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  1. Xlr cables are in process of being sold. Hifiman he5xx still available! Price will be changed upon sale of cables.
  2. Further information: The HiFiMAN HE5xx was ordered on October 29th 2020 and arrived on November 20th 2020. It's still in good condition but no longer used or needed. Comes with original cable and printout of the receipt. I have two pairs of some of @Bill125812 older cables. 1 pair of 50cm XLR and 1 pair of 1m XLR. i think they are some of his older solid silver range. I am selling these as I no longer need them as I've moved to his Western Electric range of cables. I am obviously selling these as a bulk lot. To split items, contact me via PM. EDIT: HifiMAN HE5xx is still available
  3. Obtained the cables this morning! They've done what I wanted them to do so I'm happy.
  4. Will be getting my set of cables in the next couple of days! I'll see how they go!
  5. Nice price, I would buy if I had the spare cash!
  6. Thanks for that, it's not an emergency. I just wanted to look up their catalogue and see what they had available!
  7. Has anyone tried to access their website in the last couple of days. I have and it seems to be down?
  8. Thanks Bill for the notice! I will be waiting patiently for my cables to come in the mail.
  9. I wish you luck with your kits! I am not much of a DIY person unfortunately.
  10. Got @Bill125812to make me a cable using the Western Electric cables he has.
  11. Have to wait for my custom cable to be finished before I can discard this one. Currently have to use it as I have no other cable.
  12. I've only used Auspost's Shopmate so far. They're not cheap as you pay by cubic measurements.
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