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  1. Hope there will be a demo unit available! I've got my D90 finally! Still got your HP amp that been chugging along!
  2. Well, I finally got my D90! I hope to get an A90 at some point and then go for A/B comparions with other DAC and amps.
  3. @Bengineer has my DX7 Pro! He might sell it for the right price!
  4. Next question is, when is the official release?!
  5. Will you have a demo unit circulating for it? I'd like to compare with my Topping D90 which I have ordered!
  6. Further information: Up for sale today is my 6 month old Topping DX7 Pro I bought from Shenzhen Audio in early October last year. It cost be under 900AUD to get it at that time. It is an ESS Sabre 9038Pro based DAC with a detailed and balanced sound. I was running it with my headphone amp and stereo amp connected to it simultaneously via RCA and XLR. It comes with original accessories including remote, USB cable and power cable. It is in reasonably good condition, the original plastic on the screen has not been removed. Though there is one medium sized graze on the top of the unit where I accidentally hit the DAC/Amp with my small Hypex stereo amp. Other than that, this model is the black model and DOES not do MQA, if you are into that sort of thing. Price is negotiable so please feel free to leave a message. Photos:
  7. If anyone can wait until May, I will be in possession of one!
  8. @musicbee Out of my price range, unfortunately. And a bit overkill for my use. Thanks though!
  9. Further information: I bought this Hypex based amp off Alan March of March Audio on April 1st 2019 and it has served me well. I paid about 1033AUD at the time due to stronger conversion rate from USD then. I wish to go to the P252 amp they have as I seem to have a liking of the Hypex sound. This amp is rather transportable due to its small size and lightweight but it has a fair bit of power despite this! Very clean sounding amp. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Cheers @Bill125812! However, I looked at the Krix website and it seems my model is Black Woodgrain, not Black Ash! Oops, my mistake.
  11. Yes, the same model! I got the original box and the receipt! I think they are the Black Ash model! I got them for $900 so a lesser amount like ~$700 would hopefully be fair.
  12. I got a ex demo pair of Krix Acoustics I got from Living Sound in Fortitude Valley, if you are interested?
  13. Has anyone in Brisbane heard or own the Legend Acoustics Kurre 10s? Just wanting to know what the sound is like? Is it a good buy? I currently heard the Krix Acoustix MKII and had the Adelaide Speakers 822SRTL. Demo'd a few bookshelves around the $2000 mark at Audio Tailor including the Acoustic Energy AE500, which I liked very much.
  14. @Bengineer In my experience, Gieseler Audio is a better price/performance manufacturer compared to Schiit. Give @Gieseler Audio a PM and see if you can arrange a demo or something! Being local does help with warranty!
  15. I will have to keep that in mind when I get my own SMSL SP200. The gain settings are a bit nuts apparently, +6DB is low gain and +18DB is high gain.
  16. @Gieseler Audio Any reveals?
  17. If the Topping D90 works like the other Toppings, then the single ended output voltage should be about 2V. EDIT: I checked the user manual I got off the Topping website. It's 2Vrms at 0dbFS.
  18. @Bengineer You could always ask @Benjet for advice on tubes.
  19. Just a question, is this the MK1 or MK2 of the Auralic Taurus Pre-amp? I'm running under the assumption that it does have the HP amp in it? Looks rather nice, I'd buy it myself if I had the money!
  20. When you have time, please let us know the results!
  21. I am thinking of buying one so I can bring it to compare to Clayton's new AKM 4499 DAC. I'm not expecting a giant killer here but I would be interested to see how different analog stages and power stages would affect the final product! EDIT: Should note that I'm not trying to insult Gieseler Audio. They've been rather good to me, with support of their products with I have bought. This is just for my own experience and knowledge building exercise.
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