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  1. Hello @was_a, I don't doubt that the D70 does not have the 'chops' of the power supply or output stage that the Fein II and GroB has. If the exchange rate were more favourable to the Aus $, the D70 would certainly be more attractive I agree. I do think the Fein DAC II is sonically superior to the D70 though for people who are more price sensitive, Topping aren't a bad buy. Though I will say that Clayton's service pre and post sale and his warranty is unbeatable.
  2. Sorry for taking so long, fellow stereo.net users! I got busier than I thought I would be around this time of year. At least I get out of the house more. Anyway, I have listened to the Dx7 Pro extensively over the past month I've had it and for just $100 more than the D70, you do get a fair bit of improvement if the measurements on ASR are to be believed. At least in my experience, there is some definite improvements in the bass regions, certainly less boomy midbass on my LCD4 compared to D70. I also think the highs are a bit more pronounced on the DX7 Pro but suprisingly not sibilant as I've found other ESS Sabre DACs that I've had based on the 9018. Should note that I've haven't heard many more modern ESS Sabre DAC implementations so take my impressions with some scepticism.
  3. I should add that I have heard that HiFiGear.com.au will be updating their website soon with some new products including the Topping DX7 Pro, the D50s and the D70.
  4. Yes, it was an upgrade from older crossovers which I still have.
  5. Okay, in that case, I can sell to interstate or more regional buyers! Not just local pickup!
  6. Thanks for that @Richard Cranium! If they are good, I think I can use them to ship around Australia! As long as they pack the thing for me, I can deliver to one of their Service Centres!
  7. Just in case anyone is wondering, I do have speaker grilles for both speakers. And yes, I am open to negotiation on price. I'm just afraid about interstate transport of the speakers as I've never done that before. If an interstate buyer is willing to teach a novice about having speakers transported interstate, then I will definitely consider selling interstate as well.
  8. I have received the DX7 Pro today, it's smaller than I thought it would be! It's actually smaller than the D70!
  9. Item: Adelaide Speakers Woodfox 822SRTL Bookshelf Speakers. Location: McDowall Brisbane 4053 Price: $900 $850 or Best Offer INCLUDING SHIPPING. Item Condition: Good, perhaps a bit dusty as I'm scared of touching the woofer. Reason for selling: Want to try something different. Maybe a 3 way bookshelf. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Measurements are as follows: 500mm in Height, 270mm in Width and 315mm Depth though the leather baffle may add some. Using an SB Acoustics die-cast basket papyrus cone bass/mid woofer and ribbon tweeter. With Rose Mahogany Veneer. Paid about $1255 two years ago with these speakers which I bought direct from Edward. Have been used constantly over these past 2 and a bit years, much loved. I like the look of the leather baffle as well! At the moment, only allowing for pickup as these are heavy speakers which I don't own boxes for. Unless the buyer wants to buy for shipping/packaging, at which point I can consider allowing for interstate sales. These speakers also have had their crossovers changed last year. I have the original receipts! Photos:
  10. @spamnoj Thanks for that, already asked them about it and from what I can tell, they no longer need it.
  11. Item: Topping D70 DAC (Non Bluetooth Version) Location: McDowall, Brisbane, Queensland 4053 Price: $500 INCLUDING POST or Best Offer. Item Condition: Great, all original accessories. Reason for selling: Getting the Topping DX7 Pro Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This Topping D70 DAC is about 3 months old and was bought new from Shenzhen Audio around the 27th of September this year. I do have the digital copy of the receipt, the original box and all the accessories like USB cable, remote and power cable. Paid about 740AUD originally! Photos:
  12. I put an order for an Topping DX7 Pro on Shenzhen Audio. Once I receive it, I hope to compare it to the D70.
  13. Item: Gieseler Klein DAC III SPDIF/Coax Only Mode AND Gieseler 12V Kraftwerk LPSU Location: McDowall, Brisbane 4053 Price: Klein DAC III: $450 Kraftwerk PSU: $225 Item Condition: Good! Should still be in warranty! Will provide digital receipts upon purchase Reason for selling: Want to try something different. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The LPSU was bought 7/12/2018 and the Klein DAC III was bought 29/11/2018 according to the SN numbers on the bottom of each unit. Should note that the Klein DAC III was bought slightly cheaper than it went for at the time (@650) as I was a regular customer. Photos:
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