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  1. You know 'Bad Guy'. You know the sound at traffic lights when you are allowed to cross? Check out this video, at 6:50.
  2. I've got their 30watt integrated and their 2n100-2 power amp. Both are very good, solid, reliable, clean. No issues, nothing to complain about. They do seem to be an odd company, who do nothing in relation to publicity or getting reviewed. They have actually been around for years and years. They also manufacture for other brands. Their amps are very well priced, a bargain in fact.
  3. Hi Rob. Just fyi, I checked via LightningDS and Tidal has five versions of Sticky Fingers, three of which are 16/44 flac, the other two being 24/44 mqa. Hope that helps.
  4. Rob, I agree that streaming can be way more inconvenient than playing a CD. You might be interested to know that Tidal now has what looks to me like all the Stones albums, including four versions of Beggars Banquet. And there's heaps and heaps of Pink Floyd too. One of the odd things of Tidal is that you can different results from different apps. I can play Tidal via my Tidal phone app, Tidal laptop, and Tidal tablet app. But I can also play Tidal via the embedded app in my Oppo, or the embedded app in my the Lightning software that serves my Auralic streamer. They all seem to give d
  5. Thanks to the OP for prompting us "to further understand and re-evaluate what a double blind test is." On that point, I think it's worth making clear a basic element that seems to be a source of confusion – you don't actually have to be blinded/blindfolded/deprived of sight. Let's say the DBX was on two amplifiers. The amplifiers can easily be hidden/obscured, so that you might not see them. To those who say that putting on a blindfold immediately changes the test to something that is not real world, and interferes with aural perception, I agree with you.
  6. In my opinion, the Nura are pretty good, with/without the hearing correction enabled. (They copped a bit of flak around here for silly advertisements, but ignore that ....) Enjoy them!
  7. PS Audio's Paul McGowan says in a short video on youtube called 'Why do my ears fail me' that some of the best listeners he knows have hearing that cuts off at 2k!!!!. (I know this is a cue for a PS Audio pile-on, but please don't, resist the temptation, and respect the OP's question.) For what it's worth, a friend of mine who has fairly severe hearing loss had a listen to Nura headphones, which correct for your hearing deficiencies, and he found they immediately made an easily audible difference. (It was a very quick experiment, and he didn't have long enough to really evaluate the diffe
  8. This Mytek DSD-192 works perfectly and has no dings or dents. Comes with the Apple remote. The DAC is very capable and extremely versatile: choice of analog or digital volume control, for example. Plus a headphone output. Plus analog in, which means it can be a system-wide preamp, and a good one at that. XLR and RCA out, which work simultaneously, which meant I ran two subs off it without difficulty. Not to mention a Firewire connection. As the name suggests, it does DSD and 192PCM. There's heaps of reviews/opinions on the net. Have original box, so posting is fine.
  9. @andyr @StereophilusAndy, re linear and switch-mode power supplies. you might find this interesting, if you havent seen it already (I think it was once posted on this site). EveAnna Manley, of tube amp fame, talks in this video about changing all Manley gear over to an SMPS power supply designed specifically for her by Bruno Putzeys. Because they sounded better in all respects. It picks up at 38:30 and she talks in a bit of detail for a few minutes. Not too technical for dills like me, but she goes into some of the whys and hows as well. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.ph
  10. I've used a few different types over the years, including some expensive ones. The best one was made by Gary Cawsey (cawseyaudio) in Melbourne. Not big, can post. He has evolved his design over the years. Cheaper and better than the sooper dooper brand name ones on the market, IMHO.
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