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  1. Suopermanni

    FS: 3m RCA cable and 3m pair of speaker cables

    RCA cables have been sold to @kev88
  2. Item: 3m RCA cable by @Bill125812 and 3m pair of speaker cables by NBSpeakercables. Location: Brisbane, QLD 4053 MCDowall Price: $50 for 3m RCA and $50 for 3m speaker cables. Prices include postage Item Condition: Reasonable Reason for selling: No longer needed and not required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The RCA cables were made by @Bill125812 this year, I believe. The 3m speaker cables I obtained from NBSpeakerCables in WA a month or two ago to try them out. Pictures:
  3. Suopermanni

    Gieseler DAC Reviews & Impressions

    That sounds good. I guess the daughter board is the way to go. Though would this require any significant changes to the PCB of the GroB? I wouldn't know as it's outside my knowledge. But when this gets up and running, I'll be putting mine in.
  4. Suopermanni

    Gieseler DAC Reviews & Impressions

    Which option is the option with the least hassle for you? I wouldn't mind giving up my GroB for a bit to get the Femtos fitted.
  5. Suopermanni

    Brisbane headfi club????

    As long as I can get back to my place before 1pm, any start time is fine.
  6. 3m Speaker cable sold to @Tim D this morning! Thank you everyone!
  7. 3m speaker cable being held for @Tim D until tomorrow.
  8. And the Thor Powerboard has been sold to @flanders! Sorry @BrettBasso.
  9. McDowall 4053. @BrettBasso I'm assuming you are after the Thor powerboard? At the moment, I'm holding it for @flanders who has indicated to me that they want it and are in the process of paying me.
  10. http://www.analogueseduction.net/banana-plugs/nordost-4mm-banana-z-plugs-pair.html - Something similar to this, right? If so, then yes!
  11. @flanders Sorry flanders! They are banana plugs! Thank you for raising that issue. I will edit the post and put that on!
  12. Item: Used Thor A12BF Smart Power Board Location: Brisbane, QLD 4053. Price: $120 including post for power board. $50 for speaker cable Item Condition: Powerboard is sold as is, without box Reason for selling: Excess to needs, changed to a ISOTEK EVO3 Sirius Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is my 1.5 year old Thor Power board, bought from Store DJ. The 3m pair of speaker cable was made by @Bill125812 a few months back from Canare cables. The speaker cables are terminated in banana plugs both ends! Can't seem to find the receipt for the Powerboard. Pictures:
  13. Suopermanni

    Brisbane headfi club????

    I am coming as well. I can bring my LCD3, GroB DAC and Bryston BHA1.
  14. Suopermanni

    Brisbane headfi club????

    I dont think i can host, not enough room and certainly not enough power points and stuff! Looks like we are defaulting to Benjet.
  15. Suopermanni

    Brisbane headfi club????

    Do we have a time and a venue yet?