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  1. http://www.tpdz.net/authorizedsellers According to Topping, Addicted to Audio is tge authorised reseller. Also, if you search for Matrix and Topping products on Addicted to Audio, they come up.
  2. A2A seems to have been given the title of official Topping distro for Australia according to Topping and A2A Edit: And Matrix as well for the look of things.
  3. I would expect the parts cost to be a significant jump up from the Fein II given what you have listed on the above post! That's not cheap bits there! Anyway, absolute cost is not meant to be a criticism here. It's just stating what seems to be the case. For those of us that are budget conscious, this is not exactly something we're in the market for. Now, compared to what's out there, that's a totally different demographic there.
  4. That sounds rather expensive, even without a nice case! I'm expecting over 4K.
  5. @Bill125812 Oh! Didnt know you did solid silver or copper in XLRs! I thought they were only in RCAs! Might have to come back for some when dad starts filling the theatre room
  6. I also sold my P122 so I could get the P252! I have received the P252 as well. Will be going around demoing some speakers with it in Brisbane soonish. I like the fact that the stereo amplifiers share the same, very portable case.
  7. According to Google, they are at 77 The Strand, Reynella SA 5161
  8. @Bill125812 You will let people know when the website is online, right?
  9. @Bill125812 I'll most likely be back for some of the boutique cable options another time!
  10. Well, looks like you will have your hands full @Bill125812!
  11. @musique112 Yes, from user reports on Head-Fi and such, the Focal Clears, Elears and Elexes do have an issue with bass when played at loud volumes, such as what you have described. As for the MassDrop THX 789 amp, it's very good value at its 299USD price point IF you like a rather neutral and clinical signature.
  12. I haven't quite formulated my thoughts on the D90 yet. I'm very much liking what I'm hearing though. My headphone setup is as follows at the moment: PC via USB to D90, D90 via RCA to Gieseler HPA, HPA balanced out to LCD4.
  13. Hope there will be a demo unit available! I've got my D90 finally! Still got your HP amp that been chugging along!
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