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  1. @Thelastjedi Does that price for the Okto include GST? Thanks in advance.
  2. FYI: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Krell-KSA-50s-Power-amplifier/283561628868?hash=item42059714c4:g:1p4AAOSwUaBc62k0&frcectupt=true
  3. @MattyW That Muji DAC does look interesting. Can you tell me what it does with 24/192 files and higher? That is, can it play them at all? And I am right in believing it has no volume control? Thanks, Mick
  4. When I get new Bob sets like this I like to listen without looking at track lists in advance, in the same way that I do a blackout on set lists months in advance of a gig. It makes it all a surprisel So if you do the same, look away now. That practice meant I was absolutely delighted today to hear in the Rehearsals on he 14CD RTR set that he does Spanish Is the Loving Tongue. I feel doubly blessed because it turned up against all odds on the BotT sessions too. It was for years a go-to song of his in the studio. The end result is so many versions, all different, of a gorgeous song. Loving it.
  5. Beautfiful room, beautifully set up, beautifully photographed. Well done. Bet it sounds great.
  6. Fascinating. I have an Elektra power amp - it too sounds good to me. And the Benchmark is a thoroughly intriguing piece of work. Of design. There's real intelligence at play there. The review of it in theabsoultesound is like no other review I have ever read, describing the amp as "in any practical sense perfect". Not the sort of thing you can generally say in a field where subjectivity counts. But the reviewer (Paul Seydor) lays out his case, and is persuasive. He also notes the power supply is very strictly regulated. in order to maintain the virtually zero distortion of the amp (including allegedly zero crossover distortion going from Class A to Class B). All achieved with no negative feedback. The designer, John Siau, writes about it at length on Benchmark's site, and how the design goals were set in order to achieve perfectly linear playback of the highest res files. He got THX to design the power supply. THX has apparently made a headphone amp of unparalleled linearity, thanks largely to their power supply designs. Yes, although aftermarket power supplies can really improve some equipment, it would in all likelihood degrade this amp. Hand in hand with all that, Stereophile's John Atkinson concludes his measurements of the Benchmark DAC3 by stating it is state of the art, with an exclamatory 'Wow'. It has volume control, and XLR outputs of pro standards – outputting double the voltage of consumer XLR outputs – which are happily accepted by their amp's corresponding XLR inputs. Siau explains on the website how that makes for lower noise. Any why they make the unusual (and sanely priced) XLR cables they do. And why they include Speakon connections on the amp, And all of this in a tiny little unit, not one foot wide, not four inches tall, which can be picked up in one hand.
  7. Hi @cobrajand others in this thread. When comparing the sound quality of different streamers, are you using the same software to play the files each time? Software does make a difference (one of the reasons why digital got a bad name early on, cos the sofware often was poor). If using different software – such as that attached to bluenode – then the comparison is no longer streamer vs streamer. I'm in that large cohort who wonders how one streamer can sound better than another (assuming of course that the end dac is asynchronous) – and can't see any reason why they would sound different. That is, other than power supplies – I know my Aries Mini sounded much better (as a streamer and DAC combined) when I put it on a Geiseler power supply. (Much better meant that the clearly audible whooshing sound of the power was removed.)
  8. In answer to the OP's original question – I think the best answer is actually the overall thread, which has thrown up a variety of opinions and experiences. That's the nature of the deqx. Partly because it can do so much. But as you say, it is also a dac and a preamp. What I'm happy to say for certain is that just as a dac and preamp (forgetting all the other things it does), it's good. Very good even. Dead silent, which I really value. And as a combined dac/preamp I think its good value at used prices. And I feel confident saying (repeating even) that to get the best out of it, you have to put in time with it.
  9. Thanks @davewantsmoore I see your logic, it makes sense. Also I like your point and emphasis that it can (but need not) point to a room correction profile that's not quite right. And that's the thing with the deqx: you can go on getting it righter and righter for a long time. Which need not be a bad thing. And again, the quest to, for example, iron out a bump here can create an unexpected bulge over there. As much as the theory is to achieve a perfectly flat response, the practice inevitably involves compromise, not to mention trial and error. That much is clear by the fact you can't get it perfectly right first time. (And there's no accounting for taste, like a preference for clarity over all else, or soundstage over all sense, or fast, deep bass over all else etc...) It's not simple maths (as I'm sure you know already). Cheers.
  10. Hi @Snoopy8. I'm surprised that you way something is "wrong". If you mean further refinement of the settings would/could/should result in liking the unit across the board all the time, sure. But I'm not it's that simple. And the play of subjectivity cant be ruled out. As @Mike13 said above, we listened to the same things today and our preferences differed. Cheers.
  11. Yes the DEQX is an extraordinary instrument. And yes @Mike13I found that the reaction of different people to hearing music at my place with/without the DEQX to vary wildly. Really wildly. To the extent that one friend in particular never wanted to hear it, while another could not believe that I was selling the unit, he thought the improvement was so great. Sometimes I preferred it in, sometimes not. With some music, by clearing up the reflections in the room and of course time alignment of the speakers, it made the soundstage so much bigger and better, with better delineation of all the instruments. It was not the lifting of the veil but more lifting a blanket off the music. Other times the soundstage got bigger, but by no means better. And sometimes it could sound harsh. Of course, thats not to say the DEQX sounds harsh - only my implementation on my room on some music to my ears. It's a question of what you get it to do. A tool, as said above. And it is one of those things where the more time you put into it the more you can get out of it. It's capacity for tweaking the sound is endless. It is definitely demanding. To make it really work you have to put time in.
  12. I've just sold a pair of Kef LS50s. It was definitely not due to buyer's remorse. They are fantastic. The first small speaker that has really impressed me. (I'm sure others would too if I heard them.) There was nothing to complain about in terms of sound quality, nothing lacking at all. And I loved how they responded differently to different amps. Contrary to what I had read, they were not particularly difficult to drive. They sounded gorgeous on a 12watt Nelson-Pass designed DIY amp. The sounded very good indeed on a 35 watt AMC amp (AMC in my opinion is to today's market what NAD was decades ago – excellent value no-frills quality.) They sounded even better on a powerful Harman Kardon HK990, and probably better still on a Yamaha AS2000. And I think I joined @Cafad as being the only other person to ever match them with a Halcro DM38, and they lit up a pretty big room. I give bonus points to a pair of speakers that keep getting better with better amplification – and more bonus points if they still sound very good with not such pricey gear. But I have no seller's remorse either – they were never going to replace my big main speakers. People buy – and sell – for different reasons. I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. Now I know.
  13. Sold pending payment
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