no fading. It has RCA and XLR connections. At the price above, I will throw in five 1m XLR cords. Can post, in original box, with insurance, for $50. Pictures:
  14. Mickstuh


    From Brisbane... but not from you Fish