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  1. From what I can tell, you can order what wood and such from the drop down menus on the site. If not, you can always ask Hugo for a quote. Well, I didn't have too long with them unfortunately. I could tell that the Hugo2 + Mscaler sounds very different to my Topping D90 + A90 stack. I actually preferred the Empy and Verite Open out of the Topping Stack as both seemed to sound more airy and open compared to the Hugo2. Bit unfair as the Topping A90 has balanced output.
  2. I hope that Brisbane head-fi owners will have a meet again soon. Been trying to figure out what headphones to get next. LCD4's have left because I want something different. Have gone to Hugo's and tried the ZMF and Meze offerings.
  3. Hey Bill, wondered when you would be trying your hand at these! Are these power cables shielded in any way? Also, would C13 IEC 15 amp plug fit into any standard C13 plugs or are they a bit big for some things?
  4. Sorry to steal the spotlight from OTP for a moment but how are those SB Acoustics kits? Are they easy to build and has anyone tried them?
  5. Has anyone tried Edward's subwoofers in a 2.1 system? I have currently got a Topping D90 dac attached via xlr to a topping a90 headphone amp/pre amp attached via xlr to a March Audio Hypex P252 amp with speaker cables going out to the M853SQs. How would I integrate a sub in there? Does anyone know?
  6. Cheer, Bengineer! Been thinking about obtaining an Ayra one of these days!
  7. Thanks for the impressions, bryansamui! It helps cut down on the olde ''must try'syndrome.
  8. I should note that I did not pay the full retail price of the LCD4. When I bought it, it was an ex demo model priced about $4019 I believe.
  9. Further information: Bought ex demo from The Audio Tailor before they moved to Murrarie. Near the end of 2019 so it would be about a year old! Comes with original 6.3mm Audeze Cable AND a custom XLR from Aurealis Audio. The 3 year warranty on the headphones has been refreshed due to a driver failure in the right driver this year. I only got it back about a month or two ago after a approximately 3 month wait due to COVID. Anyway, I'm looking for a new sound! The LCD4 is quite difficult to run but I seem to have no trouble with it with my Topping A90, on medium gain. When I got my headphones bac
  10. Huh, looks like they have too. And sorry @Ruffter for the upside down photo. I didn't realize it turned out that way!
  11. @Ruffter Here are some photos of the Ascension M853SQ I have. Got no stands for them so they are on my desk.
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