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  1. Personally, I would get in contact with someone that has the Fein DAC II and see if you can demo it. I've tried the GroB DAC vs. the Schiit Gungnir with Gen 5 USB and I found the GroB DAC a winner. That was just a straight GroB DAC, no LPSU or anything.
  2. Hey @Gieseler Audio, what does the firmware do for PCM or is it only for DSD?
  3. tem: FS: Quasimodo Stereo Amplifier + ISOTek Premier 1.5m AUS Plug Location: Brisbane, Queensland 4053 Price: $650 including postage and insurance to any location in Australia. Will accept reasonable offers. Item Condition: Good, some strange discolouration on the bottom of the case. Reason for selling: No longer needed, looking for something different Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I think this is the first Quasimodo amp I bought off Richard MacDonald @tagstrip but I had it recently upgraded and serviced last year. Conservatively rated at 40w, it does deliver big sound for its price. I've tried a Redgum Black series amp, a NAD C375CBEE (loaned by a stereo.net.au member whose handle I forgot, apologies!), a Schiit Ragnarok and a Cambridge Azur 840 I believe and I preferred the Quasimodo to them. I'm also selling the Quasimodo with this 1.5m IsoTEK Premier power cable I got early this year. Pictures:
  4. Here are some (badly taken) pics of the P122 March Audio amp off a Samsung Note8 camera phone. Sorry, the amp is plugged in already when I took the photos!
  5. @rantan I THINK they are passives. I haven't heard Adelaide Speakers doing active speakers, they mostly do passives from what I know.
  6. Well, I went and bought a P122 Power Amp off March Audio! I'll share some photos of the amp later!
  7. @Gieseler Audio I don't suppose you would mind me sharing the output power of the HP amp that you sent me a while ago in this thread? Not sure if the information in it is still relevant but I figured it couldn't hurt?
  8. Item: Aurealis Audio R1 Dragon Silver/Copper Litz RCA Cable 1m Pair Location: Brisbane, McDowall 4053 Price: $300 including postage Item Condition: Good with original cloth bag Reason for selling: No longer need and due to equipment changes, I need a longer RCA cable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought From Aurealis Audio late last year, it's been connecting my GroB DAC to my Quasimodo poweramp for most of its life. However, due to a slight change in my setup, now using a balanced poweramp based of a Hypex module, I have no use for the 1m RCA R1 Dragon! I bought it for about $375 or so I believe late last year. Pictures: Currently don't have a camera to take photos at the moment of the cable.
  9. Maybe I should put my hand up for product testing if there's room for more. Though I'm not as geographically as close as Benjet.
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