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  1. Hi Delphi. You can have my Umik-1. Picture attached. I never even took it outta the box. Mick
  2. In answer to your question @sirsanders (which I've only just realised is a year old), I have heard one. This is one clean, clear amp. I took up Geoff's offer in the post above, and borrowed the amp for a home demo for a week. Which obviously meant I got to listen to it in my house on my speakers, which should give you the best insight into it. In that week, the Benchmark did everything right and nothing wrong. It never got even warm to touch. And that was on all sorts of music (from reggae to classical, Kraftwerk to Gillian Welch, Louis Armstrong to Sigurd Hole) from low to loud, on big speakers and small, from 2 to 4 to 8 ohm). The fact that you can literally pick up this amp in one hand and move it room to room so easily makes this sort of testing quite easy. The main amp I compared it to was a Halcro DM38. Listening to them on one set of speakers running just one high quality 5in driver, I could not tell the two amps apart. At all. To the point that I had to try a third amp, to test that finding against another one. The third amp sounded completely different (and inferior). That just made me think that both the Halcro and Benchmark were simply doing exactly the same thing to the speakers, and so producing exactly the same sound. At other times on other bigger speakers I sometimes felt I preferred the Halcro, but it was not possible to point to a difference, to nominate the actual difference, that made it better. It was simply more engaging - but that might just be because I'm attuned to it. Or biased, cos it's mine. Whichever, the Benchmark is a very good amp. If I was starting again, this is perhaps where I would start. (PS does anyone else read Jerry Seigel at 10audio? His reference power amp for years has been a 10watt single-ended Valvet – just now displaced by this Benchmark)
  3. Amazing, I agree. And that's not even mentioning Halcro, whose dm58 was once declared world's best amp by Stereophile. (as you said, just to name a few...)
  4. Could someone please tell me why the price of a sold item is now not displayed? (I seem to have missed the discussion.) Thanks in advance.
  5. I bought medical grade power cables. $3.39 each. They do the job. And being orange, I can tell em apart from my black ones. https://www.4cabling.com.au/1m-medical-iec-c13-to-3-pin-main-power-cord-orange.html?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiAvonyBRB7EiwAadauqYRLSsv_4hAquiDiLRhRctzvn-TLuWfLxh83M1-5kcY8Hu38SqepORoCxQwQAvD_BwE
  6. On the bright side, your ears and listening ability have shown themselves to be trustworthy!
  7. Excellent DAC. Sounds basically the same as the newer dearer Mytek DACs. Analog in, so It can be a system-wide preamp. XLR and RCA outputs, so it can run subwoofers too. And DSD into the bargain. GLWTS
  8. I had a Jungson amp with big blue meters - terrific. And a Xindak preamp - also excellent. Two Shanling SACD players – outstanding. Dared, I'm told, are also good.
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