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  1. Hi all. Does anyone known of any small form, half-width SACD players? The only one I've come across was a universal Sony player, but it had only HDMI output, which does not do the trick in the stereo set-up I'm using. Thanks in advance hive brain!
  2. Maybe everyone else here knows this – @kelossus put this pic on the first page of this thread – but there is a one-hour doco on this room, and its maker, on youtube. The same guy who built (and owns) the house built the speakers. The room was purpose built – no parallel surfaces – and how! You won't believe the record player – he built that too. Ken Fritz is his name.
  3. I've always liked Auralic's straight shooting in their Lightning DS software, where they talk about MQA: " FLAC in the MQA format is compressed and lossy ... MQA has a degraded dynamic range compared to the non-MQA file if you play it on a non-MQA dac... " Lightning DS converts the MQA files, and Auralic says it does so via its own 'proprietary decoding and deblurring method... this process is not an MQA-created or MQA-licensed process'.
  4. welcome aboard. plenty of opinions here... knowledge too even!
  5. The two-channel version fetches $2000 on this forum, which makes this a bargain. They are brilliant.
  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Pigpen I'm not the only one hungry for impressions of an Eigentakt amp, in particular from March audio. I was interested to see one review of the NAD that was not altogether complimentary, on 10.audio, by a reviewer who has recommended and raved about some other Class D type amps before.
  7. If you have no luck Steven, I've got an Audio-GD C-3. Two-chassis beauty!
  8. I'm late to the thread but ... I heard those Dutch & Dutch speakers at Marc's show. Late on the sunday. The stallholder, Bill, was ready to party – he cranked em, playing rock and metal. When I saw the pic above, I did a mental double take: was that huge sound I remembered, the best blast that I've heard at a show, really from speakers that small? Well, yes. (So if you do like to rock out and thought standmounts would never cut it, try these.)
  9. Hi, I've got a question. (Really appreciate being able to do this!) I just tried to open imessage on my Mac laptop (running 10.13.6). It opens, but won't let me do anything. Squares/boxes are greyed out. Checked preferences, it has my email address I use with my Apple ID. Have re-entered password to make sure it's right. But when I do that nothing happens. I have ticked box to enable account. It makes me feel so dumb when nothing happens and I can't see an alternative. Google searches seem to tell me I'm doing things right. Thanks, Mick
  10. Here's why HighResaudio stopped selling MQA, in 2017. Yep, all the sorts of problems referenced in the OP's linked video http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/highresaudio-to-stop-offering-mqa/
  11. Like many others here, I've followed the MQA debate for quite a while now. Several things have always bothered me, mainly the always abstruse descriptions from MQA itself as to what it actually does. Coincident with that were the shiftings sands of MQA's self description – they would routinely shift the emphasis of what their stuff actually does. It has never been clear to me how they were ever going to clean up all the non-linearities in the production chain that gets music to our homes. I mean, we all know how much work goes into a record company box set where the original masters has
  12. I bought this Densen here a while back, and it's served me well. It's rated at 60watts at 8 ohm, 120 watts at 4ohms. I have used it to run some old-model Vienna Acoustics Beethovens, which dip down to 2ohm and it did the job very nicely. It comes with original manual, remote control, remote control charger and packing. The display is red, and does not turn off. The amp can be turned on and off from the remote. It has two sets of pre-outs, making it very versatile. I used them to run two subs. Densen offers various upgrade paths - you can build in a DAC or surround sound processing or a stream
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