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  1. Fortunately, I'm NOT in a rush to buy anything at the moment. Need to pay off my studies first then I can do a little bit more.
  2. Haven't had a chance to test my HP amp yet because I've been busy! I wonder what the chances of a balanced input model coming out next year?
  3. I swear you are going to make me poor(er) than I am if you keep this up! *joke*
  4. Hello Stereo.net.au, I currently have the following setup as my Computer Desktop Speakers. I play games, watch and stream movies and listen to music. Gieseler Audio GroB DAC - > Quasimodo 40W Power Amp -> Adelaide Speakers 822SRTL. While I am very happy with them at the moment, I wonder what options exist for my use case since I'm sitting very close to them, almost in front of them! If I could change the amp and/or speakers and am indifferent between passives and actives, what options are available for a theoretical budget of 1.5k for the speakers only? The room I occupy is rectangular in shape and I am close to a wall near one of the room's corners. My main interest in asking this is if there are specific considerations I should be considering in my use scenario that I have not considered.
  5. I concur with dolphy, those are great photos! And I took the liberty of looking around for used Audeze LCD2s and your price is very reasonable. If I didn't already have a LCD3, I would consider this. Also, I assume you would send the a digital copy of the receipt to the buyer?
  6. Well, you may have to if I prefer it to the MassDrop unit I have now!
  7. @Gieseler Audio Just wondering if you have had any chance to remeasure the HP amp? I'm sure people here would like to see some measurements of sorts!
  8. Sounds like a mighty little amp indeed! Will be keen on trying~!
  9. ^ With the AKG Q701 and the LCD3s, was the amp on high gain or low gain?
  10. Hello everyone! Still making my mind up about the Enhanced Kraftwerk PSU. As Clayton has hinted, it is a subtle different betwen this and the normal Kraftwerk.
  11. @Gieseler Audio What is the power output like for both outputs?
  12. That's great, hope to try your products one of these days!
  13. Does that money back guarantee apply to all your products, including your speaker cables? Just wanted to ask because I've never seen anyone offering that in audio.
  14. Is there a place to purchase the products either in a brick and mortar store or online? Can't currently see a cart or shop on the site?
  15. @Gieseler Audio Did you manage to find time to find if the Gold Enhanced made much of a difference?
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